eBay Competitor Bonanzle Continues Big-Time Growth

The Company's Future is Looking Bright

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Back in February, WebProNews posted a couple stories about a competitor to eBay that you may or may not have heard of. It’s called Bonanzle, and it’s been growing remarkably all year.

When we first looked at Bonanzle, we found out that it had been voted the best eBay alternative, and that the site had reached a million listings in six months. In December, the site was quoted as having 170,000 unique visitors.


In a conversation with Bonanzle’s founders, they told me that the number for December was closer to 280,000. That was nearly half a year ago. A quick look at Compete.com data shows that the site has grown quite significantly in terms of unique visitors since then.

In January, Bonanzle’s founders showed me a Google Analytics graph putting the site at about 435K unique visitors. This is nearly twice what Compete showed for January. Compete had Bonanzle at 522K for April.


Bonanzle co-founder Mark Dorsey told WebProNews the number is closer to 850K. Any way you look at it, that is significant growth.

Now that is nowhere near what eBay gets, but eBay is a very well established brand that has over a decade under its belt. Bonanzle is just a couple years old, and many people have not heard of it. At this rate, however, I think there is a good chance that they will.

Bonanzle Founder Bill Harding says they’re not focused on traffic though. In a recent blog post, Harding says that the company is more interested in the end-to-end buying experience on the site. Recent changes at the site reflect a shift in focus from traffic to such an experience. Harding lists them as follows:


– Item traits for improved item search and browsing

– Item trait suggestions to help build a unique trait ecosystem that further separates Bonanzle from other buying choices, and drives home why we are the best marketplace to find everything but the ordinary

– Remove 2 of 3 steps from checkout process for first time buyers (they can jump directly from the cart to Paypal or Google Checkout when using "Buy now")

– Efforts spent getting the Instant Messaging connection to work more reliably, so buyers can find sellers that are online

– Related search suggestions, and auto-completion of search terms

The company told WebProNews that it really doesn’t focus on competing with eBay either. "Our ‘competition’ with eBay is probably something that is paid closer attention to by our users than us," the co-founders said in a joint email back in February. "That said, we do think that for Bonanzle to matter in such a crowded alternatives environment, we need to distinguish ourselves clearly from eBay and similar sites."

At this point, it seems the sky is the limit for Bonanzle. Whether they are focusing on driving traffic or not, it will be interesting to monitor the site’s continued growth.

eBay Competitor Bonanzle Continues Big-Time Growth
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  • Cy

    The sales aren’t there. They may have lots of visitors but after talking to many high volume booth sellers they are very disappointed and are pulling their booths. Thats the truth.

    • Guest

      I guess it depends on who you talk to and what they sell. If by high volume sellers you are referring to those who sell generic drop ship items, maybe that’s true. And if they aren’t selling, then they aren’t exactly high volume are they? :)

      There are many, many sellers on Bonanzle who are selling and selling well. As the economy improves and the site gains more traffic, it will only get better.

    • Guest

      Cy- Maybe you are not talking to the right sellers,I have been useing Bonanzle for about 8 months now and have made lots of sales.Just opened another booth there( 2 wks) and have already made 24 sales! So maybe them high volume booth sellers are disappointed and pulling their booths(I DON’T know that to be a fact)But that sure leaves alot of visitors to look at and buy my everything but the ordinary items.
      QUOTE From about Bonanzle
      ” We’ve created a marketplace focused on the type of items that people are passionate about: items that you can’t find mass produced ”
      Thats the truth! :)

  • http://www.renagadesrelics.com Renagade

    And this is STILL just the beginning. Bonanzle is barely out of Beta, not quite a year old yet and has made a very big impact on the eCommernce scene. It is still growing and evolving and it will be interesting to see just how this site develops.
    I personally feel the latest tweeks made are a step in the right direction. For the easier it is for a customer to find a product and pay for it the better the shopper experence. That ease can only become a huge boost to sales on this site.

  • http://carefulofscarymonster.blogspot.com/ wallyh

    The growth is positive. Hard to picture what it will be like in a robust economy, but I’ll be there to find out. Wally

  • Guest

    Bonanzle is nothing more that a new place for the gangs to congregate and cause trouble. They bully sellers until they run them off and it appears that the owners support the efforts of these gangs.

    • Guest

      I have never seen or heard of gangs of Bonanzle,Who are they and where did they come from? bulling I don’t think so! And if there are these so called gangs that bully sellers, I am postive they woud be gone from Bonanzle in a blink of the eye, Why because the owners of Bonanzle DO NOT SUPPORT THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR, from anyone! :)

      • Jam

        Yet another disillusioned bonanzler.

        It’s amazing how blind some people can be.

  • http://thebonz.com/memawscollectibles Memaws16

    October 2008 is when I joined and have experienced steady growth since then. I will be there when the economy picks up and it busts wide open. Love the atmosphere, easy listing, and low, low seller feeds.

  • Guest

    I’v been with bonanzle since Nov. 08, coming from another alt. that just did not cut it. I love everything about Bonanzle, the open social aspect, the easy listing, the on the spot tech help, and the free until sold listings with low, low fees, There is always disgruntled sellers, they lurk on every site, spewing the same drivel. Bonanzle is the selling site to keep your eye on, its what every ebay seller wished for.

  • Guest

    No Sales.
    Too many gang members.
    Too many forum police.
    Owners that don’t care.

    Why would anyone pay much to be there? Seems there fees are just about right

  • Guest

    If you notice all these “happy” sellers on bonanzle have been there for a long time. They get special treatment and follow no rules.

