eBay to Make Changes to Seller Fees

Not Everyone Thrilled with New eBay Changes

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eBay announced  that starting March 30, it will be "lowering the cost of selling for sellers of all sizes," a notion that is heavily disputed. The company claims it will introduce its lowest insertion fees ever, and that may be true for the lowest-priced auctions, but many are claiming prices are higher. Just read through the comments of this article to get a feel for what is being discussed.

Note: Some edits have been made to this article, but it has always said that the price change represents an increase for some sellers (now bolded below).

Here are the new options for sellers, as described in eBay’s announcement:

Option 1: "eBay Everyday" Standard Rates

– List up to 100 items a month Auction-style free—no Insertion Fees—when you start your Auction-style listing under $1.

– Get new, lower Insertion Fees for all other start prices.

– Either way, pay one easy Final Value Fee of 9% of the winning bid—and never more than $50—pay only if your item sells.

– List in Fixed Price for 50¢ with Final Value Fees mostly the same as today

Option 2: eBay Stores Subscription Packages

– List in Fixed Price with full search exposure for as low as 3¢ Insertion Fees with Final Value Fees for the most part the same as today

– Get FREE pictures

– Get deeply discounted fees on Auction-style listings

eBay says option one is ideal for those who sell occasionally, while option two is better for most sellers with 50 or more listings a month.

eBay’s price change does represent a price increase for sellers who don’t have a store. This is brought up in an interview (though supplied by eBay itself) with eBay VP of Buyer and Seller Experience Dinesh Lathi. His response is below (there is more to the interview, which can be viewed here):

When asked about why eBay will now only offer zero insertion fees for auctions starting under $1, as opposed to 5 item listings for free at any start price, Lathi says it is because eBay feels like the under $1 price is where the auction format works best.

Not everything from eBay’s announcement is targeted at sellers. For buyers, the company is launching a new buyer protection program, which they see as a way to bring in more buyers and keep them on eBay. There is another series of videos discussing this aspect of the announcement with eBay Senior Director of Resolutions Lynda Talgo here. When asked whether or not the program could be perceived as eBay favoring the buyer over the seller, she says:

Another key component of eBay’s announcement is what the company refers to as a boost to seller efficiency. For example, sellers of auto parts will be able to create a single listing with a complete list of compatible vehicles, which will save the seller on insertion fees and time. Sellers will be able to list multiple variations of a product in one fixed price listing in "many more" categories.

More details that reflect upcoming eBay changes can be found in this interview, this interview, the 2010 Spring Seller Update overview, and this announcement itself. In addition, there will be a webinar Thursday, and more details announced on the announcement board.

What do you think of eBay’s upcoming changes? Discuss here.

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eBay to Make Changes to Seller Fees
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  • Jillian

    Ebay DID NOT lower their fees.
    This is how they FRAMED their massive Fee increase. Some sellers are going to be seeing a 141% fee increase. The majority of sellers received a 15% increase.

    They sent out a wonderful little email today, and must’ve thought the people that sell on Ebay were to stupid to click on the links. Not this lady.

    Their stock went up because Ebay found a way to make millions – by screwing over the people that sell on their site.

    Expect a massive exodus from Ebay. The boards are buzzing and the sellers are IRATE!

    This was the most IDIOTIC business move possible. Yes, they will make alot more money at the beginning, but once sellers realize what had happened, Ebay will LOSE in the end.

    • Argent

      This will all continue until a better option where there are the things buyers want to buy and sellers have it all for less. Show me a viable alternative.

      • Guest

        Alternative? Craigslist, Kijiji are great places to buy and sell for free. There are also other auction sites out there. Personally I’ve had enough – I’m done with Ebay’s 8-12% final value fees, insertion fees, Paypal fees, lousy search results.

    • http://www.bappin.com josh

      seriously did you read the email? or are you just spouting shit out of your ass? because this is a good thing, if you think about it logically you will be able to list more stuff, get more exposure at the same price…. wow that really seems horrible… yeah…

  • Guest

    Anytime ebay sends a note about fees, it’s guaranteed to have a price increase for sellers. I didn’t have to read the fine print to know the direction they’re headed in. It’s somewhat insulting that they couch it as a savings but somehow they’ve convinced themselves that the only way to increase revenue is to charge more rather than make the site more attractive to buyers and sellers. Too bad because in the long run, the painfulness of using the site will ensure that more sellers go elsewhere.

