eBay Boycott Having Minimal Effect

Small seller boycott getting big dose of reality

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A three percent drop in listings at eBay this week could be due to a boycott kicked off by enraged sellers this week, or simply a dip in the normal course of business.

Fee changes coming into effect at eBay have the potential to impact smaller sellers, as eBay appears ready to court high-volume sellers much more heavily in 2008.

The hue and cry for attention from eBay has been heard, at least. Sellers called for a boycott of eBay this week over fee changes that include increases to the final value fees they pay to eBay upon completion of a transaction.


eBay Boycott Having Minimal Effect  eBay Boycott Forum Topic
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Fortune Small Business noted the change takes place on Wednesday. They also cited a tactic eBay used last week, in promoting a one-day discount on listing fees

Listings made on February 13th could run as long as ten days. A spike in listings made that day may offset whatever small gains the boycotters may have hoped to make.

eBay has been standing firm with its changes. We think they may see the protesting sellers as a less-profitable nuisance eBay would not mind seeing depart, especially if they plan to be more friendly to higher volume sellers.

With that likely being the case, we think eBay sellers who are truly dissatisfied with the online marketplace should measure the merits of staying with eBay versus permanently stepping away. Other sites like Amazon offer auction services, and plenty of options exist for more active sellers to create and operate ecommerce sites.

eBay Boycott Having Minimal Effect
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  • Guest

    If you want to look at listings during the boycott, look at specific listing numbers- for example I have noticed that prior to the boycott there would be at least 3 to 5 pages of paper dolls listed in any given day (one of the things I USED to buy on ebay) now there is an average of 1 to 1 1/2 pages being listed. I would say that is not a minimal effect. Same goes for specialty items (Dolly Dingle for example) on any given day there was approx 1 page of items listed, now there are an average of 6 items a day being listed. I could go on and on about specific catagories that are seeing double digit lower listings during this boycott, but those catagories are the ones in which the small unique item sellers primarially list their items. If you want to only look at the site as a whole, you need to factor in the increased listings for media which ebay made a concession for and lowered fees. You also have failed to take into account the fact that this is not just a sellers boycott, but a buyers as well. I for example was pirmarially a heavy buyer, and an occasional seller of the "flea market" type items Mr Donahoe is embarassed to see on his site, so he had to impliment a 66% fee increase on us small sellers to get rid of us. Because Mr Donahoe no longer thinks my items are good enough to be sold on his site, I have decided that my money is no longer good enough to spend on his site for purchases either :) So when you figure if the boycott is having an effect or not, look at individual catagory listings, look at sell through rates ( which are dropping) and at final sale prices, which are lower because small sellers who are also the buyers have left ebay in droves. There is a mass exodus from the site by small sellers, and rightly so.

  • Guest

    Oh I am also boycotting permenantly not just ebay in so far as buying and selling, but I am also permenantly boycotting ALL of their advertisers!

    Any advertiser who supports poor business decisions such as ebay is making deserves to lose my buiness as well. Let ebay lose money by lack of advertising, the way sellers will lose advertising by having their items bumped to the back page because of some lunatic buyer posting negative feedback without a reason.

    Ebay is on a downward trend of their own making.

    • amanda

      I would like to ask everyone who is boyctting ebay to see who the advertisers are and email them and tell them you are boycotting them to for supporting ebay, that you are ebay! If everyone does this we have made a big dent!  Amanda

  • Guest

    I’m disturbed that the news media are ignoring the eBay boycott or unfairly making it sound doomed. You’re helping this corporate monster maintain abusive control over it’s captive sellers.

    The seller and buyer boycott started this Monday and will continue until next Monday. Already, the eBay category "Collectibles – Decorative" is down 25% from last Thursday. "Women’s Clothing" is down 15%. "Pottery" is down over 20%. The listing numbers will continue to drop as the boycott week progresses and old auctions end.

    The 3% Monday numbers being cited are irrelevant because that was the FIRST DAY of the boycott, when prior auctions were still in effect. The boycott is working. There are a LOT of angry eBay users and it’s time for this corporate giant to wake up and remember who built it.

    And keep in mind that this isn’t just a seller’s boycott. Most sellers are also buyers, so buying is also on hold. You’re citing just very preliminary listing numbers and don’t have a clue about the final sales numbers. I guarantee that eBay is losing a lot of money this week. I’m primarily a buyer with nearly 10,000 in feedback over a 9 year history with eBay. Most of my feedback is from BUYING, not selling. I opened an eBay store last year, but still I bought nearly $4,000 worth last month, and sold only about $2,000 (of which eBay and Paypal took nearly $500 in fees.)

    I’m angry about many of the proposed rule changes, including the fee hikes and feedback changes. I don’t want my high feedback taken away from me. I feel I earned those high numbers and will be extremely angry when they are taken away. And though feedback retaliation is a problem, the answer is NOT to eliminate feedback but to restructure it and provide other rating and complaint avenues. eBay needs to do a much better job of customer service.

    Please tell the whole story. A lot of sellers are making huge sacrifices this week in order to reach eBay with a critically important message. Don’t stab these sellers in the back.

    • David A. Utter

      It’s just difficult to see this playing out differently, unless eBay management has a monumental change of heart, opts to annoy its shareholders, and takes revenue off the table.

      I’m all for the little guy or gal, but from my perspective, eBay views the sales (and buying) it may lose as an investment in longer term profitability. Others seem to have the same view.

      Unpopular, yes, and certainly open to change at the first opportunity, you know how we writers are at falling in and out of love with viewpoints. David beating Goliath is a better story, but the big dude looks like the stronger bet going into the fight.

      By this time next week, who knows?

  • Guest

    While it’s still a little too early to tell if the eBay boycott is having the desired effect, Mr. Utter has clearly made up his mind before the facts are in.  Wonder how much Greedbay paid him . . .

    • David A. Utter

      You made me chuckle. Just between you, me, and the Internet, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for “Greedbay” to send me a check.

      Right now, I think eBay positioned themselves to counter a boycott from a selling group they may not value as much as they have in the past. I’d like to be proven incorrect, but right now it doesn’t look good for the smaller sellers.

  • Guest

    what take you guys so long! i have started last june.  I usally sell around $15k per year on eeew..feee..BAY.  after fee hike last year, i moved to the big river. now my yearly sales is $25 and more.

  • notawahbaby

    Wah Wah Wah! I’m sick of these sellers – coming up and saying ‘I quit’ – ‘Ebay sucks’ – 1st question all you sellers – where would you be without ebay – who would even know you have stuff to sell online? I guess we’ll find out when you venture off to other obscure sites – if I find your goods and buy in an auction style or bargain hunting method – then you win. I search like the majority of online shoppers search one Google/Froogle – if you’re not in the top 10 or 20 – I won’t find you. Search 2: Ebay. Good luck. IMO – this story tells it as it is – and the babys can’t stand it.

    • Guest

      you make fun of poeple but YOURE the one staying with feebay? jokes on you. lots of others realize that owning their own website makes twice or more than ebay. use your brain, thats what God gave it to you for. youre relying on someone else to do the work for you or youre not trusting God. Ebay is not God. they are just an idol to many.

      stay tired of hearing it. stay with the monster, stay broke. lose money.

      we are supposed to wise with our money, not foolish. i consider it foolish to stay with someone or something that keeps me oppressed when there are alternatives. open your eyes.

      or better yet, get your soul back and stop cashing those paychecks from ebay headquaters.

      only those who earn money from the devil are the ones who stick up for him.


  • Guest

    Your are the typical kind of disgruntled buyer that us sellers need to protect ourselves from. I could care less about the fees, but to allow a pissed off buyer have total control over the feedback system just isnt going to cut it. The Feedback forum was originally designed as a buyer and sellers opportunity to express their buying/selling experiance. Im not going to stand by and watch somebody trash my feedback and not have an opportunity to share my experiance. Thats BS!!!!!! I for one support the boycott and would gladly see it extend to make the point. I sell 20k per week on eBay so yes it will impact me, but it will impact me more if things dont change back to make it fair.

