eBay Back To Buying AdWords

    June 22, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The Google AdWords boycott by eBay has ended, but the online marketplace won’t be spending as much as it used to with the dominant search advertising company.

Oh, and the reason for the boycott in the first place? It wasn’t a boycott, but an experiment with other marketing efforts.

It’s just a coincidence that it began when Google promoted and then hastily pulled an event taking place near eBay’s recent eBay Live conference in Boston.

Internet News reported that eBay spokesperson Hani Durzy expects everyone to buy that explanation, which was first circulated at eBay Live:

But Durzy said that while eBay was pleased Google canceled the controversial “Freedom Party,” the timing of its experiment was mere coincidence.

Still, there seemed to be a bit of love loss between the long-time partners/rivals and a source familiar with the matter said the connection between eBay’s displeasure with Google’s Boston party and eBay’s decision to withhold its enormous ad spend was real.

Ads for products available on eBay should start appearing on Google again, according to the report. We bet Eric Schmidt’s new iPhone got a real workout with a lot of calls to Meg Whitman over the past week.