  • Guest

    I am shocked this article is so inaccurate. If you go to ebay and look at the actual new fee prices, as posted on many of the forum/discussion pages on the new fees, almost EVERYONE (if you sell an item at auction for $10 to $2000) WILL PAY MORE in ebay fees. Many ebay sellers WILL PAY DOUBLE.

    If you, as an individual, sold an item at auction on ebay today for $250 you would pay about $10 in ebay fees, after the price increase your would pay $21+.

    Your article is not at all accurate at what ebay is doing (dropping the tiny listing fee and upping the end fee hugely is not savings). I am sad as an ebay stock holder thye would do something like this and then offer such thin and transparent “spin” statements thinking their sellers would buy into this.

  • Guest

    Once again, eBay has sucked the media into publicizing “lower FEES”, when in fact these are H-U-G-E FEE increases! Add to that an added myriad of new complications, subscriptions, etc. FEES have, indeed, not increased for items that sell for under $25 IF one subscribes (for a FEE) to one of the programs. If not, the final value FEE for items selling for less than $25 have increases from 8.75% to 9%.

    Now for the BIGGIE real important figures (for Auction listings, I have not analyzed fixed-price and stores as i don’t use them):

    If one does NOT subscribe (for a FEE), the final value FEE will be 9% flat, up to a maximum FEE of $50.00 (the FEE would be 0% for final value over the amount exceeding about $550.00).

    Even If one does subscribe to a monthly extra-pay “plan”, then the FEE would MORE THAN DOUBLE from that presently in force for the increment $25.00 – $50.00 (from 3.5% to 8.75%!!!!!). THIS IS A H-U-G-E KICK IN THE TOUCAS FOR MOST SELLERS!

    Final value over $50.00, the FEE will increase from 3.5% to 4.0% (14%), and over $1000, the FEE will increase from 1.5% to 2%, a 25% increase.

    This is only part of the story. Read the DETAILS carefully, especially you dumb reporters that get sucked onto eBay’s fantasy disinformation publicity campaign.

    Just the ugly facts, folks.

  • Guest

    Just amazing how everyone gets sucked up into these announcements that ebay makes disguising a fee increase as a fee decrease. If you currently pay $15.95 plus .03 (for each item) per month in an ebay store for items listed, how is now paying $49.95 plus .05 per month for each item a decrease?????

    Something about their math doesn’t add the same as my math!

  • ricky

    Ebay is actually instituting a massive fee INCREASE. Even many listing fees are going up. More accurate information that is not simply a regurgitation of the Ebay press release can be found here:


  • eBay seller

    I only have to ask eBay, why don’t you try to sell a regular item, paying the prices that a regular person pays? Perhaps that can show you that shipping a 1 lb item like a book, movie collection, vitamin bottle, painting, pair of pants or small appliance ( 90% of what sells right now ) from California to NY is not the same cost. I’m so sick of trying to explain eBay people that the USPS is divided into 8 shipping zones. The cost of shipping is not the same for all cities, but let me add something before anyone can say that we should use a different service. The USPS for small packages ( again, 90% of what sells on eBay ) is the only choice, and 100% the only way we can get people to buy, since they are so incredible spoiled to get free shipping or pay the very lowest prices. If sellers add a faster service so an item can arrive in the “demanding buyer expected time” eBay will punish the seller by saying that the shipping fees are too high or that usually the items ship for much lower price, if I’m shipping a glass item and it does require some packing, WHEN can eBay show me that they experienced what is like to ship that product? I think that they have to try a few stores with some employes inside eBay, get products at regular price like the rest of us and try to sell them and ship them all over the world for the prices they say are right. Then to pay the fees to ebay and “only option monopoly like paypal” to see how much money they have left. I there is any left to make at leas a extra income, forget a living, no to mention the abusive claims that “eBuyers are so used to make lately, maybe then I can really stick with them, listen to them. EBAY HAS DIE BY ITS SWORD

  • Chris Crum

    The article is based upon information provided by eBay itself, and I’d like to point out that the article has always said that prices will increase for some sellers, but I have made some minor edits to address the controversy surrounding the fees.

