Ebay Founder Endorses Obama

    April 14, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar blogged his endorsement of Senator Barack Obama, a decision he says was difficult given his relationship with both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Though he questions whether his endorsement matters and labels it "self-indulgent," Omidyar takes the opportunity to talk about being inspired by Obama’s vision for America:

"When he talks about America, it makes me proud to be an American. I want to believe, and I do believe that we live in the America he is talking about. I’m an immigrant, and even though I was raised here, I’ve always loved this country and its ideals with the fervor of a convert. He puts words to what I feel….

"We’ve got excellent candidates all around this year, but I truly think that only once in a generation will we see an exceptional leader like Barack Obama."

Internet businesses and their principals may have other, more practical (read: less inspiring) reasons to support Obama. Late last year, Obama pledged support of Net Neutrality, a measure intended to keep the barriers to entry for online businesses low. In his address at the Googleplex, Obama also laid out his "innovation agenda," which includes creating a more transparent, web-accessible government.