eBay Sellers Talk Strike Over Changes

Unhappiness prevails with new policies

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New policies that appear to favor big volume sellers over single-item and other small volume sellers on eBay have people talking about a boycott.

What if eBay found itself lacking in sellers offering items? Some sellers have suggested this would be the way to get the online marketplace’s attention.

Classified Intelligence picked up on the buzz around eBay forums after the company announced several changes to their policies. The buzz did not resemble a pleasant hum so much as an angry hive of swarming things with stingers:

A strike by sellers was proposed on EBay’s community forum soon after the announcement, and so far, almost 4,000 responses — most in agreement — have been posted. The proposed dates are Feb.18 to 25; the strike would involve sellers not posting any items for sale during that week.

The call to strike passed beyond eBay’s forums. CI said sellers posted items on national news blogs and local Craigslist sites to advertise the strike. Some sellers may pull money out of PayPal during that week, while smaller sellers may find themselves solicited by enterprising classifieds competitors seeking their business.

One particularly large company could milk such a strategy on a broader scale. Amazon.com Auctions is well-positioned to advertise its points of difference to disgruntled eBay sellers during the strike week.

eBay Sellers Talk Strike Over Changes
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  • http://www.roibert.com roiBert

    I think that the strike will certainly change peoples perspectives on buying and selling on the web as ebay is NOT the only channel for doing so. There are other alternatives, such as the classifieds sites, where ebayers can list and sell items for NO FEES and a good marketer should be using alternatives like this to begin with to increase their ROI. However, up until now, most had the mindset that ebay was the only way. It’s not.

    Personally, I think sites like http://www.ClassifiedAds.com are wonderful. They don’t charge a thing and you can find local buyers for those bigger items. Tired of ebay fees try classifieds, try other online auctions, but don’t limit yourself to just ebay.

    This strike could be the ffirst signs of decline to an Internet empire and the rise of others.
    Companies like Google should pay close attention to the ebay strike to see how much of an impact users can be when they band together.

    Lead the change… Change the lead.

  • LAS

    Strike and strike until changes are made, like ax Bill Cobb. Unless positive changes are made don’t go back to ebay. Don’t make it one week, that does no good. Reduce the final value fees, reduce listing fees, don’t change feedback and leave paypal alone. If this doesn’t happen, I will not be back. I have been there 10 years and ebay has gone from a friendly place to gestapo like. STRIKE EBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • Guest

    Ebay needs to GET BACK TO GOOD!



  • Guest

    Personally I’ve never taken a great deal of active interest in my seller feedback. The 40% increase in fees is a bit more concerning – luckily I’m a silver powerseller, which actually means cheaper fees – but this might hurt smaller firms!

    • Guest

      It’s only less fees if your DSR ratings are high; it doesn’t matter what level of PowerSeller your are.

      • Guest

        Yes the DSR is a joke since ebay has been up and runing for years now-its not like they just started yesterday and forcing people to make new names that are too far in a hole.ive heard of like 500 people at least they just shut off for seller performance,just like that

        basically they want the sellers to get ripped off as they take there fee,s right off the top like the mafia.whats more amazing is the way they send buyers taunts,YOUR TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO FILE FOR A DISPUTE

        what the heck kind of crap is that ,asking buyers to open disputes,plum crazy

        There are plenty of other places to sell-amazon,yahooo stores,overstock auctions

        what ebay needs is a Huge Class Action Suit against for there mistreatment of people and unfair,they are pregitious between buyers and sellers-hurt them where it really counts,you always win in numbers,form a class action suit someone

  • Guest

    I was, like so many others, shocked that Ebay would put the burden of fee changes on the lower levels of sales.  And then to take away the sellers voice and market information was devastating.  Afterall, if a buyer is unhappy in your physical store, there are a lot less people who hear the ruckus and they can hear your reply to the unhappy situation on the spot.  So if the disgruntled buyer is just a nut, and wants to make trouble over nothing, those standing around can make a better judgement. 

    The way Ebay wants to leave us out on the line to dry while a buyer justly or unjustly accuses us under the reading of billions of Ebayers worldwide and then give us no forum to explain the other side… Well it just isn’t "fine and dandy!"