  • Guest

    I would like to see someone do a historical record of how Ebay fees have changed. If this is done using several categories (e.g., maybe 10 types of sellers), I believe it will be very clear that there is a history of significant fee increases for sellers with transactions in the $25-100 range, which is where I suspect the majority of casual sellers lie. This should also include mandatory use of Paypal.

    I think you will also find that Ebay rarely does what it says in terms of protecting sellers and making the assumption that a significant number of sellers are good. Sellers with lots of complaints stay on the system; Nonpaying buyers are allowed to stay; Honest sellers can get their sales held or reversed; alleged policies about exorbitant postage charges are not enforced; alternate payment arrangements (money orders, non-Paypal payment processors, etc.,) are cut away by internal policy, etc.,

    I think you will also find that the company has a long history of deceptive announcements and very poor customer service (Ebay is what got me to start a record of how customer service calls are handled – They are a little better now -response is now basically useless, but no longer comprises of a response that has nothing to do with the question being asked.)

    If someone was interested in doing a good, unbiased article (Ebay has a side to this also, of course), I expect the results to be quite conclusive that fee changes always result in significant increases to most people who would casually sell items, and that the company appears to be moving away from the original auction format to one where they are processing few, but higher paying transactions.

    In addition, I expect that a good, unbiased study will also confirm that Ebay communications about various matters affecting the seller community are about as exceptionally deceptive.

    As for my background, I have a collection of model kits to thin down. The selling prices are usually in the $20-50 price range. I used to try to sell some things about once or twice a year (3-4 weeks of auctions in each batch), but the fees from Ebay and Paypal (These need to be looked at together since they are mandatory for small volume sellers), the extremely high percentage of nonpaying / late bidders, loss of feedback about bidders, and other inconveniences have increased so much it is no longer worth the effort.

    There may be good business reasons for all of this, but nobody seems to have done a good, investigative journalism piece to present what his happening. If such an effort was to be made, I would certainly be open to assisting or participating on a steering committee that is overseeing the work.

  • http://www.baconsdozen.co.uk baconsdozen

    Ebay is pretty much finished as a selling venue for small sellers.I recently listed lots of tools on 99p reserve,some with retail values of thirt times that to clear.Ther reality is that with so few buyers left and the huge number of big store sellers and junk from China cluttering up tyher site,no body sees your stuff anyway.
    Amazon is far too expensive but Ecrater in the states and Ebid in the UK are far more sensible options and thats where all my stuff will be going.
    They’ve killed off ebay as far as I can see,it’s all over bar the shouting,how long before the fat lady sings?

  • dgraves71y8

    Buyer buys CD and pays with Paypal. CD shipped within 1 Hour from the time I received my Paypal notice. Post Office delivers CD 3 Days over Christmas holiday.

    Buyer leaves Neg feedback because it took 3 days to deliver CD.

    Ebay will not remove thee Neg feedback because the comment is pos but the rating is Neg.

    Ebay policy is I have to ship CD within 30 days. I shipped within 1 Hour. I do not have control of the post Office Plus it was over a Holiday.

    There is nothing fair in this Feedback policy. I will probably take the Buyer and Ebay to court over this policy.

    • haha

      good luck takin them to court

    • http://braindeadsueme/webs.com jojo monkey

      how you going to sue the seller? the kids got access to the computer, and doesn’t like the CD’s..


  • Guest

    If you look at news articles for every single fee change on eBay in the past 10 years, they are all advertised as “New Lower Fees! We listened to your feedback and we have decided to lower your fees!” eBay is the biggest scam artist / legal corporation of our modern lives! They doubled the rates on video game sellers, at the same time that USPS had their massive increase in 2008. Items were being shipped for a little over $1 (for 1 ounce large package items). That shipping rate went to about $2, and that was JUST for the USPS. eBay raised its fees on video game sales from 8.5% to 15% at the same time, effectively DOUBLING the fees. Not to mention there will almost always be a 3% fee added on (despite if you use PayPal or your own processor). We’re talking at least 20-25% of the money you receive being taken, immediately. Do you have any idea how much this kills small businesses and entrepreneurs? All that’s left on eBay are ridiculous giants of companies, like Buy.com – Ebay is no longer for the working man.

