eBay To Move To PayPal Only In Australia

Similar plans in U.S.?

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After negative publicity about an eBay plan to require users in Australia to use PayPal-only, its online payment system, rumors about a similar policy in the U.S. were met with a forceful denial from the company.

"In the U.S., we are not mulling, planning, or otherwise seriously considering a move to PayPal-only," wrote spokesman Usher Lieberman on the company’s eBay Ink blog. "There are U.S. market-specific reasons why PayPal-only is something we simply cannot do in the U.S."

In Australia, the PayPal- only policy goes into effect next month, it has raised concern from users who do not want their payment options limited and sparked complaints about its impact on competition from bankers.

"It’s a test case," Ina Steiner, editor of Auctionbytes.com, told the Mercury News.  "I’m sure they’re very much considering rolling it out to other countries."

Beginning June 17, items sold on www.ebay.com.au must be paid for with PayPal or by using Visa or MasterCard, with the transactions processed by PayPal. The company generates revenue by charging fees for processing sales and monetary transactions.

Writing about eBay’s U.S. plans, Lieberman did not use the word "never" in his posting. "Categorical statements have a tendency to cause headaches down the road, particularly as we evaluate how to move forward in other markets and as conditions could shift in the US."

The online auction company says the switch to PayPal-only will make its service safer in Australia. Along with the PayPay-only offering, it will provide a higher dollar amount of buyer protection along with better seller protection from buyer disputes and the use of stolen credit cards.

"These changes are part of our ongoing commitment to protect our members," the company wrote on its Web site. "We believe buyers will be more confident shopping on eBay if only the safest payment methods are permitted."

Australian bankers don’t agree and have filed submissions to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in an attempt to stop the changes. The affect on eBay’s 5 million registered users there, according to the Australian bankers Commission, will be that, "competition will be restricted, innovation and development will be constrained, new entry will be discouraged and PayPal will be able to increase fees and charges to eBay users."

Steiner does not think those objections will influence eBay’s policy. "It’s going to happen," she said. "I don’t think eBay would proceed if they hadn’t laid a lot of groundwork."

eBay To Move To PayPal Only In Australia
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  • Neo

    To see how much eBay and it’s subsidiary actually takes out of your wallet (out of your total profit), see this new online eBay + PayPal calculator. 


    The calculator works for all English speaking countries AU, US, UK, CA, NZ.

    It could also help show why eBay is mandating Australians to use it’s 100% owned PayPal, where Australians only use PayPal 50% of the time as opposed to 85% in the US.

  • Guest

    Ebays dying fast ,don’t expect many at the funeral.

    • Guest

      About Time I heard this News! 

      I remember when in 1997 eBay was Fun and we all could make money selling our stuff  – – then they ( eBay ) got greedy and the greed has kept going until finally people are looking for alternatives to go back to those days when it was fun and the little guy could make a few extra hundred or thousand every month – well here you are – here is a GREAT ALTERNATIVE to eBay ( OVERPAY – I call it now ) www.specialistauctions.com

      GOOD BYE eBay



      As a disgruntled group of eBay users who got fed up with the continual stream of fakes on eBay, we set up www.specialistauctions.com three years ago.  We are a moderated auction site, we do not tolerate fakes and operate a "One strike and out" policy.


      Our moderators are there to ensure fakes when spotted are removed as well as the seller.  As you will have probably read in today’s Daily Mail, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/femail/article.html?in_article_id=558253&in_page_id=1879 a reporter went and bought 34 items of eBay and 33 were fakes.  You have to ask yourself what does this actually say about eBay, I will leave you to answer this question for yourself!


      In March this year we had in excess of 10,000,000 pages views and a sell through rate of 7.68%.  Coupled with no listing fees, no relisting fees and no fees to sell items internationally, we simply charge 3% at the time the sale goes through. We don’t ask you to put your credit card online we simply send you a bill, at month end, which can be paid in a variety of different ways.


      We can replicate your listings from eBay or your website using our bulk uploaded and we can complete the process for you for free.


      Customer Service plays a pivotal role in our success so if you are looking for an alternative auction site that is personal, moderated, busy and value for money come and pay us a visit. You will see that you are in good company.


      John Rowbotham

      Customer Services Director




      • Guest

        Good for you to start an auction site; I will check it out and then refer it to others,


        I am fed up with both E-Bay and PayPal, they are becoming way too big for their britches! and now want to control other people!


        I don’t accept that, besides PayPal suspends your account if you receive a couple of thousand dollars for a sold auction and then demands that you give them all your supplier information, how much you paid for the auction item, where you bought it and then they contact the supplier to verify that, then they want to know how and when it is going to be shipped, how much you pay for the shipping and all information about your shipping company, verifies that and then after going through all these ridiculous hoops, they finally release your account!


        All this, when there has been NO complaint.


        Thuis disruption and suspension cost me over US$ 20,000!, all items that sold on E-bay and could not be paid through PayPal because it was "temporarily" suspended. these sales were all cancelled, because the customers were not going to wait that long.


        PayPal and E-bay should be competed out of business. This is a FREE market place, not a Socialist market place.

    • Guest

      Fat pigs die from overeating..good riddance to them.

  • Guest

    I often receive emails to me "as a valued ebay seller" (yet alone buyer) but I was very upset to receive the email from EBAY about having to use PAYPAL.  I sent them the following but they never paid me the courtesy of sending a reply. Perhaps they were so swamped by upset sellers/buyers’ emails they could not use their bulk email delivery system to reply back to us all.