    I certainly hope Ebay gets back on track soon.  It is such a shame.  I have always used a variety of means to sell, but I was just getting educated on opening an Ebay store.  Now I just don’t know if it would pay me to go to the trouble.  Once I get it up and running, they will probably just price me out of the market in a year or two.  I’m sure once they start increasing their take on my bottom line, it just won’t stop there, so my future with Ebay looks a little i-f-f-y at this point.

    Hoping for a brighter tomorrow!!


    • http://www.travelling-florida.com Guest

      I wholeheartedly agree with this strike. Unfortunately, I only found out about it today and I have already listed some items on Monday. If I’d known, I wouldn’t have.

      We need a good auction site to compete with eBay. This feedback system is ridiculous and unfair. First we get the stupid star feedback which you can’t respond to allowing people to complain that postage is too high when it’s actually Royal Mail that is too high etc. and now we’re not allowed to give a bad buyer a negative. When are eBay going to realise that without sellers there are no buyers? Also, forcing you to use Paypal is just greed. eBay are connected with Paypal and it is taking away freedom of choice. Paypal have already bought out their competitors such as Bidpay leaving us with no alternative but to use Paypal. It may be convenient to get money via Paypal, but it is more expensive.

      I don’t even enjoy eBay any more. The fun has definitely gone out of it. The majority of buyers are usually brilliant but you always get one who is a pain in the neck or who hasn’t bothered to read your terms and conditions.

      If anyone knows a good alternative auction site to eBay, please let me know and I’ll be joining it and saying goodbye to eBay.

  • Q. Rigby

    I equally buy and sell on e-Bay and these recent changes are ultimately going to hurt everybody and for what? To make the rich, richer?

    We are all going to pay for the increases whether it is in higher fees, which were already too high, or whether they are being passed on to the buyers, which I am sure will happen because the margins were already too thin!

    Whether or not we jump ship, we need to stand together and not LIST or BUY until they have to reverse their greedy policy!

    What are they thinking?!! Or are they? The whole US economy and maybe the world, is on the verge of a recession and they time these changes now?!!!!

    Maybe if the boycott lasts long enough the USPS and other carriers as well as Pay-Pal, will also be forced to reduce their rates also. What do you all think?


    Good Luck to everyone and keep the faith!!!!

  • Guest

    eBay will loose the big sellers in short time, as even I am also starting to close the deal with ebay.


    indian Paisa Pay Policies, high Value FVF and Listing fees are very high @. We cant afford in this marketive field.


    Kind Regards,

    Chinmay Tripathi

  • http://bellajewelz.com BellaJewelz

    I have been buying/selling on Ebay for over eight years now.  I have seen the listing and final value fees rise and rise over the years and the amount of serious bidders diminish along the way.  Last year between Ebay and Paypal combined (since they are owned by the same people I see the money going into the same pocket) they made more money than I did on my  listings.  So I feel it is time to break off the relationship.

    I am moving my auctions over to Overstock this week, I only listed on Ebay this week because I have bills to pay, not because I wanted to.  Overstock auction lister is easy to use, it looks nice and the fees are reasonable.  I would recommend people give it a try.  Hopefully by word of mouth we can also get the buyers to move away from Ebay since they have created such a hostile marketplace.

    Check out auctions.overstock.com, they have a lot of nice listing and I believe a lot of potential.

    • http://www.usauctionslive.com Guest

      If you are still interested in selling on auction check out the site USAuctionsLive.com. They are very similar to what eBay used to be. There is no end of auction fees ant there stores are VERY reasonable. Ebay has left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths. I just hope they don’t turn people away from live auctions all together as there is still o lot of money to be made if we have the right platform.

      • Guest

        There is also www.jitbid.com among others.

  • Mach II

    I haven’t sold on ebay in almost two and a half years…..I started my business out on ebay, but once my business took off…I no longer needed them. I could see this disaster coming on a long time ago. I’m glad I left long ago……Now I don’t have to worry about being pushed around by some giant……. Those that stay will continue to be stepped on…….Good luck!

  • Guest

    We don’t like ebay either -

    Skeeter from the switcharoo crew


  • jane

    i have been with ebay for ten years and am totally disgusted with their greediness, they even charge to revise an item, to revise an item, what the heck are they thinking!  and i have for awhile refused to accept paypal because of the charges…unbelievable!  why didn’t they leave well enough alone, you can tell the original owner has left the scene and some very greedy capitalistic jerks are now running the show! i just listed something a few minutes ago and then decided to look on the web to see if others have my concerns about ebay, they do, and the item i just listed will be my last  on ebay, i will not sell or buy on ebay and will close my account…i am so excited that there  are other options to pursue. thanks for the info.

