eBay Unleashes Latest Changes for Sellers

Starts Testing Badges

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Update: eBay is starting to test the badges. The company made the following announcement:

Over the next few weeks you may see a new seller badge appearing on some item pages and in search results. This badge is part of the new eBay Top-rated seller status announced last week and launching in October. Starting this week and over the next few weeks, we’ll be testing the badge in search results and item pages for a small percentage of eBay traffic.

Original Article: After much anticipation, eBay has announced its new changes for sellers. Essentially, there are three main points. Are you an eBay seller? Tell us what you think of the upcoming changes.

First, eBay is saying they will reward sellers for delivering great buyer experiences. The company says that sellers who deliver the highest level of customer service (as rated by buyers) will be promoted with a special "Top-Rated" seller badge, as well as receive deep discounts of 20% on their final value fees. They will also be elevated in search. The badge will be displayed on the "view item" page.

Lorrie Norrington "For buyers, the new eBay Top-Rated Seller status makes it easy to find the highest quality sellers on eBay based on the feedback of other buyers," said Lorrie Norrington, president of eBay Marketplaces. "For sellers, the Top-Rated Seller status recognizes and rewards their commitment to consistently delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction."

Any seller with as few as 100 transactions a year and $3,000 annual in sales volume can qualify based on buyer feedback, the company says.

The second point is that eBay will be enhancing search to present more relevant listings. Here are some things to note:

– Best match will look at listings’ recent sales in relation to the number of recent impressions it received as a key factor for fixed price listings.

– Single quantity and newly listed Fixed Price items will be given exposure in Best Match even though they have no sales history.

– Auction-style listings will still get a boost in exposure as they are about to end.
– Auction with Buy It Now listings will be required to have a BIN price at least 10% higher than the auction start price.

– There is a new search visibility tool for users to evaluate their listings

– Featured Plus, Border, and other features are being eliminated

Stephanie Tilenius

Finally, eBay says selling will be easier and more profitable. "We’re well aware that sellers of all sizes deliver the deals and quality experiences that bring buyers to eBay and keep them coming back," says eBay’s Stephanie Tilenius. "That’s why we’re taking new steps to reward great service, bring you more sales, increase your profitability, and help you succeed."

eBay says there will be faster recourse for unpaid items. Specifically, resolution time will be "cut in half." The company is working on a new automated option that will make the process more efficient, and cut the time down to as litle as 8 days and block negative feedback when a seller opens a claim and a buyer doesn’t pay.

eBay is making enhancements to My Messages and post-transaction emails to make buyer communications faster and easier to manage. Sellers will also get more control over international ship-to locations. Tracking and delivery numbers for more shipping carriers can be uploaded as well.

Listing editing will be faster and easier, according to eBay, and new selling manager applications will boost efficiency. To see a few other changes, and get more details on all of them, be sure to read eBay’s announcement.

eBay intends to immediately qualify 50,000 eBay Top-Rated Sellers in the U.S. when the program goes live. Changes will go into effect between September 22 and October 1.

What do you think about eBay’s announcement? How will this really affect sellers? Sound off in the comments.

eBay Unleashes Latest Changes for Sellers
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  • http://www.evographics.com Sticker Boy

    I’ve been selling on eBay in one form or another for seven years. Since that time, the rules have changed so much, I’m finding it hard to keep up! Updating product information is a nightmare, and there is no way to alert eBayers to bad buyers through the feedback system (and let’s face it, we’ve all had at least one of those!)

    Happily my own site is bringing in a lot more orders, and I have started using Etsy for another venture – with good results so far!

    I think I will be slowly withdrawing products from eBay now… you know, we can live without it, we just need to be brave and find another way!

  • Ripped off once

    There really is only one thing that can be said
    F E E B A Y May it go the same way: as the economy: Down and crash.

