eBay Attracts More Complaints

Not Having a Great Year

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eBay is certainly no stranger to controversy. They even catch hell when they’re giving away items (well technically, they’re charging a buck….for things like sports cars, jet skis, etc.). The auction site is hosting a contest called "Holiday Doorbusters," which is basically summed up here:

eBay Holiday Doorbusters

The problem is that some users are running scripts that "game" the contest, and that of course angers eBay users, who are trying to win prizes legitimately. After all, nobody likes a cheater. However, eBay users apparently like a contest developed in a way that would allow this to happen, even less. That is where eBay comes in to receive the bulk of the blame.

Bob Sullivan at MSNBC points to a section in the contest rules that says

“Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend part or all of this Promotion at any time without notice, if in the Sponsor’s opinion there is any suspected or actual evidence of electronic or non-electronic tampering with any portion of the Promotion, or if virus, bugs, non-authorized human intervention or other causes corrupt or impair the administration, security, fairness or integrity of the Promotion.”

"During a series of brief interviews, however, eBay representatives were unable to provide a clear explanation of what kind of automation is allowed and what is prohibited," says Sullivan.

Caught with pants down perhaps? Many eBay users have already migrated to other sites, but this has been mainly a seller issue. After this, some buyers might be inclined to follow suit. It has not been a great year for eBay, and I would guess that the company is eager to put 2008 behind them. Let’s hope that 2009 offers a bit more productivity in terms of keeping users happy.

eBay Attracts More Complaints
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  • Guest

    EBay has shown a remarkable genius for self-sabotage. They have alienated the majority of the sellers who made them what they are today, and now they drive away the buyers as well? A little adult supervision might save this company yet, otherwise they are headed for well-deserved oblivion.

    • Chris Crum

      It would appear that some new strategies are in order.

      • Jim

        I have been using e-bay for several years. I am a Power Seller on 2 of my stores, with a 99.9%-100% positive ratings between all of my stores. I have accumulated 5 different stores, all with auctions on them. I also offer special shipping discounts and very reasonable pricing. There is over 12,000 items in my inventory and have been listing around 1200-1500 new items a week.

        Before all of the new policy changes in the last year I was averaging around $5,000 a week. Now just since the change in policy starting Nov 1 08′ (only being able to accept Pay Pal), I am averaging around $1,800 a week.

        E-Bay is getting paid from every angle, from the listing fee’s to the final value fees. I pay around $850.00 a week in E-bay fee’s. This is CRAZY. I have no way to retaliate when someone buy’s an item, wears it and then sends it back saying there is a problem with it. E-bay returns the item and make’s me pay for the fee’s, and the shipping to and from its destination, taking the money right out of my paypal account with out me knowing it. If this is not illegal, it should be.

        Then on top of that the buyer can leave negative feedback, and there in no way to retaliate when they do. If you have a problem and need customer help, all you get is talking online with someone who knows very little on how to help you, and when you do get someone, they give you a run around trying different solutions to your problem not getting it solved anyway.

        I agree there needs to be a new site like the way E-Bay used to be.User friendly and fair.

  • Guest

    eBay management could screw up a one car funeral. I’ve never seen such an inept and clueless “management” except there.

    • Chris Crum

      Seems to be a popular opinion.

  • Guest

    This is a company that is analogous to a ship without a true captain or a rudder. They go with what they think the flow of the day is, while loyal customers and their best technical talent flows out the door.

    They need to fire their executive team and get back to their roots.

    • Chris Crum

      It doesn’t seem too far-fetched that that would happen considering the amount of flack they’ve taken this year.

  • ricroe

    Everyone is quick to point to the current economy when discussing recent declines in Internet Sales Volume, especially the dramatic decline at eBay.

    eBay however, has no excuse to hide behind the economy declining curtain, except for the fact the CEO is unwilling to admit he had led the marketplace down the wrong path.

    Draconian policies and failing infrastructure combined with search that returns irrelevant results, and the worlds worst customer service has been slowly bringing eBay down for years.

    Enter Mr Donahoe and his “new coke – green ketchup – disruptive innovation’ plan for eBay, and the skids of failure received a new layer of grease.

    Ebay has historically out performed the brick and mortar retail segment as well as the stock market during past recessions.

    When times got tough, buyers used to flock to eBay in search of incredible deals on unique items as well as scoop up second hand goods to help stretch their dollar.

