eBay Unleashes Changes Galore for Sellers

First Major Announcement of the Year from eBay

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Earlier in the year, eBay announced that it would be making two big announcements per year regarding the eBay Marketplace. Each announcement would be made 60 days in advance of when the changes were scheduled.

eBay has now made the first announcement of the year, and it includes three groups of changes (comment on them here.), each with components of their own. As highlighted by eBay the new changes are as follows:

1. Easier, more visual shopping-plus buyer incentives to drive more sales

For one, there is a new item page, that eBay says can impact how your listings are displayed.

New Item Page

There are new product pages. "When buyers search for popular items in some categories like Music or Electronics, they will be presented with a page that displays the products associated with their search terms," eBay explains. "eBay identifies listings for these product searches by looking at ‘product details’ in a listing (formerly called ‘pre-filled item information’) to see if there’s a match to details stored in our master database (catalog) of products."

eBay tells sellers to make sure product details are listed whenever available to ensure inclusion on product pages.

New Product Page

There is also a new way to list items with multiple variations such as size and color for fixed price listings.

Multi Variations

Last on the list for number one, is eBay’s "big investments" in buyer incentives and loyalty. They’re aggressively trying to drive more traffic to eBay through incentives and rewards for buyers.

2. Key information to set buyer expectations and help reduce your costs

eBay has developed a "Smart FAQ" section that draws "live" information from listings to answer the top 20 buyer questions before buyers reach sellers through "ask a question." You can review and customize questions, or you can simply have buyers go straight to you with their questions.

They have also introduced package tracking in My eBay. "Sellers are responsible for their items until they arrive safely in the buyer’s hands. ‘Where’s my stuff?’ is one of the most common buyer questions," says eBay. "When buyers can easily find out for themselves, they’re more satisfied with transactions and leave sellers higher shipping DSRs."

Multi Variations

Other items that fall into number 2 include:

– Return policy and handling time-deadline extended

– Customized Item Specifics

– Category and item specific changes

3.  More updates to make selling on eBay "more efficient"

eBay Resolutions are a subject that should be of great interest to sellers. eBay says:

We are introducing a new, more efficient dispute resolution process for when buyers claim an item was not received or the item they received was different than described in the listing. The goals of the new process are to keep buyers on eBay by giving them a more familiar eCommerce resolution experience, and to reduce the time buyers and sellers spend resolving issues.

Direct communication between buyers and sellers will continue to be strongly encouraged. With the new process, buyers and sellers will also have an option to call eBay. We’ll be taking a more active role, and in certain cases when we determine the seller was not at fault we may refund the buyer at our own expense.

eBay will also start directing buyers to resolve disputes on eBay instead of PayPal. This process will be "gradually transitioned," according to the company.

Other updates that fall into this last category include:

– Free Selling Manager with new applications

– Pay shipping, print labels right on eBay

– Tools to bulk edit your listings

There are many more details on every new feature mentioned here at eBay’s site. The changes are expected to go into effect on June 15th (though possibly later in some places).

I’m getting the impression that sellers aren’t impressed with the new changes. What are your thoughts? Share.

eBay Unleashes Changes Galore for Sellers
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  • Marvin Von Renchler

    It cracks me up to see some of you using this forum just to push your own websites and services. What shamless HO’ing. Stick to the subject.

    Ebay is in business to make money. You guys act like thats a crime. They own the site—you can take them or leave them, or you can go out and try to build and run a site like theirs and see if you are able.

    I dont even use them any more but Im not sitting around wounded and complaining about them. They are what they are. You dont have to go there.

    • Guest

      Very stupid comment. Ebay makes money because it creates a good environment for its users. So if users are unhappy about sth they have the right to complain and try to change it for better. People with your mindset ( like sheep ) have been always the reason for consumer exploitation – or in general for any exploitation –

    • http://utilred.com Lemonizer

      So what AIG, Countrywide, and all those other financial institutions did was not a crime? Taxpayers are going to be saddled with trillions of dollars for years to come, our children will have to bear the brunt of the repayment, and the world is plunged in a deep recession, and we’re going to bailout these incompentent jerks with OUR money?!

      These @#$kers were in it just to make money, and they just screwed us all over, yet you say that is not a crime?! So I go out and sell drugs. I make money off that, according to your stupid logic, because I’m in it to make money people should act like it is not a crime?

      People like you hate free speech. You think businesses are the end all be all of everything and that the people should not rise up and speak out against abusive businesses and oppressive management who screw over people left and right. I guess you believe that the better business bereau, the FBI division that investigates white collar crime (read business crime) should be rendered useless because as long as a business makes money, they shouldn’t be looked at as something criminal.

      You’re confusing horrible business money making with good honest money making, which is what a REAL business is suppose to do and what Ebay use to be before they turned into this @#$king bullcrap they are now and will continue to be from the looks of it.

      What about all the poor people who sold on ebay who lost their 10 or 20 dollars (me) and because they don’t have that money, they will default on this month’s credit card payment, which by the way is one of the many causes of today’s financial crisis? What about all the little mom and pop people who sold on ebay to make their ends meet because of the promise of “cheap online ecommerce?” What about the whole “build your own website thing” that many people cannot do, because that is not what they were told in the first place and are not technically savvy as some of us are?