    —–Original Message—– From: K Day Sent: Thursday, 10 April 2008 2:40 PM To: ‘eBay’ Cc: Subject: RE: K Day, we’re making eBay even safer for you Guess what, I will no longer be dealing with an organisation that forces me to use one payment method. You are turning Paypal into a oneopoly and I hope someone else has the money and power to sue you for this. I loved using ebay but I refuse to use PAYPAL K Day

  • another fellow surfer

    IMHO there are tax issues with Ebay earnings for people in Oz, and having one system to validate transactions will save the company loads in the long run if they had to comply with ‘any new’ Australian Tax department rules.

    There are issues of Ebay promotions that it is safe because this asserts the ideal that all others are of lessor. Yes I tend to agree that it is safe, and I know the environment contains butt heads, as some tent too.. Its a mute point.

    However other issues arrise from the fact Ebay is advertised on one TV station and bagged on another, vice versa, etc. 

    But considering that Banks are permitted to over-charge at will for cashing imported cheque earnings into a Bank account then I fear this is a pattern that will increase as there is demand for such services.

  • http://www.sales.org Geoff

    eBay has already launched a PayPal only feature here in Canada and I suspect in the US as well. Sellers who want to sell overseas must include PayPal as an option, which on big ticket items places the seller at extraordinary risks from PayPal holding funds.

    For example, a friend of mine shipped an item paid with paypal, insured and signature required, to France, it was signed for, but the buyer denied receiving it and wouldn’t file a lost item claim with the shipper. PayPal refunded the item and shipping cost to the purchaser refusing to accept the shipping manifest to the address.

    So, sellers beware, eBay and PayPal are only concerned about increasing their own revenues. No surprise, it’s been obvious with every price change and new rule they’ve put out.

    Maybe if Microsoft does acquire Yahoo we’ll all have a better international auction choice. Until then, Amazon.com is the only place to list big items imo.

    • Simon Collier

      I have had a similar thing happen to me, I sold an item into Italy from the UK & sent it using Royal Mail International sign for service & the buyer claimed he never received it. Paypal sent him the money back within 2 weeks stating proof of postage is not proof of delivery. I used the Royal Mail tracking complaints service, which takes weeks to process, only to find out that it was delivered & signed for 4 days following postage. Paypal want a signature ( it’s in the user agreement as they keep on reminding me & nothing else will do however strong the evidence is ) which the International sign for service does not present to you so they said no. The Royal mail sent me a letter confirming delivery which I forwarded to Paypal only for, Paypal say this is not good enough,  they then asked me for a copy of my initial postage receipt then told me this wasn’t good enough either. This has been dragging on for months & I battle on & am currently waiting for the Royal Mail & Italian Post Office to send me the signature but if you read the small print on the information sheets provided by Royal Mail regarding the service they are not obliged to provide a copy of the signature.

      In short the Royal Mail International sign for service does not offer you any protection whatsoever in regard to dealings through Paypal who have been very unhelpful & contradictory in their responses throughout this process. It does seem to be an excellent medium for fraudsters to order an item & then claim their money back with a guaranteed positive response in their favour from Paypal.  

      We do need a serious contender to break the eBay / Paypal monopoly & perhaps their arrogance will be tempered & possibly the decent ethical stance it represented when it was originally developed may return.

      Very dissapointed, Simon Collier.

  • Aldyth

    I’ve used Ebay hundreds of times for purchases, all with postal money orders.  The day Ebay switches to Paypal only will be the day I stop using Ebay. 

    I guess Ebay wants to help give their competition a helping hand by sending them customers.

    • http://www.pyrmont-akb.de Guest

      You can bet, that isn’t a one time show. They start a new offence against their customers. I sold and bought hundreds of items and I used paypal in the past, but it has become so expensive, I will never ever use it again.

      The only hope is someone else, I do not like either – Microsoft.

    • http://www.copiergeeks.biz Guest

      I can tell you all one thing – they ever pull the paypal only crap here in the U.S. and they are history with me.

      I do check only business – I cannot afford to take the credit card hit and transaction fees on capital equipment selling at $2000 – $10,000 with our already low eBay prices.

      They want more and all they are going to get is less. This payapl only trial will be over in a few months when they see what a dismal failure their attempt at jamming sellers will be.

  • http://www.BearlandersTradingco.com Tarl

    I suggest that anyone who wishes to accept Paypal check into Paypal "terms and conditions". If Paypal accepts a customer credit card and the card is fraudulent the person (you) who accepted the order from Paypal gets the charge-back. Paypal passes the charge-back on to the merchant (or person on the receiving end).

    Paypal is worthless. Yet Paypal – Ebay has enough money to trick the consumer and the merchants.  Using a credit card online is just as safe or as unsafe as giving your credit card number to Paypal.

    I would rather accept a credit card from the consumer than from Paypal because I can check into the cards (cardholders) validity. Paypal is useful only to those who have poor credit and have no credit or credit cards.

    Come shop with us at http://www.BearlandersTradingco.com and leave your paypal account behind, we use a safe, secure server so you may use your credit card without worry of fraud.



  • HauntedWebby

    I used Ebay in the past, liked it. Didn’t need it for a while. Came back to it a few weeks ago and posted an auction.

    The only payment option I could accept was PayPal and I’m in the US.

    It said because I was so new it was my only option. I"m not new, and have sold hundreds of things with a 100% positive feedback. I’m a verified user even.

    Because of that I won’t use them anymore.

  • Guest

    eBay currently requires a seller to offer PayPal as a form of payment unless they have at least 100 feedback comments as a seller. Getting to 100 can take a while…

  • Ike

    Ebay doesn’t even care about their customers anymore!!

    You used to be able to go in and make a complaint about

    a bad seller or buyer on ebay, now if the trans was done

    with PAYPAL, you can’t do that anymore!!!