    Oh sure, bonanzle is great for the first week. Everyone is sweet as pie. Then, they start attacking you like you might steal one of the very few sales that are available.

    bonanzle is a joke and if you are a serious seller, keep on looking because this place sucks to the max.

  • Guest

    ya, no kidding.

    XXXXX is the most favored cheerleader of all of them. She kisses butt and they let her shake her pompoms

  • Guest

    if you want sales other than ebay, go to ecrater. that seems to be your best bet.

    if you are thinking about bonanzle, don’t. run, and run as fast as you can.

    • Guest

      What a bunch of hooey. I’ve been on ecrater for over a year and haven’t even sold a dozen items. Been on Bonanzle for 5 months and hav sold nearly 100 items. Ecrater must be feeling threatened, so many nasty comments about a competitor that are unsubstantiated. Poor babies.

  • Guest

    Bonanzle has it right. Happy Sellers make buying customers happy. I still haven’t decided what’s more fun, buying at Bonanzle or selling there. Folks, it’s the way Ebay USED to be.

  • Guest

    There isn’t one thing happy about bonanzle except XXXXX with her noisy little pompoms.

    You could pay me to sell on bonanzle. I woudn’t buy if you gave it to me. Not a chance on God’s green earth.

    • Guest

      “You could pay me to sell on Bonanzle…”

      With that nasty attitude, who would want to? And why go into a personal attack on one of Bonanzle’s members?

      Every site out there has its little problems. No reason to personally attack people or sites that you don’t want to be a part of.

  • Oceanchick99

    I have had nothing put great experiences both buying and selling on Bonanzle. Since the newest traits improvement, I’m getting sales from outside the Bonanzle community. At this point, I am a seller but I am not paying a subscription fee because I sell as a hobby, not as a small business. It is great that you can list an item and not be charged a cent unless it sells. Some people are talking about gangs, but I will say that I have had buyers come in and buy from me who registered explicitly for the purchase and they never dabbled in the forums. If you choose to participate in the forums, fine, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to because buyers are coming in from the outside. As far as friendliness goes, I have had every question I’ve had about the entire process of buying and selling answered in the friendliest ways possible. Site is easy to navigate. Easy to list. Easy to buy. I’ve sold on ebay in the past, but I’ve found Bonanzle to be quicker, easier and friendlier all the way around.

  • nachos

    Bonanzle is worthless. I can’t tell you how many people have closed up their booths in the last week. I would dare say 50. That’s pretty sad. One guy left because the banned an Obama T-shirt.

    Other leave because the gangs push them out.

    Yet, some realize it’s a waste of time and leave because there are no sales there.

    Might as well try to make money instead of dealing with the drama.

    Come on over to ecrater. We have customers! You will actually make some money.

    I don’t care how fast you grow, if you don’t know how to run a site, you are going to fail. It appears that The Boyz as they are referred to have their heads up well where it’s dark and there is no sun.

    • Guest

      Nachos, what color is the sky in your world?

      The stats don’t support your contention that many people have left in the last week.

      Hard numbers vs emotional outbursts. Hmmm. which to believe?

      Ecrater must be feeling very intimidated for all the vitriol being spewed. At least base your comments on fact. Oh but wait, if you did that, there’d be nothing nasty to say.

  • nachos

    Hey guess what? ecrater is free to list too! most importantly we have customers. something bonanzle can’t quite get their hands on.

  • Guest

    Oceanchick99~ you seem to be a cheery little thing. I guarantee when the gangs get ahold of you – you won’t be so happy.

    the best i can guess are the yellow gang the red gang and the elites. just like downtown LA ~ you will get nailed in a drive by

  • nachos

    Guest, you forgot about XXXXX! she runs her mouth constantly and never says a damn word. Got an opinion about everything but really doesn’t know her a$$ from a hole in the ground.

  • Janellie

    Run people off bonanzle?

    why not?

    if they don’t follow my rules, they need to go.

    I show em the door

  • Guest

    Nachos, I’ve been at ecrater for over a year and haven’t sold more than 4 or 5 things.

    In 5 months at Bonanzle, I’ve sold about 100.

    No comparison.

    • Peter Leeflang – The Leeflang Archives

  • Guest

    I was on ecrater for almost 2 years and sold 25 items… been with Bonanzle for just 5 months and have sold over 275 items!!!!

    They are quick to jump when you need help and they really listen to you. I love how far it has come and can’t wait to see how far we gooooo.

  • Guest

    “Guest, you forgot about XXXXX! she runs her mouth constantly and never says a damn word. Got an opinion about everything but really doesn’t know her a$$ from a hole in the ground.”

    Watch the forums. Every time someone has a disagreement XXXXX is first on the scene with a wooden spoon.

  • The BonanzleNoSpinZone

    I joined Bonanzle back in September 2008 with my first of 3 Booths.
    I dedicated most of my time to promoting and marketing Bonanzle everywhere posible on the net, not just my products and booths. After months of doing this, and only one sale from over 500 items listed, I loged on one evening two weeks ago to fine my Booths had been locked down, all products had been removed from them and placed on hold. Without any word from Bonanzle Support too the reason for this action, I contacted them, after waiting a few days, a short reply from Bonanzle Support came in an e-mail.


    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for your email. As of this email we have not suspended your accounts. We are looking into several different complaints and that is why we asked that you contact us at support. One of the complaints we are researching is copyright claims regarding the following websites:

    We have removed items from your booths while we investigate these claims. If you have any information that you would like to add then let us know.

    Bonanzle Support

    Am I living on another plannet or what? For all my products I used Dropshippers, and am still listing the very same items on 5 other sites today! I can name over 500 different sites and people who list the same items I was listing.