      And after all that has happened in this world, you come on here and say we should not act like this is a crime?! Are @#$king kidding me? The previous comment response was too nice and called you “sheep”.

      And pray-tell, where will other people go? Ebay has a MONOPOLY you idiot. Monopoly means by its very definition means they OWN EVERYTHING meaning you HAVE NO WHERE TO GO. But obviously you are too stupid to understand this. Should people go on these little competitor auction websites that the other people on this comment forum are pushing? How long do you think they will last on an auction website that may or may not get a lot of traffic, and doesn’t have a lot of people? People need to eat NOW. People need money to feed their kids and pay the rent. Heat their homes. My gods am I getting through to you yet?

      Sheep like you is the reason why Ebay thrives and continues to steal from hardworking people, like the sellers who are getting the shaft. And this problem is so much bigger than this but I will just leave it at that.

  • http://www.nova-antiques.com NOVA1

    I also quit selling on Ebay because of their greed and ridiculous policies regarding sellers. I have had a website for awhile now, www.outasitecollectibles.com and now I don’t have to worry about getting nickled and dimed from all directions. I still keep my Ebay account and buy from the people who haven’t woken up yet from their Ebay stupor.

  • http://video-maxx.com Guest

    That’s nice, but I’ll stick to Craig’s List, thank you! As pointed out, between the UPS/USPS charges, Pay Pal collection fees and listing, FV, etc. eBay fees not to mention the seller controlled feedback system eBay is not a viable outlet for the casual seller!

    • Dan

      The sellers have ZERO rights and ZERO feedback for bad or non-paying bidders!
      I was selling $400 to $600 items on ebay recently and 2/3 of the people who won the auctions woudln’t even pay me!
      So, now I am stuck with $300 in auction fees, $300 of which is for product that I did not even get paid for!!
      And then once I file a non-paying buyer complaint, I have to wait a full week before leaving them a strike, then up to another week to get credit for what they already charged my account for ! (The final value fees).
      So thanks to ebay and their slowness, now I will be overdrawn and penniless!

  • http://everythings.info/ ironegood

    I hope google launches an auction site!

  • Rondale

    Yes, Ebay sucks, and they can care less about the sellers. Ebay will let one seller sell an item and want let another, I know cause it happened to me. That’s why I go to this website below, all you pay is a listing fee and never a valuation fee and list your first item FREE.


    Thanks, Rondale

    • Guest Debra

      Yeah…I had something taken off Ebay because they said it’s “not allowed”. Here’s the “FUNNY” part, and I ask, How can I not sell it on Ebay IF I BOUGHT THE DARN THING ON EBAY!!! When I complained they said they couldn’t do nothing about it! Thanks for the other site…I will check it out!

  • http://megarich.org Mark Schwartz

    None of this will change the fact that eBay (and PayPal) are two of the worst customer service companies in the world.

    Until they get off of their “we are God” pedestal none of what they do with their product really matters. Service matters more.

    I cringe everytime I get near either company.

  • Bronte

    I have been treated unfair by FEE-bay 2 times and that’s it!
    I will not be apart of them anymore!
    If all of us ban togeather and stop selling or buying off of FEE-bay
    then soon there will be NO more FEE-bay!!!!

  • http://widowspeek.blogspot.com Eugene

    I have been a seller for many years.I have found some alternative ways to cut cost on Ebay. However although Ebay holds the market share for e commerce, they will have to stop the nickel and dimming sellers. I know that if Google opened up an auction site, I would stop my business with ebay on the spot. Ebay might go the way of the dinosaurs if they are not careful. Does anyone remember xerox?

    • Sheila

      Google has an auction website. www.Ecrater.com

      Ecrater is also kind enough to accept Paypal payments, so the policies are a lot friendlier than those of E-bay.

      Before you close your E-bay store, be warned, you won’t get the same amount of traffic on Google’s auction website as you will on E-bay.

      Good luck.

      • Guest

        eCrater is not a auction site.

      • Guest

        ecrater has nothing to do with Google except that the creator used some Google “widgets” like Google Checkout. Don’t be fooled.

  • http://www.parksideford.net Flawed one sided article

    You know a company is in trouble when they start trying to persuade you with propaganda ( self serving) of colors in their products
    Ebay continues to be among the most abusive of companies to its base support who pay the bills – that is the sellers
    Its worse than the government line – i am from the government and i am here to help you
    Its amazing how little in the security and resolution center deals with any real concerns of sellers – its all about report seller here ,,,, avoidance of ebay fees
    Why don’t you put real concerns and a two way presentation in your article – such as paypal only ( a 4 % tax for ebay) and the no neutral negative feedback setup now for ebay sellers which allows for “more transparency”in selling

  • http://www.realfreetv.net Guest

    A bunch of idiots. Poorest management ever. Same as paypal. It’s time for ebay to sunk. I doubt what my humble friend mr.google is doing?

  • http://mmerlinn.com Guest

    One issue that I do not see addressed here is that eBay constantly forces the sellers to change their pages and ways of doing business.

    Every time they burp, I am forced to redo 600 pages, often for some SILLY reason. That works out to over 100 HOURS per year of EXTRA unneeded work. And of course, the latest upcoming changes mean ANOTHER total revamping of every listing on eBay, and only 60 days to make the changes before eBay starts automatically de-listing my listings. STUPIDITY PLUS!!!!