    So there is no way to track if a user has any NEGATIVE comments, outside of feeback forum (which is a joke)!!

    I have repeatedly complained to Ebay about this,

    and they have yet to do anything to address it.

    Maybe we need to have MILLIONS of customers complain about it!!!


    Paypal is nice, but they don’t even try to get your money back!

    I have had an outstanding balance from a BOGUS transaction for over 2 years and have yet to get it back!!!!

    If its not REAL PROPERTY, forget a refund!!!


    • Guest

      If Ebay do decide to use paypal only then they will defanatly lose my custom I have personal been conned on e-bay and if I had not used PAYPAL it would not have happened.

  • Fathead

    Well seems I will no longer be able to sell anything on Ebay due to this so-called "safety" rule of Paypal only. I’m not interested in maintaining some sort of 3rd party payee status so that people can pay me with paypal. As for buying, obviously I’ll be looking here less. And as for safety, well my account got compromised by scammers, so I take Ebay’s concept of safety with a pinch of salt. I may even cancel my account, Paypal just isn’t on my list of groups I want to do business with – don’t want a 3rd player in the transaction.

  • Guest

    I think tyhis is very greedy on ebay’s part having 2 bites of the cherry (ebay fees and paypal fees) They say it will make it safer and buyers will be more confident shopping on eBay if only the safest payment methods are permitted. As a seller I personaly have had problems with paypal clearing payments and then canceling them 3 or 4 day’s later anfter I have sent the goods out. There responce when I filed a complaint was that I would have to orginize to get the payment off the buyer some orther way.

    If people are fixed on using paypal only to buy something then they won’t buy something that dosn’t have that payment method and vise versa. The same with a seller, at the moment you have the option if you want to use other payment methods or not and thats the way it should stay. I am totaly against being forced to use one payment method

    When this comes in I will not be listing or buying anything on ebay again

  • Guest

    The typical user of PayPal thinks or is given to believe that PayPal acts rather like an escrow service – that is, it ensures that there is a meeting of the minds and both the buyer and seller receive equitable treatment – the buyer gets what is advertised, the seller gets paid.

    Actually, after a couple of episodes where EBay sellers committed fraud and hours on the phone with the so-called PayPal customer service department I am flatly told that PayPal is not an escrow service.  Their responsibility is only to release payment to the seller after the seller submits a tracking number for the shipment. 

    PayPal does not verify the tracking number (I know this as I have been defrauded this way).  Second, there is absolutely no protection for the buyer that a shipper doesn’t put dog poop in a box, send it UPS, submit a tracking number and collect for the $300.00 BlueRay player.

    PayPal is nothing more than a scam to get money both from the seller and the buyer … and does nothing to secure the transaction against fraud.

    The idea that using PayPal only limites fraud is laughable!  Indeed, I refuse to deal with EBayers who are PayPal only.  Contact the seller, ask for alternate payment methods and most will readily agree.  After all, they are there to sell goods and simply want their money.  Even better for them as they don’t have to wait for PayPal to release funds. 

    I much prefer to use Visa/MasterCard/AMEX directly with the seller as I then have the protection of the credit card companies and Federal Wire Fraud laws to protect my interests.  If you use PayPal with a credit card, you surrender your dispute rights to the policies of PayPal and well, we know how much they care.

  • Guest

    As an eBay store owner I will close my store on eBay if they do another stupid move such as going Paypal Only for transactions.  I am already considering a move to uBid or just winging it with my other stand alone websites. 

    eBay is getting very stupid with their recent unfriendly business decisions which are quickly driving business members away.  They keep this up and they will find out how strong a force the individual business owners really are.



  • Guest

    The mum of a friend of mine recently listed a pair of boots here in Australia. When she listed it, she added a little section about ‘PayPal payments will incur a 5% additional fee.’

    Within 72 hours the listing was taken down by eBay. eBay cited the 5% fee as the reason, saying that it isn’t fair to the purchasor. What tha???

    Just how you’re supposed to get your x% back on eBay fees as well as you x% back on PAYPAL fees I don’t know. All I can figure is that I will have to stop stating a flat postal fee, change it to ‘shipping and handling’ and quote it at the end of the auction so I can cover not only postage/packaging, but the double-hit of fees as well. And you can see how much that ‘benefits’ the buyer, can’t you?

  • Guest

    I used to do a lot of business on my website through Paypal, then I got a notice that they were freezing my account for selling "unauthorized" items.  When I pointed out that there were hundreds of vendors on Ebay selling identical items, they said Ebay had separate polices (this was after Ebay had bought Paypal).  After posting on my site that I would not take Paypal for the disputed items (pocket knives that one can buy at any hardware store or gas station) my account was unfrozen, but in questioning their policy I got at least half a dozen different answers from apparently different people at Paypal, none of whom identified themselves.  When I asked about all those other vendors, I was told they "would be investigated" if I submitted individual complaints about each one, which I am not about to do.  The whole setup is unaccountable and unethical.  If they are going to pay interest and issue credit cards, they should be subject to the same rules and regulations as banks!

  • Jonathan

    I have already had it with Paypal. I recently sold something on ebay and delivered it in person to the buyer who signed for the item. A couple of days later Paypal informed me that there was a chargeback and I needed to rpovide proof so they could fight the case on my behalf. What a joke. I sent them proof of delivery and told them that as the buyer was committing fraud, I wanted all the details so I could lay a charge. They kept telling me that Ineeded a court order to get the details. Eventually they said that the credit card comapny found in the sellers favour and that I now had to repay paypal the money they had refunded. I asked for proof of the charge back and the other persons and bank details so I could take it up and all they do is to give me there reference number. Everyday I get one of them trying to tell me what a chargeback is. One person will tell me that I did not send proof of delivery which is why they could not fight it for me then the next will say yes I did send it but still lost. There is no way I will ever use them again and I will not pay them the money back. They can take me to court as I have all the proof I need that they are a bunch of incompetent fools.

