eBay Sellers Getting More Changes

Analyst Lowers Stock Rating to "Sell"

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eBay’s users aren’t the only ones down on the company. A Collins Stewart analyst has lowered it’s stock rating to "Sell," claiming that eBay will continue to lose market share to Amazon this year, and weaken in the advertising department.

Frustrated eBayers who have repeatedly expressed their distaste for the site and its management will not be surprised by this rating, and will wholeheartedly agree that eBay will lose market share. Apart from Amazon getting some of it, people are frequently jumping ship from eBay to a number of other sites that don’t carry the brand power (yet at least) of eBay, but when combined likely account for a good amount of competition. According to Smart Brief, eBay was still the number 1 retailer searched in November.

Nick DonelsoneBay’s lowered rating comes shortly after the site announced a "new stores experience." Nick Donelson from the Seller Experience Team (who must be wildly popular) writes in eBay’s General Announcements:

For years, eBay Stores have been a great tool for sellers looking to create their own brands on eBay. With this in mind, we’re excited to let you know about our launch of a new eBay Stores Experience.  Improvements include new storefront templates and enhancements to Stores search results. These changes will improve the look of your Store, while enhancing your customers’ shopping experience.

Sellers can preview what their store will look like anytime until the end of March, and opt-in to switch to the new template. After March, sellers will no longer have a choice, and "all stores will be automatically upgraded."

eBay Sellers Getting More Changes
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  • MsFish213

    All I can do now is sit and laugh..how could the (Ebay management) NOT see this coming?

    • Chris Crum

      Something tells me it has occurred to them at some point.

  • http://www.rexxindustrialparts.com Jacob

    eBay plowed into the iceberg and created a huge hole by running off sellers and now they are sinking fast. In another few years we may hear some one say – that auction site that went under, what was it called?

  • Guest

    Sell? If stock still came as paper, I’d be wiping my ass with ebay stock, EXCEPT, I’m afraid it might infect my anus.

  • Guest

    Magnificent job of self-destruction, EBay. The question is–why? Why would the most successful online trading site decide to commit suicide?

  • Dave

    Too bad, EBAY had a kick at being the world’s auction house, but they seem to have lost it. As a long time seller I no longer risk selling anything valuable – the buyers have total control and can get a refund and keep the item. Really! OK for little things but not anything good. The high disposable income “eyeballs” are largely gone, as ebay, I think, didn’t understand its demographic, and that a lot of those despised and actively discouraged small sellers were in real life pretty well off – EBAY is in the process of throwing away a high income “audience” that other sites would love to have had – but once the interesting items are gone – so goes the traffic.

  • http://nymarts.com NYM Arts

    I never thought it would happen.
    I’ve listed at several sites.
    I would have to say : BONANZLE is the thing.
    Ease of Setup Can Not Be Beat
    Choice of Payment methods
    Your Own “Booth” With its Own Chatroom (Very Kool)
    Item stats every 24 hours
    THE best Help
    Promote your Booth with Google and others
    Price is Right
    Bonanzlers are very nice to chat with
    I watched Bonanzle gain over 200 new members in less than 1 Day !
    Over 1000 New Members in 1 week.
    Count is now 20,095 at the time of this writing…Jan 15 ’09.
    It’s Really gaining Popularity :o)
    If Ebay was so Great, it would Be BONANZLE !

  • http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/collectibles4u WPN reader

    I sold on ebay for 10 years and seen many changes but what took the final straw with me was their stupid DSR rating & took the rights away from the sellers.
    This is nothing but a distructive company and crap on the people that made them and bring them to the top.

    Well now the same people can bring them back down for a reality check but it be to late for greed / bay then.

    I found a great selling site with a great community of people sellers & buyers and the OWNERS, the communicate with the people personaly not some flunky email that does not make any sence what so ever. we are growing so fast and are # 4 already in the PSU listing charts.
    You can find us here and check it all out. And you can bulk upload your listings from the bay to Bonazle.com

    You find me here http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/collectibles4u


  • http://marysauction.com/ JEB

    Yes, they are rapidly approaching the fourth leg!
    and, its a bloody good riddance to them.
    Their heirarchy is festered with greed, gluttony and pure ignorance of their members wishes and pleas.

    Now they seriously believe that by offering a few measly templates to sellers for their stores that it would entice them to stay loyal!

    The truth is that the damage has already been done, the crystal vase has been shattered and superglue cant make it new again.

    Already there are a number of opposition sites opened up and many doing very well.
    I am one of those very badly stung by ebay after many years of loyal service.
    and i retaliated by opening my own site last week which is to be run the way i believe ebay should have been run from the start…
    Free for all standard listings and sales, overall operation by the members – for the members!

    We seriously believe that together, we can create a proper community auction website that is neither greedy nor ignorant!

  • mike

    Ebay still has the upper hand on any auction site and I don’t think I count them out yet. They might get it together I wont use them till they do.

    • http://www.diamondonnet.com/ Diamonds

      Yes, I agree, they are still number one but sooner or later some other auction site will take over their spot, not unless they take care of their sellers a little bit more.

  • http://www.tel038.com.tw ??

    Already there are a number of opposition sites opened up and many doing very well.

  • Jim Knowles

    Ebay Seems To Have a Self Distruct in Order at The Moment – How Dare They Withold My Money for 21 Days – They are a Law unto them selves – This Will Be There Un-doing – If Someone at Ebay Tried To Read There Own Rules They Would Be Very Confused – How Simple is it ” You Just Want To Email Someone at Ebay” a Simple Button saying Email us – Oh No its not that Easy after thirty different pages eventually you get there – What is wrong with them Did They Grow up with the Labour Party and Tony Blair – Over Regulation and Rules – Say Good Bye to your No1 Spot – Have a Look at Ebid Since Ebay Cocked up 74000 Power Seller Sites in November Ebids Listed Numbers Have Shot up From Thousands To Millions and People are Buying and Selling on The Site GREAT – Bye Bye Ebay 8 Years 3 Months a Loyal Ebayer No LONGER?

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