    Why do I stay on eBay? To CHEAPLY drive sellers to my website. Once I can no longer do that, I am GONE GONE GONE. With the stupid DSR system letting buyers rate shipping costs, eBay may automatically force me off even though I may not want to leave at that time. Right now the DSR system won’t let me add new listings because the buyers thought my shipping was too high even though I LOSE $1000 a year in uncollected shipping costs!

  • Hoby

    Use eBay to the enth degree and move on… I have. And after Paypal now holding onto funds for 21days until positive feedback is left, we can get totally screwed over!

    • http://www.onlineauction.com/store/sunflowerranch Sunflower Ranch

      I am a small hobby seller. The fees and abusive seller treatment at eBay forced me to move some time ago.

      Online Auction is the way an online auction sales business should be run — you can always get help when you need it from a REAL person, no final value or listing fees [$8 a month for unlimited listings] they don’t interfere with what kind of payment you are allowed to accept from a buyer [checks, money orders, whatever including PayPal, Google Checkout and my favorite Revolution Money Exchange] and there are NO ridiculous stars to contend with.

      I am sure I could have stuck it out at eBay, since I ran 2 sites at eBay with 100% positive feedback. But at OLA, we have a rating system for each and every item and terrific communication tools just in case something should go wrong with a sale. The users are friendly, helpful, and sincere. OLA is growing. Keep up the rotten treatment eBay, you’ll lose more smart sellers to OLA, where everyone is valued. Check it out!

  • http://www.thewebsitemarketinggroup.com.au Guest

    ebay is a business and as such does what all of us in business do
    try to increase revenues.


    • Guest

      REAL businesses DO NOT SHAFT their vendors and customers.

    • Guest

      Oh, I get it… you mean like Countrywide and AIG?

      That kind of “increasing revenue” via FU blind GREED?

      Yes! That would be ebay to a tee!

      D’ho even thinks they’ll qualify for a BAILOUT!!

      “And if that fails, we can always go get TARP money,” Donahoe said.

      That, my dear, is exactly what we need to RID the world of.

  • http://www.LightAV.com Jerry Edwards

    Ebay, What a joke.. The only place in the world you can operate as a business without any characteristics of a business. The only place in the world that you can sell stolen equipment and accept credit cards through PayPal. The only place that some idiot, can be up and selling 1000 products without knowing a single thing about the products. Ebay, where you can act like a business, list no fax #, answer no phone calls, and list your “item location” as Merry Christmas..
    Read more here cause there are plenty..


    It is lame that Ebay would expand protections for buyers.. Sellers are already making <10% margin and Ebay takes most of that.. Buyers have become greedy, impatient and retaliate if their product is 5 minutes late on delivery. Consumers are now getting prices that only retailers get and then they have the nerve to complain about it.. Sellers are risking losing their own dealerships for selling online..All for $5 from a customer that gives them a horrible rating some some stupid reason.. Buyers need to realize that they are lucky to not have to pay retail.

    Thunder Audio Video
    Online since 1995

    • http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Finest-PAT-Labels Alistair Ogilive

      I’ve been trading on e-bay for 6 years and i agree it needs some changes, like all good businesses do ! Ali @ www.patlabel.co.uk

    • Michael

      I stopped selling on ebay because it became such a pain in the arss to deal with (what seemed like) spoiled children, throwing tantrums, & leaving retaliatory feedback when i’d have the nerve to email them wondering if payment was coming 7 weeks after the auction closed (how dare I question the integrity of a loafer!).. The only negatives i ever got were from those deadbeats.. AND “no” I’m not saying “all ebay buyers are deadbeats, and or spoiled children”.. A small majority.. but they all hit me in one weeks time, when my frustration level was high..

      Its been nice not having to deal with them, so i just haven’t been back except to buy, & that’s the way i like it.

      I think ebay has created another population of humans who think they should be bowed to for a lousy $10. All i got to say is, “Bow on this!”

      Can you visualize what i’m doing as a say that 😉

  • Tim

    E-bay lost me a couple years ago. I use them to check on current prices, but thats about all. They rank up with Wal-Mark at my most hated company.

  • http://www.durashopping.com Guest

    Ebay needs to make changes. But Ebay dont want to make the changes it needs to make. I quit ebay and it will take alot more than that before I go back to ebay. I now have my own website where I sell my products and Amazon products, that means I also make money off other peoples auctions. Plus I can list all the products of my own that I want, (I do not have to list them with Amazon) I just put them up on my own website. I can also put all the affiliate links banners and digital products that I want on MY webpage and I get paid for it not Ebay. I have my own domain name so Iam building my own brand name and customer base. It was a turnkey website setup and ready to go when I started it, but with the online editor you get with it you dont need to know HTML or any programing to add your own products,banners, affiliate links, or digital products. I can change the site to look anyway I want its very easy to do. And I offer my costomers Free online games,news ,weather, sports and more. All for $20 a month. Why pay Ebays fees when you can have all of this and amazon will pay you to sell other peoples poducts along side yours , and you dont have to list anything on amazon if you dont want to? If you also want to do this- just click this link…. http://www.durashopping.com/new

  • Guest

    My ebay fees were near 38,000.00 and change in us dollars every year. I dumped ebay in the midst of the changes that scewed us all. I worried at first and then made it else where. I have not bought or sold anything and have mae sure nobody in my family has either. I constantly tell everyone I meet who tallks about ecommerce or ebay about my story. Im one angry previous CUSTOMER. I will make it my lifes ambition to make sure to never give them another red cent. I will also make it my lifes mission to make sure I cost them as much business or potential business that I can. Ebay sucks they will allways suck and they will allways scew you. I learned my lesson so dod millions of others. I say to all the smart intelligent people who read this. Millions can be wrong leave ebay dont look back. Paypal and Ebay is the root of all online eveil.