  • http://www.deluxecctv.com Guest


    How dare EBay do something like this. EBay is already greedy in many ways. As if making billions of dollars a year was not enough, now they go and try something like this. I think they should just do away with Paypal all together. I am sure many of you have had some sort of problem with Paypal. For example, there is one time where Paypal held $1,300.00 in my account and froze the funds for 180 days. That is 6 months.
     Average Credit Card Company holds funds for only 60 days because that is how long a consumer has to file a chargeback. Paypal hold the funds for an additional 120 days to accrue interest and make even more money. This is the most ridiculous thing that EBay could possibly so. No, wait! I mean this is one of many bad moves on their part they have done over the years. If they keep this up, they will have no customers left.
    Along with not being able to leave negative feedback, selling policies, and now this stunt, what will they do next? No one wants to see EBay go down hill, but I am starting to think otherwise since they are becoming so greedy. Maybe we should start to call them Greed bay.  Needless to say, I will be taking all of my business elsewhere if EBay tries this in the USA.
  • http://www.graphic-leespeaking.com Lee N. Underwood

    PayPal have program that benefit the smallest of companies and they treat me very well with their support. I think this is a smart and the best way to handle money transactions.

    PayPal will make a great global online payment method!

  • http://geek-news.net/2008/05/great-paypal-alternative-revolution.html Richard M

    If you read the eBay accpeted payments policy then you’ll notice they’ve already made provisions to disallow any forms of online payments other tthan PayPal.

    Not permitted on eBay.com

    "Payment through online payment methods not specifically permitted in this policy."

    We did a big writeup on Revolution Money Exchage several months ago recently did a follow up review, at which time I had several people tell me that they’ve had auctions removed for trying to use any online service other than PayPal which included R.M.E. and bidpay. I couldn’t get a direct response from anyone at eBay about it but its my feeling they are squeezing out as much competition as possible.

  • http://www.joomla-template-maker.com/ Guest

    Not only has ebay refused to take payments from other escrow providers they have also stoped digital downloads, what are they thinking

    I wont be using ebay anymore and will use ubid or oztion who don’t have a restrictive trade policy

    I have used ebay for years now and can no longer provide a full service to those that don’t have a paypal account and not everyone wants to use paypal

    neither do I see why the should change say from paymate which is an Australian company and support by oztion

    As a seller or buyer it is my choice as to which way I wish to receive funds and I will not be dictated to by ebay

    So its good bye Ebay for me 


    • Ronald Brampton

      Mike Sachoff is dead on.

      I think the most important aspect people who have used, want to use or have been abused by ebay, should understand that ebay does not want new sellers anymore.

      There is a great new 2008 essay out:

      Essay on eBay by Richard Bilderberg.
      Contributors: Randy Bansa John Coleman Cam Harvey
      Princeton, USA, May 2008

      It has been archived at the Internet archive, and can be freely downloaded there:



      Everybody should read it,


      Have a great day,

      Ronald Brampton


    • Guest

       I have had experience using PayPal as a Merchant and user. Both were an absolutely nightmare, especially as a Mechant. PayPal in my opinion is non-accountable and extremely painful. I won’t be using Ebay at all if this change happens.

  • Joyce

    I recently went on to ebay to add an item only to be told I couldnt until I signed up with paypal,I a website with a secure server so i didnt need another..

    Iam UK based & contacted ebay,the reply I recieved was Quote::

    You havent been singled out,soon everyone will have to use paypal when selling on ebay..

    So someone is lying..

    I had some problems after a family death & was given 30 days to bring everything into line,I was glad too,after 2 days they told me it was an error and I was relnstated,another 2 days and they took me off again telling me I hadnt put things right in the 30 days,so they took me off for good,all in 4 days,is that the magic 30 days in ebays world..

    They do what they want & are totally unaccountable..


    Is that right??



  • Guest

    This change has nothing to do with safety or security for the buyer or seller… it is all about the bottom line = revenue for eBay/PayPal.

    I have seen many many sellers lose not only their money but also the item they sold to scammers, PayPal does nothing to protect sellers from scam’s  no matter what proof they are shown that it is a scam, proof that would be acceptable in any court of law.

    Ebay/PayPal does not care about the safety of anyone they only care that they make their money no matter how it is made for them ethically or unethically.

    eBay tripple dipps if you ask me they charge to list an item, then charge a final value fee on the sale of that item then charge a PayPal fee for the transfer of funds for that item… That is tripple dipping!

    I have been a buyer and seller on eBay for over 10 years, I choose to no longer deal with eBay or PayPal due to their unethical practices.

    • Guest

      I agree 100%. eBay/Paypal care NOTHING for the safety of the transactions for their users, they care only about money for themselves. This kind of greed from a ‘business’ can only be their undoing eventually.

      If they truly cared about safer transactions, they would NOT allow their buyers and sellers to use Paypal as a payment option! It is far too easy for users to scam other users by submitting false complaints.

      The thousands of complaints around the web concerning the alleged theft and freezing of users money by Paypal should send out massive alarm bells to others wanting to use their services!

  • dennis

    Only a world wide prolonged boycot of using Ebay would stop Ebay from imposing anything they want to do to increase their massive revenues that they already take. Problem is. Many users will still continue to feed the Ebay coffers. They are allready a world economy not just a business so a few billion lost here and there takes no effect.

  • http://sellingbeyondebay.ning.com Gail Reece

    In order for eBay and it’s sister PayPal to stop the monopoly buyers must be educated that it is not the safest or best way to conduct purchase transactions online.  