    • Guest

      Couldn’t really answer the question though could you. Just had to assume I’m a disgruntled buyer – wrong, try powerseller. I use amazon too, but not quite to scale when it comes to auction style. Bottom line – the truth hurts – most sellers would not be selling online if it weren’t for Ebay – your lack of acknowleging the question is good as an admission.

      • Guest

        Let me answer your question. Where would I be without eBay? Right where I am today. I still have a great full time job and I dont need eBay to survive. Now, that doesnt mean eBay hasnt contributed to me financially. I have done quite well with over $500k sales verified in 2006 alone. But does that mean Im willing to let them push me around. BIG FAT NO!!!!!

        They got there money out of my pockets just as well. Between the eBay AND Paypal fees. They gobbled up almost 10% or $50k of that money. My issue isnt even the monetary part of the deal. It’s strictly the feedback. Too many scammers and deadbeats that could ruin a person trying to survive in the market and it shouldnt be one sided. eBay’s original platform for feedback was "Buyers/Sellers" experiance and it should continue that integrity today. Just like another poster said, these are my buyers not eBays. What the question really should be is where would eBay be without us sellers? I’ll tell you where, Meg and Pierre would still be playing with barbie clothes. 

    • Guest

      thats sad that you make your life wages on ebay and dont pay a dime in taxes some american you are

      • Guest

        Now your just being stupid and accusitory which supports the whole issue of the feedback part of what Im talking about. I can tell just by listening to you that you would be the one that would leave a negative feedback without justification. In fact I bet you already have more than once. I have documented proof that every penny ever earned was claimed and taxes paid. What led you to that brilliant conclusion anyway. Read below, I dont need eBay…They need me!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    If the sellers really want to hurt Ebay and get fees reduced, just charge the buyer the correct cost of shipping. Ebay constantly whines about excessive shipping charges but has no idea of the costs. If the buyer has to pay the real cost and puts pressure on ebay where it belongs Ebay may be willing to listen to sellers complaints and become more responsive. Remember without the sellers there is no Ebay. Buyers don’t pay a fee.

    • Guest



      I agree with this man sometimes the rate for postage is over the top from the sellers and other times the sellers have to pay more for postage… but 9 out of 10 times the buyer is the one getting charged 5 bucks for postage and when it comes too you its like a $1.72 that is what chaps my bum the sellers should charge the right amout of postage

      • Guest

        Shipping cost are more than just postage.  Packing materials, cost to take the item to the post office, and time are all a part of shipping.  I have had buyers complain about inflated shipping cost when I only charged $1 over the cost of postage to cover the above stated expenses.  

        Some buyers (winning bidders) don’t have a clue about business expenses.  

        Some will even complain when you offer free shipping. I can not see the ebay changes improving the quality of buyers.

        I am an ebay stockholder and I have been a buyer & seller on ebay for 10 years, but now rethinking if I will stay with Feebay.

    • Guest

      I’ve been selling on ebay now for about 8 months and the success that I’ve had has enabled me to quit my full time job and be a stay at home mom. I support the boycott, but will more than likely resume my listings after the point is made.

      Personally when I sell my items on ebay, I try to be very accurate on my shipping charges and my positive feedback reflects that. However, I completely understand some of those who charge much higher shipping!

      Let’s say you list an item on ebay and start it at $0.99 and ask approximately the correct amount to ship the item, then maybe the item doesn’t do as well as you might have thought and only sells for that $0.99…After the ebay listing FEE, final value FEE, and then if they happen to pay through PayPal that’s another FEE, you just LOST MONEY! On smaller dollar items, I see many sellers trying to make up for all the FEES with higher shipping charges…And I think a lot more buyers are starting to accept and understand that.

      • http://www.certifiedbattery.com Certified Battery

        It is actually more simple than that.  I am a new lister, but will be a volume lister on ebay.  After reviewing the fee structure, the only way to avoid massive fees is to charge high shipping.  That’s why inexpensive electronic accessories are listed below cost with a shipping charge that is three times the actual postage.

        Ebay stupidly charges scaled listing fees based on opening bid.  They should charge a flat rate listing fee, a final value fee, and then shipping charges would quickly revert to the norm.


  • Mechelle
  • Guest

    I’m a long time ebayer (seller and buyer) and have followed its downward trend of making things harder and more complicated – they do seem to be arbitrarily changing things for the sake of changing things – too many employees that have to "do" something I guess. If it ain’t broke etc. I certainly support the boycott and wonder just why ebay is going though such a public relations "effort" to discard all the loyalty and good feeling folks have had about ebay – certainly in my mind, and I assume others, I don’t wish ebay well anymore – they certainly have screwed around the sellers and I only hope that Google (who does things right) will come up with a "search all auctions" function – if it had a way of taking complex queries and updated auction information daily (say) world wide – then it wouldn’t matter which auction site I list my stuff on – folks will be able to find it, and I can finally kiss ebay goodbye.

  • Dave

    I’ve bought and sold for many years on EBAY and it was great! but they keep making things harder and more complicated and expensive. Too bad – I’m behind the boycot and I sure hope GOOGLE comes up with an "auction search" function that would cover all auction sites world-wide, get updated daily and would take complicated queries – then it wouldn’t matter which auction site I listed on – my stuff could be found and I could kiss ebay good bye.

    I assume ebay management talked to their promotion and public relations depart ment and got the OK for the current massive negative public relations exercise they’ve launched? It’s working I think – I for one no longer wish them well.

  • Jason A

    If you go to PowersellersUnite, you’ll see that ebay stats are down 12%.

    12% the last 24 hours  14 million to 12 million   Thats a minimal impact???

    Keep in mind too, that just before the boycott, one of Ebay’s moves was to include foreign stats as well, raising the numbers to look better.

    I’d like to see a study of what the stats  would be without that inclusion!

    The numbers will drop. Period. More so at the end of the week. But beyond that much more in the coming months, as every seller gets the shaft by unscrupulous buyers.. making false claims of items not received, negative feedback threats, chargebacks and the worst of all… the 21 day holding of payments for people with under 100 feedback (or even a low score).

    People will start leaving. Once you realize that anything you send out may become a chargeback, with little recourse for the seller, they certainly wont be selling at ebay anymore. This is going to hurt a lot of people financially.

    As for the stats.. that 3% number was posted on CNN almost 2 days ago. It’s outdated information.  This all isn’t a rant, its an attempt at clarity.

    But the following is a rant:

    How many people read through Ebays financials?

    Mr Donahoe will make $900,000 a year plus huge bonuses. Would you risk such a great gig by pissing off your customers?  probably not.

    UNLESS, like Mr Donahoe, even if you’re fired, you will get paid the salary for an additional 2 years … PLUS all the benefits that are in his agreement with Ebay. He will be rolling in the money whether he does good or bad. Even if he’s fired, he’s safe.

    Why should he care at all about us sellers and buyers? He doesn’t need to. He wins no matter what.

    This rant is true. Go read the financial statement they filed (I think it was for last quarter, but don’t quote me) You’ll find some incredible numbers involving his being hired.



  • Darrell Wright

    I will not be selling on eBay again for some time.  Frankly it is because I do not make much (if any) money from doing so.  However, I do understand why eBay is creating the uproar.   Although the majority of the sellers are good ones, there are also a few out there who create fraudulent listings. 

    Although I vowed this week not to return to eBay, I was forced to after receiving goods fraudulant from the sellers description.  My wife left a negative feedback, reported the seller to both eBay and pay-pal and figured the case would be resolved.   Over the course of the next two hours, the seller left my wife 6 negative feedbacks for reporting fraud.  (This was retaliation, they could have offered to refund our money and that would have been the end of it.)  

    This went on for two days.  Finally eBay suspended the seller (after we sent video evidence of the fraudulant activity directly to the police, eBay, and Pay-Pal), and promised us action would be taken to get our funds back.  However, it is like we were told by pay-pal, if the seller had already used the money we sent them elsewhere, we would not get a full refund, but instead the amount of protection guaranteed by eBay and pay-pal.  (Crossing my fingers that the seller did not spend it)    WHY?   Because in this sales alone my wife spent over $250 buying lots from someone who falsely advertised their goods.  Pay-Pal only guarantees protection of $200.  This is what makes me mad as a buyer.  But it is understandable, afterall, if the seller did spend the money they received, eBay would have to cough up the dough themselves.  If this happens quite frequently (which it does) then eBay is actually losing money themselves.  Hence the disguised rate increase.