  • Guest

    The new DSR rating system will only allow a seller to receive 2 ratings in the past year with a double or single star before the seller will be penalized. This system is ridiculous for sellers. Many customers will leave low stars if they are in a bad mood because of a previous seller etc…. I do not believe the DSR system is a true representation of a sellers activities. The original feedback system was the best system allowing buyers and sellers the realization that without good communication someone could get a negative. The equal standing kept buyers and sellers in check. I checked my new DSR rating and in the past year with over 1,000 sales I already have 6 low DSR’s. 6 out of 1000 to me is quite good but according to the new policy I will be penalized and possible shut down, Yet my feedbacks are great and I get many return customers. It is impossible to please everyone all of the time in this business when you sell vintage items in a competitive market place. How are we supposed to fare with this new complicated system. All the new rules are outlined in an online manual that will be like taking a college course to read through and understand. Then the time needed to make all the changes to my 400+ listing, when does that leave time to list items and ship packages. I am just one man working from home supporting my family with this platform. I really wish they would get their act together. Take the time to read the new policies and you will be frightened! I really need to know where the life raft is and where to go before the ship sinks or eBay throws me overboard.

    • http://www.reefcorals.com scott

      I totally agree! The new changes coming soon and some of the recent changes are so complex that to FULLY know now they are really going to affect your business is going to take a lot of trial and error and studying. I wish the system was back to the old way of keeping each other in check with each being able to leave negative feedback. That scared each party into making sure they wanted to leave a negative, because there could be consequences in doing so.
      Please, someone help both me and the other ebay sellers and throw us a life raft and help us break away from selling on Ebay….it’s hard to stop now that we have so many listings up and running and have the clientele.
      We need something that works to replace that income quickly. With the summer here (my slow months) and the small amount of buyers shopping ebay, items get so few bids and sell for so cheap it’s not worth listing anything….the fees are more than the profit! The changes Ebay has made have been eye opening in what was so good, could be so crappy now! I really feel its been because there are so few buyers shopping now compared to before. They’ve been turned off by so many things! I used to get many bids on items and now most sales close at the opening bid!…or don’t sell at all.
      If you’re having success selling on another site (and not just Amazon), please let us know so we can help bring more customers to that site. Chances are high we don’t sell anything close to what you do so we will just be bring more buyers with us not competing against you.
      Throw us a rope…(:^)

    • DVG

      Have to agree with you and stickerboy. I, too, have sold for over 8 years. I’ve tried to watch prices and costs and did what I thought was a great job. In 2005 I averaged $10,000 a week in musical instruemnts except during the seasonally slow times. Even then it was $5,000. Sales last week: $25.00! I also used to hae hundreds of items, most related to music. Once they made additional changes and I had to start making changes to over 400 auction items before I’d even finished making the changes on the first announcement. I called but all I got was, “Oh, you have almost 60 days to complete all those” and “In looking at your auction, I see the wording you’re concerned about but I don’t think it will cause a problem”! Guess what? I started getting notices that my item numbers had to be changed or they would be closed. So, I got nothing done other than change auctions for 4 solid days. Kind of makes the wife get a little tight on the forehead! Called again, their comment this time: “Sorry”.

      Yep, ship free or fall to the bottom! That one they did call me about so I tried to explain that you can’t ship a guitar for less than about $25-$30 and they actually tried to argue with me. They tried to tell me that I shouldn’t charge more than $9.95 to ship a guitar case cause thats what most others were charging. I tried to tell them that a hard guitar case has to be in a carton measuring 48″ x 8″ x 20″ and they tried to tell me I could put it in a USPS Flate Rate Box! Even the freaking pieces, sawed up as small as possible won’t fint in a Flat Rate Box. Their people don’t seem to know, they just blow smoke at you. The final blow: The constant reminder that “maybe I should lower my price. I’m sure I can move everything I own if I charge from $.01 to $1.99 for it and hope for bidders to bid it up past my cost! Yep! Right!
      Like you guy’s I’m looking for something else. 3 months ago someone on here suggested Bonanzle which I tried. Yeah there’s plenty of listings but I don’t see any sales! Plus I have to create a new auction template for everything I list on Bonanzle or edit every one. You can create new ones faster than you can edit your eBay template.