    This along with all other eBay / PayPal changes is only another way to manipulate their non-select group of sellers out so eBay can move forth with their master plan.  The rules be changed for those that they choose to remain in the new eBay.

    Be smart, use PayPal only when you know and understand all their rules.


    • Guest

      You make the statement that PayPal is not the safest or best way to conduct purchase transactions online.

      So who you would you say is safer, and why?

      • Geoff

        If it is the safest – why isn’t this concern for user safety being given to US and other global users? Are they second rate users?

        Surely if the PP concerns are valid this process would be implemented for all?

        It is not wholly a matter of safety, and as it is Ebay / Paypal using this argument of safety,  why can’t they show their complete figures to the ACCC in Australia instead of only providing their opinions rather then data and fact to back it?

        Australian users have shown they want to have a choice in payment methods and not be dictated to.

        Australian users have shown, in their submissions to the ACCC, that they believe PP to have many faults.

        Paypal could easily prove their position this by providing real data and honest answers to the many questions asked about their operations – They have chosen not to?

        They are trying to take Australian users for a ride and when they do, the rest will be invited on board. Lets see how others react when they are told that they must use PP only

  • Guest

    If Ebay goes paypal only in the US.  I will not patronzize Ebay anymore and will eventually close Paypal.  This is nothing more than down-right greed. I say its starting to look like a monopoly. It will blow up in Ebay’s face and when it does they will sink like a rock. They will have no one to blame for that except their own greed.

    • Guest

      So much has blown up in their faces already, they should be faceless, after all, they are shameless.

  • Soon to be ex-Aussie eBayer

    A great many Aussie eBayers are quitting the site for a local form called oztion.com.au which has experienced huge sudden growth since this announcement. It is unfortunate though that it does not have the same depth.

    There have also been complaints on eBay discussion boards that people are having their eBay accounts suspended for mentioning oztion or even calling it ‘that O site’, and that whole discussion strings are being removed if they are in any way critical.

    It’s good news that the banking commission is involved now as the Australian Consumer and Competition Council lacks any teeth whatsoever.

    My current sales on eBay Australia will be my last.

    • Craig

      As one of the many eBay Australia members disgruntled by the recent and impending changes, not the least  of which is the PayPal and Feedback changes, along with changes to the search criteria, I have also lokked at alternatives – OZtion being one of them. However, I did some futher research on that site today and it’s name is a misnomer. Of 6 of the larger categories that I checked, only 22.08% of them were actually auctions – the balance being Buy Now or Classified ads. I’m not saying the eBay is any different, but OZtion has considerably fewer items, and is not global.

  • Guest

    I have been an eBay and PayPal user for many years, mostly as a buyer, and mostly with no problem.

    I have seen both companies grow in their own, fledgling way, merge, and become the powerhouse they are today.

    I have also seen the greed intensify.

    Now, when I search for something, I now must scroll past a load of ads to get to see my listings. The listing fees have gone up to the point where one must question ‘What’s in it for me as a Seller?’.

    Yes, eBay has evolved from a friendly ‘garage’ business into a cold-hearted totalitarian behemoth. It has forgotten the meaning of ‘customer service’. ANY company that forgets that has a very limited life-span.

    Forcing customers to take PayPal exclusively not only ‘feels’ wrong, but it IS wrong.

    Luckily, here in Australia, we have laws against anti-competitive behaviour. eBay thinks they can make up the rules as they go, but fortunately, the Reserve Bank of Australia is taking a very dim view of these proceedings.

    Australians, write to the Australian Competion and Consumer Commission – go to www.accc.gov.au and make your voice heard on this matter. Write to the commission, referring to case N93365 and TELL THEM you think this is wrong, and why! The email address is:- adjudication@accc.gov.au

    Have a great day!

  • John Williams

    Lovely to see the many comments regarding "feebay Australia". Despite many protests this tyranical organisation is going ahead with its PayPal money grabbing system.

    One thing not mentioned is the foreign exchange rate offered by PP. We all know how banks like to make a nice commission on their rates, but PP leaves them for dead!!  Also, why is it when you pay for an item by PP it is debited to your account straight away,   but when you wish to withdraw funds from PP it takes a few days. Nothing like playing the short term money market – with your money!!

    OZtion.com.au is fast catching on in Australia and therefore a good alternative to feebay.

  • Guest

    He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    — Book of Revelations
  • Guest

    It is quite clear that with the new feedback system where sellers cannot leave a negative feedback to buyers, that sellers % of positive feeback will fall – this is already happening – when a seller moves below 98% positive feedback, buyers are only entitled to second tier paypal protection of $400 and not the thousands that ebay are sputiing about.

    Most sellers will end up with 98% or lower as a nuetral feedback now has negative impact on ratings – i have seen an example where a buyer changed their mind about an item, left a nuetrtal for the seller and their  feedback percentage dropped, what had they done wrong. Nothing.

    A buyer will have to be a very experienced online consumer to see through this kind of manipulation, and choose sellers who have top tier paypal protection who will become fewer and fewer.

    Ebay will clean up across the board for a little while – until people realised they are being screwed at both ends – for sellers paying fees and unable to leave appropriate negs will be an awful new experience, but at the same time In australia it is proposed that they get to pay a fee on accepting payment as well.

    Buyers will set up the paypal accounts thinking they cant lose until they realise their protection is as good as a condom with a hole in it – it looks alright but when it comes to the nitty gritty it will fail. Some smart buyers (bless them) might realise that it is better to not leave any feedback other than a positive as the nuetral they leave today willt ake away someones top level protection tomorrow.