    • tom

      I too left ebay after 8 years and over 36,000 in fees each year..Where are you now selling? i would like to give it a try.. e-mail me

  • http://www.collecthistory.org Bette

    I have been with ebay for 4 years and have found their pro purchaser changes and fees almost impossible to work with and have now launched my own site which is a work in progress but starting to bring in the bucks thanks to affilliate programs and I am much happier. What were Ebay thinking??

  • Guest

    I left eBay several months ago after continued appaling treatment from both eBay and Paypal. eBay has taken out the community two-way spirit and has allowed buyers to exploit sellers who are bound by unfair and crazy feedback systems, listing restrictions and hyper-inflated fees. I will never use eBay or Paypal again and only hope that one day the UK gets a decent alternative online auction site that will kill eBay’s market dominance in online commerce, in Britain, once and for all.

    • Guest

      I kind of agree. I have more or less stopped selling on eBay now after poor treatment and their constant ‘improvements’ that made it very difficult for me to sell items through my eBay shop. I went from selling upto 20 items a month to none at all so I cancelled my subscription.

      I now use Amazon Marketplace to sell my CD’s. They are more expensive but only charge when an item sells so there’s no listing fees. This is better for me and I am doing better now than I ever did on eBay.

      I still use PayPal though and can’t really fault them to be honest.

      I also think the eBay feedback system has been improved greatly with the removal of sellers leaving buyers negative feedback as it stops the constant retaliation feedback so if you’re unhappy you can leave negative feedback without fear.

      I don’t think eBay is any better for buyers than sellers either, they keep changing everything making it very difficult to use. They have recently completely changed “My eBay” and it is now either very cluttered or doesn’t give you the information you want. They also keep changing the way the searches are displayed, usually for the worst.

      • diesel_dlf

        ebay owns pay pal

        want quality vehicles www.redgateauto.com


    • Rondale

      Yes, I have had a bad experience with Ebay also. That’s why I went to the website below, they are worldwide and only charge a listing fee and that’s it no valuation fees. Your first listing will be free, for giving them a try. I was canceled by Ebay two different times when trying to sell an item which they had several hundreds on there already selling. This auction site launched only two weeks ago and is getting a lot of attention on the internet.


  • http://www.bonzabuy.com.au BonzaBuy

    Wow – so many negative responses to eBay…

    EBay still has a place for me – but only to direct traffic to my web store (www.bonzabuy.com.au). They make it hard to do this and when it can no longer be doe – I am gone for good!

    I used to sell a lot through eBay & perservered for years – now I only list when free.
    In Australia the eBay site has degraded into thousands of imitation Hong Kong sellers who seel inferior products or people trying to get rid of faulty / damaged goods & lie about the condition.
    It is a center for fraudsters, knock offs and tantrum throwers.

    I agree with the comments about eBay creating customers with EVEN MORE SELF-IMPORTANCE…and buyers with lower & owner profit margins & problems.
    They force their own religion on people too!

    To become a power seller you have to agree to their religious belief that “all people are basically good” which is in direct opposition to the truth and many other beliefs (including all those who believe the Bible) as well as their own policies. If they thought all people were basically good they would not have nor need the massive system for fraud, fee avoidance etc etc etc etc.

    eBay is totally dead in my book – still they know where their profit comes from – high volume illegal sellers. The occasional law suit costing them millions is worth it – they still rake it in.

    Try Oztion.com.au for Australian auctions :) There;s a few others but Oztion is what eBay SHOULD HAVE been…they just need some bulk uploading tools for windows & mac & they’d be a regular for many sellers like me :)

  • http://www.melbourneonline.com.au Mark – Melbourne Web Design

    All these comments complaining about eBay are all from sellers. All business people are always crying poor and feeling hard done by.

    If eBay are doing you wrong then move on. The only way to really beat the system is to get your own online store, drive traffic to it yourself and then you control the whole thing and keep all the profit.

    As for the eBay changes – good on them for being dynamic. Evolving a business is the only way to keep it afloat. They need to constantly improve to keep the interest of the buyers, and lets face it, if the buyers are there then the sellers need to be.

    • Guest

      “All these comments complaining about eBay are all from sellers.”

      Um, like no-sh*t, Sherlock… that’s what this article is about… the SELLERS being SHAFTED…………… AGAIN.

      Perhaps you should scroll up and read it.

      And you’re trying to spam this board with your business?

      Yeah, those brilliant remarks ought to get you a lot of customers from here.

      What an idiot.

      • Terry

        He is not the idiot!
        Sure the article is about trying to “improve” things “ebay style” for sellers to bring them back but he isnt refering to it when he said “If eBay are doing you wrong then move on” he is talking about all those complaining about it but still sell.

        ebay is a numbers company obviously so if the numbers dont drop beacause all these people keep selling then why would they change, changes cost money.