    The real problem eBay has is that their are cons in both sellers and buyers.  If the problem could be fixed, I do not think eBay would charge so much for their listings.  (I do not know of any other site <other than Amazon>  that charges these outrageous prices.)  However, since eBay is the most recognizable commerce site on the internet, it is going to get hit with a lot of con artists, which makes the rest of us have to suffer.

    Sorry to state the obvious, but it is true.

  • http://www.thefairiescloset.com Christylescreations

    I have been boycotting eBay since the first of the year because I am sick and tired of their BS.   Typicaly on a good sale through eBay, my auction would start at 9.99 and end somewhere around 60.00.  I ran this example through eBays old fees and new fees and found that I would be paying almost double the amount in fees to come back to eBay. 

    DO YOU THINK THE WORLD IS THAT STUPID.  I give the remaining eBay population 1 weeks worth of sales before they to drop off to other sites. 

    Maybe ebay is trying to avoid tax evasion and has decided to let the company fall into bankrupsy and then collect on the insurance.  Who knows!

    One thing for sure, I will not go back

    Christina Pirnie, OOAK Fairy Wing Maker!

  • Guest

    As a small seller, I am sick of paying high fees. I also have had my 100% feedback stiffed with one negative feedback which as totally unfair and that one negative feedback has put me at 95%.

    I got stiffed as a buyer to the tune fo $400 last year and though i provided extensive proof of the fraud Paypal/ebay still did nothing for me fnancially, though the seller did get banned a while later. But it cost me $400 – so i made an Anti-Scam ebook out of my expereince and sold that for a while – but it’s no longer worth it as my fees are going too high.

    So where else can I sell my goods at Auction in Australia that has any sort of reasonable customer base? Ideas please.

  • http://www.missionbeachsouth.com Guest

    I thought the issue of the boycott was the new fee changes.  In reading the comments, it appears to be about feedback instead.  So, here’s some feedback….I recently bid on and won a computer and the shipping was actually MORE than the cost of the computer!  When , in turn, shipped my computer "gift" across country, it cost me half of what the seller charged me!  Then I bid on and won a computer bag for the same computer and it took the seller five days to even answer my first email regarding the sell.  FIVE DAYS!  If the sellers on ebay want all positive feedback, then they need to stop treating their "buyers" the way they do!  I didn’t leave negative feedback, but I REALLY wanted to.  I support the boycott and hope it does the little guys some good but I wish they would remember that without us "buyers" they wouldn’t be successful either!  Ya’ll really need a wakeup call.

    • Guest

      The post I just read said, ”sellers need to treat their customers better”

      please remember there are millions of sellers.  You cant group them all together because you got a bad deal.  And thats why you have the option of negative feedback.  Sellers need the very same option as they have the very same problems.

      Its a two way streat always will be.

      Most people are pretty good and the feedback isnt that big of a deal but if it no longer exists i’m sure it will be a big deal.


      the ebay people have us all over a barrl.  They always have.  Little by little they things change in their favor.  AND ITS THERE BUSINESS. I FORGET THAT. THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY PLEASE.  SAD BUT TRUE.  I feel used and I think others do as well. Its like working at a job and after some years go by they sort of push you asside for someone else, THE BIG GUY.   It was a good place to sell a few years ago but now unless your a bigger seller its back to the flea markets with your wears.


      And I dont think they really care about a boycott or any of that put on by the small guy.  They will make up any money lost in other ways. 

      Along we are just one tiny ant.   Sorry to say but it dont matter much what we do unless most everyone does it.

      Like i said its back to the flea markets

    • Guest

      "ya’ll really need a wake up call"….what ever "ya’ll" means…typo I guess. Lets try this ! Before you complain as a buyer, be a seller ! I do both and know the difference and RESPECT the difference. Deal with EBAY’s rules first, then pay for credit card or paypal fees, have non buyers, relist,  and then finally get one at a low selling price you "started" at,  just to get the bidding going, not the true value though.  Now go to the U.S.P.S. or U.P.S. and find out just what COST to ship the item is !!  BOTTOM FEEDERS always get the low "auction" price, but shipping charges are NOT "auction" prices.  I sold an item for $99, a chair, with the understanding the item would be shipped at DIRECT SHIPPING COST ! No materials or other "FLUFF" it cost $108 and HE was pissed. Why ?  Like the guy who came to my company years ago and wanted a price to "overhaul" the used copier he bought from a newspaper ad . It was to be about $300. He complained and said the machine ONLY cost him $100. The "idiot" got a bargain and didn’t realize it. He says "thats too much I only paid $100" !  I said " I guess that what your saying is that if you got it for FREE, I’m supposed to pay YOU to repair it" ! Get the point.

      OH!   Five days?…..ever hear of "going away for vacation", weekend, holidays, away on REAL business etc. ?

      • Guest

        I pray you never visit the South, we will eat you for dinner ROFLMAO!!! Ya’ll is a southern abbreviation for YOU  ALL.

        • Guest

          It’s Y’ALL not ya’ll.  The apostrophe takes the place of the missing letters…Stop making us Southerners look retarded.

        • Guest

          apparently many have been coming from the north to the south . florida is flooded with northerners and then CRY when we do things differently. well I always tell them to go back up north. you must adjust to where you go! dont bring your bad habits with you. conform to ours ;)

          actually, just go back. please?

      • Guest

        Y’all is a contraction for you all used frequently in the south and southwest.  You may have been trying to be clever, but you will find it in most dictionaries.

  • Guest

    Where else will you all sell your stuff?

    This is a serious question – I’d like to know…

    • http://www.turbowebdesign.co.uk Guest

      I think there comes a time when sites like ebay need a slap in the face – with most websites that make it big there appears to be a trend in hiking up prices instead of looking after the people that helped create them in the first place, this time usually comes when the company, instead of being run by an individual or small group gets swallowed up by shareholders and a board of directors who’s primary objective is to squeeze as much revenue out of the existing members as possible, this ‘Slap in the face’  that many sites are long overdue can be achieved by a mass boycot  – but the majority are not prepared to put their finances at stake – they would rather put up and shut up!

      The only alternative is to find a site that offers all the same facilities that will not take the Pi** – but how long would it be before that got full of itself!

      If anyone is interested, we at Turbo web design will costruct a site that offers all and more (if neccessary) of the features that ebay offers and we will run it at a set price of say 5p per listing.

      Let’ see if anyones prepared to change – send your emails and ideas to admin@turbowebdesign.co.uk and we’ll do something about it.


    • http://www.usauctionslive.com Guest

      We have started a site called USAuctionslive.com. We too were TIRED of eBay ripping everyone off! since we launched our site has taken off. We don’t take a percentage of your sales it is much cheaper. We are hoping Ebay hasn’t turned everyone off of the auction world.

  • Guest

    I don’t understand feebay’s thinking regarding the feedback system.  It seems to me that if they want high end sellers on there then they really have to have a system that lets sellers rate buyers negatively if they have problems with them.  I  have been using ebay since 1998 and I can tell you right now that I won’t be listing anything really valuable on there as there is really no seller protection now.  I have had instances where the buyer won a $400 item and then supposedly sent it back and the box was empty.  It was insured thank goodness but UPS became the loser there which when that happens makes shipping fees rise dramatically. This buyer had tried to do this to other sellers and if it were not for the feedback system we would not have been able to get him off of there.  Feebay does nothing really to protect sellers and never has but at least we could warn each other – now that is taken away.  Now we will have customers riding roughshod over us with threats of negative feedback.  No matter what level of seller you are that is scary.

    • Guest

      I AGREE !!  SERIOUSLY though. Did you turn this person, the "scammer"  over to U.P.S. ?  Just as a "heads up" to them. U.P.S. is one company you do not want to mess with. If he has done this several times they can go after him for FRAUD. Shipping nothing so that U.P.S. is defrauded by the claims put in by the unwitting" receipients. EBAY will do nothing except kick him off and let him come back under a different name. They had not been defrauded, BUT U.P.S. had.