    So where is the problem here?


    It seems strange too me, that all 3 booths had complaints lodged at the same time. Could it be, there is someone out there in cyber space with something against me selling these items on Bonanzle.


    I have now moved on from all this. If Bonanzle, as a great site, as it is, do not change towards their sellers, and show more support towards them, I will not be the last who moves on from them.


    People on the site who know me, know me as a person who speaks his mind. I do not write this too harm the Bonanzle site in anyway, but feel let down by the lack of communication from them, and the lack of support for someone who gave them 110% in the past, for no gain.

    Be warned people, this could happen too you also, it just takes someone who has the same items as you, too put a complaint in about copyright claims.

    I wish everyone sucsess at Bonanzle. Good Luck and Happy Selling.


    • http://icedlilac.com Guest

      I had many problems on ebay with the same kind of issues, like I was being targeted in some way, by other sellers and eb themselves. But after 8 months of my fees being 3 or 4 times what I sold, I figured, heck I would rather sell nothing and pay nothing than sell nothing and pay out the wazoo.. :-)

      I have to say that no matter what selling venue you choose, there are always a few bad apples.

      I thankfully am not one of them and have been lucky enough to have not one negative experience yet on Bonanzle.

      It’s not costing me anything so I am willing to wait it out quietly.. :-)

  • Guest

    A site where the owners actually listen to the concerns of the member.

    Excellent place to sell, I highly recommend it. The best on the net for sellers.

  • snacko

    Bonanzle is known as the “social site”, no real selling, gossip and fighting in the forums. SALES hahahahahahaha been there 5 months hahahahaha waste of time. Tag I got ya, limbo under the stick, Maniac Monday, stupid games they play. I left and never looked back. Professional sellers get out now before it’s too late and you ruin your reputation.

  • oldmikey23

    I’ve been at Bonanzle about 3 months now. I love it. I have had sales, made friends and had fun at this site. I’m there to stay…it’s gettin’ better everyday too!

  • Bonanzle seller

    WOW, eBay, eCrater and the other sites must have everybody on their payrolls out commenting and spreading lies about Bonanzle everywhere. Exactly what on Bonanzle are they afraid of? Maybe it’s the

    Low sales commission fees
    No listing fees
    Free item listings submission to Google’ search indices
    Great tech support and you get to communicate with a human being
    Easy to list your items
    Easy to post pictures of your items
    Fastest growing buyer base
    Almost 2 million items for sale
    Ways to make your items show up in buyer searches

    To publicly berate others by using their names is just low class. Maybe some of these guest comments were made by people who probably broke Bonanlze rules and are upset that they didn’t get their way.

  • Guest

    Do Moan and Grown all you want, but you will regret not being with Bonanzle, I’ve been there since November, with over 400 sales, more there than the other sites. Maybe some of you just don’t know how to sell?

  • Guest

    I’ve been on Bonanzle for quite a few months now and really like just about everything except the forums. In the beginning, I utilized the forum as a tool for promoting, getting info, and just for general reading. It didn’t take long to realize who runs the forums. And yes they think they are gangs. Please! I would love to see them try the crap they pull in a public setting. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who the trouble makers are. Go to the drama threads and see who are the same posters over and over again. And yes, XXXXX is the worst one for starting trouble. Her cronies will join right in and before you know it, they have once again controlled the posting and bask in each others disgusting glory. Don’t take my word for it, I wouldn’t believe anything without checking for myself. Pull up the drama forum and do a search for XXXXX. You’ll be amazed at the amount of threads that comes back. Now look at who is backing the mutt up. They have run members off and bullied their way around for too long. And it appears that the Bonz Boyz either don’t care or support them. Not convinced? Check out Ladyshars and eyecatchingbeaty in the drama posts now. You’ll get the point. And you know why everyone posts in places like this? Because we don’t dare start trouble with the forum police at bonanzle. I am staying at bonanzle for the time being, but am still looking elsewhere also.

    • Guest

      I am staying for the time being also,Looking at other sites to sell on.
      AGREE WITH THE ABOVE ABOVE POST,some people on Bonanzle think they own it.I HAVE BEEN ATTACKED SO MANY TIMES IN THE FORUMS,it has left me crying. MY friends have asked me hOW LONG ARE YOU going to stay!I just don’t post or ask anything on forums anymore!

  • Guest

    I am amazed at the effort some go to in order to try to discredit Bonanzle as a viable competitor.

    I know that when the competition gets close the crowds scream louder.

    Some of the negative comments seem to be aimed at the venue when the issues should have been addressed with those you have differences with. It is very poor taste to blame the venue as a whole for an unfortunate experience you may have had, if any.

    Some also speak without knowing the whole story. Try doing a little research before you throw accusations out there that you know nothing about and are from hearsay. They certainly wouldn’t hold up in a court of law.

    If you are ever unhappy somewhere, then leave…don’t make everyone else as miserable as you are. This is not a popularity contest, and if it was, you would not win. We all have experiences good and bad from one place or another.
    Learn from them.

    • Guest

      I offered all the proof you need, go look for yourself. I would rather be on bonanzle, but not when there are venemous sellers ruling the site. This isn’t about the competition. It’s about bonanzle only. And just as I said. Look for yourself, don’t take my word for it.

  • Guest

    I hate to tell the complainers but the bickering that goes on at Bonanzle is mild compared to the bluejay site.
    That is by far the worst site on the internet for their fighting, backstabbing and ego maniacs in and out of the forums.
    They actually do have a “gang” that roams the internet and attacks people.