        Now when he says get an online store, he is right, I made mine myself, sure for a bit I didnt think I would work but as soon as the customers start to come, they all came. All without ebay fees.

        • Guest

          “Sure the article is about trying to “improve” things “ebay style” for sellers to bring them back”

          Surely you jest.

          You can’t possibly think Ebay is doing any of this to “bring sellers back”, can you?

      • techwriter

        You twat, working in the industry doesn’t make related comments spam.
        He’s right, getting an online store is the way out. If you don’t like the way your business is operating on ebay, get off ebay and do it yourself. ecommerce is the new retail.

    • daspy

      all these sellers are the only ones complaining?

      why do you think they made the ridicoulus changes they have made in the past?

      it is because the buyers were complaining.

      I am a buyer and a seller.
      I always get what I bought.
      The sellers I have bought from were all dependable.

      the only time I had trouble with e-bay was when I met some unscroupulous buyers.

  • http://www.twotwisted.com Helly

    So what all you lot are saying it ok it rob buyers with bait and switch crap that most of you do, also not sending good that have been paid for, and paypal not refunding the buyer, too many have i been done over by sellers on ebay.

  • Guest

    Wow! so many of you hate ebay. I have been selling for 2 years and the fees are like wow!. U know. I have hit a few severe speed bumps myself but won’t rant on that.

    But here’s my point. I’ve seen the sites recommended and yes, shame on you guys. They are probably your sites right? We we individual sellers are just little ants in ebays list of sellers. there are tonnes of other ants that would willingly build the queen’s nest even if we don’t. face it, ebay has the traffic. It is hard to build your own site and market it etc at that price we pay for listings. I believe sellers have contributed to the problem themselves. I see sellers canniballizing each other with lower prices. I can’t believe some of the deals I get out there myself as a buyer. As a seller, my competition has drop his price twice this year by more than 30%. He’s almost giving it away free. I feel like contacting the sucker to get him to price it the same and let the best man win. Other competition are worst, they are giving buy 1 free 1 deals (on that line). Please stop this.

    • Guest

      What you’re suggesting is illegal. It’s called price fixing. Be careful before sending an email to do that, less you’ll wind up dealing with the DOJ.

      • Guest

        This is such a silly response, like the DOJ is going to screw around with a few fake jewelry peddlers on ebay! Get real. Let the low ballers sell their goods at no profit, they are driving themselves out of business. Meanwhile, smart business people who know how to sell a product while making a reasonable profit will outlast the morons who sell at a loss.

    • http://www.mydiscountstation.com ritchie

      it is not that hard to build your own site.
      I built mine just fine.
      You say it is hard to build your own site and market it at the same price as e-bay.

      I no longer sell on e-bay.
      I now have to depend on my own site.
      I now have less work to do.
      But the money has stayed the same.

      Same money less work. Yup I am doing just fine.

      you are calling your competitor a sucker because he dropped his prices. but from reading the rest of your sentences it shows me that you are actually mad because he is taking business away from you.

      Welcom to the business world. May the best win

  • Rondale

    Like Online Auctions (Try This)…NOT EBAY!!!

    Yes, Ebay sucks, and they can care less about the sellers. Ebay will let one seller sell an item and want let another, I know cause it happened to me. That’s why I go to this website below, all you pay is a listing fee and never a valuation fee and list your first item FREE.


    Thanks, Rondale

  • http://stores.ebay.com/tonyas-dynamic-designs?refid=store http://www.TonyasDynamicDesigns.com

    *I have been selling on eBay since 2006 and I am so
    happy to see that eBay is making “positive changes”
    to help eBay sellers. Keep up the great work eBay! =)

    I personally help others start up their own eBay Businesses
    and I also do eBay Marketing, Website Marketing, and
    so much more! Need Website Designs or Marketing,
    please come and see me!


  • http://www.iripoff.com Consumer Complaints

    We have a consumer complaint site – Our site gets tons of complaints about ebay. Ebay is certainly a thing of the past. Everyone is tired of being ripped off!

  • http://www.a-lingerie.com SlK

    eBay’s fees are ridiculous, nobody’s gonna argue with that. It could only be profitable when you manufacture goods or have the ability to buy them below wholesale prices or even better STEAL them. But it might be a good addition to your retail stores and a Website when you overstocked on something and basically need to get rid of it fast. That’s what I do, drop the price to the minimum and put it up for 7 days. It seem to work. You guys need to stop bitching tough. It’s not like you ain’t got no choice. Go steal something:))

    • Guest

      Can’t even make a decent profit with the fee structure.


    • EP Indy

      Ok so I found a store willing to sell me Apple MacBook Pro’s Used in great condition for around $850 a piece. The MacBook Pro’s similar sell on Ebay for around $1,000 +. So I thought why not sell these computers on Ebay for $950 and make a little profit right? Umm NO, not quite. I sold the computers fast only to find out that for this item at this price, Ebay charged me $40 and PayPal charged me about $35 to get my money then shipping was around $30 for this item with the size of the box and weight. I ended up $5 in the hole and Ebay, PayPal and USPS made all of the money.