  • http://www.petfoodstory.com Pet Food Man

    Boycotts are effective only when buyers, not eBay or sellers themselves are affected.

    Buyers don’t buy when they can live without the deal. eBay for me has become a dumping ground for products. My trifecta for buying is condition, price and seller feedback. When a seller meets these criterias, I buy.

    There is no lack of scarcity on eBay. Like Google, it’s the preeminent player and people go where the action is. For every seller who drops out, there’s others waiting to take their place.

    My view is eBay is transitioning themselves as a global virtual business center, wanting their main clientele to be business-to-business and business-to-consumer and minimizing consumer-to-consumer.

    In the interm, small business or hobby sellers will get squeezed out of the marketplace because of eBay fees and buyers looking for the lowest total price possible.

    Garage type sales will continue to be bought and sold on eBay because it’s the biggest garage sale outlet in the world.

    If small business wants to survive on eBay, they need to be doing what no one is doing on eBay… romancing the buyer.

    In my opinion, 99.99999% of all eBay auctions DO NOTHING to sweet talk the buyer with compelling reasons to buy their product or service. The seller who articulates they will solve the buyer’s desires, wants, fears or problems, will beat out all other sellers regardless of eBay fees.

    • Berengarianavarre

      Craigslist! Craigslist! Craigslist! is quickly surpassing Ebay for "garage type sales". I have better luck with this site than with Ebay.

      Let the big boys play on Ebay and pay the price. We smaller types can use Craigslist.

      • Guest

        Ebay OWNS Craigslist.. (as of last year). One can only wonder how long it will take before it too is leveraged.

        • Guest

          To the best of my knowledge, despite Ebay attempts, they have not acquired Craigslist.

          • Guest

            EBay owns a 25% stake/share in Craigslist as of August 2004. You guys are way behind on the news. Go here to read the full story….http://www.clickz.com/showPage.html?page=3394631


          • Ebay Striker

            Thank you for the link to the article on Ebay’s stock in Craigslist.  Perhaps eBay Sellers need to voice their objections about the eBay changes directly to CRAIGSLIST…in view of the paragraph in which Craig’s points out how "democratic" eBay is…and how they (eBay) strives to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD!???:  Here is the paragraph from that article:

            "Although I never figured that part of Craigslist might be owned by a public company, Meg Whitman and Pierre Omidyar showed that they were interested in us for all the right reasons," founder Newmark said in his blog. "Like Craigslist, eBay is about helping folks get everyday stuff done, on a level playing field — they emphasize trustworthiness and reputation, and try really hard to listen to people. Basically, we’re both about building community, and humanizing and democratizing the ‘net, and there’s gotta be more of that."

            Bottom line…eBay is practicing what all of our other American Corporations have done in this most shameful era in American history…  Ebay is bailing out on the loyal individuals that built the corporation, and their HUGE profits over the years.  That is our reward…the "wee" sellers…AND sellers in general.  It has been the American Way since the beginning of the Bush administration.  I sure hope OBAMA is not lying to us…I really like his promise to close the obstreperous loopholes that allow US Corps to outsource…and abscond with all that WE invested in their growth.

          • Crimson Mister

            Ebay fee changes are George Bush’s fault?!? Since Ebay is run by a bunch of left wing Democrats, I’m pretty sure they aren’t on speaking terms with the president. Anyone with half a brain would know that most of the corporate criminals like Enron that have been brought to justice have committed their crimes during the previous administration but had not been prosecuted for it.

            I used to frequent Ebay regularly back when it started. It was great because it was primarily a bunch of people selling stuff they don’t need anymore and you could find some deals. Now it’s just a bunch of commercial ventures with pretty much the same stuff for pretty much the same price. Boring.

    • Guest

      WHAT DRIVEL !!  You must collect your Baycheck from the same idiots who spoke on the February 1st webcast. You sound like you memorized their "puke" ! 

      Do you actually think that sellers, outside of EBAY MOTORS are putting their top of the line merchandise out there anymore ?  SELLERS who have GREAT merchandise are withholding it and selling it elsewhere where they can make a decent profit.

      Of course it’s a dumping ground.  If you think you can get the BEST price for a RARE SCARCE VINTAGE 2006 box of inkjet printer cartridges on EBAY more power to ya’ !  Scarcity of product ? You would have made more sense if you said "scarcity of the SAME product !" How can ya’ "SWEET TALK", OR want TO "SWEET TALK" the same thing a hundred other people are ?

      When, and this is AFTER reviewing the recent PRICE INCREASE, sellers listings provide little or no profit results they will stop wasting their time listing it. 

      Global business ? How ? ANY SELLER of ANY PRODUCT wants to sell in a forum where they can TRUST their "partner". "PARTNERING" is the keyword in the "new" globalization. How can ANYONE trust these slobs?  They don’t understand business they only try and understand their own "spin doctor" statistics. They might attract new large business for awhile, but like anything ebay will price themselves out of that market too. Why ? CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY. Ya’ just can’t change the leopards spots ! If they were that smart, then why didn’t they create a separate site like EBAY MOTORS ? You’re giving these slobs too much credit.

      Why don’t you "TRY" and be a seller, of ANY 10 items, and see what it’s like ? Have fun with the "new", 2 feedback buyer who waits for 3 weeks to pay for a $10 sale. OR better yet USE paypal, give them their fee, out of YOUR profits (if any), and wait for 21 days for ebay to ALLOW it to be distributed. AND YA’ THINK GLOBAL LARGER BUSINESSES ARE GOING TO ACCEPT THAT ? ……YA THINK !!!!! 

    • Guest

      WHAT DRIVEL !!  You must collect your Baycheck from the same idiots who spoke on the February 1st webcast. You sound like you memorized their "puke" ! 

      Do you actually think that sellers, outside of EBAY MOTORS are putting their top of the line merchandise out there anymore ?  SELLERS who have GREAT merchandise are withholding it and selling it elsewhere where they can make a decent profit.

      Of course it’s a dumping ground.  If you think you can get the BEST price for a RARE SCARCE VINTAGE 2006 box of inkjet printer cartridges on EBAY more power to ya’ !  Scarcity of product ? You would have made more sense if you said "scarcity of the SAME product !" How can ya’ "SWEET TALK", OR want TO "SWEET TALK" the same thing a hundred other people are ?

      When, and this is AFTER reviewing the recent PRICE INCREASE, sellers listings provide little or no profit results they will stop wasting their time listing it. 

      Global business ? How ? ANY SELLER of ANY PRODUCT wants to sell in a forum where they can TRUST their "partner". "PARTNERING" is the keyword in the "new" globalization. How can ANYONE trust these slobs?  They don’t understand business they only try and understand their own "spin doctor" statistics. They might attract new large business for awhile, but like anything ebay will price themselves out of that market too. Why ? CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY. Ya’ just can’t change the leopards spots ! If they were that smart, then why didn’t they create a separate site like EBAY MOTORS ? You’re giving these slobs too much credit.

      Why don’t you "TRY" and be a seller, of ANY 10 items, and see what it’s like ? Have fun with the "new", 2 feedback buyer who waits for 3 weeks to pay for a $10 sale. OR better yet USE paypal, give them their fee, out of YOUR profits (if any), and wait for 21 days for ebay to ALLOW it to be distributed. AND YA’ THINK GLOBAL LARGER BUSINESSES ARE GOING TO ACCEPT THAT ? ……YA THINK !!!!! 

    • Guest

      We are sellers…not therapists.

      you want it..you buy it.. you pay and we ship!

      No need for drama!

  • Guest

    When I stated that I supported the strike because of the unfairness to the smaller seller, the feedback control, and the new listing policies, fees, etc. they closed my About Me page. I had listed there my site URL as my eBay store was empty. They said I could list the URL there and then changed their mind when the strike began. Long before their (mis)Trust and Safety Dept. removed some of my eBay listings that were legal and within their guidelines. Many Power Smellers had the same items listed among 20 different stores. I closed my store and will not go back until they are bought out and their current staff is fired. Yeah, right, I will hold my breath. This is what our country was about, standing up to tyrants and saying no more. Why would some make comments like "if it wasn’t for eBay…" What is their agenda?! I just wanted fair trade practices.