  • http://www.fixpcfreeze.com Fix PC Freeze

    EBay today is far too big. They have the power to decide. A few sensitive sellers going away is not going to make much of dent to this company. There are loads of sellers who actually are ready to pay any price because they are obsessed with their association with this company. When the volume of sales is big, these small fee issues become very minor. Yes small time sellers will feel the pinch. The exposure that a big company like Ebay gives will take far too much to forgo just because of a small fee change.

  • Guest

    These two packs of thieves would be perfect together.

    Hey, ebay, why not sell air travel? Starting at $1, with a 9% FV fee…

  • Guest

    I stopped selling on eBay over 4 years ago because I saw this coming…I’ve owned my own retail web site since 02′ and make my own rules and “fees”…I used ebay as a marketing tool, once my site took off I tossed eBay in the garbage can and haven’t looked back since…My business is doing 80K a year and I don’t have to share any of the profits with eBay…

  • http://www.prettylittlegiftshop.co.uk Gift Shop

    Will these fees be applied to the UK ebay or just the USA one? If, as they are saying, Final value fees will not increase, then i think its a welcome move.

  • http://bigvaluedepot.com/free/. Mel S

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    So check it out and save money with BVD/BTD.
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  • Guest

    “Lathi says it is because eBay feels like the under $1 price is where the auction format works best”

    Oh really, Lathi?

    I think you should list that exotic sportscar car of yours, your house in that gated neighborhood, perhaps a few of those rolex watches on your dresser, some $5k designer suits, and start the bidding at 99 cents, so you can take advantage of those wonderful new “free” auctions.

    You are delusional if you think people are stupid enough to list their valuables on ebay for 99 cents — as dead as it is as far as traffic now — and hope to get a fair price for them.

    RIP ebay.

    • Guest

      Gee, I’ll bet Christie’s and Sotheby’s would love to hear your infinate wisdom regarding where to start the bidding, Lathi.


  • http://www.auctalot.com Guest

    eBay just never learns from its mistakes, the latest increases are just another nail in the coffin. I have been using Auctalot – 1 cent listing fees, 1 % FVF

  • http://tomorriscat.ecrater.com/ ceebee

    I am so glad I stopped selling on ebay a couple of years ago. Way too risky to even sell small priced items on ebay with all of their draconian rules. Better off with listing at multiple alternative marketplaces.

  • Guest

    Just a guess, but by increasing the fees, it will appear Ebay is doing great, IF Ebay is considering dumping
    the company, except the increase won’t last long, and any new owner will have bought a failing company.

    Or Ebay is trying to generate a lot of revenue to invest else where, as usual at the seller’s expense.

    I quit selling on Ebay over a year ago, best move I ever made. Got tired paying the endless bloodsuckers while I did all the work and less and less in profits for myself.

  • Guest

    Imran Khan of JPMorgan Chase & Co stated in a note put out on 01/26/10:
    “Price discrimination. We think the new fees improve eBay’s ability to price-discriminate between casual sellers – who are unlikely to manage to a selling margin and thus less responsive to every penny of Final Value Fees – and professional sellers with a greater focus on margins and listings costs. We think the company also expects larger sellers to offer a more consistent buyer experience. We think the new structure could put some pressure on the middle of the curve: sellers who sell regularly but not in enough volume for the discounts to kick in.”

    Now……. Imran Khan didn’t just come up with those remarks on his own… afterall, he only has a BA degree……… no, that was over scotch and cigars with john boy donahoe…………. there is no way a corp like JPMorgan Chase would merely “speculate” on what ebay is doing………. he was TOLD.

    Why else would CHASE BANK, not associated with ebay, be even commenting on EBAY?

    There is a much bigger message here, ebay wants to ELIMINATE the small sellers from ebay and move forward with their big-box store vision, however they want to squeeze every last nickel out of those small sellers first as well as FOOL their poor, misled stock holders and the clueless media yet again — once these changes go into affect — with artificially inflated growth numbers — from the 99 cent “free” listings — when reporting for the 3rd quarter.

