eBay Lowers Sellers Fees For Fixed-Price Items

By: Mike Sachoff - August 20, 2008

eBay is lowering its fees U.S. sellers on its site pay to list fixed-price items in an effort to attract new buyers and better compete with rivals like Amazon.com.

Sellers will now pay a flat rate of 35 cents for a 30-day listed period, up from the previous seven-day standard. Sellers will be able to list multiple quantities of the same item for a single 35-cent listing fee.

eBay Lowers Sellers Fees

The change will take effect September 16 and eBay says it’s the "most competitive pricing" the company has ever offered sellers.  Final value fees also have been rebalanced on a category-by-category basis. eBay says the combined listing and value fees paid by sellers will be lower and during this holiday season eBay PowerSellers can receive an additional discount by offering buyers free shipping.

"We aim to be the most competitive marketplace online, and this new, incredibly low pricing helps us achieve that goal," said Lorrie Norrington, president of eBay Marketplaces. "A 35 cent listing fee virtually eliminates the upfront cost for sellers to put more of their great inventory on eBay and creates more opportunity than ever for sellers to build successful businesses."

Pricing changes will also take effect on eBay’s Marketplaces in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Sellers will still have the option to list items in eBay’s auction-style format. Auction-style listings will continue to be featured in search, sorted based on "time ending soonest" and appearing near the top of search results as the listing comes to a close.

"We love auctions. Auction-style listings remain the ideal choice for sellers who are uncertain about the value of their item, have a scarce item in high demand, or are willing to start at a low price and let bidding determine the final value," Norrington said. "With these changes, we’re making sure sellers have competitive opportunities in both formats–auction-style and fixed price."


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  • Johnny

    You guys should do a story on eBay closing long-time publisher accounts.  Many publishers who do thousands a month in sales and earnings have been told to leave in an email sent to them yesterday.  They have seven days to leave – take it or leave it.

    It’s total carnage and animosty on the boards right now. This may end up being one of the biggest stories in the last five years if eBay maintains their stance.  It could turn into a nightmare for eBay.

    Check this out the riot on the eBay boards:




  • Guest

    "Final value fees also have been rebalanced…"

    aka: RAISED

    lol… "rebalanced"… love the spin… lol

    Lorrie Norrington is a liar and a "non-paying-bidder"… she even has a negative feedback to this effect… this is of course from back when a seller could still warn other sellers about flakey bidders (unlike now, all you can leave are positive glowing marks, no matter if they bid and never pay or whatever kind of a nightmare they are, Lorrie must be in Heaven)…

    She buys a pair of loafers on ebay, then lists them for sale in an auction on ebay, calling them "new" and saying she received them as a "gift"… huh?

    Yeah, that honesty and integrity starts right at the top in ebayland…

    I can hardly wait to watch them implode.