eBay Sells Out Seller on No Checks Policy

Tells Buyer to Leave Feedback, Only Buyer was Really Seller

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This ought to ruffle some feathers. An eBay seller forwarded an email they received from an eBay customer service rep. to Ina Steiner at AuctionBytes.

Ina Steiner of AuctionBytesNow, the seller’s original email was looking to seek help from eBay because having no PayPal account, a buyer wanted to pay this seller with a check. The seller looked to eBay on how to proceed, because of course last year eBay began enforcing a no checks or money orders policy. Steiner writes:

The eBay customer service representative apparently skimmed the letter and thought it was the buyer who had sent eBay the email. He replied to the seller, thinking his letter was going to the buyer in the transaction. Nowhere in the response to the "buyer" did the representative explain that it was eBay’s policy to ban sellers from accepting checks.

Rather, the rep apologized to the buyer for the difficulty he was having with the transaction, and encouraged him to contact the seller. But the real punch line is this part of eBay’s letter to the supposed buyer: 

"If you’re still unable to reach the seller by email or by phone after a reasonable amount of time, we encourage you to leave appropriate Feedback. This will alert other bidders about your experience. Here’s how to leave Feedback,…"

eBay sellers will love that part considering the enormous amount of frustration voiced by many of them about eBay’s feedback policies. To be clear, I don’t have any personal vendetta against eBay, but these stories just keep popping up.

eBay Sells Out Seller on No Checks Policy
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  • Guest

    That is basically what EBay has been telling buyers since May 2008. “We urge you to do as much harm to the seller as you like. There will be no penalty. Just keep on buying here. Have fun!”

    That is why so many former Powersellers like me are gone to other sites, and will never come back to this destructive place. May they sink in 2009.

    • Guest

      They are half-underwater already.

    • Guest


      I read your comment and am just wondering what other sites you are going to sell from? I would love to leave ebay but need the money.

      Thank you!

      • Renee

        I was a former powerseller on ebay. I’m no on Bonanzle and love it. It’s a completely different kind of selling community and it’s sooooo much better. Also, it doesn’t cost a cent to list anything…zip, zilch, nada. And the final value fees are a fraction of what ebay was charging. Check it out at www.bonanzle.com. Once you open up your booth you’ll find a ton of people eagerly posting welcome messages and offering to help any way they can. It’s so refreshing.

      • http://mahopkins.com Mark

        I moved over to Atomic Mall and also Bonanzle with above average results. Both sites actively promote your items on Google too so the traffic IS there and I do get a fair amount ov visitors each day. Oh! Both sites have free stores and free listings too. You only pay a fee when you have a SALE.


        Go get your store up and give me a shout if you need help.


        • http://firstaid.mahopkins.com Mark

          I forgot to mention that both of those sites have import tools that you can use to import your listings from a tab delimited file from a spreadsheet. I had 333 items listed in under 10 minutes time.

          • Guest

            I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this file delimited thing for a long time. Can you give me some info that would help.

  • Jake Delahunty

    EBay’s policies are randomly applied and unfair at best. It took me 6 months to recover $10,000 of legitimate funds from my account – and only after legal action forced them to release the funds.

    Too many people are clueless about EBay’s MO.

    Run… very fast!

  • Guest

    I just came here FROM ebay after getting negative feed back. Why? I sent a DVD to a customer who didn’t like the DVD. It was nothing I did wrong, it was the fact the DVD was “not as good as I expected”. Of course I can’t respond. Ebay sucks ass. Donahoe should be placed in front of a firing squad along with the rest of the ebay staff. Hello Bonanzle!!!!

  • http://www.e-DUDS.com e-DUDS.com

    Well. I sold a genuine, labelled designer top on eBay to a seller. She got it for peanuts because there were no other bids on it, but she was obviously displeased because she left me *horrible* neg feedback saying I was desperate for money because I was selling s**t.
    She then *phoned* me and called me all the names under the sun and said that how dare I sell such trash.

    She then sent me a very calm email saying that I should *of* listed it as a buy it now.

    Of course, every email I send to eBay is handled by a different person and the third email in was an eBay rep asking me for the details again – the same details which were included in the email they sent back to me.

    I couldn’t leave her neg, but I left a pos with a really neg message. This seems to be the only way.

    On reflection, was she a plant by eBay trying to get their sellers to list b-i-ns?

    I was using eBay to drive people to my website, but it might not be worth it after all since there are no buyers there anymore.