      Something needs to change so that people like me who can sell items and make $100 profit can have at least half of it left to keep going. Now I have stopped operating on eBay so they cannot make any money off me yet if they worked something out, I could have remained a seller and we all could have gotten PAID.
      I now sell on eCrater.com at EPIndy.eCrater.com. I think eCrater is the closest competitor to Ebay due to traffic and selling. To sell on eCrater is FREE. Everyone should support eCrater and other competitors due to Ebay’s dominance and arrogance. Then maybe Ebay will start to listen to sellers too but by then it maybe TOO LATE!

      See traffic ranking for eCrater.com at www.compete.com maybe Alexa.com also has the traffic rate for eCrater too. Well Happy Bidding (somewhere else).

      • Goerge

        Just wanted to say I agree with you SIK and EP Indy.

      • http://www.freechoiceworld.com Guest

        freechoiceworld.com international online auctions is free to sell as well check them out, you can sell in your own currency as well

  • http://www.8keystoebaysuccess.com Mark Inglis

    Sellers whom are successful on eBay are so because their customers are satisfied with the level of service they receive. This is true of any business, if your customer satisfaction levels are poor, your business will fail.
    My product 8 Keys To ebay Success details 8 principles that if ingrained into your business will ensure its success. Pre-launch slots are available and the first lucky 2000 people to sign up will receive the product at a fraction of the RRP.
    It has been written using eBay as a business model however the principles can be implemented in any business.
    So visit the site, see what you think and subscribe to ensure your business success.

    Kind Regards

    Mark Inglis

  • http://www.freechoiceworld.com Guest

    Try http://www. FreeChoiceWorld.com International online auctions, its free to list and feature your listings , you can also list in your own currency , great alternative check it out

  • channelhopper

    I had been a member of ebay for many years! Buying and selling and now I just do not bother to even look at ebay , I am just a normal person on the street! for years Ebay sold a program how to start your own business on ebay selling ebooks this was a top item YES? wrong! ebay went and changed the rules guess what now your not allowed to sell ebooks on ebay Now!!! I sold my car and by the time I paid for listing it on ebay and paypal I only had half the value of the car in my pocket, I wish I had just listed it in my local news paper as I wouldnt have had any charges to pay
    I now find other ways to sell items and found the myth of ratings is over sold you don’t have to use big daddy sites to sell if you have a good product why under cut just so that you beat the next seller! I stoped using paypal cheques or postal orders only that lowers the charges if you do use ebay and paypal! Ebay you just have lost the plot! I think I could go on and on as must of you could but whats the point why would ebay be intrested in what I think anyway! They have the last say and make rules to suit them selfs

  • http://www.abundantace.com/link/?r=2 ace

    If ebay wants to be taken seriously again by sellers, they need to go back to the old school way of things. Until they do, no amount of “incentives” will entice former sellers to come back.

    • Mahogany Mare

      Most sellers are still ticked off about the inability to give negative feedback to the more idiotic buyers!!!
      Have gotten neutral feedback for SHIPPING PROBLEMS!!! Hello! We aren’t USPS, we just ship with them! sheeeesssshhhhh

      • http://www.originalwoodenrose.com erika

        I agree with this comment completely…with all the constant changes from ebay – this one is the one that really got me mad! When I complained to ebay about it – there comment to me was that they were trying to bring in more customers and if customers got negative feedback – they wouldn’t want to purchase from ebay sellers….what!!!! The buyers getting negative feedback are most likely dead-beat buyers and DESERVED the negative feedback.
        ebay has taken away any protection the sellers had and have ignored our needs for too long. Why bring in that KIND of buyer?

      • Guest

        hear hear!!!

      • http://www.TexasDrumSolutions.com Jeff

        There will always be buyers out there. I have had some people use the Buy it Now and then never pay. I send them invoices and e-mails with no reply. The bad thing is… is that I can not leave them negative Feedback!!! Why must ebay feel they have to protect the buyers when the fees that they receive are from the sellers? If they chase away the sellers it won’t matter how many buyers there are.

  • http://www.skillstrainuk.com Nez Bo

    I dont see why changing how things look will make an improvement on sales. If I want some shoes I will buy some shoes, if I want a book I will buy a book. If I can see the product then I will buy it if I like it. Changing the way I see it isn’t going to change my mind.

  • 14 Years with eBay

    I have been selling eBay for 14 years. Thousands of transactions. I just quite selling there and unsubscribed to Blackthorne last week. Fees are too high; they force you to go through PayPal, which significant reduced my buyer traffic; and they “know better than you.” They treat their sellers and buyers like children.

    All they seem to be good at is piling on more and more rules and obstructions to selling and buying.

    If they treated customers like adults, it wouldn’t be a bad place to sell, but they know better than you and have to protect you no matter what.

    Silly things like using the term “Like New” in a description of an item will get it cancelled without warning. Why? Because if some puts in search “new” the term “like new” may return and the searcher doesn’t have enough sense to differentiate between the two.

    Meanwhile, the term “Like New” is provided to sellers in a drop-down menu to describe books.

    They seem to end up like most large corporations who have a monopoly — intractable, greedy and loosing touch with the underlying concepts of the business.

  • http://www.Dustpile.com Ron

    Nothing they can do will get my business back until they stop forcing Paypal on us. I sell expensive items and there is not enough protection with Paypal.

    ebay seller fees plus paypal fees plus the risks….. money better spend on google ads and sending people to your own site.