      If anyone has a site that actually is moving your product, let me know, I’ll be glad to try it out.

  • Guest

    We will now see Ebay EVAPORATE.
    Skype is the first thing to Disappear.

  • http://www.AuroraGenerators.com Aurora Generators

    BS eBay only rewards those who spend more money and make more money with eBay.

    Here is one example. If you charge for shipping eBay does not make a cut from that portion of your sale. Your customers can rate you based on your shipping. Anything but free shipping offered and you affect your rating score and drop in the ranks for searches. It is another way for eBay to get more money from your sale and punish the merchant.

    Anything eBay has ever done is NEVER for the benefit of the seller it is for their own benefit to increase their share and take more away from its sellers.

    The more money you give eBay the better they rank you. Fees have doubled since they forced you give a cut to their other company Paypal.

    Nothing gets better it only gets worse with eBay. Sellers are leaving. The big auto makers even failed and I have no doubt eBay will end up just like them too.

    My suggestion is that you can attract more views and more customers spending your money on google adwords or SEO then giving it to eBay.

  • http://www.durashopping.com Guest

    Ebay needs to make changes. But Ebay dont want to make the changes it needs to make. I quit ebay and it will
    take alot more than that before I go back to ebay. I now have my own website where I sell my products and
    Amazon products, that means I also make money off other peoples auctions. Plus I can list all the products of
    my own that I want, (I do not have to list them with Amazon) I just put them up on my own website. I can also
    put all the affiliate links banners and digital products that I want on MY webpage and I get paid for it not
    Ebay. I have my own domain name so Iam building my own brand name and customer base. It was a turnkey website
    setup and ready to go when I started it, but with the online editor you get with it you dont need to know HTML
    or any programing to add your own products,banners, affiliate links, or digital products. I can change the
    site to look anyway I want its very easy to do. And I offer my costomers Free online games,news ,weather,
    sports and more. All for $25 a month. So why pay crazy Ebay and paypal fees when you can have all of this? And
    amazon will pay you to sell other peoples poducts along side yours and you dont have to list anything on
    amazon if you dont want to? This is an easy and fast way to quit ebay. I dont own this website service. I just
    want to help people find some place better than ebay to sell. If you want to do what alot of sellers are doing
    and get your own website just click this link…. http://www.durashopping.com/new

    • Guest

      eBay is dying. Only a matter of time now and the day which many are looking forward to. They went into self destruct mode when Donahoe took over and continue to push away the sellers with new rules geared towards helping the mega companies and squashing the smaller sellers. Buyers are dwindling and fees are climbing. Yep, only a matter of time now. I sold on eBay for 8 years and will never return. Why would anyone want to sell there is beyond me. There are too many alternative sites that are viable where it is possible to actually put the profit in your own pocket instead of Donahoe’s. Flush the bowl, eBay stinks.

  • Gst

    One of the main reasons Feebay will die is because their affiliate program “FEEPN” is a joke. Commission tracking is a joke. People that were making thousands of dollars with Feebay under CJ, now make pennies under Feebay’s in-house joke of affiliate program. Affiliates are treated like crap. Their accounts get canceled in mass. Their policies are stupid, ridiculous. Many new affiliates are staying away from FEEPN and choosing Amazon.

