eBay To Appeal Infringement Ruling

    December 13, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

eBay’s potential damage payment to MercExchange over a patent infringement case hasn’t dimmed eBay’s hopes for the appeal process.

eBay To Appeal Infringement Ruling
eBay To Appeal Infringement Ruling

The decision regarding eBay’s use of the "Buy It Now" function on its auctions represents a setback since eBay’s earlier success in court this summer. MercExchange won a judgment this week that would have eBay pay about $30 million for infringing the patent related to Buy It Now.

However, eBay still faces the prospect of giving up a lot more money to MercExchange, which demanded eBay account for Buy It Now sales and the revenue those created. EBay announced it would continue fighting the case and appeal the District Court’s ruling:

"We are disappointed with the court’s order and we plan to appeal it. In its ruling, the court concluded that it did not have the legal right to consider the merits of our arguments concerning the ‘265 patent, but rather was required to reject our motions based on the procedural posture of the case. We intend to appeal the Court’s ruling on the procedural issues and remain confident that after the appeal, the Court will consider our arguments on their merits.

"Additionally, our motion for summary judgment that our 2003 design-around was effective and there is no ongoing infringement of the ‘265 patent, and that no further damages are due, also remains pending before the court."

Buy It Now will continue to be available on eBay. The company developed a work-around for the technology in 2005, following MercExchange’s opening lawsuit in 2003. Subsequent court decisions have knocked down proposed injunctions against eBay’s use of a Buy It Now function.




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