eBay To Close Vancouver Customer Service Center

    May 6, 2009

Canadians have a reputation for being polite and kind people.  Unfortunately for around 700 customer service agents in Vancouver, this won’t be enough to save their jobs, as eBay’s announced its intentions to close a facility by the end of September. 


eBay will create some positions at a Salt Lake City customer service center and "certain other facilities globally" as a result, according to an official announcement. 

Still, it remains unknown whether eBay is just redistributing all 700 jobs or some actual cuts will be made.  The company’s liable to save money in the short term either way, which should please investors.  The problem will be if the quality of eBay’s customer service suffers.

It’s always hard to do more with less, and even if eBay hires 700 new representatives, they’ll lack the experience of the old ones.  Plus, between now and September 30th, it’d be hard to blame the Canadian service agents for not quite putting forth as much effort as usual.

Many eBay sellers are already unhappy.  A lack of sellers makes eBay less interesting to would-be buyers.  The company seems to be taking a significant risk with this customer service move.