  • Guest

    I don’t understand how ebay can dictate what kind of payment that I am to accept from a seller. It is MY item that I am selling. How dare they tell me that I can’t accept a check or money order!!! I will accept any payment that I deem appropriate. Bonanzle is sounding like something I need to look into.

    • Guest

      eBay management has become the poster child and best example of what’s bringing down the American economy. Pure greed and short term thinking with no regard for what’s best for the consumer.
      I sincerely hope that eBay and PayPal have the fate they deserve: Rotting in hell.
      I, for one, have not used eBay for a year and won’t ever again.

      A year ago I closed my PayPal account and stopped using eBay. I was sure to ask for confirmation, and received an email stating that the account was, in fact, closed. Six months ago I started seeing PayPal charges on my credit card. Someone had apparently gotten my PayPal info and was using the “closed” account. I had to kill the credit card and file a fraud claim with the company to remove the charges. PayPal clearly keeps cc info on file even after they claim an account is “closed”.
      eBay sucks, everyone knows it and they still have the major market share.

      Don’t just post here. Instead tell your friends to do the right thing. Boycott eBay, and spread the word.

      eBay sucks, eBay sucks, eBay sucks!

      guess what: eBay SUCKS!

  • Guest

    Please pardon my typo, I meant to say “what kind of payment that I am to accept from a BUYER”.

  • Guest

    While I don’t agree with everything eBay has done within the last year, in cases like the above email the Seller is partially to blame.

    As Sellers, we complain that Buyers don’t read our listings or TOS, but I’m seeing too many Sellers guilty of the same thing.


    If a Buyer contacts a Seller and asks to pay via check or money order, we can say “yes” and accept it. It is still our choice.

    eBay’s policy plainly states this. We just can’t SAY IT in our listings or actively solicit payment via these methods. Plain and simple.

    Sellers should always make it a point to READ the Annoucements and Policies themselves and not rely on getting their information from knee-jerk reactions posted on Discussion Boards or Forums (or reports/articles that don’t verify the policies before publishing).

    As far as the feedback statement made by the eBay rep…

    I agree he didn’t bother to read close enough, BUT he probably gets hundreds of similiar emails a day so I allow for him mistaking it as FROM a BUYER. Keep in mind…the eBay rep KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS the policy (or we assume his does). In his mind, why would a SELLER be asking this question? A SELLER should know the rules and know it’s allowed if the buyer asks. So it was a natural, albeit incorrect, assumption the email was from a Buyer and he answered as such.

    That being said, IF the email had been from a Buyer his advice was completely sound and on target. Contact the seller to ask if they will accept a check. If the seller doesn’t bother to answer you, then leave appropriate feedback.

    Just my opinion.

    • http://randomplaza.com/help.anonymous.php Brave Agent Pubeit

      Actually eBay has told me repeatedly that even if the buyer asks, sellers aren’t allowed to accept them. But then again, eBay’s Trust & Safety doesn’t play by its own rules and just twists them however they want.

    • http://www.muti-sale.com Blogsterdude

      Be real this is the cut and paste genreration theres no trial and error like when us 40 somethings were kids. Everyone is always impatient and in a hurry(probably to get back to myspace or the Wii)
      Irregardless when ebay says /prohibits the policies and fine print that they want astronomical fees for of your listing and they tell you what you can publically anounce for a payment purpose its nothing but crap to only show paypal as the prime payment processor accross the internet it is a ploy an advertising full of themselves tacky business move
      when i started using my own credit card machine ebay was always throwing paypal stats at me trying to have me come back to their fold
      now it almost show 98% of sellers use paypal compared to what? thats all you can list in an ad then thats all thats ebay is displaying to the rest of the unsuspecting internet world to suck them in
      I am sorry i have moved on to www.multi-sale.com from the first moment i imported my 100% feedback into their auction site I was hooked.

    • Guest

      This writer is totally correct. If a buyer asks, you can accept different payment.

  • http://nymarts.com NYM Arts

    It’s all Such a Shame.
    The Hardship and Destitution Ebay has wrought against Very Dedicated,
    Passionate American People.
    This is a Textbook Example of why we should have Labor Camps in which to Permanently work the Corporate Ingrates.
    They made American Pride the Prime Target.
    Work ‘em ’til they drop dead in their tracks.
    And keep bringing them to the camps and working them to death until
    they’re Extinct.

    • Guest

      If only we could…………

  • Guest

    I have been successfully buying goods on the Net for over ten years and I recently signed up to buy on eBay.