    Bonanzle may have issues in it’s forum but all public forums have some issues with some people not getting along with others.

    At least Bonanzle did the smart thing and made it to where their forums DO NOT show up in Google for the whole world to see.

    I’ve been a seller at Bonanzle for about a year. And I’ve sold at close to 7 other sites. For me, Bonanzle far out does any of the other selling sites I’ve used. And beat the blu site to smitherens. That site can’t seem to stay on the internet.

    If a site is constantly going off line or gets constantly kicked off Google, then how are the sellers supposed to sell.

    Bonanzle also had an innovative plan to take care of the Google issue. They placed the responsibility of uploading the ads in the various stores in the hands of the store owners. Very smart idea.

    I see Bonanzle giving EBay a run for it’s money in a year or two. Firmly believe it will happen

  • neutral

    I have been on Bonanzle for a month and have had a few sales. It is easy to list and I like the look but I have to agree that some of the people on there are a bit rude and the site does seem to be more like a social site then a real sales venue. I also agree that there does seem to be a wierd clique like atmosphere and people on the forums do tend to attack you if you dont say the right thing or at least what they think is the right thing. I may look elswhere as well because the place is too much like a club then a real business site. It more like a myspace atmosphere that you can sale at and I prefer more of a business atmosphere where you dont get attacked.

  • Yet another guest

    I am amazed at the negativity. It is completely outside of my experience.

    Since joining Bonanzle, I have sold 42 items. In the same time frame, I ‘ve sold 29 on eBay and 2 on eCrater. Alas, my eBay bill was greater than my net sales. In fairness to eCrater, I haven’t devoted as much time as the other two venues.

    Best wishes to all.

  • Guest

    Posted by XXXXX, Baton Rouge, LA. 4,482 total posts | Posted 15 minutes ago | Report thisSpinner

    just make sure you don

  • Guest

    Of all the sites I’ve been trying since closing my 10 yr. store on Ebay, selling a wide variety of antiques & collectibles, Bonanzle looks like it is ahead of the pack. Easy to list, free, great support and improvements every day that make common sense.

    The last 2 times I asked a question on Ecrater, I got knocked down for not searching the forums for info (I had already searched for 1/2 hr.), and the answers I got were sarcastic. I’m afraid to ask questions now. Also not being able to navigate within the site is a huge turnoff, especially if you sell a variety of items or want to search more than one store. I know, you can keep a multitude of windows open but if I’m searching and want to compare, it’s a pain. It may be good if you are looking for an individual web site, but not for those that want to shop within the whole Ecrater site.

    The old saying, “the chicken or the egg”, is working on Bonanzle. I’ve been searching in a few categories and am finding more and more listings all the time. The more listings, the more customers, the more customers, the more listings.

    Yes, Ebay still has more exposure, thus more customers, but the time is ripe for a switch, especially for antiques & collectibles. Most dealers are honest and want a fair place to sell. Our customers are smart and will find us as soon as the economy is better.

  • Potato chip

    Again, the cheerleaders of bonanzle. They have all been there several months and just love bonanzle.

    Give me a break. I’ve seen posts from these same people complaining about bonanzle running amok time and time again. You poor souls. You have to say that because no other site will take you. You’ve been kicked off all of them. Not only that, you have so much invested now by promoting your hineys off and running around tweeting and such that you are just trying to get something back. I can understand your position but it won’t happen. You’ll never get anything from The Boyz unless you are one of their cheerleaders. It’s funny but over the last couple weeks even the most dedicated cheerleaders have started to change their tune.

    “Do Moan and Grown all you want, but you will regret not being with Bonanzle, I’ve been there since November, with over 400 sales, more there than the other sites. Maybe some of you just don’t know how to sell?”

    That’s it? Please excuse me while I laugh out loud. You’ve sold 400 items in the last 6 months? You brag about that? That is seriously funny. If you think you are a big time seller, try running with the big sellers. Oh, never mind, on bonanzle that is a big seller. Well, when you want to get serious, let me know. Until then, stay at bonanzle and play with the school children.

    I still have a booth on bonanzle but I’m sick and tired of the baloney that bill and mark try to cram down everyone’s throat, because unless you are miss mary sunshine, your forum threads and posts go poof. because and the most important one, there are no buyers. I don’t even bother to check in everyday because if I make a sale, they’ll let me know via email. It does happen occasionally and I’m quite surprised when it does. I would just tear down my booth but I put much effort into listing my items and until I have the time to care, I will just leave my items “parked” there. I have too many sales in other places that occupy my time. When I do have some time to kill, I wonder over and read the threads. It’s always a good source of free entrainment.

    All you bonanzle lovers just don’t get it. Keep on promoting and tweeting, facebook, myspace and others for bill and mark. They love free advertising. If you read the actual article above even bill himself says he doesn’t care about traffic and is not tying to help you with getting any either. why, because he knows you all will do that. I do hope you all wake up and smell the coffee before you run yourselves into the ground for those two fools. What kind of selling site owner doesn’t bother himself with traffic? I know, I had to read that twice myself. Go ahead a be a fool with them. Feel used? You should! This does not sound like the place I can make a living. However, if you want to hang out on the teeter-totter with your school mates, this is the place for you. With the playground fights and all! Just watch out for the principal if they hear you being negative about bonanzle they will suspend you.