  • boycott-ebay.net

     I urge all buyers and sellers on eBay around the world to take a stand against the greed that has set in to eBay’ headquarters.

    May 1st 2008 is the next worldwide eBay Strike day, join in and let eBay know now before it’s too late. In 5 years people will be talking about the site that was "eBay".

    eBay! What’s eBay?

    Make some NOISE!


  • http://www.prismartworks.com Nelson

    A friend of mine started selling on Ebay one year ago. He put hard work and a lot of time to build his business and good reputation. He had 120 feedbacks and over 200 sells with a 99.8% rating.

    Last March 27th he went to ATM to cash money to send to supplier and he could not draw any. He went home to find out that he had a $98.00 dollars dispute. He checked the allegations of buyer who said the item hasn’t been delivered. He had the support of two couriers companies which stated that the item was delivered. Paypal froze all the money in the account which was about $2,600.00 and when contacted they suggested to refund the buyer. Meanwhile another buyer could not figure out how to use his device and put an unecessary dispute, which was only a matter of using his policy of 100% satisfaction guarantee. It was justa a matter of retuning the item for refund and everybody was going to be happy. For few days Paypal site was not functional for isuing that refund and they asked to authorize them to provide it.

    He told them, he begged them to release the money for it was meant to buy goods for paying customers and if not released, there would more and more complains for no one wants to wait forever. They never did anything and one month later when they lifted the block, he had received several negative feedbacks on eBay, several neutrals and 2 disputes on eBay, and $360.00 on Paypal because he had to refund all and the money left was not enough to buy for the remaining buyers. Ebay in other hand has tried to collect money from his bank account including unpaid items, refunded items due to Paypal block.

    When he told Paypal that he could not afford to refund because he has not only the buying value of shipping plus produts and also what was meant to be profit, Paypal said that not delivering a product that a customer buy constituted fraud. They told him to buy it and send.

    Meanwhile, one buyer complained  at eBay thet he had bought two items and received none. One was checked and the tracking number leaded to be at Customs in Belgium. When told about it the customer said plainly that he did not wanted to pay for customs. My friend description was clear that he is not responsible for customs. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to deal with that for he cannot deal with laws, rules and regulations of the United States and much less with the policies of other countries. Teh other item was not shipped and therefore was refundable.

    Once the block was lifted, my friend listed more items on eBay trying to compensate for the lost time and money and move forward. One buyer paid on Paypal but Paypal again would not let the money available to him saying that his account had issues on eBay… issues that Paypal intentionally caused. Pyapal sent him an e-mail saying that was only releasing the funds when the item was shipped, delivered and he received a good feedback.

    While the buyer’s money was stuck on Paypal I have no idea if Paypal cashed on interrest form that money… so one is not enough, they may have framed several sellers and buyers to fulfil their own agenda in total disrespect to the seller and the buyers.

    My friend is outraged and need legal advise. If any good lawyer want to take his case, please contact him at 123superstore@gmail.com.

    This a case were he was caused to forfeit, he was framed by Paypal. Lost money and reputation and can yet be called on fraud charges. He was really framed by the stinky combination of these two entities.

    Please pass along..




  • sarah

    I sell alot on ebay and was suprised to see the new feedback system. i understand what there trying to do and i feel that a buyer should leave honest feedback without feeling if they left a negative they would get one in return.


    Ive had 2 problems with 2 buyers.

    I sold an item 9days ago and sold another item 14 days ago.

    no payment has been recieved so after the 7th day i opend an unpaid item dispute. the 2 ebayers gave excuses about payment so on the 14th and 9th day i closed dispute and put a strike onto there account.

    you know what i got in return.


    Complete lies in the negatives. so i rung ebay and told them. i asked them to remove feedback and they said NO.

    so they won the items, didnt pay, and left me a negative.


    Under the circumstances above i feel sellers should be able to leave a negative feedback. this way it warns other sellers. Also i feel they should increase our buyer preferences so we can block buyers who have left say more than 3negatives in 1 week etc.


