eBay Vendors Call For Google Auction Site

    August 15, 2006

At first, the cause sounds like it might be a write-off; just one angry person’s crusade against eBay.

It’s not, though – the awkwardly named group “Google We Need An Auction Site” has 416 members.

They’re upset with eBay’s rate hikes, and want Google to launch a competitor.

“We are ebay store owners who have been dismissed’ by ebay . . . ” the group description begins. “We are searching everywhere for a new home’ and google is the ONLY name on the internet which we feel would be totally trustworthy and woud [sic] actually get auction traffic and get it quickly. Let google know!!”

The first post on the site (which is available through Google Groups, as might seem logical) is dated August 3. Since then, 161 other “topics” have been created.

The group is focused in the UK, but it has reached other countries, as well. “The Boycott,” which “Dixie” described as a coordinated strike lasting through August 21, is “being participated in by UK, Australia, Canada and [the] US,” and “is our attempt to call the attention of the media to what is happening.”

It’s working. The BBC, the Guardian Unlimited, and “the Today Show on Radio 4” all appear to listening.

Google We Need An Auction Site is unlikely to cause any radical changes in Google’s business plans, but it could definitely give the company a nudge.

And who knows – gBay could already be in the offing. Yet with all the attention they’re getting, the writer in me has to beg the group to proofread their manifesto.


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