    • Guest

      You are absolutely right abut the lack of seller’s protection by Paypal. They are completely responsible and lay back and thieves use their flaw system to scam on honest sellers.

      I had that experience myself with an item worth $1050 and I am considering Legal advise since I would have never shipped the item to no one without Paypal OK to ship then the bastard charged back the full amount as if the transaction never happened. Paypal fail me and other and need to be taken out of business by a more worthy competitor or a Seller’s protection agency. What they are doing to us should be illegal…

  • http://www.durashopping.com Guest

    Ebay needs to make changes. But Ebay dont want to make the changes it needs to make. I quit ebay and it will take alot more than that before I go back to ebay. I now have my own website where I sell my products and Amazon products, that means I also make money off other peoples auctions. Plus I can list all the products of my own that I want, (I do not have to list them with Amazon) I just put them up on my own website. I can also put all the affiliate links banners and digital products that I want on MY webpage and I get paid for it not Ebay. I have my own domain name so Iam building my own brand name and customer base. It was a turnkey website setup and ready to go when I started it, but with the online editor you get with it you dont need to know HTML or any programing to add your own products,banners, affiliate links, or digital products. I can change the site to look anyway I want its very easy to do. And I offer my costomers Free online games,news ,weather, sports and more. All for $20 a month. So why pay crazy Ebay and paypal fees when you can have all of this? And amazon will pay you to sell other peoples poducts along side yours and you dont have to list anything on amazon if you dont want to? This is an easy and fast way to quit ebay. I dont own this website service. I just want to help people find some place better than ebay to sell. If you want to do what alot of sellers are doing and get your own website just click this link…. http://www.durashopping.com/new

    • http://www.freebay-auctions.com Guest

      I totally agree, I believe that the solution is to bite the bullet and move on.
      It’s been a long journey for us and it came about because just like you we found a growing need to find somewhere else to auction our products.
      We embarked on a journey of discovery, which came to an end when we felt able to offer what we thought was a unique solution to the many disillusioned Auction Lovers looking for a new home. We have spent many months visiting blogs and reading what you have had to say, and the truth just unfolded before us. All people want is a platform that allows them to grow their on-line businesses, without the high fees that make it nigh on impossible to make a profit; it would also be nice if the experience could be enjoyed.
      We didn’t feel this was too much to ask for!
      After researching and investing both time and money we chose a platform that we thought people would be comfortable with using and then painstakingly tailored it to fit our specific needs, the result; Freebay-Auctions.
      We made the decision to operate the site on the basis of a Free basic Membership with one flat fee of $1 per sale, with additional costs only being incurred if people chose to take advantage of any of the Enhancements available.
      Our goal was to give our Members the ability to build their on line auction businesses at their own pace, safe in the knowledge that their selling costs would remain a constant. ($1 per sale + optional extras if chosen) thus giving them a safe and secure environment to prosper and grow. We also wanted to encourage the community to become involved in the future development of their New Home. To this end we have attached a blog and a forum to the site and we hope that people will take advantage of these to build strong and fruitful relationships with each other. We envision the forum and blog as the strong foundations upon which the Auction Site will flourish and grow in the coming years.
      We are also adding a Membership level for the more serious sellers, this will come in at $19.97 (roughly the same as an ebay basic shop) There will be no other charges for listing or final value fees. This will be Affilliated and 50%+ ($10) of this monthly fee will be payed out to the Affilliates who drive members to the site. This will also enable our members to earn a residual income from any membership revenue that they generate.
      See you on the other side
      Geoff @ Shaun Rodgers – Co Founders

  • Guest

    I’ve been selling on www.webstore.com for a year now, it’s 100% free and better than any of the other alternative sites (I never sold anything on the others).


    All these “so-called” changes are just window dressings and re-arranging chairs on the deck of the titanic! My business was a Power Seller for years with eBay, but with the horrible way in which we were treated by both eBay and PayPal over the least year until we stopped using them, on top of them taking away negative feedback for deadbeat buyers, we will NEVER go back, unless serious and systemic changes take place.

    Unfortunately, until the current management has been replaced, I do not see them changing their ways. Until this happens Power Sellers such as my business will not return.

    Thank goodness for the free market system, which history shows, takes care of abusive, out-of-touch monopolies such as eBay and PayPal. I hope, for their sake, they get the hint and make the real necessary changes before it is too late. If not, I predict eBay will be trading as a penny stock on the pink sheets within 5 years. It’s a real shame…

  • Keith

    That’s way I go to the website below, they only charge a listing fee and that is it no valuation fees. They launched two weeks ago and already have almost 3000 listings not counting the buyers. Your first listing will be free to check it out. Ebay had screwed me twice and that will not happen again. They also counseled my mother-in-law which was a power seller because of a fraudulent bidder. She had over 750 items listed and when they reinstated her back her listings were gone.


    Thanks, Keith

  • Jasee

    Reading these comments– and I can’t beleive how everyone feels the same. My story? I sell very part time as a hobby and use Ebay as a resource because things are seen and sell. However, lately, I’ve had a 75% chance that the winning bidder is either a deadbeat that you never hear from again, or a 0 feedback deadbeat that you never hear from again.

  • Guest

    We are proud to annouce we have one of the fastest growing eBay stores! We have received PowerSeller status in only our first 3 months of selling on eBay which shows how hard work and good customer service should be!

