eBay Testing New “Certified Sellers” Box

Survey Participants See Some Examples

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It looks like eBay may be considering a program for "certified sellers." Ina Steiner at AuctionBytes talks about one of her readers who wrote in and told her about a survey for eBay he participated in that showed a made up listing page for a digital camera. It looked something like this:

ebay Certified Sellers
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Notice the new section where "Meet the Seller" would normally appear? It says "certified seller" and has attributes like:

- Committed to eBay’s highest standards of customer service

– Ships item in 2 business days or less, and

– Earns a 99% or higher customer satisfaction rating

Steiner provides 3 screenshots of different templates for the box based on what different users were shown by participating in the survey. This would appear to suggest that eBay will be going forward with the change and is simply trying to test which design works the best.

"Distinguishing between professional sellers with good ratings and those with poor ratings, as well as those who are casual sellers, is not a new idea, and sellers have long lobbied eBay for some form of seller verification," she says. "But given eBay’s current direction, there’s bound to be concern that eBay would limit a certified seller program to high-volume sellers."

I know many of you will have something to say about this. So let’s hear it. Share your thoughts on eBay’s potential "certified sellers" box.

eBay Testing New “Certified Sellers” Box
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  • Guest

    Sure. Ebay drove me away, they might as well try and put chewing gum in a broken levee…..all the sellers I knew are long gone and you have to wade through 5000 scam or bulk sellers (selling junk) to find anything. Nice knowin you ebay.

  • Joe

    There is nothing wrong with eBay in its current state, so I think this would be helping. I’ve had maybe 2 or 3 issues in the 6 years i’ve been with eBay.

  • Guest

    Yeah, THIS will make it a much better site. Then they can have “Certified Buyers”, then “Certified Feedback”.

    When I joined in ’98, eBay was described as nothing more than a venue to allow buyers and sellers to connect. Now, they control so much of the experience that there’s no room for the casual buyer or seller: it’s all B2B. And THAT is all BS.

    If I owned eBay stock, I’d be unloading now, before it tanks completely.

  • http://www.ziing.com Guest


    • Guest

      Just spent 30 minutes at ziing.com- the so-called free auction site. I looked at hundreds and hundreds of items for sale. Not one single bid anywhere on the site!!! Not one! Not only that, but every item on each page appeared to share the same auction end time. I tried a “store”- same thing, no bids, no customer feedback- anywhere!

      If this site started in 2008 as it claims, then something is terribly wrong! Every item I looked at said it had been viewed once, and I suspect that was me.

      Is someone cooking SCAM around here? I smell SCAM.

    • Ziing is bullshit

      AVOID ZIING.COM!! It is bullcrap!

      Nothing there! No buyers at all!

      They are probably stealing credit card info!


      It is BULLSHIT!

  • Ex eBayer

    I used to do a lot of buying and selling there, but haven’t even looked at eBay for 2 years.

    They are far more concerned with making it cheap and easy for businesses to spam the listings with over priced crap, which squeezes out the normal “real people” listings.

    I just wish another site would come along with eBay’s original business plan.

    And ZIING, you suck. You are what eBay will become in another 5 years, just a spam site with no customers at all.

    • http://www.ziing.com Ziing

      We don’t claim to be number one, but we are not a spam site. We are a small start-up that is in business to give sellers another venue to list their merchandise. The more sites sellers join, the more exposure their items get. The more exposure their items get, the more sales they generate. Listing items on Ziing.com is free and we have features on our site that ebay would never put on their site. here are some links to some of the features that we offer that ebay doesn’t.
      Here is our “about us” page http://www.ziing.com/about_us,page,content_pages and here is what the feature “Start on first bid” is about. http://www.ziing.com/news,page,49,topic_id,content_pages and here is what our feedback importer can do. http://www.ziing.com/news,page,50,topic_id,content_pages . If you want to check us out, that’s fantastic. If not, then we wish you well where ever you decide to do business.

      The Ziing Team

  • http://www.linksgift.co.uk links of london

    There is nothing wrong with eBay in its current state, so I think this would be helping. I’ve had maybe 2 or 3 issues in the 6 years i’ve been with eBay.

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