  • Guest

    www.ubidr.com PRESENTS THE WORLDWIDE AUCTION ON LINE… online auctions are a perfect solution for businesses.If you have a Business or a Product to sell, why not advertise in ONE more place…It will NOT cost you any money!In the next period of time, we will have over 20,000 visitors coming to our Website. We are spending a lot of money for this BIG event! List your Business or Product NOW !Register today and receive $10 gift for free use on www.ubidr.com and an one product free store.
    Ubidr.com staff

  • http://www.worksbothways.com Guest

    Ebay have repeatedly cancelled our selling accounts, in spite of entirely positive feedback from our customers, on the basis of ‘possible frudulent activity’. There was absolutely NO fraudulent activity whatsoever on our part, and they did not even bother to try and prove their suspicions before cancelling our account and all our activity. Goes to show just how much importance they really put on customer feedback.
    I am under no illusion, the only people that Ebay seek to serve and protect is themselves.
    I hope you’re all right and Ebay’s days are numbered. No-one else would get away with running a business on their principles, or lack of.

  • Guest

    “By the way, buyers are NOT ebay customers. They are the sellers’ customers. The bulk of ebay’s revenue comes from fees paid by sellers. …”

    Hey, that’s a GOOD STATEMENT – IT’S SO TRUE!

    And thanks for all those URLS of alternative auction or storefront sites – are there any more so we can check them out?

    (you gotta be good at your maths to post comments here :)

    • DVG

      What’s also true is that eBay does not consider your customers as YOUR customers. They consider them to be eBay’s customers!

  • BigR

    “eBay intends to immediately qualify 50,000 eBay Top-Rated Sellers in the U.S. when the program goes live. Changes will go into effect between September 22 and October 1.”

    I guess eBay intends to run off the other 21 1/2 million sellers… Ebay is a sinking ship and the management continues to shoot holes in the bottom. I guess ebay will never figure out that the Buyer is not their customer and that the seller pays everyones salary. I hope eBay can support its 18,000 employees with the fees from 50,000 sellers.

  • http://www.avalonfantasy.com Avalon Fantasy Weddings

    As you may see from the name thats my *Feebay* name I handmake & sell one of a kind bridal/dancer headwear, I have had my own domain name of avalonfantasy.com for quite a few years now but also sold on ebay, then this diabolicle company turned into FEEBAY( I enjoy typing this as I was banned a number of times from the forums for using that term!)

    This company have taken a good thing, a great idea and thought they could make so much money, which lets face it they have, but I suspect their juicy little bubble is on the verge of bursting.
    The complaints are sky high, not quite matching their price hikes.
    They have imposed rule after rule, many of which do not make sence, they back track on promises and if you are a small seller and still pay the hiked up fees then there is something wrong with your maths, you cannot possibly be making money for yourself, only Feebay!
    Feebay try to find as many ways to create money for themselves,
    read the forums, read and digest the complaints, watch for those people that are banned or booted, its a trend..and an ever growing one at that!..

    Feebay are in it to make money, obviously, they are not a charity, BUT, whilst a good thing after all this is commerce, what they forget is that all the small sellers are what started them on their road to conquest.
    Seriously, why bother with them..go down to your local shopping centre, if you have a street market go there… why?
    Well when you shop, and in this day and age you will find that prices are the same if not cheaper in the market or your local store, you need to know your prices, never assume.
    I can go to my market and buy 12 advocados for a

  • http://www.auctalot.com Auctalot

    Never ceases to amaze me that millions and millions of dollars in profit were not enough for eBay.. No, they wanted ever more. In 100 years business students will study eBay as a text book example of what not to do to your customers!

    http://www.auctalot.com – Online Auctions like eBay used to be…

  • Guest

    I used to be an Ebay GOLD powerseller, been selling on there for over 7 years, built up my business to making up to 10,000 a month, featured auctions, paid ebay up to 2000 of that 10,000 per month. Ebay decided to double the fees to be featured with Featured First being the main method now ( featured plus now being worthless ), my fees jump from 2000 to 4000, plus being FORCED to offer free shipping to get noticed cuts my profits ENORMOUS ( SHIPPING AIN’T CHEAP WHEN YOUR SELLING LARGE ITEMS ).
    With the economy hitting, and ebay doubling fees and adding all these rules, making it more complicated, my sales dropped, yet fees still the same, and my business completely went under UNABLE TO PAY THE EBAY FEES.
    What is more ridiculous is that ebay still would charge me the 40.00 to list an item if the item does not sell, I still lose that 40.00 and I make nothing. I know there are many sellers who are losing out big time and ready to go under daily, will be dropping like flies.