    Our site www.HotGlobalDiscounts.com is connected to our eBay store and we also have a new web store for all non-eBayers with thousands of items in stock. www.WonderBuyShop.com

    No complaints here about eBay. It’s what you make of it and it is all business. With the economy the way it is today, everyone is trying new tactics and strategies to earn an honest dollar.


    • Mac Boy

      Did you just use E-Bay and “Honest Dollar” in the same sentence?

    • Guest

      toot your own horn much?

  • http://www.diamondonnet.com Diamonds

    Not much help on the merchant side and as always fees are too high.

  • http://bancheromedia.blogspot.com BancheroMedia

    The only change I care about is lowering seller fees. They’re just too darn high, with all the other fees eBay has piled on.

    P.S. — Save Energy: Turn Off a Light

  • GK

    Ebay & paypal charges are BLATANT THEFT based on nothing more than PURE GREED.

    as stated before, these so called ‘changes’ are nothing more than window dressing, unfortunately ebay has become a buyers market, I cant remember the last time they offered anything that will genuinely benefit the seller.


  • Guest

    Ebay changes? lol! – the only change I want to hear about is the one where they cut the seller fees in half.

  • http://stores.ebay.com/tonyas-dynamic-designs?refid=store http://www.TonyasDynamicDesigns.com

    Having an online eBay business is not free by any means, but having an eBay Store is definately WAY CHEAPER than having a brick and mortar store.

    If one weighs the PROs and CONs of having an eBay Store verses having a brick and mortar store–one will SAVE TONS of MONEY by having an eBay Store hands down! =) Let me show you how.

    My eBay Store for example costs ONLY $15.95 a month and eBay charges me ONLY a FEW CENTS per item that I list in my EBAY STORE INVENTORY for 30 days. eBay also takes a small percentage of my profit when I sell an item on eBay, but I get to keep the largest part of my profit.

    How much would is cost for me to RENT OFFICE SPACE where I live in Stafford Virginia which is near Washington, DC? Try $2000 and up per month and that is NOT counting my electric bill, internet bill, office equipment, insurance, etc.

    I am so thankful to eBay because eBay has allowed me to WORK AT HOME full time since March of 2006! I am an eBay Powerseller. I also help others to “start up their own eBay Businesses”. eBay by far is one of the BEST ONLINE Marketplaces for one to start an online business and SAVE MONEY too! My eBay Home Business is PROOF that selling on eBay can definately lead to one’s online success!=)

    Have a blessed day everyone,

    *You can learn more about me—-as well as my
    Custom Designs and Marketing Services by going to:

    • Guest

      ebay’s fee’s put me out of business. how’s that for contrast?

    • Larry

      You may think it is cheap now, but wait until the middle of the year when ebay pulls your store and makes you list each item for a 30 day period and you have to pay the new fee’s, not to the mention the other changes that will be made, I bet you won’t be so happy then. Ebay and paypal together have wrecked a site that use to be a lot of fun for me as a buyer and a seller. I have been selling on ebay for over 9+ years with great success until two years ago. It has gone to the dogs fast….Ebay has gotten to big to fast and wants control of everything,,, they can have ebay or what is also known as FEEBAY……It sucks……..Most if not all my profits go to ebay,paypal or shipping companies with the new shipping rates……visit www.txdashcovers.com

  • http://www.CarynsCastle.com Guest

    If you are a seller, it makes good business sense to explore different outlets and platforms. I have begun selling through other services like Web Store (Example: http://webstore.com/id=552535) and will certainly track the cost and effectiveness of each platform.
    Rather than rant about someone’s fees and policies, I prefer to look for ALL the possibilities and utilize what works best for me.
    It would be “nice” if EBay charged less and/or changed their seller policies but, they’re not in business to be “nice”. Their bottom line is strictly one of making a profit.

  • http://www.ziing.com Guest


  • http://outerphilly.com/forum/ OuterPhilly.com

    Check out OuterPhilly.com/forum where you can buy, sell and trade for absolutely FREE with no catches or hidden fees unlike most of the websites available today!!

  • http://www.auctions8.com Steve

    Tell someone who cares.. Ebay is on its way out, as you all know. Poor management and greed has taken them over.

    Tired of being unsure weather you will be ripped off by the buyer using Paypal as a lever to keep your merchandise and get all their payment refunded to them by Paypal? Tired of SNAD’s and Chargeback’s months later? Tired of Paypal run-around and money holding.

    Leave eBay to the scammers buyers and Paypal slanted rules and come over and sign up at www.auctions8.com. Auctions8 is modeled on the way Ebay started out, allowing the seller to control their merchandise shipping and money collection. You don’t ship it until you are satisfied the payment is secured. This gives the seller back the control you need and want to business. No Listing Fees and no Final Valuation Fees, simply 5.00 a month flat fee with a free store tossed in for the remainder of 2009.

    We are a new site established in 2008 and growing fast.

    Our Mission is to provide members a friendly, safe and fun trading site that welcomes both sellers and buyers to recapture the spirit of Online Auctions again.

    All sellers and buyers are welcome, sign up today at www.auctions8.com. We are a charity minded organization and welcome all to try us out.


  • Guest

    Fuck ebay

    • Guest

      pretty much sums it up in a nutshell. couldn’t have said it better myself.

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