    But in the end you can’t fool all of the people all of the time ebay, and that is why as a person who has dealt on your site since 2001, was a powerseller and a good buyer is now saying, it was good in it’s day but that day was yesterday.

  • Riverbendtrdg

    eBay is not only trying to bring in PayPal as the only avenue of using their venue in Australia.

     They are using Bullying tactics in the forums and having people suspended for reasons that hold no truth in them what so ever, they constantly here in Australia allow a certain Power Seller who boasts of their CLOSE AFFILIATIONS OPENLY ON THE FORUMS and that persons gang of friends to bait and abuse other members of the community constantly, even using pornagraphic pics and photos of members families to bait them.

    This person reports any member who may disagree with them, be it on a PayPal issue or a personal issue, and people are banned from the forums indefinitely with NO recourse – I was always under the impression that stood for DEFORMATION OF CHARACTER, but Live World their moderators in Canada are untouchable and don’t even supply on demand the proof of why you have been suspended.

    eBay = Not being allowed to protect yourself as a Seller with feedback, this in turns allows Buyers to abuse the system and the Sellers not just with feedback but with scoring an item and getting PayPal to return their costs. It  equals hard work and dedication by Sellers being abused under their new rating system which is actually a system that cannot be realistically implemented.

    And it definitely equals abuse and bullying tactics with the PayPal Only Ruling.  Triple dipping of fees from Sellers to eBays pockets.

    eBay lacks professional ethics and morals and are now the NEW AGE FACE OF THE UGLY AMERICAN.

    GO OZTION GO OZTION GO OZTION Oztion come and have a look at 1/4 millionSellers and over 600,000 items for sale at good Australian dollar Values and Growing. GO OZZIE GO


  • ejholden in OZtrailia

    Well …. good on you Simon …. I hope you get what you want for eBay & PayPal ….

    It has been the greatest boon for OZtion.com.au & Paymate.com.au.

    Remember Paymate, Simon?

    It was the "bees knees" payment system eBay set up, then sold off after it bought PayPal.

    It is alive & well & going great guns now it is owned by ethical Australians. The money is deposited straight into the sellers bank account … no holding, no transfer fees, no lies. And yes, just like PayPal, it operates worldwide.

    There is a viable, professional, ethical alternative to PayPal ….. Paymate.com.au

    Just like there is an viable, professional, ethical alternative to eBay in Australia …. OZtion.com.au

  • Guest Glen

    What is our government doing to stop this monopoly happening in Australia. It’s illegal to do this here? We pulled out of ebay as sellers a  few years ago. The writing was on the wall then. Now they have approached Oztion for to use Paypal there. Sorry to see this happening all over again. We to lost a lot of money through Paypal on Ebay.

  • Guest

    To anybody & everybody who agrees that eBay & PayPal have become too greedy, profit,-centric & are competing unfairly, remember this…there are alternatives out there. And, until you are willing to pursue & support such alternatives, grumbling for change to this incestuous-duo & corporate whore-mongerer’s will only serve to waste your time & whet their appetite for more such nonsense. eBay & PayPal only implement ideas good for their owners, corporate officers & investors. If you haven’t figured that out by now, then by all means…send $19.95 to P.O. Box 12345…Oh, wait. I forgot. You don’t have $19.95 because you gave it to eBay & PayPal. And, what did you get in return?! Frustration, Baby!!! Well…You deserve it. Unless, of course, you’re mad as hell, and you’re not going to take it any more. In which case, I say.."good for you." Now, do something about it. Join with me to form a better solution than the poor attempts masquerading as lame aternatives, at best. Let’s form a group of like-minded online auction buyers & sellers with verifiable identities. That way, we can screen out eBay & PayPal spies, employees & their excessively-loyal followers, et. al. Of course, eBay & PayPal will probably attempt to sue any real threat of competition out of existence. And, if news reports are any indication, judges & legislators love to squash the small-time operators. Still, we can try. Just remember to vote for leaders who will appoint free-thinkers and not the hell-bound sort of corrupt politicians who’s coffers are lined with so-called anonymous contributions form you-know-who. I guess even Meg Whitman got tired of swallowing their big load of *&^%$. So, she retired. Don’t be fooled, though. She was as much to blame for the current state of affairs as anybody sitting on their "staff" (pun intended). Fortunately, they are shooting themselves in the foot. Eventually, corporate greed catches up with the companies who perpetrate such evils. btw…does anybody remember the old theme to the hit TV show Mash? "Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes, …" Either eBay & PayPal are committing economic suicide with all their rate increases & anti-social policy changes, or their sellers/buyers are doing so with their undeserved loyalties. eBay is an online monster. And, they are dancing their mosnter mash on their own grave. They just don’t know it yet. But, you know it, don’t you?

    • Guest

      "Join with me to form a better solution than the poor attempts masquerading as lame aternatives, at best. Let’s form a group of like-minded online auction buyers & sellers with verifiable identities. That way, we can screen out eBay & PayPal spies, employees & their excessively-loyal followers, et. al. " Yes I will be in that. Karen Day

  • Guest

    Ebay does not yet have the legal right to do this in Australia. Submissions to the ACCC only closed on May 2, with a record number of objections. No decision has yet been announced.

    Unlike Ina Steiner (in your article) I don’t think ebay did any groundwork at all – they seem to have just assumed that Australian law was the same as theUS. It isn’t.

  • http://www.hophunt.com Free Traffic

    eBay is quite good as marketplace and we use it once in a while.

    eBay to accept paypal only payment would be awkward to its users.

    eBay is still alive today because of its users, so it must listen to what
    they have to say. Period.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=810048467 John

      I for one will not be using eBay anymore if I cant pay how I did before, over 30 transactions no problem ever

    • http://www.sydneypaintings.com.au lc

      From my very personal point of view, it is not a nationality issue. e-bay and pay pal are websites  which brings  maybe too much money in a few pockets. That is all right . Problem rise when they are not happy and want more and more and just kill as many business as they can. Just watch what is happening. They target to be the single shop in the world. This is the bigest stupidity.  However, this is just  talk and means nothing.