    SCREW EBAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not sell there, do not buy there !! Where is Yahoo auctions, why doesn’t amazon have auctions now?? Where is Google auctions??? We need a big name to give us the alternative place to sell. I will NEVER go back to ebay.

  • Guest

    Ebay is ripoff try ebidzz.com free for the moment then it will be

  • Guest

    I am a long time ebay seller (12 years). I am also a retired business consultant with knowledge of many companies in many fields. It occurred to me that I have never run across any company that is so detested by its current customers as well as its ex-customers. The comments on this site are a prime example

    The ebay Powerseller boards, which one would assume is representative of the hyperactive seller population, is virtually a compendium of all the bad ways in which ebay treats its customers.

    Is ebay the most hated company in the world? If not, who is?

    If it is so hated, how can ebay be unaware of this? If it is aware, why does it do virtually nothing to counteract this situation? Does it really believe that it has so much market power that it can get away with such an attitude? Or is management really dumber than rocks? Or does it believe that its customers are dumber than rocks and will always say “thank you sir, may I please have another?”.

    • Guest

      I think ebay is def one of the most detested companies out there.

      How can so many of us sellers be wrong?

      I mean we all know what they do, the facts are simple.

      Ebay have no respect for sellers end of.

      They are only in it for making huge $$$ in profits, I mean lets get real we are all in it for the money.

      what ebay does wrong is this.

      whilst they make us sellers adhere to rules & boy are the strict, so whilst they expect us sellers to treat our customers with respect watch over our every bloody move, they even now have introduced the new system for buyer to claim non receipt via ebay, as sellers we are simply not respected.

      When you phone customer support the support is pretty useless, if ebay treated us sellers with the same respect as they expect us to treat our buyers with then there would not be a problem.

      The fact is they treat us sellers with the up most contempt.

      So to confirm I hate ebay I only stay on there for the money which is virtualy more or less dried up now so soon another big ebayer who has sold on there for 5 years will be gone too.

      Ebay are nothing more than a bunch of fat cats who are ripping us sellers off & don’t care, however they are slowly but surely digging their own grave, more & more will leave.

    • Steve

      No I hate google first then feebay

    • http://www.toysonwheelsvariety.com Toy Man

      You said a mouth full. Unfortunately there will always be unsuspecting sellers out there. Anyone new to selling online with any kind of mentoring program always seems to tell there clients to start selling on eBay before and while setting up their website.
      Do these people also get kick backs from eBay? How long do you think they will stay there? I find that most new want to be’s always listen to their mentor and do not ask questions or do the research.
      They have to learn the hard way. Next why do all the power sellers stay there? Is it still cheaper than paying for website, domain name, pay per click, advertising, search engine submitting, optimization?

  • Guest

    Hi All.
    I have read alot of these comments with real interest.

    what is striking here is most ebay sellers past & present all say the same thing.

    Fees are expensive.
    They now have the neck to tell us we must list with Free P&P, what they don’t take into account is the real cost’s associated with Posting & Packaging cost’s, for example I ship around 60-100 items per day & have to pay my staff to pack etc.

    Ebay are simply not bothered.

    The free post & packing is a very good move on their part & as someone else said earlier ebay has simply played a blinder as they get even more final value fees, very craftly but we have all sussed them out.

    What i don’t like is this, who the hell do they think they are telling me that I can not charge for P&P it’s my business I don’t need some coffee swigger telling me that just so that they can make even more money out of me, it is very infuriating its bloody hard enough to make money as it is but greedy ebay just keep on changing things.

    Feedback is another important thing that changed, there are many buyers on ebay that are simply playing the game, the times we get buyers claiming non receipt is staggering, the times when paypal refund them is staggering, it cost’s my business a small fortune a year, & then some of the buyers even have the neck to leave us a neg for it, without fear of any retaliation & yes I do bloody want to retaliate because i know for a fact that there is about 1-2% of buyers who do it blatently.

