eBay Says You Should Wise Up

    November 11, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

In response to user requests, eBay launched a new service giving buyers and sellers access to listing, bidding, and pricing trends in the marketplace to help them make more informed selling and buying decisions.

EBay Says You Should Wise Up
eBay Offers Service To Increase User Wisdom

Editor’s Note:   “Is eBay a large part of your online business? How do you plan to utilize eBay’s new historical real-time data service to your advantage?” Discuss in WebProWorld.

As many anticipate an especially busy online holiday season, the number of people using the Internet as their primary research and pricing resource is expected to increase. eBay’s Marketplace Research subscription service will allow eBay community members access to data and charts and graphs showing real time historical information on product listings.

eBay boasts 168 million users with 60 million listings (including five million new listings per day). Nearly $1,400 worth of good are bought and sold every second. With numbers like these, eBay is often considered a barometer of consumer shopping trends.

One of the more useful features of the service is access to the Average Sold Price (ASP) to determine how much a product typically sells for. Statistical information like the number of times a product has been listed and average bids per item also provide a glimpse of what’s hot this season.

Sellers will have access to real-time data going back as far as 90 days (with the right package) to keep them informed on recent trends in starting prices, ASPs, shipping charges, and top search terms.

“As eBay.com continues to grow and evolve, sellers and buyers often need to make informed decisions quickly,” said Bill Cobb, president, eBay North America. “eBay Marketplace Research offers them a convenient but powerful new e-commerce service, just in time for the key holiday season.”

Subscriptions are available at three price levels-Fast Pass ($2.99 for 2 day use), Basic ($9.99 per month) or Pro ($24.99 per month). Fast Pass and Basic packages provide information looking back 60 days, while the Pro edition looks back 90 days.