eBay Collects Another Win Against L’Oreal

UK High Court (mostly) smiles at auction company

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eBay is on a legal roll.  A little more than one week ago, a French court ruled that the auction company is not responsible for the sale of counterfeit L’Oreal products through its site.  Today, a UK court came to about the same conclusion. 

L’Oreal – along with several other luxury brands – has been hounding eBay for some time, accusing it of doing too little to stop the flow of counterfeit goods.  L’Oreal wants eBay to proactively screen listings, and not just pull them down upon request.

But of suits filed in Germany, Spain, Belgium, and France, L’Oreal has already lost the last two, and now eBay appears to be in the clear in the UK, as well.

According to the BBC, the UK High Court just "called on eBay to demand sellers disclose names and addresses, take greater account of negative feedback from users, filter listings and restrict volumes of high-risk products, such as fragrances."

Richard Ambrose, eBay’s head of trust and safety, also attempted to stem off future suits by stating, "We reiterate again that co-operation and dialogue is what is needed, not litigation.  Only by working together can we collectively address the issues that concerns eBay, rights owner and consumers."

eBay Collects Another Win Against L’Oreal
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  • http://www.dataflurry.com Dataflurry

    I am not a big fan of ebay at all. They closed down all of my auctions on accident and emailed all my hosting clients obtained from ebay saying that I was involved in illegal activities, which was completely false and cost me a couple thousand dollars.

  • http://www.greeneurope.org/ Samantha

    It’s very alarming that many people are into fraudulent acts just to get some money. They don’t even try to realize the impact of what they are doing to a company’s operation. Hopefully, all of these activities will stop soon. Ebay must do something about this.

  • http://queengems.ecrater.com super star

    People like the cheap item. That’s why counterfeit still goes on. Although it can’t be sold on Ebay, there are other place to sell.

  • Peggy

    Come on people “If it sounds too good to be true it is…” Buyer Beware!!! E Bay should NOT have to police the sellers or buyers!!!

    • Kelley

      I do agree with the comment that if it looks too good to be true, it is. However, Ebay owes it to its buyers to insure that the items they buy are “as described”. It is just too easy to get screwed on Ebay. However, I also feel that buyers must spend more time looking at the feedback and assessing the seller from which they are purchasing. I get emails all the time asking if our fragrances are authentic when, if they would just review our 3000+ feedback and take note of the fact they we are a top rated seller, they could figure this out for themselves.

  • Kelley

    I sell authentic designer fragrances on Ebay and have followed other sellers who are obviously selling fakes. I, myself, reported a Power Seller with 17 feedback comments indicating that they were selling fake fragrances. I reported them both by phone and by email and they are still happily selling on Ebay. Ebay Trust and Safety is often remiss in suspending sellers or removing listings which are obviously fake items. The sale of fake items is running rampant on Ebay and causes problems for legitimate sellers as buyers who have been stung are then suspicious of all sellers of the same item.

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