    Maybe mark is finally getting concerned about how bad they are screwing up. Why else would the 2nd in command post something like this:

    “Posted by bonanzlemark, Seattle, WA. 762 total posts | Posted about 4 hours ago

    That is a great article indeed. My suggestion would be to not engage with those who spew venom. I would ignore those comments and not give them the attention that they so desire. Way to go Bonanzlers! We are all doing great things, you should be proud of yourselves ”

    What I think he really means to say is “Keep advertising for us because after we make our millions, we are going to sell this site to ebay or ecrater or whoever will buy the worthless thing and you all will be left crying in your beers. Keep on listing and promoting for us and don’t stop to read what is really going on behind your backs.”

    Have anyone of you ever done a background check on these BOYZ. You would be surprised at what you find. Go ahead check them out. The are not the wonderful people you think they are. But as long as they can buffalo you, they’ll collect those fees, make their millions and leave you hanging.

    Oldmikey23, if you are in this to make some sales, friends and have fun by all means stay put. Real sellers on the other hand are trying to make a living. You won’t do that on bonanzle unless you are XXXXX. She makes a pretty good living on the bonanzle cheerleading payroll. Pugs, she gets paid a little differently. Her pay is based on forum posts. Not sure how much she gets for each one but at almost 5000 you can bet she gets a decent wage.

    Steve-the bonanzlenospinzone- I do believe you are one of the few long time seller casualties of bonanzle. Although, I’m a little shocked to see this happen so quickly, it was bound to happen. All you others that signed up “months ago” your days are coming too. It will happen, mark my words (no pun intended).

    I’m sorry to hear that bonanzle treated you that way but then I’m not really surprised either. I can tell you where you made your mistake though. You didn’t cheer loud enough or say list, list, list or promote, promote, promote enough. Maybe you should of borrowed that whip they use in the listing thread to try and push listings to beat the nay-sayers and you’d still be in bill and mark’s good graces. Or wore brown lipstick (naturally from kissing up). But then again, I believe you to be a fairly smart man and didn’t fall for that and bill and mark knew it.

    Last but not least, the game forum. Oh please, can I play limbo, Double Dare, Monday Madness or the latest Deal or no deal. Are you for real? You have to play a game in order to get sales? Run around to everyone’s booth tagging their trash then buy some of this garbage only to find that you didn’t make a single sale?! Again, hang out at the teeter-totter with your school mates, play ring around the rosie and you will all fall down. If it wasn’t for the games, most of you wouldn’t even have a sale. Oh sure, the serious sellers will be right there to play. We have plenty of time in between our 300-400 sales a week.

    Well, my break is over and I do have to get back to work as I actually do run a business and not a playground. You have 5 more minutes of recess children. Listen for the bell.

    • Guest

      Insert eye roll here.

  • http://www.eyecatchingbeauty.net Eye Catching Beauty

    How am I doing on Bonanzle
    90 transactions as of May 8th 2009
    About Payment method

    48 paid with PayPal
    42 paid with Google Checkout

    Who are the buyers?
    90 transactions as of May 8th 2009
    Bonanzle Users

    • laughing guest

      You have 900 listings and you’ve only made $2013.15? out of 28,006 page views.

      Please stay where you are. The real sellers will squash you like the cheerleading flea that you are.

      I do rest my case. I do not need to say anymore.

      • http://www.eyecatchingbeauty.net Eye Catching Beauty

        Not sure who “The real sellers [that] will squash you [me]” are, but I’m pretty sure you are not one of them. If you could not even manage what I have on Bonanzle seems to me you are the joke.

        Anyone who knows me on Bonanzle knows I do not even promote my booth. Yes, I am very pleased and encouraged with my experience so far on Bonanzle considering I have done nothing to promote my booth.
        Good pictures, well written titles & descriptions, and a clear presentation of self-respect are the most important assets of a seller. A seller without these qualities will not make it off eBay, because eBay is the only market with a buyer base that will tolerate a seller that fails to demonstrate any degree of professionalism.

        What is it you are doing wrong that you can not achieve anything on Bonanzle? Clearly, you’re the cause of your own failure considering other sellers are selling. Why blame Bonanzle for your incompetence? Take responsibility for your own failures.

        It is interesting that you continuously refer to big time sellers (though I’m not sure of your definition) because there are many powersellers from eBay (I am one) that have either added Bonanzle as a venue to use or have simply left eBay altogether moving to Bonanzle. Why do you imagine these “big time sellers” have taken an interest in Bonanzle? Are you suggesting they are foolish in their evaluation of the benefits of Bonanzle?

        For anyone interested in viewing sold items on Bonanzle this is how you find them

        From the Bonanzle homepage > click the buy tab > choose a category on the left nav > put in your search terms > scroll down and select “sold in the last year” on the left nav > click search > view the items sold

        “Bonanzle is a waste, but I’m leaving my items listed there”

        “Bonanzle is a waste, but they’re going to make millions”

        Interesting actions and contradictions from those that have failed in their efforts off eBay. If you can’t sell anywhere outside of eBay than you’re not a successful seller. You are nothing but an individual who has benefited from the eBay user base (developed over the past 14 years) built by real sellers (small & large) who know what they are doing. Don’t blame the venue for your failures- especially when you clearly see value enough in Bonanzle that you are “parking” your items there & believe they will make millions. lol

        Again, RAH RAH

        • Guest

          OMG, can you ever be quiet. It’s bad enough reading your pablum on the Bonanzle forum. You are a sad little woman. RAH RAH

    • Guest

      I’ll go out on a limb here and say that you’ve only had 4 bonanzle buyers because they know you are on the bonanzle payroll. They probably figure you make enough money selling yourself that way.

  • Guest

    I also have seen the forum fleas of Bonanzle. I saw a member that they intimidated into stepping down from a game she was in charge of just because the fleas wanted to take it over. The member graciously stepped down and sure enough one of the fleas took it over. If this isn’t bully tactics I don’t know what is. At least I see that I’m not alone in my observations.