    What a shock it was to be treated as criminal…I used the same credit card I used to shop all over the net, had my name, address and telephone number verified by PayPal and after buying $800 worth of goods over two months sucessfully, PayPal sent me an e-mail telling me that they require me to provide my bank account number and my social security nunber to allow me to continue to use my PayPal account to buy on eBay. What????

    I wrote to PayPal and asked them why they needed my bank account number and social security number since they had verified my cc, name, address and phone number and had no problem with any of credit card transactions. They said “security reasons”.

    When I wrote back and explained that no retailer on the Net ever asked me for my social security number and bank account number to shop on their site and that I could not agree to furnish that data based upon PayPal’s numerous information security breaches, PayPal locked down my account and wrote to the sellers that I had payments pending with and told them that I was a criminal. The sellers sent me copies of PayPal’s e-mail defaming and slandering my good name and reputation. Pay Pal then told me that all of my issues would go away if I applied for their PayPal credit card. I said, ” I have credit cards that I have been using for over 20 years and I don’t want another credit card.” They didn’t like that.

    Anybody that expects to have a good experience shopping on eBay is in for a VERY RUDE AWAKENING!!! As a buyer, PayPal will try to railroad you into applying for one of their credit cards and if you don’t comply they slander you and I really should sue them for defamation of character and slander. When I asked for the evidence of any wrong doing with my purchases, they said, “We don’t disclose that info.”

    I sent a package of data detailing my whole experience with PayPal and eBay to my three Senators and urged them to investigate eBay and PayPal deceptive trade practices. When I asked PayPal and eBay about how they are securing my personal identity info they never responded and then they refused to close my eBay and PayPal accounts. I then put fraud alerts on all of my credit bureau files.

    You eBay sellers out there think you have problems with eBay and PayPal….you should be a buyer…..it is living hell buying on eBay and I suppose people with low self esteems are still out there puttting up that load of sh$%@& they put you thru….Trust I am not poor and I don’t need the junk sold on eBay to get by in life. And I don’t need twenty year old kids in diapers telling me the terms of how and when I can buy on thet Net….f$@&! them….


    • Guest

      I had a store, closed it.
      Next experiance , I was buying a $1600.00 Samsung TV, I checked the email address the payment was going to it was suppost to go to China, and it was to be sent by UPS from China, when I checked the payment was going to California, so I told Paypal and China someware around 6 times the problem was it was a definate Fraud and not to Process the payment, they kept telling me that they had to, when I kept telling them theat it was a definate fraud and I traced the location of the payment their SUPPORT People assured me they would do the following before releasing the money: Next I removed my Credit Card , called the CC company blocked payments to ebay/paypal and was going to the bank in the morning to transfer funds into another account just to be safe and put the funds back in as soon as I recieve the tracking number.

      Well I said I have no problem in that case.
      So what happened 2 of my Credit card Payments didn’t go through, they sent the payment to the bank that night I believe. American Express was fine, I just made a another payment online.

      But Chase bank I had a 5.9% balance transfer for life raised my rate to 24.99 because the payment didn’t go through, Note I check my accounts before they are do , and was the payment did not go through so I made another payment online still 3 days before the payment was do.
      I explained what happened, they said get a letter from ebay/paypal stating they took the funds when they should not have
      If there was a way to drain your Blood while talking to them so they could sell if they would.
      After a couple of weeks , no TV they sent me $238.00 and said that is all they could get .
      Now LUCK WITH ON MY SIDE, I talked to Michale at Paypal ebay Exectutive Fraud , He assurred me he would send me a letter for Chase bank, All I needed was a letter saying the took the funds to soon before getting the tracking number and my signature on the UPS scanner, he promised he would take care of it, and I only called him 20-30 times , he kept giving me the same story, but did nothing.

      Check out www.paypalsucks.com and ther are a couple of other sites, I believe they have broken the million complaint mark, so rest assured our government will look into thei as soon as the get a few more complaints, by my experiance with our representives I think if we only get maybe 25-50 million more complaints they may go after them on the Sherman Act if nothin else. There was another payment prosess so they bought them and shut them down, no since in having Fair Trade Practices, this is the USA and the Big boy can do on wrong.

  • Guest

    Ah, eBay just gets worse and worse…You would think they would learn from their mistakes, but apparently not…Glad I left long ago, never to return…I wonder how much eBay stock will be worth 6-10 months from now?

  • Guest

    I’ve been selling on eBay for over ten years and have 100% postiive feedback over that time. Also, every single buyer over those years has paid me by check or money order, with absolutely no bounced checks of or other problems.