  • http://www.starlays.com Starlays Sports

    I find it disgusting just how expensive ebay has become, I only sell occasionally but as time has gone on, I have found that selling the odd personal item on ebay is becoming more and more expensive and a real pain in the butt. The insertion fees are low if you are prepared to start off your item at absolutly nothing and either it then sells for peanuts and you lose out, or if your item does sell at a good price, ebay milk you dry with a large final value fee so as an occasional seller you still lose out.

    This news means it will becoming more expensive for the occasional seller to use ebay and only seems to benefit the ‘professional’ sellers with stores and many listings.

    From a buyers point of view, if you can find a bargain, then you can still get a bargain, but for me it just seems like I am lining the pockets of the ebay coperates will I end up getting ripped off.

  • Guest

    There are many alternatives out there, bid2trade.com.au is another site offering free basic listings and an initial $10 sign up site credit to kick start you off. Cant hurt to expose your goods on this site and others like it anyway, especially if they are free.

  • Guest


    • http://familydiscountmall.ecrater.com/ guest

      So is eCrater, check it out

      • http://www.vbid.me vBid me antique & militaria Internet auctions

        Please try www.vbid.me; it is FREE and cures all the ills (feedback, security, etc.) of eBay.

  • http://www.merlinsltd.com John Burns

    Stopped dealing on eBay a few years ago when the regime kicked in and will not buy or sell there anymore, it just seems that greeedy Ebay have found a way to make millions, by screwing over the people that sell on their site. Amazon are more honest, straightforward, and open with there system for both buyer and seller!

  • http://www.bappin.com bappin.com

    i dont know about anyone else but this is great news for me, and also there are 3 different options this article is wrong.

    • Guest

      how is this great news ? You must sell listings under .99 cents

  • http://www.rwapservices.co.uk Rich

    The changes look as though eBay are pushing business sellers to operate stores on their site, which is expensive when you look at the monthly fees.

    After all the fee changes over the past few years and the 10% it costs to sell items on eBay, plus the inability to add postage charges in some categories (especially those relating to computers!), I just decided to set up another trading platform to cater for retro computers and electronics – http://www.sellmyretro.com

    Maybe that will take off as an alternative to help give people more choice!

  • John

    I haven’t been to ebay in years and have no intention of going back. I’d rather support a company that isn’t so greedy as these yahoos. Good ridance.

  • Lauri

    They are so full of it. They make it look all good up front but then on the end, boy do they tack it on! The fees are way too high and as a result, I’ve stop selling a lot of product where it just wasn’t worth selling after ebay/paypal fees. I think I’ll try to come up with a new venue for people to sell their goods….hmmm…lemme think on this. It’s time Ebay got some good competition.

  • http://www.merlinsltd.com jim barett

    Suicide is the best way to describe this once great company,people leaving in droves and exchanging this failing site for the real down to earth trading sites, it is going to be fun to watch the death of this now struggling empire.

  • Guest

    Ebay is not stupid. Very few businesses operate stupidly (when it comes to figuring how to earn revenue). The idea is to believe that the customers are the ones who are stupid.

    For example: Increase the price 10% – advertise that price, then knock off 9% and say it’s a sale !!

    Companies – Ebay included – consistantly use the old PT Barnum method of business operation practice, which is: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  • Guest

    Best way to make eBay come begging back is to stop using them – after 10 yrs selling I am —-gone

  • http://The-Best-Software.net Sage

    Yes, what they’re doing is stupid, and it’s no different than what the state & federal governments are doing. Instead of making the states or country more attractive to buyers & sellers (because THAT would take real thought & determination), just raise taxes & fees.

  • http://Miniaturesonly.com Guest

    If there are any doll house Miniaturists here that are disgusted with the Ebay fees and constant changes you really should take a look at this site: Http://Miniaturesonly.com

    This is a site dedicated strictly to Dollhouse Miniatures with artisans from around the world! Free to list auction style listings…AWESOME customer service.