    I’m totally discusted now so i sent ebay a goodbye message as i will no longer sell on there site if this is how it is.

    sellers make there site what it is. we keep it running. if it wasnt for us they would be nothing. now the sellers are decreasing and ebay are going downhill. ive been a memeber since 1999 and i sell around 100 items every month. well i did anyway. sarah

    • Guest

      I feel your pain I just got a neg. the same way from a guy called auto closer on an $81000 mtorhome and when we relisted we lost $11000 .of course ebays says we gave you fee credit. to bad the people at greedbay don’t have to split my loss.

      • Guest

        Yes, I fell the pain, I have been selling on e bay since e bay first started. I know there is a saying that "the customer is always right" in a brick and mortar setting designed to make the customer fell at ease so that the retailer can sell the product for 4 x the value, that is why they don’t mind returning and giving the customer whatever they like, however, e bay is a wholesale site and e bay has no motivation or care to protect its sellers, I am ready to throw in the towel. If it is a legitimate feedback, fine, I will take it and deal with it, but not one of the negative feedbacks I have ever received is legitimate. I tell the customer I ship within 2 business days, but many of my Negative feedbacks are left because the customer did not bother to read or understand my add, they leave Negative feedback only after 3 or 4 days saying they item was slow to ship, the add clearly states that it will be 2-3 business days to process the order then it will take time for the carrier to deliver the item, that depends on where the customer is in relation to my warehouse (it takes longer for someone to receive a package on the east coast when I ship from the west coast). About 35% of the negative feedback I have received over the past 15 years is about the carrier, if the item arrives damaged, I know it is disheartening for the buyer (it has happened to me before), however, leaving the Negative for the seller is not the right response. The buyer will leave Negative feedback for the seller, the seller has no control over the carrier. Buyers will leave negative (because it is easy) and not even bother to pick up the phone, go to the net or in any way let the party responsible for the lost, stolen or damaged package that they are unhappy. This gives the seller an undeserved negative feedback and lets the carrier responsible out of its obligations completely and the carriers are thriving in this, there customer service has gone down and there damages, lost and stolen package rate is higher than I have ever seen in my 15 years of doing this. Why? The customer rarely complains to them, they leave Negative for the seller who shipped the item in brand new perfect condition. No matter what, the carrier always says the package is improperly packaged, even if it were put in a safe and shipped, that is to excuse themselves of the responsibility they have in regard to claims. If the carriers paid for items they damaged these days, they would take a large hit. A very large % of the Negative feedback that sellers get is from ignorant or uninformed buyers who do not read, we do what we say in the auction 99.9% of the time and in the .01% that we do not, we keep the customer informed of our mistake or stock out situation, which is lower than any major retailer. If e bay really cared about customer service and it sellers, it would watch over the transactions and keep sellers from getting undeserved Negative feedback, but they clearly care about nothing but the bottom line anymore. It is very disappointing, I have made my living on e bay for 15 years, now it seems it is time to find something new. I would strongly suggest e bay sellers find a site that is willing to take on the problems that Ebay is ignoring and maybe someone will be taking Ebay place very soon, I certainly hope so. Sellers like me put Ebay where they are today, 8 years ago they treated me like a King, they flew me to conventions for free to get my input, they took care of me as a customer and I felt truly valued, now days, they are large enough they can care less about me, it is a harsh felling of despair that many feel when dealing with corporate values who only value is the bottom line, this will work in the short run, but just as every large retailer, they will fall to someone offering a better way one day Yours truly, Dishearted seller

  • Just surfed in

    The whole point of the new feedback changes at eBay are to encourage buyers to come forward who were originally backed into a corner by unscrupulous sellers who couldn’t give a damn if the buyer was unhappy with the goods or service. Why doesn’t the seller take note of what made the buyer unhappy and improve on it!?  When a buyer pays for an item through Paypal, then it’s PAID dear sellers – it is PAID… Why disgrace yourselves to the point of been lowlifes and issue unpaid item strikes when you know ebay will remove them anyway…?? Oh I get it, it’s currently the only weapon you THINK you have to use against buyers…


    We will eventually filter out the good sellers from the bad. The sellers who circumvent their fees by offering EXCESSIVE SHIPPING to buyers: oh buyer, you got to pay my ebay fees, my paypal fees, my busfare, my petrol!  If you’re unhappy sellers with the fees, then do us ALL a favour and just leave the website and go somewhere else!!


    Leaving buyers unfair strikes after the buyer has paid for goods that have not arrived within a 14-21day period is underhanded and improper. Why not use the "Mutually Agree Not to proceed…" process and that way you can get your Final value fees back… oh right, I forgot… you want to retaliate against the negative or neutral feedback..


