eBay Sellers Getting More Changes

    January 15, 2009
    Chris Crum

eBay’s users aren’t the only ones down on the company. A Collins Stewart analyst has lowered it’s stock rating to "Sell," claiming that eBay will continue to lose market share to Amazon this year, and weaken in the advertising department.

Frustrated eBayers who have repeatedly expressed their distaste for the site and its management will not be surprised by this rating, and will wholeheartedly agree that eBay will lose market share. Apart from Amazon getting some of it, people are frequently jumping ship from eBay to a number of other sites that don’t carry the brand power (yet at least) of eBay, but when combined likely account for a good amount of competition. According to Smart Brief, eBay was still the number 1 retailer searched in November.

Nick DonelsoneBay’s lowered rating comes shortly after the site announced a "new stores experience." Nick Donelson from the Seller Experience Team (who must be wildly popular) writes in eBay’s General Announcements:

For years, eBay Stores have been a great tool for sellers looking to create their own brands on eBay. With this in mind, we’re excited to let you know about our launch of a new eBay Stores Experience.  Improvements include new storefront templates and enhancements to Stores search results. These changes will improve the look of your Store, while enhancing your customers’ shopping experience.

Sellers can preview what their store will look like anytime until the end of March, and opt-in to switch to the new template. After March, sellers will no longer have a choice, and "all stores will be automatically upgraded."