    When ebay initiated their policy of not accepting checks or money orders, I simply posted one of my items for sale on eBay with a ridiculously high starting price, and stated very clearly in the “description” details for the item:

    “This item is actually not for sale here on eBay. I am only posting it here to let my faithful buyers who have purchased from me over the years know that because of eBay’s policy of no longer permitting you to pay by check or money order I am now and in the future will be selling all my items at [name of auction site I switched to]. If you are interested in purchasing this item, please go to www.[nameofnewauctionsite].com where you will find it for the price I am actually asking.”

    On the new auction site I posted the same item and in the description there I mentioned my 100% positive feedback rating on eBay that that potential buyers could check. A number of other auction sites also have a section where sellers can link to their eBay accounts and buyers can automatically check their past feedback status. I am posting this anonomously because I cannot give advice on any other auction sites — you will have to do your own due diligence to determine which one is best for you yourself

    I thought at first that eBay might spot the message and kick me off their site, (and I didn’t care if they would, because I had no plans of using them ever again). However they didn’t, and I successfully sold the item on the new auction site on which I posted it, at a price comparable to what eBay’s results might have been. It’s obviously impossible for them to check the information in every listing. The small listing fee for my post on eBay was well worth the money to let buyers know where I would be selling all items in the future.

    This is not advice on what other sellers frustrated with eBay’s discriminatory new regulations should do, but just my own experience.

    • http://randomplaza.com/help.anonymous.php Brave Agent Pubeit

      eBay only notice auctions when competitors report it. eBay also takes it down when a company does a VERO report, but they don’t read the content of the auction, they just pull it down. So a competitor would have to be against you trying to tell people not to use eBay. Probably none of your competitors objected to the idea.

  • http://www.auto-ak-seeds.com j

    its an utter outrage that a buyer cant pay a seller because of ebays facist outlook on what payment method is safe or not without encouraging so called buyer to leave the legitamate seller neg feedback when i first started on ebay i took cheques postal order money orders and bidpay but over the years they have outlawed all payment methods they cannot controll or earn money from its an outrage please wake up people and boycot the evil thats called EBAY!!

    • http://randomplaza.com/help.anonymous.php Brave Agent Pubeit

      eBay is allowing paymate and moneybookers. But they’re corrupting them.

      For moneybookers, first it has eBay snooping on your moneybookers info instead of allowing you privately. Secondly, Moneybookers fees go up 30% to match paypal’s and plus now sellers pay the moneybookers fees instead of buyers paying them like moneybookers always used to be.

      I didn’t read the other stuff they did, but I suspect they’ll force moenybookers escrow system. The moneybookers escrow system is basically dependant purely on whether the buyer clicks to “release” the funds with nothing else, no tracking #, etc. So with eBay encouraging crooked buyers, well people will just use it to steal from sellers like they do abusing paypal’s dispute system and their credit card’s dispute system.

  • http://randomplaza.com/help.anonymous.php Brave Agent Pubeit

    Well for many years, eBay staff have never read email to them and it best skimmed the first sentence of it. So the stuff they did wasn’t news.

    However, they are doing even worse things now….

    Others and myself have found eBay is doing this now:
    1) Buyer bids and then immediately leaves negative feedback.
    2) Buyer doesn’t answer the unpaid dispute. Feedback removed.
    3) Buyer doesn’t log into the account for a month and then when they finally access it, the buyer appeals the unpaid strike, which eBay always reverses it when the buyer appeals it.
    4) Once the strike is reversed, the negative feedback comes back.
    5) Seller emails ebay for months and eBay sends one unrelated form letter and then completely stops answering any email from them ever again.

    Other dirty things others and myself have seen.
    * Huge power sellers can leave buyers positives with negative comments and eBay will not remove them and just sends the buyer a generic form letter saying they won’t remove them.
    * eBay states officially if a seller leaves a buyer positive feedback with positive comments but later changes their mind, that eBay is not allowed to remove the followup. But eBay still does and now instead of saying the comment was removed by ebay, they just blank it entirely and of course the seller can’t try to re-leave it.
    * If a buyer leaves a seller a positive with negative comments, eBay despite their policies won’t remove it, and won’t even respond about it, either.

  • Guest

    webpronew pushes bonanzle, an ebay alternative….I import 2000 plus listings to bonanzle. get a total of about 10 measly page views per day, no sales. Ebay cost real money because it works. Same listings bring me $5,000 plus per month (for about $1200 in fees). If you can’t figure out how to make money on ebay, maybe you should just go to work for someone else, as you obviously don’t have what it takes to run your own business.
    while you all complain about the changes at ebay, I’ve doubled my sales with the exact same listings. I tell you no lies.