  • Guest

    Almost 17% drop, and under 12,000,000 listings.  Small.  Hmm.

    eBay is that you.


  • Guest

    I’m only sad to say i let a couple self made millonaires toy with me over the last several years.

    The people at ebay dont give a rip about a small potato like me.

    They will cater to big business now that they are so huge.

    And when and if we leave their will be others to take our place. People willing to take the scraps.

    Thats the sad truth and its how big business works.

    Maybe I will just become a buyer on ebay now.


    Get my point?

    • Guest

      I am wheezydog, just dont feel like registering but yes …

      Just wait, I am gonna be a very mean buyer to those that had the chance to make the BOYCOTT more effective yet did not join in. They forget, they are small potatos too. eBay will not reward them for thier loyalty anymore than they did me.

      As for the HONG KONG imports that will fill the eBay site in the future, I would never buy from them before, so why would I do it in the future?

      TOP 1200 overseas eBay sellers is all these money hungry eBay execs want to have left, and I hope to God, if you must buy MADE IN CHINA buy it elsewhere.

  • Guest

    I have also left eBay and Paypal, after 10 years of selling with 100% feedback, not 99.999 but 100%. I have ALWAYS given my customers/buyers the benefit of the doubt when there was an issue with any of my mechandise. However, one buyer decided to claim an item I sent and represented as perfect was flawed, even though the buyer knew most of this type of item has this flaw and also neglected to ask if the flaw was there before the end of the auction(it was not) but instead opened a claim with Paypal.

    Paypal had 1 single email with me and two emails and a phone conversation with the buyer before ‘deciding’ that the buyer gets his money back. Guess what? The item came back to me and sure enough, it was flawed, EXCEPT THIS WAS NOT THE SAME ITEM I SENT HIM!!!

    So, an unscrupulous seller scammed me with the help of Paypal and neither Paypal nor eBay did anything about it, in fact they facilitated the scam.

    So I closed the Paypal account, changed credit card and bank account numbers and basically wrote them off, never to go back as either a buyer OR a seller.


    Good riddance I say, and hopefully they crash and burn gloriously.

    • Guest

      Wow! I am in shock after reading all these comments, especially yours!  I haven’t sold in the past year, but I have been a seller for many years with 100% pos feedback.  What a shame this all is.  Now that you have decided to go elsewhere, may I ask where to?  I am looking for a better site also.  Thank you, and good luck to you!

  • Guest

    Do your home work ! Listings NOT posted Feb 18-25 will show in a decline in EBAY sales the following week. Thus EBAY can’t report any viable statistics, and ANY statistics are skewed to THEIR provided information which is ALWAYS skeptical.

    Secondly, for you of INSTANT gratification, this is only the FIRST boycott. The walls of Jerico did not fall with a single horn being blow, it was the REPETITIVE blowinng of many horns. Certain "sellers", not originally aware of the boycott are being informed DAILY of the boycott. In addition I have notified certain sellers who have listed items I bid on, that I will NOT bid on those LISTED during the boycott timeframe. 

    In their February 1st WEB BROADCAST, during the Q&A session, ALL of their executives (?) sat silent when a "seller" asked them "had any of them ever sold an item on ebay ?"

    Will EBAY change their policies ?  NO !  Will EBAY be hurt by the building creshendo against them and the continued LOSS of existing sellers and the DECLINE of "NEW" sellers ?  YES !  Will Wall Street take notice in even the slightest "tick" ?  YOU BET !

    EBAY is headed down the path of the "old" XEROX !  They allowed the competition in and so will EBAY.  Watch when MICROSOFT finally acquires YAHOO and revamps and activates YAHOO’s auction platform.

    Like Don Quixote fighting the windmills….ADIOS FATBAY ADIOS !

  • Guest

    There’s hundreds of alternative auction sites in which sellers may choose to list their products. Problem is, do any of these altenatives have any buyer traffic? Bidcorral and loudfrog have been OK for this online seller this year and hopefully will continue to grow.

    • Guest


      HTTP://WWW.BIDSOR.com  – Growing auction site & been good to me :)






  • Lee

    It does make you think how long they will carry on treating their users like this. If they keep adding to their over priced fees then people will be forced to sell for more – resulting in eBay being as expensive as the shops!


  • http://www.bitsnbobs.co.uk Guest


    these guys started some time back and will find their place in the market soon

  • http://www.dragonoak.com DragonOak

    Of course ebay stocks dropping below 27.00 a share has absoluetly nothing to do with the boycott………..nothing at all.

  • http://www.plunderhere.com/auction/cgi-bin/Shop/countryjunque Guest

    Like the title says I was Pollyanna YEY Ebay for years, actually since 2001, have had 100% postive feedback as a buyer and a seller, I’ve probably bought as many items as I’ve sold but SOLD quite a few more dollars worth.

    As one person put it on the ebay boards, it’s like OK, I get to list on ebay, they charge me for that, I get charged for extra pictures, I get charged a FVF if my item sells, in my listings you are thinking about showing other items like mine ABOVE mine and saying maybe the buyer would rather have these??.  I am rated by a system that the buyers don’t understand and is worded improperly to say the least, ebay puts a big red warning on your listings if you just ship quickly, if these improperly worded ratings go low enough ebay(paypal) will keep my money for 21 days?  And for this I’m paying a premium?  Plus now I have no say in the matter as a seller whatsoever.  Buyers are already under the impression that sellers can’t leave bad feedback and some are using it to try to get free merchandise with the threat of I’ll leave you bad feedback, enough bad feedback and your buyers will HAVE to pay with paypal and you HAVE to ship the item off @ your expense because paypal will be holding the money and they can STILL give you bad feedback and get a refund through paypal.  I’m not saying all or even a great percentage of buyers would do this but it’s a distinct possibility.


    Ebay used to be founded on give and take, community, yes making money but having a great time doing it.    That seems to be gone, yes there are those who can’t leave, those who want to make it work @ all cost and those who don’t know any better.  If ebay doesn’t change I’m afraid it’s a slow death by suicide and it may not be but it won’t be the same old friendly place it used to be.

    • Guest

      I’ve been on eBay since it opened it’s doors Labor Day 1995 and I’ve been hearing disgruntled eBayers say year after year that eBay is going to have a slow death by suicide because they are unhappy.

      Yet I keep seeing eBay going the opposite way………it just keeps growing and growing!

      We cannot presume that what started out in 1995 as being pretty much a "traders mart" of someone collectibles to remain the same in the 21st century, some 13 years later.

      No one could have seen back then the value of individuals one day being able to open an online business via eBay and it being as viable as it is.

      Unfortunately with the times and the more people got to learn about the internet especially starting in 2000 on, it also brought in alot of scammers and crooks who would try to take advantage of eBay and what was in place.

      Unlike any marketplace a business such as eBay will continue to grow because of the value and demand of those looking to start a home based online business where everything is in place in reference to tools needed to run such a business.

      eBay is raising the fees on actual sales but lowering listing fees.  I think that is great because it means a business person will be able to list more items and will only pay if sold a final value fee that has been raised simply to help balance of the lowering of listing fees to allow us to be able to list more and also because the market will stand the higher final value fees and those who are running this as a real home based online business don’t mine.

      eBay is not forcing anyone out of the business.   Problem is there are way to many on there who don’t run this as a business but as a hobby and unfortunately many scammers abound on the lower end of the spectrum than valid business owners on eBay.     So those leaving on there own or being pushed out presumably by eBay are not willing to step up and run it as a business.

      I for one having been here from day one on ebay have seen way to many positive changes both as a seller and buyer and definitely as a buyer being able to buy it now via auction, estore or e-express and not have to wait for an auction to end where many times the seller is pimping up the auction with other accounts and we waste our time and still ending paying more for the item than if we simply purchased it via their store or BIN via auction.

      eBay is not going anywhere and I suspect that in the next ten to twelve years it will still be earning billions of dollars and there will be many millionaires who are running eBay stores or selling wholesale to other small businesses.