    As ebay own paypal they do not give a damn they are not losing anything just us sellers again!

    I sell about

  • Steven M

    eBay Need to get with the times they have no idea of modern times Digital Delivery Systems, I have spent the last 8 months developing a system that delivers our audio files to buyers email when we receive a payment from PayPay for xy or z.

    When a buyer pays for an item PayPal gives our System the OK to send the download link to the buyer. This works well with our web-site slaes however when a sale is made via feeBay, the buyer can cancel payment with feeBays buyer-protection after the buyer has received the download..

    feeBay is helping all the a-holes and does not give a flying f*@k about the sellers the eBay system has many problems…….

    High Fees….
    Did I mention feeeeees…..
    System Cracks…….

    But it’s not all bad some can be used to the sellers advantage :)

  • Steve

    Why does every one spell eBay feeBay, cant you people spelleps

  • Guest

    Did you get scamed by a buyer on fleabay and now you cant leave a neg to tell others no problem you have there address find yourself a old harddrive or sumit just as weighty wrap well dont forget to put on it fragile computer component and post it to said scammer DO NOT PUT A STAMP ON IT they will have to pay the post charge and a handeling charge its allso a great way to get shot of your old junk I have fleabays address in the UK if all us pissed off sellers send them sumit we dont want could cost them a few quid.

  • Manny

    EBAY IS NOT A CHARITY, it is a PROFIT MAKING company that aims at maximising its profit by exploiting those sellers who put their trust in eBay and became dependant on it in their livelihood, many have children and families to provide for but eBay continues to abuse sellers and encourage buyers to abuse them as well. eBay (together with paypal) charges approx 20% of every pound, buyers pay it but eBay puts the blame on the sellers claiming that sellers are greedy.

    We sellers often cut our profit to please buyers often by having to offer free delivery but eBay gets the credit because it claims that it controls sellers. We don’t need eBay to tell us how to do business, eBay has no clue about every trade but only about how to increase its profit.

    Any buyer can now buy an item without paying, then use the feedback game to extort the seller for additional discount or free items, then if seller disagrees, buyer can leave negative feedback without even paying. eBay do not take any extortion seriously, they tell you anything such as, because feedback was left before, or after, or this buyer requested free delivery not free items, or buyer requested another item on the listing not one that is not included in the listing etc .. If a seller leaves, another one will come to grab the opportunity.

    Luckily more than 95% of buyers are good people but those few abusers supported by eBay can cause extreme damage to sellers. eBay is acting against principles of fairness, human rights and democracy. I thought deeply about it and found two solutions:

    1) PowerSellers may establish an eBay Traders Trade Union in every country, like many other trades, then we can have the power to demand fairness by arranging strikes or even leaving eBay all at once. We have to get together to confront abuse by eBay, we must be together not rivals.

    2) Power Sellers may get together and arrange to establish an OPEN SOURCE MARKET PLACE that is well managed by an elected governing council. Many programmers would love to take part in this process. This will guarantee equal rights to both buyers and sellers, and cut the cost down dramatically, the fees can VERY EASILY fund such a project..

    Thank you for reading.

    Frustrated Power Seller


  • Guest

    My new post in each listing…
    Please Note:
    As of 10/09 eBay no longer will allow the option of insurance…please see their changes.
    Once an item “leaves my hands” at the Post Office or other Courier it is NO longer my responsibility as
    As I offer most items in an auction venue I cannot always determine the final price & therefore
    I CANNOT include an Insurance Fee in the Shipping Price as I simply won’t know until the item closes what it should be.
    I charge the ACTUAL FEE I am charged for Insurance.
    Though I provide ample packing materials things do get damaged &/or lost.
    If you find this new eBay policy ludicrous PLEASE CONTACT EBAY & voice your opinion
    as it will result in higher shipping fees overall!
    I also hate the added 3% to 5% (overseas transactions are 5%) I AM FORCED TO ACCEPT THROUGH PP!!…they own it & make MORE off PayPal than eBay fees from what I understand & of course use my money for free when in the account…also have the possibility of a BOGUS CHARGEBACK &/or your account frozen! Hate it! I am sooooooo thankful when I am sent a PMO or check as some still do.