    Then came John Donahoe, the killer of small sellers, the eBay suicide king, leader of the gang that could not shoot straight.

    Under Mr Donahoe’s leadership, eBay is being converted into a high priced shopping mall at the very time that retailers of new merchandise are filing for bankruptcy in numbers never seen before.

    Mr Donahoe’s choice to eviscerate the core of eBay by purging small sellers could not have come at a worse time.

    eBay’s quarterly reports are dismal and it’s stock price which has seen its value drop by 2/3 since Donahoe assumed control, sinks to a new low almost every week. Page views have reached new lows – down 30% Oct 2008 compared to Oct 2007.

    This decline at eBay started to set in long before the economy displayed signs of recession, and runs completely contrary to eBay’s historical success during tough economic times.

    Ebay has always offered the worlds worst customer service, recent staffing cuts have served to exacerbate this problem.

    Ebay has alienated buyers with forced search methods that do not return what buyers want to see.

    The failed Best Match does not allow buyers to search, but instead shows buyers what eBay has determined they want buyers to see.

    Sellers that pay to place listings see those paid listings deliberately disadvantaged in placement in favor of a class of sellers that pay nothing to list items. These Diamond sellers flood the core and drown the small sellers that pay to list.

    eBay has further alienated sellers with a draconian DSR policy which is not the tool promised to sellers. Instead, it turns out that DSR’s are really a weapon pointed at sellers heads that only delivers suspensions not information to foster improvement.

    Sellers are frustrated by eBay’s failure to address the increasing frequency of non paying bidders. NPB activity has increased since implementation of the one way feedback policy. The issue continues to be ignored as eBay profits from re listing of unpaid merchandise.

    EBay further alienates both buyers and sellers with a crumbling IT infrastructure that is subject to rolling ‘glitches’ on an almost daily basis. Glitches that effect payments, shipping, searching, access to funds, correct payment information, delayed revenue transfers and others cause buyers and sellers alike to give up on the company that suddenly can’t get anything right anymore.

    As eBay continues to deteriorate, they have become less of a venue as they now want to dictate every facet of a sellers business from retail pricing and fixed shipping costs to what kind of feedback sellers are permitted to leave buyers. They cannot get anything right, yet they dictate what sellers must do. So much for the claim of being a venue.

    Mr Donahoe and the rest of his executive leadership team keep their heads buried firmly in the sand. They only pull them out for the occasional press release to parrot Donahoe’s claims that “all is well” and “everything is proceeding according to plan”, while ignoring the roof that is obviously falling in around them.

    Add the fact that as the marketplace crumbles, eBay continues to steadily increase fees and it is no wonder why so many sellers have opted to migrate to other marketplaces and open their own web sites.

    This company is failing on every level. Emperor Donahoe continues to fiddle as eBay burns.

    Will shareholders step in and call for the removal of eBay’s current leadership or is John Donahoe the next poster child for failed CEO’s?

    • Guest

      THANK YOU. Your commentary perfectly sums up ebay’s laundry list of problems. I only wish that ebay’s board would read it, and act accordingly. But, since we all know that they never read, listen to, or respond to anything that their “Customer’s” communicate, I guess it’s not to be.

      After reading your comments, I have come to the conclusion (long overdue) that expecting ebay to come to some grand realization, and make changes is like believing the economy will improve soon. Just not going to happen.

  • Guest

    eBay created their own buyer issues.

    Many sellers who left eBay because of the so-called ‘disruptive innovation’ were also buyers.

    eBay thought that I (and others) would continue to do and business on the site after being treated so shabbily as a seller.

    The disrespect this management team has shown towards eBay users is beyond the pale. I was a good seller, exactly the kind of person the management team claimed it was trying to attract. Perfect feedback, 5.0 and 4.9 stars, repeat customers…. still the new system showed favor to alot worse sellers and I was lucky to get seen.

    As a result, eBay lost all my buying business too because I would never by from any company who treated their customers the way eBay treated me as a seller. Not in the brick and mortar world and not online.

    I can’t imagine anything eBay could do to get my business back. I don’t trust this company and funny, I have found everything I’ve been looking for elsewhere, with a lot less hassle.

    • Chris Crum

      There’s no telling how many buyers they lost because they were also sellers who feel cheated. Not to mention just the customers that followed those sellers that went elsewhere.