  • Guest

    "eBay has been standing firm with its changes. We think they may see the protesting sellers as a less-profitable nuisance eBay would not mind seeing depart, especially if they plan to be more friendly to higher volume sellers.

    With that likely being the case, we think eBay sellers who are truly dissatisfied with the online marketplace should measure the merits of staying with eBay versus permanently stepping away. Other sites like Amazon offer auction services, and plenty of options exist for more active sellers to create and operate ecommerce sites."

    and that’s the bottom line. It’s time for the small sellers to move on. I’m a small seller, and am doing just that. I refuse to waste my time and energy ranting at the corporate monster that just wants me to go away.

    (But do understand, David, that it’s not just the fees. It’s the entire package that’s been thrown at sellers. There is not one part of that package that doesn’t affect another part. It’s all been cleverly intertwined. And there’s more to come…)

    People, there are other places to sell – both auction format and store format. What gets me is those who say "but there’s no traffic there". Well, excuse me, but if everyone sits back and waits for the other places to pick up steam, then just exactly how are the other places supposed to do it?

    Quit waiting for "the other guy" to pave the road, folks. Get out there and start supporting the alternatives with your listings. Many are free, some have minimal fees. Most are much easier to deal with than eBay, and actually know what Customer Service is.

    It’s time to cut the eBay apron strings.

  • David

    We Sellers are uniting across the world and preparing another Boycott NO SALES FEB 25-MAR 3! , to voice our deep concerns regarding eBay’s newest policy. We have taken the steps to gather and to stand together once, and boycott. We plan to do it again!!! We have read eBay’s responses and disrespect for us doing so, and how it won’t have any effect. We will see if we dent your revenues. We do this together as one voice. One way, for eBay management to hear our collective concerns. We used to think this was a community. Our community. But we now know it’s more like a one way Dictatorship. Many ,Many of eBay’s best sellers have already closed their doors, and they will remain closed forever. More are contemplating it as eBay chooses not to fix its problems and drags its feet. Why not? The other sites are courting us, and are offering incentives, opening their doors and saying… welcome Sellers. What we ever wanted was a fair market place for both the buyer and the seller. eBay never delivered that, but instead chose to change the rules for all of us, instead of signaling out the bad sellers who were leaving too many negatives for buyers. You played with us, played and used fuzzy math logic that will only lead to more fee’s for us, in a struggling economy. What you didn’t realize that there were many smart business men and women who analyzed the true cost and effect of doing business on eBay and exposed the truth of the fee changes. When you realized many were united, you threw us a bone and lowered your media fee’s and cut listings, to tempt some away from being united and standing together. As far as we are concerned you can keep your deceptive tactics and or unfair acts or practices. This is a world wide outcry not just the USA site. We will keep our negative exposure up across the channels of mass media available to us until everyone is alerted and made more aware and stays away from eBay. Quite possibly changing the online auction marketplace rankings in favor of other more fairer online auction venues. Driving revenues to the other guys. Fair Auction Trade to us, Means giving us our Dignity. What does it mean to eBay? 1. We honor the value of eBay Sellers united seeking justice and hope. 2. Sellers who demonstrate concern for other sellers and buyers welfare. 3. Sellers who in the past exemplified the highest standards in their business practices, only to be now at risk BOYCOTT II VICTORIOUSLY!!!

  • Guest

    What began as an exciting, caring, altruistic global community has been hijacked by the greedy and corporate money-men.

    Kick those responsible for making Ebay the great success it is today in the teeth and court the major sellers and big business instead. Ebay don’t want us small people anymore. The ones, they believe, that gave Ebay the nickname Fleabay. Now, their self-importance and self-deluded grandeur only wants the big boys.

    What a disgrace!

    While, we can rightly moan and object, what are the alternatives? Ebay has little competition and the company knows it. And why, it fully expects the sellers, after their initial rancour, to meekly come back to mummy, less empowered and less likely to upset the buyers with bad descriptions or too high postal charges.

    What nonsense!

    Once you upset the balance of power; once you upset ‘the small guys’ who bring in the daily  bread and butter, you are asking for trouble.

    • Guest

      Ebay sent me an email stating:  " you voiced your opinion and we heard it!  We are lowering our fees!"  They didn’t state, we are uping our final value fees!  Yes you are correct.  They are weeding out the little guy and I feel greed has taken over.  It is a shame they have ruined a good thing.  Why does all good things have to come to an end?  I personally had a Power Seller refuse to sell me an item I had won due to the auction didn’t bring enough money to suit him.  He went against several of Ebay’s rules.  He left me negative feed back.  I in turn left him negative feed back.  He had Ebay remove my feed back I left for him.  They gave me a slap  on the wrist.  They would not remove the negative feed back he left for me.  He stated, " They will not do anything to me as I sell over $1,000.00 weekly on Ebay".  He was right!  They wouldn’t do a thing to him.  I even sent them the emails he sent to me stating this.  Still it was all in his favor.  Ebay is clearly for the Power Seller and very one sided.  Hopefully, someone will start an auction house like Ebay and all us " little people " can take our business there!  Thanks for nothing Ebay. 


      • Guest

        Yes ebay is for the powersellers & they really do favor them cuz they bring in ebay tons of money unlike us (the little guys)

        + what people dont realizer is they also control so damn many other auction sites it hard to tell which they own anymore cuz they buy everything they can get there greedy hands on!!!!






  • Guest

    Ebay used to be a nice place to buy and sell, with friendly buyer and friendly sellers, now all that remains are dealers and people who want to buy for nothing and sell at a vast profit. I used Ebay a lot to get rid of thing s I didn’t want anymore which was surely the original idea, but over the last couple of years everyone seems to have feedback scores in the 1000’s and do dozens of trades a day, so when I do want to sell anything I never get anything like its value because all the ‘buyers’ are actually resellers!

    And the other respondents are right, Ebay and PayPal are one sided when it comes to supporting the buyer, I have had ‘dealers’ accuse me of mis-representing items I have sold, refusing to send them back, and the ultimate insult, leaving abusive feedback when all that has happened is they have bought so many things on one day they do not know which item has come from where!

    Let’s all leave Ebay and go elsewhere, there are other auctions sites out there!


  • Guest

    I am for the most part am just a buyer, but I will join your boycott, but all of you need to realize this is just like Walmart putting the small businesses out of business, so if you shop there please stop. Also back your local unions as they are alot like you, fighting for the small voice against the big companies.  Do I think this will do any good? No  not unless you can  keep it going longer and attract more sellers and buyers.  A few days is nothing to them. Put your stuff on other sites and stay there a while. As far as feedback to buyers, I feel if I buy something and pay for it i lived up to my part of the deal, if I get something that was mis represented I should be able to leave negative to seller with no fear of a negative response when i did what i was required to do.

    • Guest

      Yes that may be so but if you buy something like website traffic then you dont like it & leave the person negative feedback it wouldn’t be fair to that seller cuz then just cuz you didn’t make a sale or liked the traffic.

      Know what I mean cuz you cant just say since you paid for the item your done thats not true at all!!  – It really depends on what you’ve bought cuz not everything is shipped thru the mail & not everyone gets stuff right away (not shipping in the head people) YES MOST PEOPLE ARE JUST STUPID AS HELL THERES NO QUESTION ABOUT IT WERE ALL STUPID NO MATTER HOW SMART YOU THINK YOU ARE!!  :)



  • http://www.sellmyinventory.com sellmyinventory.com

    Ebay is cloaking the actual effects of this boycott by implementing a smoke and mirror defense. The reduced listing fees special they ran last week,"do not bid" test ads,including listings from their other sites around the world,etc.

    The shareholders will find out the truth and file a suit against management.

    Can we all say "GOOD RIDDANCE"?