    I also hate not having the ability to rate how fast people contact or pay me (as they can rate me in 4 areas…some less than I expected but unsure who) & NOT BE ABLE TO POST A NEGATIVE FOR THE FEW DESERVING DUDS! But everything aside this insurance part is TOTAL CRAP & I WILLNOT ABIDE!!!!!!!
    Please Please Please someone develope a decent auction site where the hard core “this is what I eat off of” antique dealers can sell…

  • Ryan Kempf

    I think some of these changes are GREAT especially the fact t that all negitive feback will be removed when a buyer doesn’t pay

  • http://www.redsunflowerantiques.com Frank Barreca

    BOTTOM LINE ALL! FEEDBACK will be the death of all SELLERS who are not selling bulk crap from china or refurbished electronics. FEEDBACK should be completely eliminated for a new system that is BETWEEN eBay and the SELLER. FEEDBACK WORKED when eBay was hands off the their marketplace and let buyers choose. The point of FEEDBACK was to guide the BUYER to GOOD SELLERS and AWAY from BAD ones. The bad ones would then fade away. NOW, since eBay and PayPal have landed on the side of BUYERS FEEBACK is now a lodestone around seller necks. IF eBay wants quality sellers, then QUALIFY them before they SELL and MONITOR them for compliance and get the BUYER FEEDBACK crap out of the way. Let’s face it. Less than 1/2 of all my sales get any feedback from buyers, BUT I am kicked in the pants in 6 diferent ways by eBay for the ones who do complain. IT DOES NOT WORK ANY MORE!

  • http://www.ubidr.com Guest

    Hi everyone
    eBay Website fees is rising because her network growing and expenses to,but i don’t understand way eBay sellers not advertising in more pleases like ubidr.com auction Website,ware fees is very convenient.

    • Guest

      Try http://www.Bidtunnel.com its FREE for sellers and Buyers!

  • http://www.sendjohndonahoetohell.com not worthy to be top rated seller

    John Donahoe is the dumbest ceo I have ever come across, does he even run this company or is a four year old running it. I mean come on, the lawsuits are choking ebay, the lawsuits coming will kill ebay and this guy still has his job.
    I don’t know maybe ebay’s board is dumber than Donahoe, that is hard to believe. How much is Buy.com and the other diamonds paying you Dunceahoe to get rid of their competition? They are lining your greedy pockers aren’t they scum boy? Your new TRS program is designed to kill off medium level powersellers isn’t it? The little housewife selling 20 items a month isn’t a threat to “buy” is it?

    Wait until the justice department gets ahold of you, we will see how your lies work then.
    Ebayron is coming stockholders watch out!!!

    He had padded numbers and it will and is coming out.

    Dunceahoe is going down in flames!!!!!!! What a joke he can’t run the worlds largest garage sale, it just shows its not what you know its who you know. Dunceahoe is the poster child for criminal ceo’s

    What is wrong with you Pierre can’t you read or hear??? Dunceahoe has another lawsuit on his hands, and soon the new one over the idiotic TRS

    The Board of Directors at ebay must be living under a rock somewhere who in their right minds would allow this to go on.

    Dunceahoe lays off another workforce in Germany, has to sell Skype to keep going, and sales on ebay are tanking because he is pooping on the people who built ebay, all the while he is sitting in front of a mirror telling himself how great he is. The facts and figures do not lie Amazon will surpass ebay, other venues are skyrocketing and will soon take over and ebay will be floundering in Dunceahoe’s waste.

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