  • http://www.M1Rwebsites.com Mark1Guy

    Be realistic in how you view this change. eBay is in business to make money! eBay is a huge profit hungry company that all of us help build. It is no longer a place suited to casual sales of small items you find around the house. Aside from the costs associated with selling they will make you jump through hoops to comply with their MANY “rules”. Any changes to the cost structure are designed to IMPROVE their bottom line. Sure, a few people will save. But, eBay serves many million sellers. If they change the fee structure so everyone or the majority of sellers save money, they will drastically reduce their profits. One thing you can say about eBay is that they are not stupid! Bottom line seller costs will on average, continue to rise with this upcoming change. They have to in order to maintain profitability. Keep in mind that they also profit greatly if you make use of their PayPal division. No mention made of reducing PayPal fees.

  • http://www.vbay.me vBay me – eBay name & shame

    eBay’s new Buyer Protection Program actually allows buyers to rip off sellers, especially when the seller uses the regular postal services and / or is in a different country.

    Here is how;

    How to rip off an honest seller (ab)using eBay Buyer Protection

  • Guest

    What Ebay needs is a serious competitor!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.sushisushi.co.uk sushi stu

      We use ebay and find that there disdain towards sellers only gets worse as time goes on.

      Does any one recommend any rival sites we could think about listing on?

      We’re UK based bare in mind!

      I’d love to sack ebay off and get the ball back in our court! Down with Monopolies!

      • http://bigvaluedepot.com/SellYourCustomItems/ Guest

        Big Value Depot is gaining momentum by the day. Mainly because they are not charging the fees that ebay are charging.
        If you use this link to take a look http://bigvaluedepot.com/SellYourCustomItems/
        If you want to list anything to sell then put in this code 20721, you can list five items for FREE, not only that but you can have those free listings FOREVER.

        If you want your own store it costs a fraction of what ebay charges. It’s all very easy to set up.
        This has been going now for a while and people are learning about it, they are aiming to be a serious rival to ebay and they are making an impact.

        Join for free and pass it on to people in your own country and it will grow just like ebay did. In fact it is growing at a tremendous rate already.

      • Guest

        don`t just throw your stuff on one site find them all just type in google online auctions theres lots out there i use okbidnow , for some items , amazon for others , delcampe for others look around

  • whisperin Aspires

    I have to agree with the others. For us smaller people its a significant increase. I have a unique product that sells in seasons. I am now getting myself set up and established on other selling net works.

  • http://fastmoneypage.com Guest

    Ebay is way way to expensive to consider it on the long run. 17-20 percent selling fees are the norm for anyone selling on ebay. In the past year I am selling much less on ebay because of it. I sell thru news papers flea markets and other auction sites. I think ebays days are numbered if they keep increasing their fees and makes it harder for sellers. There is much less items on ebay now than there was 2 years ago and not because people are not selling. they are just selling somewhere else.
    I buy on ebay because the prices are really depressed, but because of that plus the high FEES I am not using it as I used to. There are other auction sites like ebay, perhaps not as big as of yet but growing and people are discovering them. Shame on ebay but I guess the shareholders and corporate greed eating it away for good.

  • disenchanted

    I started selling ebay in 1997. I sold a lot and did make my fair share of profits in the beginning. In the last few years, I have sold items once in a while. However, one time I sat down calculated the insertion fee, the final value fee, the paypal fee, my cost of shippng materials (these were books), and found that what I made was not worth the pain. Because sellers can no longer leave bad feedback some buyers are
    unreasonable. I don’t need that sort of stress. So what did I do? I donated the books to charity and received far more in a deduction than I could have gotten after selling on ebay.

    Will I sell on ebay again? If I think the item is worth it, however I doubt the days where I was putting in countless hours will come again. I can see them more easily on craigs list.

    I have tired other auction sites, and listed, but as ebay it takes years before a stie takes off and they were non-productive. I wish them the best

  • disenchanted

    I started selling ebay in 1997. I sold a lot and did make my fair share of profits in the beginning. In the last few years, I have sold items once in a while. However, one time I sat down calculated the insertion fee, the final value fee, the paypal fee, my cost of shippng materials (these were books), and found that what I made was not worth the pain. Because sellers can no longer leave bad feedback some buyers are
    unreasonable. I don’t need that sort of stress. So what did I do? I donated the books to charity and received far more in a deduction than I could have gotten after selling on ebay.