  • P Gamble

    eBay staff have reported that auction payments which use Paypal are safer than tried & true methods which have been around far longer such as Direct Deposits & Money Orders, yet eBay cannot provide any factual evidence of such, ebay claim that if you use Direct Deposits & Money orders you’re 4 times more likely to be involved in a dispute, having been a corporate ebay seller for 8 years and a powerseller I have seen first hand that this would simply not be the case, the leading cause of unpaid item disputes on ebay Australia has little to do with the payment method itself, but rather the fact that some buyers simply forget to enter their ID or Name on some Direct Deposits, making it near impossible for some sellers to match payments to buyers hence sellers wont see some buyers have paid in those instances, thus causing an Unpaid Item Dispute in some cases.. Paypal can (and does) freeze your money and hold on to it for as long as they like, regardless of whether a buyers claims are legitimate or not. Forcing PayPal only creates an HUGE loophole where buyers can scam sellers from the comfort of home whenever they like.

    So called ‘Seller Protection’ is a farce, being that most (if not all) Official Australia Post documentation is irrelevant to PayPal dispute cases, leaving sellers with no way possible for paypal to accept that an item has been sent to a buyer, thus buyer receives their item and their money back! A huge win (scam) for some buyers, a huge loss for the people who pay eBays wages (sellers).

    Now if eBay or PayPal had data ‘facts’ backing up their case, don’t you think they would have made them public by now to support their directive?

    Simon Smith was recently reported to say to a vocal crowd of angry ebayers that eBays paypal data was verified, where he was later asked to retract his comment by an eBay lawyer,.. If that doesn’t say "folk’s we’re kinda winging it here" I don’t know what does!

    The Reserve Bank, ASIC, Commbank and other large corporates & government agencies have submitted detriment cases to the ACCC against eBay Australia, we all just hope that the ACCC will not dismiss eBays blatant dictatorship’esque attack, and will act based on the welfare of all Australians, and in keeping with the Law.

    eBay have also now dictated a regime whereby no Australian seller can leave neutral or negative feedback ratings for buyers, no matter if the buyer didn’t pay, gave sellers the run around, or were abusive, sellers are now forced to give positive ratings for all buyers as of May 12th, 2008.

    eBay Australia has well and very truly lost the plot, and the losses will continue as long as eBay plays the dictator handing down unecconomical mandates.

    • Victim 13233

      To inform anyone reading this, your quote( Paypal can (and does) freeze your money and hold on to it for as long as they like, regardless of whether a buyers claims are legitimate or not. Forcing PayPal only creates an HUGE loophole where buyers can scam sellers from the comfort of home whenever they like.)

      Is very true as paypal held 16,000.00 of our cash and froze it. and then after everyone on earth makes a chargeback knowing that once they have the product, even with proof we cannot get our money back, pay pal won 2 chargeback disputes out of 34 which we lost a total of 7,000.00 and even when complaining and threatening with legal action does not help you left with no money , because you were told by ebay to trust paypal and when we asked for a list of customers who files a chargeback we were told they would only give us information if we file a supinoa , hmm, something smells fishy, like FAKE CHARGEBACKS.
      We are a real business and there still is nothing we can do were are not as big as fortune 500 But in all reality…

      Please do not sell using paypal, you will get hurt,,
      do a search on paypal problems..

      If your a reporter…
      paypal is Goliath and we the users are david..

      Ebay and paypal need to be hit with laws or just dont use them!

      Thank you.

      • Guest

        I made a purchase by paypal and when the vendor shipped me the three bottles of vinegar I bought one of them arrived broken…I requested that I receive a one third refund for the broken bottle and paypal refunded me ALL of my money….I had to resend the two thirds amount back to the seller so that I was comfortable with myself….The vendor then would need to follow up with the shipping agent for the rest of the refund….I  as a buyer would like to do business with this vendor again and a full/total refund put a strain on our business relationship…I was told by paypal that they didn’t do partial refunds!

    • Victim 13233

      To inform anyone reading this, your quote( Paypal can (and does) freeze your money and hold on to it for as long as they like, regardless of whether a buyers claims are legitimate or not. Forcing PayPal only creates an HUGE loophole where buyers can scam sellers from the comfort of home whenever they like.)

      Is very true as paypal held 16,000.00 of our cash and froze it. and then after everyone on earth makes a chargeback knowing that once they have the product, even with proof we cannot get our money back, pay pal won 2 chargeback disputes out of 34 which we lost a total of 7,000.00 and even when complaining and threatening with legal action does not help you left with no money , because you were told by ebay to trust paypal and when we asked for a list of customers who files a chargeback we were told they would only give us information if we file a supinoa , hmm, something smells fishy, like FAKE CHARGEBACKS.
      We are a real business and there still is nothing we can do were are not as big as fortune 500 But in all reality…

      Please do not sell using paypal, you will get hurt,,
      do a search on paypal problems..

      If your a reporter…
      paypal is Goliath and we the users are david..

      Ebay and paypal need to be hit with laws or just dont use them!

      Thank you.

  • No To PayMePal

     PayMePal is not a financial institution and as such is NOT subject to laws that control financial institutions, as said before PayMePal has gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid this regulation.

    What most don’t seem to understand, that is by its own admission (see item 3 of user agreement) greedbay is NOT a legal party to the transaction between a buyer and seller. The buyer and seller are wholly responsible to abide by all the laws that govern trading. Greedbay is only a service provider (only just!).