    • Guest

      speaking of fleas, have you looked at http://www.efleaa.com

  • ECB

    I know why everyone uses guest as the ID. Because they are afraid of my pompoms!

    They know I won’t put up with any bad remarks about Bill, Mark or Bonanzle.

    • loristhisandthat

      I am not scared of your pompoms ECB! :)

  • Guest

    All selling sites have problems on the forums. Selling is a business first and foremost. What happens on the forums should have little or no bearing on where you sell. If you have sales then that is the place for you – be it Bonanzle, eBay, eCrater, Blujay, BISI or wherever. You need to decide what is more important – social or business. If it is social maybe a chat room or yahoo answers, etc. would be more appropriate and sell your stuff at flea markets and garage sales. If you are a business person you should conduct yourself AND your business accordingly. I often wonder after visiting forums on selling site how many sellers actually have a business plan? If you don’t you are a hobby seller and really shouldn’t be complaining about anything.

    Social is fine but I honestly cannot image walking into a store and looking around while listening to the owners or employees give their opinions on world events. It is off-putting to say the least and not professional at all. Privately is one thing. Publicly in front of potential customers? No way! Every word you type on line gets added to your business image. Some apparently are not aware or don’t care. Name calling is so…awww heck…I give up. Those that get it aren’t doing it, those that are doing it will probably never get it and continue ruining themselves and their business prospects.

    • Guest

      Posted by XXXXX, Baton Rouge, LA.
      I love hearing about all the professional sellers and how they assume or think everyone should have a business plan

      how could they have really been on the bay etc and not realize that some sell for a hobby or a few extra bucks, or to get rid of a few items

      • Guest

        I was not judging however after you read any forum you pretty well “know” a poster. Starting any enterprise, even a garage sale without a plan is both fool hardy and a recipe for failure. If chatting on a forum and arguing on a forum and insulting others are part of a “business” plan…well then it is monkey business.

        Doing things willy-nilly is fine for children. Set up your lemonade stand for the summer and pocket your change or plan your enterprise and end up with a chain. Choices – not judgment.

        Speaking of “judgments” what your response but more of the same that happens in the forums? Misunderstanding an intent or words and jumping right on it only fosters and perpetuates the unbusinesslike atmosphere.

        Plan or don’t plan – succeed or don’t succeed however even with a plan, your words become part of your brand – published for the entire world to see. Planning what you say and how you say it is the image you want to project for your business – lemonade stand or lemonade chain, doesn’t much matter either way what your goal is. A goal is a plan. Who doesn’t start anything with a goal except maybe children?

        Personal attacks do not belong in business – unless it is your plan to self-destruct. That is a goal…..

        Good luck with that.

  • Guest

    XXXXX, if you think being a loud mouthed, over opinionated, gossiping troll to be an honor, you go right ahead. You husband runs around cleaning the house just to keep you quiet because he can’t stand your loud mouth either.

    I’m sure Bin Laden enjoys his fame too.

    You two can go live in a cave somewhere in the desert causing mass destruction to the world.

    • Guest

      I second that motion. They act glorified that everyone is calling them out. I would be ashamed of myself knowing people thought this way of me.

  • Guest

    It is a well known fact that jealousy and competition cause some to become very childish.

    Mr. Potato Chip and Mr. Nacho, As a buyer, I would never do business with the likes of you. If you are as successful as you say you are why don’t you show your stats with your real name the way the other parties did who you continue to berate here in this public forum I don’t see either of you putting your name and reputation out there by defending your right and your buiness…instead you choose to hide behind a fake name, jsut like all cowards do. What’s the matter, afraid you might lose a few sales, afraid consumers would see you for what you really are and shop elsewhere?

    I have shopped on many venues and instantly recognize you both as what is becoming the new eBay. It will also be the downfall of the company in my opinion. As a consumer, I am sick of the likes of you and long to get back to the way things used to be, which is why I migrated over to Bonanzle. There I can find almost anything I need, and the first thing I look at is a members profile and how long it has been since they’ve been to their booth and how they participate in the forums. If they haven’t been there in months, too bad. I will not buy from a vacant booth. If they are disrespectful and rude to their fellow participants on the forum, I will not choose to have a business relationship with them. That’s just the way it is.

    So you go ahead and continue to hide behind your fake names…I’m sure if you were brave enough to reveal your real names and identities, you would be singing a much different tune. You’re looking pretty yellow to me. I wouldn’t touch your products with a 10 foot pole.

    And I can stay anonymous if I want to. I’m a buyer and I put my money where my mouth is, and that will not be buying from the likes of any of you.

    • Guest

      Thats your defense? So what you’re really saying is, as a buyer, bonanzle is great? Well if you were a seller, you might know what is really going on. Anonymity is not a bad thing. People are free to say what they can’t normally say without being blackballed from the bonanzle mobsters. And if you don’t think that happens, crawl out from under your rock.

    • Guest

      The only flea here is you so go scratch yourself and flea away!

      It seems like you have some personal issues which you may need to seek professional help for!

      Your comments are a joke and childish go get a life!

    • Mr. Potato Chip

      And just how do you know that you have not purchased from me?

      I never said I didn’t check in for months. I said I don’t check in everyday. Never said I don’t participate in the forums. Also, never said I sold on ebay. You make an assumption and run with it. You made my point so perfectly and I thank you for that.

      Why do I have a false ID?

      First of all, because I have that right. Second of all because you took what I said and twisted it and made assumptions. It’s because of people like you that I have to protect myself. You can’t look at facts, you have to add assumptions.