  • http://marketfrog.com Ryan

    Hi..I am a very low volume buyer and was a seller only once, but a reasonable ebay affiliate one thing is clear – fake buyers and fake sellers are crippling ebay, and it may not change anytime soon. Now, my company is getting into online business with seriousness, and we are thinking of providing a simple and fair system of buying and selling (including an email based system). We come from an offline business background, where trust is the most valuable thing. You break that, and you are out of the loop forever. We are thinking if a similar system will make sense online, where each seller is met in person or telecon, before joining. This should cut spurious sellers, who make it bad for everyone. We could get a few thousand visitors in traffic daily to get it off  the ground. We are still thinking about it. And this post is getting exactly the kind of people we would love to talk with. If you have thoughts, please reply here or here: http://marketfrog.com/contact/

    Yes, I also think of Google got an auction aggregation engine, that would be great. But again, it will pose a real problem to the buyer – how much to trust which seller, because very rapidly spurious sellers will fill the whole system…very similar to how it has become in keyword search.

    • http://marketfrog.com Ryan

      I missed mentioning this: the same verification process also applies for the buyers. Our system probably would not work for dollar value items, but can perform well for items above $100 onwards. Your thoughts will really help our thinking. Thanks.

      I think if even 50 sellers visiting this page can join hands, an alternative platform can be created, and then we can tell others about it. And we won’t let EBay buy us out!

  • http://www.projectresponder.com Universal undercover lightbar

    I’ve used ebay for years, my account was created back around 96 or 97, I don’t remember. I found last year when I tried to sell some parts from my show truck which I no longer needed, the fees were outrageous. I do not use ebay any longer for selling and I hardly use ebay to purchase anything. Once in a great while and it seems that the items are from power sellers. I really don’t see the little guy auctions out there any longer.

    As far as I’m concerned, ebay is dead. Or at least dead to me. I’ll go to amazon auctions and whenever ebay results come up in google’s serps, I skip over them and go for real results. Ebay forgot where they came from and why they were so great. Being able to find "junk" that others were casting off is what made ebay the great place to go to find things that were almost impossible to find anywhere else.

    I hope the boycotts work. I will no longer support them.

  • Guest

    In case you people have not noticed ebay has been trying to get rid of the small guy for years buy not refunding fees buy letting people sign up and then buy it now costing the small guys money you still pay for the listing fees they are being sued for not giving you the whole time you pay for on your auctions they wont give you back your listing fees even if someone crooked did the buy it now and you never got paid they make you pay your bill while you wait to get a refund on the FVF and use your money while you wait come on people wake up unless your a large volume seller they dont want you and they allow the super sellers all kinds of things they would not allow a small one and for one I think they get away with bidding on your item and never paying and I think ebay lets them wake up try other sites use someone like biddersnsellers.com they are honest an trying to build a good site for people to shop they dont have all the fake emails and people trying to steal your account that ebay says they are trying to fix they dont have all the fake buyers that ebay allows we have let ebay get to big for their britches and abuse the small guy for way to long and they dont care they are worth billions and now pay pal is doing the same thing they dont want the little guy selling they dont make enough money for all the fraud and they also are being sued for locking up peoples accounts for six months because they decided to check someones credit well I am not sure of the rules of online payment but in the real world your credit is checked before you can get a merchant account so stop using them send letters to google to make sure the other auction sites get a listing in case you have not noticed I dont care what you search for ebay pops up most the time in the top ten listings of your search and you can search for something that isnt even sold on ebay or does not have anything to do with them if people would wake up and stop buying and selling one ebay then they would have to start paying attention to you but no we keep on using them and letting them abuse us well I for one will not ever use ebay for anything again there is more going on in the company than we know and I dont think they should have been allowed to buy paypal you have to use them in order to sell anything and take the chance that if they get a whim to close your account or lock it then you have money being held up for months and they get to use it for what they want to think about it people go to a couple of the websites and see what is going on wth both companies.  Then you might change your mind about using either one of them.

  • http://www.netstralogy.com Netstralogy

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Real businesses don’t use ebay.  Ebay is good is you’re selling as a hobby.  But real businesses with real overhead , operating costs and with real goals doesnt use ebay.  Ebay will eat up your profit. 

  • Paz

    I wish everyone would boycott Paypal too. 

    They seem like the evil sidekick in a lot of this.They dont have a clue what they are doing, buyers and sellers alike getting the wrong end of decisions made by incompetent fools.

    I hate companies like that. Ebay and Palpal must be the worst customer service people in any area of business. Millions of websites and the ones with the largest complaints percentages are all at the top.

    Why is this?

    The power of people should always win through. Everyone has the ability to move thier products, their websites, thier marketing. The true power still lies in the hands of the masses. Action and not words need to take place.

    If you dont use this power then it will be the same as the American public, aimlessly trudging on and believing all the lies and propoganda of the American Government. Allowing small but very dominant negative forces rule thier entire existaence.

    Learn not just to think for yourselves but also to act

    • Tim

      E-Bay: Tried to sell few paintings and cards after few months, ended up loosing over $125 with one sale of $55.. totally worthless. Created my own little auction site..advertised on Local Craigslist.. Sold 5 items without spending anything within 48 hrs.

      Paypal: I am also in web design business. Everytime someone tried to pay for the design we’ve completed they just froze the account, our’s and buyer’s both for no reason..If you call customer support they say we can’t do anything its the system…f”k system..Their customer support is just to keep you calm so they can hold your money and make profits on it….had enough..Now using Google Checkout didn’t have any problems so far.

      Ebay and Paypal owned by Ebay both are terrible companies who don’t give a crap about their client’s interests..It might seems hard first to leave them but trust me there are 100’s of much better ways to do business.

  • http://www.namezilla.net Guest

    I seen this all coming when Ebay bought Paypal.  Just think for a moment about this……  They get you coming and going and going.

    I created my own alternitive to Ebay and it is called NameZilla Free Auction, yes I am the owner of NameZilla and there are NO FEES of any kind!  NameZilla Auction is designed as a platform for sellers and buyers to have a meeting of the minds. 

    For all your auction needs visit NameZilla today:  www.namezilla.net

    NameZilla Free Auction is 100% FREE!  Our site is supported by 3rd party advertising!



    The Auctioneer

  • Guest

    As far as I’m concerned FeeBay has totally gone away from what made them great. They want to cater to the BIG sellers well go ahead but it’ll be done without me and a lot of other people as well. It used to be when I wanted to buy something the first place I headed to was FeeBay now it’s Google to do a search. If I inadvertently click on a link that takes me to FeeBay I immediately hit the back button and continue on with my search. This was BEFORE the latest BS but now it’s only gotten worse and has provided me with even more reasons to stay away from FeeBay and especially Pay(through the nose)Pal.

  • http://www.laurelandhardy.org Mr Levity (ebay seller)


    I have been selling on ebay for several years now. I strived to keep my 100% feedback, as I always put the customer first.
    If I had a problem I would deal with it straight away, I always mailed my ebay sales out within a couple of days. Now we can’t even have our say for slow payers or deadbeats (yes I know we can file a non paying bidder…..more hassle)..
    My friends also joined ebay upon my recommendation (one is even a power seller). ….it was fun and rewarding.
    But we are all disappointed that we did not even get a say or vote on the feedback changes. We all have stopped selling this week and two of us have shut our ebay shops for good (that part is due to the shop fee being hiked). But it is the feedback changes that upset us all.
    Luckily I have a web site that brings in more sales than my ebay listings, so I do feel sorry for all those sellers who only use ebay.
    I will now just use ebay to sell smaller items, then tell all the buyers to come to my own web site for all of our other Laurel and Hardy collectibles.
    So, I think they may well notice a drop off, I was averaging about $160 in fees a month…..so X that by many, many unhappy sellers and they may even notice something has gone wrong.
    • http://www.usauctionslive.com Guest

      You should take a look at our site USAuctionsLive.com Not only are the fees much lower but we allow you to leave feedback on every buyer and seller. and we really strive to prevent ANY fraud on our site!

    • Guest


      i total agree with you. i myself have a 100% positive feedback  and a shop with eBay

      and your are right it not fun anymore .so last week i closed my shop too after 1and half with them  and im  with other auction now and a less fee too

  • Gurlz Gone Glam

    … and you should do your homework David… as a reporter of facts, you should know them before you spew…

    We only see the 3% drop in listings because those few sites, that I’m sure you’re collecting you data from, DO NOT REPORT STORE LISTINGS in their totals, only auction style listings and there are THOUSANDS of sellers who’ve ENDED THEIR LISTINGS and CLOSED THEIR STORES, at very minimum equaling HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of listings…

     "The hue and cry for attention…"

    Do you collect a paycheck from GREEDbay as well David?