    If greedbay implement the changes, EVERY Australian seller will be breaking the law. Greedbay’s User Agreement Terms are NOT above the law in any country and are only there to facilitate a working service environment.

    All payment systems are safe (except PayMePal) and legal, it is the person using the system that can cause all the problems. Direct deposit being the quickest and easiest as it is Bank to Bank and your money goes nowhere else. Should you mess it up, it does not go through or is reversed by the bank immediately.


  • http://www.knkfishing.com kenny

    We were onder when Google will come out an auction house in order to compete the greedBay markets ?

  • Kev

    I live in the UK and I was forced to offer Paypal as a payment option when I submitted the auctions. I should have a choice about payment methods. I think Ebay have got "Too big for their boots". Paypal protection is a joke. I have lost money as a seller!

  • Guest

    "There are U.S. market-specific reasons why PayPal-only is something we simply cannot do in the U.S."

    Yeah, those market-specific reasons are called the Sherman Antitrust Act!

  • Guest

    Here in the UK a lot of people are switching to Ebid.net.No fees,you don’t have to use painpal and its run by people who actually answer e-mails!

    Ebay are censoring all mention of its name on their forums,and remove any ad that dares mention it’s name. Running scared I guess.

  • cat

    All of our company info was compromised by pay pal. When they were contacted for help with this situation, pay pals reply was to handle it ourselves. All indications showed that the compromise happened from within their company, and the lack of help and interest in finding and prosocuting the person just showed that they were aware, and did not care.They portray it to be so secure. It is not by any means.  The fees are insane and  the customer service is nil if you are a seller.  I for one have had it with ebay. With all of the recent changes, they will end up with a ton of buyers and very few sellers. I refuse to pay money to a company who wont stand behind me. Even now, the recent changes are all for the buyers, and ebay allows some of them to commit fraud repeatedly with no repercusions.


  • P.M.

    Paypal does not give any protection, or service to the sellers. If you as a seller have got any problem with a buyer then you won’t be able to ever reach Paypal on the phone. Paypal is hiding themselves behind their website and their rules. They will be freezing your account, and you won’t be able to get to your money anymore. If somebody claims that an item has not arrived, then Paypal will be returning the money to the buyer. If somebody claims that he was not happy with the item, then PayPal will be returning the money to the buyer, and you won’t be able to do anything about it. If an item was slightly damaged in the mail, then PayPal will be returning the money to the buyer no matter if it was well packed or not. There are lots of worldwide anti-paypal websites on the internet and one of them is called "no paypal.com", you may take a look at their forum here: http://www.nopaypal.com/forums/

  • Guest

    Ebay and Paypal are owned by the same company and they are trying to create a Monopoly where they will have more power to charge more. 

    Also, Paypal doesn’t protect the sellers or buyers the only way the buyers are protected are by their credit card companies and the sellers are out of luck because Paypal will not give the seller the credit card company info to appeal a chargeback. 

    It is time for another Ebay like company to be created to compete with Ebay and destroy the monopoly they have created.

  • http://www.efabe.co.uk eFABE

    I am not surprised they are doing something like this and dont be fooled, they will end up rolling it out to other countries unless customers in Australia put their foot down and DONT BUY via eBAY and maybe that will make eBAY think twice!!

    I no longer use eBAY due to the lack of customer service and HUGE fees that all add up and who ends up paying, the poor customer, I dont call that value for money.

    I do use PayPal both as a seller and buyer and have been very happy with the service they provide, the big plus, you can actually speak to a human being at PayPal.

  • Guest

    Paypal customer service is in INDIA….I can’t believe that a US  based company would trust all it’s banking information and financial transactions to a country that could potentially be controlled by anti-US terrorists in the near future!  All these banking transactions would be at risk!  The last time I spoke with Paypal’s INDIA customer service there were problems with the representatives knowledge of English and understanding why I was calling….I moved on to an abusive supervisor and immediately called eBay to report the problems/issues involved…With the ecomony in the US doing as poorly as it is and the number of people out of work, I can’t believe that this company would outsource it’s financial business transactions to a third world country….Call eBay customer service at 1-800-717-3229 and complain or write to them at, EBay,  2145 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125, or call them at 1-(408)558-7400…These phone numbers and address are not readily available on the eBay web site…You can also email them through the contact process from the eBay web site…..Let them know what you think!!!

  • mobey

    While I beleive that a business should be able to retain their personally owned payment provider -Ebay owns Paypal-, thier monopoly policies they have instituted in the last year are horrible.

    the return of honest feedback THIS INCLUDES NEGATIVES! Full feedback history. Allowing the payment processors you want. Instatn refunds and payments. ETC. Is imperetive for a good ebay.

    There are hundreds of auction sites. Search for the one you want and join it.

  • Ex Gold Level Powerseller

    Thieves, cheats and liars pretty much sum them up and the same can be said of their owner, GreedBay.

    Both companies are run by moronic cowboys who rely on their lawyers to get them into or out of trouble whatever the case may be.

    The www is littered with millions of stories of eBay & paypal being hacked and members’ personal details being revealed to illegal parties, you can buy a bona fide paypal a/c on the web that was gained by phishing and the morons try to tell the Australian Govt watch dog the ACCC that they are secure, they are as safe and secure as the lowest grade toilet paper!

    Burn in hell for your evil deeds GreedBpay & Paypus, your corporate kara is a comin’ to git ya any time now and no-one will laugh as hard as me ‘coz I’ve been waiting for years to see Simple Sap Simon and Alistair Pathetic MacGibbon standing in line in the dole queue along with everyone else they’re putting there.

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