      You see, off bonanzle, people are allowed to speak their minds. If you really knew who I was and were a regular shopper or seller on bonanzle, you would be shocked to hell. But, because there are too many trolls lurking around everywhere you go, you can’t state these facts on bonanzle without being the target of an attack. It by no means refers that I do not know what I’m talking about. It is only to protect my family from the trolls that spend their time bullying others.

  • Guest

    Precisely my point Mr. Potato Chip…you reveal no stats in either of your attacks. What makes you any different than the people you claim are doing it to you? Anonymous outcries for justice are not taken seriously, nor should they be.

    And I do know every seller I have ever purchased from. It’s been hard to judge with some of the sellers I’ve bought from on eBay, but Bonanzle Sellers that I have purchased from were well checked out by me. I pay little atention to feedback they bring along with them and are more concerned with feedback they have attained since they started selling there. The items I purchase are very high end and I have to know that I am dealing with a credible dealer. I also google them before I make any type of offer for their products.

    When I find a seller who fits my criteria I remain loyal and replenish my wardrobe with them seasonly..however I still moniter the outside elements to make sure everything is still acceptable to me.
    I am very good at reading people, and very good at uncovering their true intentions.

    Besides, You don’t seem like the type to carry a Monque Lhuillier or a Dolce and Gabanna Sample in a size 4? No, I didn’ think so, you probably don’t even know who they are….You are so out of your league.

    • Mr. Potato Chip

      Well, I’m so sorry to burst your bubble but let me get the pin out real quick. “POP”

      This is precisely why I post anonymously. You see, I can speak my mind, and when you do a search, you find nothing. You see how that protects my family? I can still be a credible seller for you and have a voice too. It works out beautifully. If this were a different situation, I might clue you in on my identity. However, this little bonanzle site that claims to be the best thing since buttered bread, doesn’t deserve my respect or my identity.

      You may wear designer clothing and I may sell it to you, that fact you will never be 100% sure. Now come on over and buy from me. I love to sell to repeat buyers that have thoroughly checked me out.

      The thing is, you don’t know what league I’m in and that concerns you. Obviously, or you wouldn’t check me out.

      • Guest

        Actually, I’m sure you have quite a history right there on Bonanzle’s forums. People like you tend to run your mouth and then think later after it’s too late. All I have to so is plug in any sellers name into the Bonanzle forums and find out all I need to know.

        As far as you being one who would carry the kind of merchandise I buy…I highly doubt it. You don’t have an ounce of class in you. Obviously poor breeding.

        Please don’t embarass yourself any further. Unless you are planning to audition as a clown in the next circus that comes through town.
        No there’s a job your more suited for! Sales and Customer Service are not it.

        You should just go ahead and leave Bonanzle because you obviously don’t fit in. Try Blujay on for size.

  • Guest

    I just have to say this because I can’t take it anymore. And yes I will remain anonymous. Call me a coward if you choose but the gangs are real and for those of you that don’t believe – I saw it posted here earlier – climb out from under your rock.

    XXXXX, I want to make sure that you understand. I am still a seller on bonanzle and you are still a loud mouthed queen. If you take great pride in that then you are even worse than I thought.

    CityChic has wisely suggested that you IGNORE. Not that she said it to you directly… You just can’t do it. You have an overwhelming urge to run your mouth. Shut the hell up, already. Isn’t it time for your ugly damn dog and it’s fleas to go to bed.

    Go ahead and shake, stick or stir with spoon. Many of those threads that get moved to drama that you say shouldn’t count – get moved there because of your loud mouth.

    A current bonanzle seller on the way out the bonanzle door.

    • Fairdeals4u

      Conversions on any ecommerce forum does not amount to success.

      Bonanzle is not for everyone in its evolution at this time.

      Experience sellers hussle all over the net to stay afloat during economical recession.

      Survivors are possitive and support those who try…

      jaime sibrian

      BTW I love XXXXX

    • Guest

      What? CC is the most classless, low brow, foul-mouthed participant in the forums. Surprising she’d have anything wise to add.

  • ATouchOfClass

    XXXXX, if you think being a loud mouthed, over opinionated, gossiping troll to be an honor, you go right ahead. You husband runs around cleaning the house just to keep you quiet because he can’t stand your loud mouth either.

    I’m sure Bin Laden enjoys his fame too.

    You two can go live in a cave somewhere in the desert causing mass destruction to the world.

    By Guest (WPN reader) – Fri, 05/08/2009 – 23:39
    I second that motion. They

    I second that motion. They act glorified that everyone is calling them out. I would be ashamed of myself knowing people thought this way of me.


    I would be ashamed too. It certainly changed my view of a few people. As a bonanzle buyer, I now wonder if the gang statement might be true. Do people really bully others on Bonanzle? Does someone really take pride in being a negative influence? I’m not so sure this is where I want to spend my money. This would only support that behaviour. -To think I was a customer for this outlandish hogwash.

    Thanks but no thanks. I’ll shop elsewhere.

  • Guest

    Call me naive or what you will but stirring up trouble and continuing the name calling and badgering is proving nothing at all but immaturity levels here.

    Jealousy and ignorance gets nobody anything except mud on their face. With that being said Bonanzle is a great place and should you not want to read or participate in something then don’t do it. Just move on and find something else to do. It’s a “CHOICE” we , as adults, make.

  • BonanzleNoSpinZone

    First a comment to Potato chip “Again, the cheerleaders of”

    I myself don”t have anything bad too say about Bonanzle, or the owners Bill & Mark, Bonanzle itself has a great Buisness Concept and will in time get all the growing pains sorted out.

