eBay Branding its Classifieds

Testing Name Change in 2 Cities

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eBay injects its brand name into its classifieds subsidiary Kijiji, which launched four years ago. Starting with two cities, the Kijiji name will change to eBay Classifieds.


The testing begins in San Antonio and Pittsburgh, but will likely become more widespread later. The eBay brand seems a bit tarnished, but that brand name is probably the company’s greatest asset. It has a tremendous amount of familiarity among consumers. Kijiji users in the testing cities got emails over the weekend that went something like this:

Dear Kijiji San Antonio user,

Starting in early March, Kijiji San Antonio is going to be trying out a new name, “eBay Classifieds San Antonio.” We here at Kijiji thought it made a lot of sense to start using the eBay brand name. After all, we are part of the eBay family and we are a classifieds site…so “eBay Classifieds” just seemed like a good idea. Of course, we’re very curious to hear what you think so let us know once you see the change.

Also, please rest assured that nothing will change other than the name and the domain! Everything else stays the same. That means your ad will stay posted on the site, but instead of finding it at Kijiji San Antonio you will now find it at eBay Classifieds San Antonio. And, as always, we will continue to be your FREE local classifieds site!

Warm regards,

The Kijiji team

P.S. If you happen to browse to one of our sister sites, you may notice that they’re still called Kijiji. So consider yourself special! We chose only San Antonio and one other city to try out this new name for now.

Clearly eBay is thinking about using that brand leverage to compete with Craiglist. This is even acknowledged in the company blog post used to announce the name change.

Despite the harsh opinions many (ex-)sellers hold about eBay, the move appears to be a smart one. As it stands right now, there is nothing on Kijiji’s homepage to indicate that it has anything to do with eBay. The branding will likely boost the site’s use.

eBay Branding its Classifieds
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  • http://www.5xmom.com Guest

    It would seem as if Ebay is not changing their classifieds to the brand name “ebay” for a simple reason. It does look as if the company have gone trough so much negativity, that they now should try and gain “authority” back. I think by doing this, is to try let others remember and realise that ebay is still “vars”, “content” and active as an entity in its own field.

  • Guest

    I wouldn’t compare it to you a stick up at gun point, eBay never forced anyone to do anything they didn’t agree to do in the first place.

  • http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/traceyg Guest

    Ebay has such a bad name now that they have lost the core of their small sellers and buyers. I doubt those people including myself would choose ebay over Craigslist. Ebay just isn’t all that anymore. They are very ecpensive to sell on and they have lost a lot of their buyers with all the trash they have been gving out lately. I doubt anyone will leave craiglist to list on ebays classifieds. I know I won’t. I was so tired of ebays bull I started selling and buying on Craigslist amazon among other places why would I want to go back . . .

    • http://randomplaza.com/help.anonymous.php Brave Agent Pubeit

      You know much of ebay’s bull comes from copying amazon.

      * forces its payment system and you must give it your bank account
      * sellers can’t leave feedback at all
      * star feedback
      * controls shipping rates

      That’s what the irony is.

  • Guest

    How about a big DUH! for Ebay. Only NOW they’re thinking of using it?
    Ebay is becoming the Microsoft of the ecommerce world. Can’t come up with something original so the copy it. They’re doing a Amazon copy and now a Craig’s List copy. Well, actually they’re just being more honest about the CL copy by putting their name on a couple of them.

    Ebay should have put their name on it from the get go but were too greedy and too afraid to have it cut into their own biz. Well, it didn’t have to worry about that, CL came along and kicked it in its big fat
    complacent rear. Now Ebay’s FINALLY really hurting.

    Well, Boo hoo. As a former power seller, to be COMPLETELY HONEST.
    GOOD! I hope they hurt. A LOT. Ebay is no longer ebay. It is a ripoff shadow of its former self and deserves to lose its core of small business people.

    I guess they realized just relying on corporations ain’t enough when these corporations are the ones cutting tens and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    In this economy, the small and agile survive WAY better then the slow and the cumbersome.

    Ever hear of the quick and the dead?
    Guess what?

    Ebay isn’t quick.

    • http://www.bestcasinowebsite.net/ website

      Does this mean they are going to start charging us $9.95 per ad, give no way to purchase the item through the listing, and then email our users telling them not to buy outside of eBay?

  • http://www.glowclick.com neethu

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    for quick apporval

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