    Good riddance whiners!

    • Guest

      Hi, I’m the anon who made “Jesus Christ, why is every” above

      Bonanzle took the notice of this site because
      1) It took off with a lot of listings fast
      2) It spammed this blog up like mad and I’m guessing that they used Tor and other IP hiding tracks to make the blog owner think it was different people.

      By the way ten page views could be entirely from spiders. There’s not just google, yahoo, msn, and ask.com, but gigablast, cull, and a bunch of little search engines, plus the random robots some bad and some neutral.

      Bonanzle’s little importer will eventually fail when eBay takes notice and blocks it. eBay often blocks other sites like they’ll randomly block toolhaus. In addition, the importer is a nice way to make a copyright violation problem for easily stealing of someone else’s listings.

    • http://www.roomfurniturechina.com wholesale bedroom furniture

      I can see Twitter eating itself when the mega marketeers finally get hold of it.Already I am getting request from ‘I can make you millions’ merchant following me and expecting ti be followed back….

  • http://www.killerwebs.info www.killerwebs.info

    I agree ebay sucks, I’ve heard alot about this www.bonanzle.com
    going to give this one a try!!!!

    • Guest

      Jesus Christ, why is every eBay thread result in Bonanzle’s staff spamming it to death? I’ve seen abandoned guestbooks full of spammers and each spammer doesn’t spam it as heavily as bonanzle does every forum here. There’s nothing different about bonanzle than a site like ebid that’s been around for 10+ years. I’m pretty sure bonanzle gained popularly purely due it its massive spam campaign. I’ve seen it on lots of other blogs.

      webpronews.com is a dofollow blog both in the homepage link and in the page. I hate it when people go and abuse these blogs. Most people come here, they comment, they only link to a website in their name link and discretely gain pagerank while leaving a worthwhile comment. On some threads here, I see people go and they just freaking spam up a page, but even then they do it only once. On some of the older eBay threads they get tons of replies here on this blog, I’ll see 11+ pages of pure “come to bonanzle” spam. I’ve checked out bonanzle, too, and it has lots of people who put up a bunch of listings and imported their feedback and then no actual feedback from bonanzle.

  • Guest

    barnbid.com is the newest

    • http://www.ceirysdesigner.net Nick

      Just typical of the knuckle draggers that operate at ebay customer services. Why they do not employ people that actually read and digest the correspondence from their customers is beyond me.
      Amazon have the correct approach, when a problem is raised a case is opened and it is not closed until the problem is resolved. You can even request a telephone call back to explain further. If ebay want to be the new Amazon they still have a good way to go yet !

  • http://www.earringsforever.com EarRings

    They are just lazy, they wanna automate everything and don’t want to deal with bad checks…

  • http://www.zonakid.com ZonaKid’s OutPost Jewelry

    As much as I hate the new EBAY / PAYPAL policies facts are the facts. I sell Wire Wrapped Gemstone Jewelry and EBAY still produces more sales fore me than most of the other sites I have tried with the exception of ETSY.COM (must be hand made goods). I don’t care if another site has 8,000,000 listings. If they are not charging a listing fee and there is no risk to list, that does not automatically create a buying market or drive searches to your listing.
    Until Google, Yahoo, or MSN decides to jump into the auction game, EBAY will rock on. I urge everyone looking for a serious alternative to contact Yahoo Support and urge them to reopen their auctions with a reasonable final fee to support it.

  • http://randomplaza.com/help.anonymous.php Brave Agent Pubeit

    Hmm I notice this article got tagged with “payapal” instead of “paypal”.

    Even odder, there’s 421,000,000 google results for “payapal”

    • Chris Crum

      Ha…it happens. thanks for pointing out.

  • http://herasonlinemarket.com Naomi

    Well. we have been sellling on ebay for years now and also sell on our web site. We will take checks or money orders if our customers ask — I won’t turn down a sale if they don’t have paypal.. I know a woman who buys carnival glass on ebay and always sends money orders.. I told her to contact the seller because how I understand the new policy is that we sellers can not advertise that we take checks or money orders but we can take them if the customer asks..– to all you check and money order people ask away.. and if you want books (mainly childrens books) come to http://herasonlinemareket.biz
    that is our ebay store.
    so have a great day and great sales.

  • http://ezinearticles.com/?Recovering-Deleted-Files---Want-to-Know-How-to-Recover-Deleted-Files-in-Minutes?&id=2010041 recovering deleted files

    Ebay has no right do this. They think they can get away with things like this because they are a practical monopoly. But you can believe me, the system will sort crap like this out!

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