    Kissing people on the Butt, just too get accepted is not my thing, I tell it as I see it. A few months ago, what happened too me would not have happened, but today, as Bonanzle grows quickly, bad apples are creeping into the site, and people should expect an increase in such things happening too them, such as no paying buyers, and complaints about sellers.

    Saying all that, “it’s all roses here, I have a business too run, and the time I spent promoting “Rha Rha Bonanzle” will no be spent promoting my other sites. The Trolls my have won the day, by getting me removed from Bonanzle, but they will never win the day! Keep trying A$$ wipes.

    I wish you all the luck in the world Potato chip.


    Now too the Complainers here!


    Bonanzle was created as a platform for sellers, and is one of the best on the net, without the high fees and rules places like ebay has. If you dont like it there, move on to another site where your whining will be noticed, a place like blujay.com, well suited too trolls like yourselves.
    Childish attacks such as the ones being made here against people like XXXXX, are uncalled for. She has helped many people, new people who join Bonanzle. Or is she the next victem on Bonanzle to be forced out, because she speaks her mind and tells it how it realy is.
    Remember the song back in the eighties. “I want to be in your Gang” by Gary Glitter? well I dont want too be in your Gang. Bunch of jerks hiding behind the word Guest, you dont have the balls too identify yourselves, but expect too be taken serously. Get a life.

    Have a great day everyone.


  • Guest

    Bonanzle has some serious issues with a huge group of Users. Not just a littler bickering or discord going on. There is a group who are malicious in their methods of “getting back/even” with those whom they do not agree. Below is a post by one of those users who is well known by many. She openly admits to being a leader in “the underground” group. This group has a list of “Blacklisted” Users they send to other Users/New Users suggesting/warning them not to Buy from.

    Below is from a person accusing others of being Bullies yet they are doing a type of bullying far worse than than you find in the Forums.

    <<<” I agree that we should all get along

    • Guest

      If you got a copy of that list you need to notify the support with the names of the ones sending out a Black list and the Blacklist too And then if they dont do nothing about it go public.

      • bully victim

        I assure you support has been notified of this list many, many times. But because they carry a whip and help run the listing thread, there are no repercussions to their behavior. You see, who would push everyone to list and therefore aid bonanzle in their growth if she did not crack that whip?

        They will keep her until they are done using her. Then they will let her go. In the meantime, she will bully and threaten people until they can’t take it anymore and leave.

        I have personally witnessed her bullying and intimidation right in her own booth to the point I was in tears for this person. I know it was reported to support yet they did nothing.

        • Guest

          I know what you mean by this individual. She and her listing gang give people grief and then if you do wrong they go to your booth like it is going to scare you by their presence. It is they that choose to look the other way, and allow this to go on and ruin the atmosphere at Bonanzle.

        • On Bonanzle and lovin’ it

          If you want to see the blacklist contact XXXXX. She keeps track of that information. She is the one that decides who’s on it and who’s not. And I’m sure that 99% of the people on that list would be shocked. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Call it hearsay if you want but it’s there in black and white.

  • Guest

    ALL of this is actually embarrassing to read. I am embarrassed for Bonanzle and many of the people who have responded. :(

    If you like Bonanzle use Bonanzle. If you don’t like Bonanzle don’t use Bonanzle which is pretty much true of anything you might do in life.

    What is all the hate about?

    The blacklist thing is rather startling. I certainly hope that is not true.

    • Guest

      Believe me, it’s true! I was sent a list! An actual list!

      • Guest

        My advise is that you forward the list to the owners of Bonanzle. Depending on the criteria for those listed I know there have been many cases won on less damning evidence.

        Many, many of these responses are very inappropriate, especially for a trade publication. I repeat, embarrassing for all concerned.

    • Guest

      I am not a part of the group that blacklists people, but I have heard of them. If you don’t talk and do according to their wishes in the forums, you are put on that list. I’m sure my name is on there too. There have been sellers that have left for other venues because of being on that list. It’s amazing how childish adults can be.

      • Guest

        I keep hearing about a blacklist going around but to me this is hear say until someone shows proof! If you can not show us proof then you should not mention it!

        There are bad seeds so to say on Bonanzle, but believe me they are being removed one by one until they are all gone! I don’t care what site your on there are always trouble makers trying to control others and bashing people at least on Bonanzle I have seen some of those members getting the boot and it will happen to the others too real soon it is only a matter of time!

        You have to ask yourself what are you on Bonanzle for to sell or to use the discussion boards!

  • http://www.efleaa.com efleaa

    ebay is still King in the online auction world, but efleaa is the crowned Prince, heir to the throne. We are efleaa, We are You.

    • Guest

      Keep dreaming your site needs a lot of work maybe if you spend the time trying to make your site look more professional instead of it looking like a 10 year old who slapped it together maybe more people would join!

      I also suggest you keep your bashing of other sites to your self as it would not look professional when you are looking for people to join your site. The AB thread was enough already!

      • Guest

        I agree, the AB thread convinced me to stay well away from that site. With an owner like that, getting so nasty at his competition, who would want to be affiliated with that site. Purely unprofessional.

  • Struggling Bonanzler

    Saw this on the Bonanzle forum and had to laugh. This is Bonanzle in it’s true form:

    ***I am discouraged & ready to quit! HELP

    I have tried posting promotional forums and tagging & tweeting alot of items from alot of other booths and am beginning to wonder if my efforts are worth it. Please Help? by: JPsScentsations,

    This was the response:

    ***Am I reading your feedback incorrectly? You

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