    Get a grip and stop bullying buyers, improve your service or get lost!

    • Guest

      You should give your head a shake! Nobody respects what a foolish person like you has to say.

  • Guest

    The whole point of the new feedback changes at eBay are to encourage ALL buyers, honest & scamming, to stay and become the buyers of “New” ebay. Why doesn’t the buyer take note of what ebay is USING them for? When a buyer pays for an item through Paypal, then it’s a guarantee that, if they play their cards right, Paypal WILL allow them to KEEP the items AND get a TOTAL REFUND. Why disgrace yourselves by being ebay’s pawn in such deceitful pratices?? Oh I get it, free items, stolen from the sellers is much too difficult to resist.

    Ebay will eventually eliminate all of the sellers, except entities like buy.com (with their minute sell-thru rates) and others with loads of cheap knock off items, which can easily be purchased at any local flea market or discount store. If you’re unhappy buyers now, then by ALL means, stay on ebay, so we can take our HONEST buyers to our new sites!!!

    Leaving sellers unfair negatives after the seller has honored their end of the contract is underhanded and improper, period. oh right, I forgot… buyers want to ruin the reputations of the sellers with negative or neutral feedback, while stealing the sellers’ items. ebay has set that up very nicely for the dishonest buyers.

    Don’t bother getting a grip and stop bullying sellers. Don’t bother improving your buying skills. Stay on ebay! We don’t want you on our new FAIRER and SAFER sites! We only want the honest buyers and sellers on our new venues. The dishonest buyers are welcome to tie themselves to ebay as it sinks further into deceit and denial.





  • http://www.fiancee-visa.net Fiancee Visa Attorney

    I wonder what legal ramifications will come from this.

  • http://www.mgnlaw.com chicago personal injury

    I wonder what the law implications of this are going to be.

  • Guest

    Steer clear of this mob! They don’t deliver the goods  and should be renamed Moneygrabber!!!

  • http://www.itzbidz.com Itzbidz

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  • http://www.durashopping.com Guest

    I quit Ebay! Now Iam out for revenge! Lets stick it to them like the greedy sons of ####### did to us. I now have my own website where I sell Amazon products, that means I make money off other peoples auctions. Plus I can list all the products of my own that I want, (I do not have to list them with Amazon first) I just put them up on my website. I can also put all the affiliate links banners and digital products that I want on MY webpage and get paid for it. I have my own domain name so Iam building my own brand name and customer base. It was a turnkey website setup and ready to go when I started it, but with the online editor you get with it you dont need to know HTML or any programing to add your own products,banners, affiliate links, or digital products. I can change the site to look anyway I want its very easy to do. And I offer my costomers Free online games,news ,weather, sports and more. All for $20 a month. Why pay Ebays fees when you can have all of this and amazon will pay you to sell other peoples poducts along side yours , and you dont have to list anything on amazon if you dont want to? Go to my site Durashopping.com to see an example of this Website. I have modified the site(you will not get one just like it) to look the way I want, you can do the same very easy. If you also want to do this- just click the green banner at the top of the page.


  • Guest




  • Guest

    There is a new auction site that just started up, but they have the right idea, low prices and customer focus.
    I have noticed that there are a lot of free sites that will let you sell but what I wondered is, if they are free how can the afford to grow? This site charges a low flat rate fee, price depends on how big of a store you want, and NO FINAL VALUE FEES, No fees for upgrading you listings, and if you buy a store your auction listings are free. If you only have one or two items to sell they charge $3 per listing, no fees to upgrade.
    They would also like to start a board of sellers to help make changes and upgrades to the site, which is almost unheard of, a site that gives the sellers a voice?
    If everyone would band together and work the same site no matter what site it was, sites like ebay that try to take advantage of the sellers would no longer be able to get away with it.
    It is about time that these sites see that with out us sellers they do not have a website to run, let alone make money from.
    sites like ebay are getting richer and the sellers are getting poorer, something about that doesn

    • http://www.videoconverterosx.net Video Converter OS X

      the site is well designed.

  • http://1000stars_collectable cris

    very upset with ebay , hold money of selllers for 21 days, or after the item is delivered and they can hold 3 days, for us to get the money, just because the shipping has took longer than what the buyers expect, ebay will be loosing sellers and soon who knows….

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