  • Guest

    My “Business” Yesterday on Ebay:
    Hat and Mittens Set: $4.24
    Baseball Cap: $5.00
    Small Tote Bag: $10.61
    Total price received, plus shipping, on these 3 ebay auctions:

    (I feel I HAVE to offer free shipping to have a snowball’s chance of showing up somewhere on best match… And send mail same-or next-day by usps priority for a another snowball’s chance at 5 star shipping)

    Shipping costs for above 3 items plus Del.Conf. (not including packing supplies): $18.35
    Ebay insertion fees for above 3 items: Approx. $1.00
    Ebay final value fees : $1.52
    Paypal fees: $1.45
    Total costs incurred to sell these 3 items: $22.32

    Amount of money I lost by selling on ebay: $2.47

    Extra perks: For the privilege of being an ebay buyer/seller for 8 years, for earning 100% feedback, and 4.9 to 5 star rating, I await my buyers’ response anxiously as I am at their mercy, and I have no protection as a seller due to newer policies.

    I used to make money on ebay. But now I realize how ignorant I am to keep this type of “business” up.

    Closing my ebay account: Priceless!

  • Guest

    I had 900 positive feedback as a seller on ebay . I refuse to sell on ebay.
    What i just cannot understand is why their is no viable competion to ebay…..if their was I think ebay would be wiped out the same day.

    • Chris Crum

      It is pretty interesting that no other brands have really stepped up to steal the eBay thunder yet. I would say that a good part of the reason for this is that the average buyer who has no selling experience on eBay doesn’t know or care about the woes of sellers. This Holiday contest thing isn’t going to help eBay in that regard though. I don’t think they can afford to drive too many buyers away.

      • Guest

        What EBay so-called ‘management’ doesn’t seem to have realized is that most of the sellers they drove away WERE the buyers as well.

    • http://www.baconsdozen.co.uk Baconsdozen

      There are alternatives to ebay.
      1.Is ebid,I’ve had more sales on there some weeks than ebay and with much lower fees it’s worth a try.
      2.Best of all get your own web site,no fees and you don’t have to use painpal.Its had work but rewarding and you don’t have to line the pockets of ebay who basically don’t give a monkeys for you or any of the people who use their site.

    • Guest

      I had 4000+ feedback on ebay and they took me off 2 years ago at Christmasd,for breaking the rule of selling a designer label I had sold for 7 years on there.

      They ruined Christmas for me family,and didnt give a damn,they took me off & left others on selling the same thing.

      I opened my website then & havent looked back but the behaviour of ebay was unforgivable.

      I still havent recieved an explanation after 3v years,they are a law unto themselves

    • Guest

      I have used www.ebid.com why not give it a go.

      • Guest

        I’ve been on Ebid for a few years but there are hardly any sellers. I’ve also tried Folksy, Etsy, Ecrater, and all are pretty slow because people are scattering from Ebay but not directly to one site. All it would take would be for one site to mop up all Ebay’s lost buyers and sellers and Ebay would be out of business.

        I’ve had more than ten times the trouble on Ebay in the past year than I have had over the past seven I have been with them. They are no longer a company I feel I can do business with. I mean, imagine selling a 99p item on Ebay; list in maybe two categories, put photos, offer buy-it-now. Item sells at 99p, which is okay because that is all you were wanting to it. Add Final Value Fees and … you have made a loss and Ebay is sitting pretty on maybe 110% of the item value. That is even before adding Paypal fees etc which adds more into Ebay coffers.

        Advertise on your auction that you accept ANY electronic payment system than Ebay’s Paypal monopoly and you find your auction deleted and account suspended. Complain as a buyer that a seller has stiffed you, tough luck, same when complaining as a seller about a buyer.

        Try and discuss the problem with other buyers and sellers, to try to involve Ebay in the forums to understand where they are going wrong, tough luck, the thread gets deleted and you get banned.

        Try any of the other sites mentioned in this thread, let’s let these other places grow. And maybe if Ebay goes to the wall, then at least their workers can go to work at these other sites which could be flourishing. I think it is Ecrater who are free for listings at the moment, Ebid is free to list as long as you don’t want anything fancy. Amazon are okay but don’t use them if you are selling anything heavy – I got the standard

  • Guest

    PayPAl is is also very bad place to do business! No wonder! After reading these post I understand a little better why that is! I hope they both go boink!

