eBay Launches App Directory for Sellers

    August 17, 2009
    Chris Crum

eBay has announced Selling Manager Applications, a directory of apps for eBay sellers to use to improve their customer service, streamline shipping, and make their businesses more efficient.

Sellers can use these apps if they are subscribed to Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro. Regular Selling Manager is free. Any apps the seller subscribes to will appear under the Applications tab in their version of Selling Manager.

"From sourcing product to shipping your items, Selling Manager Applications are designed to make your business easier to run. Best of all, every application is available with a free trial (usually between one week and 30 days) – so you can try it out before you subscribe," says eBay’s VP seller Experience Dinesh Lathi. "Most Selling Manager Applications charge a subscription fee; however, you will find many free applications as well."

eBay Seller Apps

Apps in the directory offer free trial periods so sellers can try them out before deciding whether or not they want to purchase them. So far there about 12 apps. UPS has an app in the directory, which Mike Sachoff of WebProNews talked a little more about.

eBay has begun rolling out the Applications tab in Selling Manager today. The company has special threads on the Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro discussion boards where sellers can leave feedback about the applications and ask questions.