eBay Drops PayPal Only Plan In Australia

Allows payment choices

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eBay Australia has officially dropped its proposal to move to a PayPal only system in the country.

eBay’s decision comes after sellers expressed their anger last week at a conference held by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on the company’s plans to only accept PayPal on the site.

The new plan would have forced sellers to pay fees to PayPal Australia on top of the fees they pay to eBay.

After the conference, eBay said it would continue to allow sellers to accept other payment methods, but they had to offer PayPal as an option.

"We have decided to withdraw the notification to stop any further confusion and disruption among the eBay Community," eBay said in a statement. "eBay regrets any uncertainty that this process has caused among the community and believes that this decision will remove further doubt."

eBay had argued that its PayPal service was more secure than other payment methods and that it would reduce fraud. "eBay’s goal has always been to provide members with a safer experience. Under the current circumstances, we will continue to look for ways to do that while still offering a variety of payment choices."

eBay Drops PayPal Only Plan In Australia
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  • http://www.rcplinks.com/ Link Building

    You can not have monopoly how great you or your firm might be. Promote business on its merits but not by force.

  • Guest

    eBay has NOT dropped the plan. They still went ahead with part 1 of the plan, requiring all sellers to offer PayPal, without approval from the ACCC. The only thing eBay backed down on was forcing sellers to offer ONLY PayPal. The war is not over yet. There is still the stupid policies like hidden bidders and one sided feedback.


  • http://domainforensic.net BusbySEOChallenge

    Yes , got an email during the week , from another provider : paymate.com, saying it could now be  -or will be – allowed to be used on Ebay.au  I was of the impression that paymate was owned by paypal , or it was at one time .

  • http://www.reboot.com.au/store Ross

    Good to see logic and common sense prevail.

  • Guest

    So how have they got away with this in the UK!!!

    • Guest

      No,you do not have to accept paypal ONLY in UK, you have to offer Paypal but can offer other payment methods as well ( not cash ).

  • Ryan

    Great to see that Australia’s ACCC has helped keep Australia free from being monopolised by eBay, they may be the big dog in online sales in Australia, but the big boys (the ACCC) are just as big and bite just as bad!

    Well Done to the ACCC!

    Kudos for a great decision and pushing for ethical policies in a monopolised industry!

  • Guest

    Yes, but you have to offer it .  Buyers naturally prefer to pay via this method.  Its expensive for the small seller to factor in the high fees.

  • Guest

    Even tough I understand the position of EBAY, Istill feel that the site is looking to cash in in two ways.  One they cahrge you for the ransaction from the site when you sell and then, "what" monies, do they get from PAYPAL ???

    It eems that most cmpanies are trying to "cash-in" on sales generated by the little guy, a dollar at a time.  Enough of these "dollars" and they come away with a nice profit. 

    Who pays in th end????  The littel guy.


    Roland E. Jenkins, USAF (Ret)

  • http://www.phantomstonejewelry.com Guest

    I have been running ebay stores/auctions in the USA for 4 years now and am disgusted by eBay’s constant "NEW" policies trying to make ebay a "SAFE" place to shop. It has only become safe and one sided for the buyers to shop… What about the sellers??? We need to be protected from the fraudulent buyers out there. Without sellers, there would be NO place to shop for the buyers! I just want to have equal pull in the market place.

    About a month ago, a buyer came into my ebay store bid up a lot of my auctions (won all of them), then immediately proceeded to leave NEGATIVE, nasty, profanity laced feedback for all of the transactions. So with one buyers hay day, I now have 11 negatives in the blink of an eye…that I can NOT leave feedback for. I have been fighting with ebay to get these removed and they are doing nothing about it. (They say all I can do is wait the 15 days for the NON-PAYING bidder policy.) They even refused to remove the profanity in several feedback, but guess what, they have a policy that says… Feedback that has profanity in it will be removed immediately. WHAT??? Now my account is suspended because I have so many negatives in a short amount of time…??? This is just the beginning…with paypal being owned by ebay of course there are ramifications to my paypal site.

    When I logged into paypal- first screen I get is "Your account is frozen". (I can not access my money at all and I have 9 new disputes.) From what the people where saying in there disputes was that Ebay sent them a note telling them to immediately file a dispute because their item would not be shipped because I was a fraudulent seller. I have shipped items to some of these people already. Fraudulent??? I have been selling on ebay for over 4 years with a combined feedback score of over 3000.

    While looking over all the disputes, I notice that paypal has done a reversal on a transaction that took place 6 months ago. Product has been shipped and feedback was given, but the person claims they did not complete the sale, so paypal gave them their money back without getting my side or proof that the item was shipped… I am tired of getting scammed/fleeced by ebay and paypal. I am done on ebay now and will no longer sell there. I have now opened my new website www.phantomstonejewelry.com. I am trying to get a merchant account open for this store so I do NOT have to take paypal. I will party on the day I can get away from this awful company’s monopoly… I plan on writting a blog on the fleeceing of ebay and paypal as soon as I can.


    • Guest

      No shock to me to hear your horror story – mine was similar.

      I’ve had no issue with PayPal now that eBay.com is no longer a part of my life.

    • Guest (wpn reader)

      If  your fed up with Ebay!  Then  you should  try  another online Auction site>


      you get  free estore  free  listhing and so forth.  it  a great place to  buy and  sell.




  • http://hausmeri.blogspot.com Guest

    Round one to the people!  In general, if you come here as a Tall Poppy, expecting to monopolize, you WILL  be pulled down!

    Yes there is still the one-sided feedback issue to deal with and I have never felt it at all fair that buyers are allowed to rate seller on shipping either – as if we have control over Australia Post’s costs and speed of delivery.


  • http://www.e-commercewebdesign.co.uk Adam – E-commerce Web Design

    I’m happy to see there’s no monopoly, but at the same time a universal solution would create a better integrated system I feel. If everyone does things in the same way, it will be easier to manage for companies such as eBay and will cut down on problems from other payment methods.

    However, as I previously said, I think preventing monopoly and providing choice is more important.


  • Guest

    my customers are quite happy to pay cash and im glad that paypal shit never got bought in cause i would have gone elsewhere

  • David

    Obviously they have rules stating you can’t add fees to the cost of the item for sales paid for thru paypal. Why? Every other merchant who sells goods and services anywhere else in Australia charges a fee if you use credit card to pay? What gives them the right to stop you charging extra to absorb their double dipping?

    I offer Paypal as I MUST, but I leave my postage fees blank. When a customer buys, BEFORE they pay, I ask how they intend to pay, and offer them a decent discount off my inflated fee for postage and handling that covers ebay and paypals fee, but only if they DON’T pay by paypal. I accept cheques, credit card, direct deposit and pay on pick up, and so far, since the "must have paypal rule" was introduced, I have only had one person who insisted on paying by paypal, and 200+ that have paid by other means.

    And regardless of what ebay says, the only transaction I had difficulty with was the PAYPAL transaction! So not surprising Ebay reversed the decision, they certainly didn’t do it for the buyers or the sellers benefit, their back pocket was starting to seriously hurt!


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