eBay Loses Court Case To Louis Vuitton

Paris court rules against eBay

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The Paris District Court ruled today that eBay is liable for harming the reputation of luxury goods maker Louis Vuitton through its use of trademarks, company name and domain name.

The Paris court has ordered eBay to stop using keywords which harm the reputation of the Louis Vuitton brand to promote its sites and will impose penalties of  $1,372 (1,000 euros) for future violations.

"Louis Vuitton welcomes this decision, which confirms established case law that aims to protect the consumer from the illicit use of company trademarks," said Nathalie Moull-Berteaux, Global Intellectual Property Director of Louis Vuitton.

The court also ordered eBay to pay $274,407 (200,000 euros) in damages to Louis Vuitton. eBay has also been ordered to pay $41,161 (30,000 euros) to reimburse the legal costs of Luis Vuitton.
"This case is about the use of Adwords to direct buyers’ listings for authentic goods from eBay sellers," said Yohan Ruso, director general of eBay France.

"This issue is being used by certain Rights Owners as an excuse to retain total control of what people can buy, where they can buy it from, and how much they have to pay. This is why 750,000 Europeans signed a petition to the European Parliament last year, protesting barriers to Internet trade."


eBay Loses Court Case To Louis Vuitton
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  • Guest

    Excuse me, but I’ll buy my products from who and where ever I want.

    This is why Windows 7 shipped 40% more expensive to Europe and almost with no internet browser: needless litigation and legislation that helps no side except the coffers of justice systems that think up new ways to try to hurt corporations but really only manage to hurt and limit consumers.

    You think America protects special interests? Look at Europe and the recording industry or Europe and it’s ‘brand names’. Corporations are evil if they are American, whether they bring to jobs to an area or not, but they are European they must be protected.

    These people want to reap the benefits of globalization but not the costs, meanwhile the western hemisphere is supposed to swallow every trade limitation? Bonkers.

  • Guest

    Our company is having a huge counterfeit product issue out of asia, etc. I support anything that helps deter their ability to get advertisement to their sales. Ebay uses keywords regarding your company name to display ads in search results that go directly to their search, which contain some legit, and some counterfeit.

  • Guest


  • eBay-Seller

    I’m just glad eBay was annaly probbed for this. eBay sux!

  • http://ss.com Guest

    I’m just glad eBay was annaly probbed for this. eBay sux!!

  • http://www.ssluxury.com Guest


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