    I ask because only a pompus ass on their payroll would make such an invidious statement.

    Your article is inaccurate and insulting.

    Most sincerely,



    • David A. Utter

      Don’t worry, I’ll correct it as soon as I get that check from eBay. Oh wait, I don’t get paid by eBay. Looks like we’re stuck with your typo.

      PS: ‘Gurlz’ isn’t a word either.

      • Gurlz

        Thank you for proving my point David… I’m so happy you "got it", even with a typo… lmho! :-D

        I didn’t bother reading your latest "article"… the title says it all… more utter ignorance spewed from David Utter’s fingertips.

  • http://www.therestlessmouse.com/ John Everett, Assistant to the head cheese

      eBaY’s actions are having maximum impact over here, we quit ebay, we used to have a good return on our ebay store, it was relatively cheap even for the inexpensive items we sell. But it got to be too much hassle for a tiny profit.

      The fees aren’t the main issue for me; the problem is, not enough buyers there. Also, it seems that ebay buyers and website buyers are pretty much mutually exclusive groups. So I don’t build my customer base like I do with other advertising methods.

      I don’t think the seller strikes will cause ebay to retract any changes.

      Ebay sellers, think about the term you used, "strike" – actually it’s a "boycott".

    You are talking like ebay is your employer. Think about that, is it worth your limited time on this earth to work for ebay? Unless you are making what works out to a decent hourly wage… I don’t see how you could.

  • Guest

    Wow -

    Looks like eBay got rid of the ones that needed to go – a bunch of whiners..  I’d hate to do business with you negative folks, too.

    • Guest

      I pray to the Good Lord Above that you never encounter any problems in life great enough to cause you to feel anger and resentment such that, when expressed out loud, the resulting discussions are interpreted as whining by the likes of you. Oh, and I’m guessing that "we" would not especially like to conduct any business with you either, on the basis that you clearly have no idea what you are talking about whatsoever, so that’s all nice and agreeable for all concerned! It’s so pleasant when people can amicably agree to not get along!

      • Guest

        Ever hear the phrase "The Customer is always right?"

        Simple economics dictate that when overhead goes up, in this case fees on ebay, so does product pricing. With the number of sellers using ebay over the years and growing every day, we should see the opposite effect – fees should go down. The supply is near limitless (hard disk cache’s are emptied daily opening up space and new drives are not that costly for postings that take, on average, less than 1mb of space), but the demand has increased, meaning they can cut prices and still make more money. That spells greed no matter how you dice it.

        And those of you who say "well we’re glad to see you whiners go" will soon learn it’s those customers who leave you because of the rising prices that paid your salary in the first place.

        And for quoting the scriptures, weren’t there a few in there about not being overly cocky and arrogant? Just because someone wants a fair deal doesn’t give you the right.

    • Guest

      … considering that no one was talking about you. And whining about the ‘whiners’ kinda puts you right there with them, don’t cha think?

      The complaints here are legit. Years ago my husband was thinking of using eBay to sell off some of the stuff we no longer used but saw as too valuable to throw away.  Once he researched the cost of doing business there, though, we decided to go the craigslist route — cheaper, more direct, less apt to get skewered. Sure we got our share of loonys, but the bulk of our stuff was sold at a price both buyer and seller were happy with (some with freebies thrown in) and no shipping charges!  What we didn’t sell, we donated.

      Now I’m thinking we’ll check out some of the auction sites posted, so thank you to those who’ve included them in their posts.


  • http://www.callendamornen.co.uk Callen Damornen

    I have used eBay in the past to sell items perhaps 3 times a year.  I don’t look at it as a place to earn a living.  As an occasional seller (which I think make up most who sell on eBay) there is no incentive to keep it up.  The sister store, half.com is not really a good alternative.

    What started out with good ideals is overrun by greed.  I was charged double to run my ad on the assumption the second run was covered by the free re-run clause I signed under.  Instead, I didn’t get it free.  I asked for help from their customer service department and it fell on deaf ears.  I did not pay the fee and after two weeks they sent it to an aggressive collection agency and still refused to acknowledge my complaint.  After that incident, I refuse to buy or sell on eBay.

    That being said, eBay has grown from a small concept to a big business and is overrun by those trying to scam them out of money.  It is unfortunate that they take a route to alienate the majority of the small auction listers in favor of the high rollers.  That is a poor business model.  It is like them saying,  "Your money is not good enough so go elsewhere peasants."

    There are many alternatives to eBay including other online auctions, Craigslist, or starting your own web site to sell your stuff.  If eBay doesn’t want your business, don’t beg for it, just don’t use it.   Some people still do find eBay a good way to find what they need and will buy it wherever they can find it.  They have nothing to gain or lose by your boycott.

  • http://www.clareross.com Clare Ross

    I am a small seller on Ebay and already I feel like I am held to ransom somewhat.

    Ebay also of course control Paypal, so lets not forget the Paypal fees on to of final value and listing fees.


    All in all, they take a fair wack, which is fine, its their site, their rules.


    But there comes a point where you wonder whether its a little greedy on their behalf, as lets face it customer service is almost non existent and he whole site relies on sellers for its populariy and it is an automated service that they charge fees as if we were gettin a personal service.


    A distinction needs to be made as although I do not begrudge Ebay taking their cut, I believe they would make more if they charged less, so encouraging smaller sellers to sell there, making for a better market place.


  • Guest

    Please note before reading any further, I am in no way affiliated with the site I am about to plug!

    The guys at tazbar.com have persevered for along time (getting on for a couple of years, I think) to create an alternative platform for online auctions but they’re still pretty quiet.

    I’d recommend anyone discontented with eBay give them a go. A quick scoot around the forums will give you an idea of how dedicated they and the sellers who have been there from the off have been.

  • Guest

    It’s as easy as quitting cigarettes, really – all you need is a positive mind and strong determination to succeed. Repeat this to yourself at least 50 times a day:

    "I DO NOT REALLY NEED EBAY!  I just think I do after so many years of being loyal to them. But look how they have repaid my loyalty – by kicking me squarely in the balls! If I quit them now and forever, my peace of mind and quality of life will massively improve."

    It’s like a drug. You really don’t need eBay, and here’s why: what on earth did you all do before eBay? Or even before the www? You traded in the real world, at actual real flea markets with real "in your face" people, or via classified ads in real newspapers and magazines, etc.  Well, just go back out there into the real world and trade person-to-person once again. It’s actually a lot more fun than the psuedo-reality of trading on the web. You’ve all obviously just forgotten, that’s all, which is an easy thing to do in the modern world.

    And if you really must trade on the net coz you can’t do the real world thing for whatever reason, then use your intelligence and search out alternatives for yourselves. That’s what search engines, communities and discussion groups are for. There doesn’t have to be one single alternative to eBay. A large number of alternatives that everyone turns to in their own ways for their own needs will still cripple eBay eventually.

    It is extremely obvious that eBay (and PayPal) don’t deserve anyone’s loyalty ever again. So quit them first, be strong and deal with the cold-turkey effect – go on, you can do it! – and then sort out alternatives later. Like me, you’ll be so glad you did! :-)

    Oh yes, and this approach works perfectly well for hitting back at other fat-cat greed-monsters, like Google AdSense for example. If you’ve been suffering large revenue drops there recently as a site publisher, try an alternative ad system – there are plenty of them. Any one will do, again it’s just a case of kicking the nasty habit of "loyalty"! :-)


    • Guest

      Amen to that! Everyone needs to remember, every corporate fat-cat machine once started out as a small business that actually cared for customers and staff. It’s human nature for things to end up like eBay/Google/Microsoft/G.M./Ford, etc., it’s not something to worry about or get upset over. Don’t boycott eBay – quit them completely and never go back. There are plenty of great small alts, and Amazon auctions work great if you really must stick with a giant corp.

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