    Will I sell on ebay again? If I think the item is worth it, however I doubt the days where I was putting in countless hours will come again. I can sell them more easily on craigs list.

    I have tired other auction sites, and listed, but as ebay it takes years before a stie takes off and they were non-productive. I wish them the best

  • Guest



  • Guest

    I sold on ebay for over 10 years. When you pencil it all out, EBAY is the only one making money, unless you figure working for $5.00/hr. or less is reasonable in this day-n-age… I don’t.

    Their fees are way to high, customer support is terrible, they support support people selling illegal or copyrighted items….the list goes on.

    Would I ever sell on ebay again….Absolutely NOT!!

    Since joining www.etsy.com
    I have made a decent living and profit on my products. Etsy.com is not for everyone but it has its place in the market….check em out.

  • vit howard

    I only use Ebay a few times a year but I have been in business for over 40 years. An earlier post stated that the new structure would increase fees to 17-20%. I’m curious, what is the overhead for a brick and morter retail store?

    For only 20% I can market my items to hundreds of thousands of people with no staff, insurance, advertising, rent, etc. I don’t agree with Ebay’s policies but I also disagree with the multiple layers of taxes I have to pay to have a physical location business.

    Despite the many alternatives, Ebay is the second place I search when I’m looking for specific items. Craigslist is first, but rarely can I find what I’m looking for.

    I’m curious, Mr. Retailer, what is your overhead percentage of selling price?

    • Guest

      since 2008 early 2009 you are lucky to get your items on the first 5 pages of any catagory unless your a top seller selling thousands of items a week i did a test so did my daughter we sell rarely on ebay mostly end of line stuff we want rid of both of us listed same item in last 10 minutes of auction my item was on page 7 my daughters reached page 10

      you not got a hope in hell of selling items so far down in those pages

  • Guest

    I have an E-Bay- Account with about 750 ratings, all positive, worked in 7 years, and have gone to private mode since closing my business. Now it does not really make sense to use that auctions, for I am just using fixed price offers and those have seen price increases which just do not make it useful any more to sell items not for everybody (like instrument pickups or other rare audio or photo items), because if have to put it in for some times may easily eat up all the price I can get at the end!

  • http://www.ThatRestlessMouse.com John Everett

    We gave up on ebay not just because of the fees, but because it’s a pain to “list” items and the buyers need a lot of hand holding. ( We now only sell via our website ThatRestlessMouse.com )

    It’s too bad ebay is hurting those casual sellers during a time of economic hardship. Pretty callous of them.

  • Krikit*Krikit

    EBAYS Example on their website of a final value fee calculation for an auction listing:
    You sell an item for $60.00

    For the first $25.00 you pay 8.75%, which is $2.19

    For the remaining $35.00 you pay 3.50%, which is $1.23

    For this item the final value fee is $3.42 ($2.19 + $1.23)

    I list an item and start it under $1.00 let’s say 99 cents

    I sell it for $60

    Final value fee is $6.00, Not 3.42!!!!

    How is that LOWERING their fees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Guest

      I recently sold an item on ebay auction for $9.99. I was charged $1.20 final value fee. That is 12.00%, not the 9% described in the rate increase schedule. That, along with listing, paypal and shipping fees left me with next to nothing. Sales on ebay have slowed to a crawl. Very Sad.

  • Lisa

    When I shop for designer handbags I go to Malleries http://luxury.malleries.com

    The site is a mall site for antiques, collectibles and designer items. I am told they are in the process of opening a home and garden area. Their fees are reasonable and I’m tired of auctions anyway. If I want something I want to press a buy button and buy it. No waiting or hoping I get it.

  • Former Power Seller

    I always figured that the COMPANY failed to understand their sellers. Wrong. They understand. They know what they are doing and they fully understand their position to leverage their marketing site and brand. It became too expensive for me. Not enough buyers of my product to maintain profits on sales. When they became a 50% of my cost of doing business I decided to quit working for them.

    • DANIEL

      you are so right, Ebay is very expancive and many time more that what the prodect cost and what the seller make. it iis not proftble any more, i am giving few last chances.

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