    • Guest

      what about the thousands of workers that would be out of a job. Dont be so eager to put your fellow man out of work.

  • http://www.digitalspiralwebdesign.com Affordable Custom Web Design

    For every other major web site out there today, there is plenty of competing sites – excpet for the online-auction market.
    Isn’t it about time somebody developed an ebay-style auction site to offer better services than they do?

  • http://www.TheCrazedCollector.com David Perkins

    It’s great to be able to list items on a website, like eBay, where there’s more traffic than I could ever generate personally… but trying to figure out the rules that keep on changing is a real pain in the _ _ _! When you pay for an eBay store and have items listed there for months and they sell like hot cakes… and suddenly your item(s) are de-listed because of some “vague” rule that you’ve supposedly broken… and absolutely NOBODY will take the time of day to explain exactly what I did wrong so that I can fix it… There was an easy solution!

    Close the eBay store and take everything back to my own online store. At least I don’t get charged all kinds of fees and then get my listings cancelled on my own website!

    When will the rest of the sellers wake up? Does eBay not realize that we sellers are also some of their best buyers?

    Merry Christmas!

    • Marshell and Jimmy

      My answer to eBays sh*t? Bonanzle, of course! You all should try it, very refreshing.

      eBay has taken us for a ride; We’ll be closing our store soon. Wanted to wait ’till after Christmas, but with all the changes, we have made nothing in 2 weeks!

      It’s outrageous, and we’re fed up.

      It’s a crying shame, because we put our heart and sole into eBay, and got screwed…and we are angry. But no one cares, it’s all for the big guys…

  • Guest

    I was an ebay seller. more than three hundred happy customers and all positive, but then we were moving house and had a death in the family at the same time. The computer was dropped when we moved so my ebay details were gone, and the phone company took three weeks to get the landline on- so no dial up internet.

    In the meanwhile I tried to use friend’s internet to contact buyers and explian these unforseeable problems but could not email them all and got a few negative feedbacks from new buyers who seem to want to give negatives before they have contacted the person to try to resolve the situation.

    I had been suspended and did not know it, and they said I should try to increase buyer satisfaction or I would be blocked but if you can’t sell anything how can you get your buyer satisfaction improved- you can’t!

    I tried to contact ebay but they blocked my account and all I got was that I should deal with outstanding complaints, but to my knowledge there weren’t any (and if there were, they were not going to tell me what they were- and I did not have my computer records to email people, and no access to my ebay records).

    I keep emailing them but I just get carbon copy type emails that tell you nothing useful, and the live help never have the power to do anything.

    But worse still, we came across someone who had 1420 positive feedbacks and a perfect record and then he sent off this antique dish to someone and they claimed that the glass centre was damaged in the post and they wanted a refund, even of the postage, he was not convinced and said that he would refund everything IF they sent him back the item. They refused and gave him negative feedback. He had another similar situation not long afte and ebay suspended him.

    He said he was not going to budge because he felt it was fair that he only give a refund if the item was returned (because he said he is very careful how things are packed and does not believe anything got broken- and their response seems to prove this.

    So what now, well, for me I can see that ebay could not care less. Whether you have three hundred positives or three thousand, all you need is a few buyers that for whatever reason give you negative feedback and your seller rating slips and it is goodbye Charlie.

    No help, no second chance, not nothing.

    They don’t realise that sellers are buyers too, and everytime they get rid of a good seller they get rid of a buyer and generate a whole lot of bad publicity, it WILL catch up with them in the end…but by then it will be too late for them to change it.

    There ARE other online auction sites. So they don’t get as much traffic as ebay, but who needs the aggravation, I don’t.
    Bye-bye ebay!

  • mavrick03

    wal-mart any one?
    This all reminds me of wall-mart,radio shack and some other companies to name a few. Everyone of them forgot who they came to the dance with.
    The new pay pal poloicy of holding funds until items have been shipped and received.
    some of us that offer free shipping add the shipping cost into our price taking less of a profit when you hold my money at ransom for up to 21 days. Really ticks me off

  • Guest

    eBay shoud fire it’s entire current “management” staff and bring back Pierre Omidyar. eBay’s policy of “PayPal only auctions” is clearly a violation of the most basic anti-trust laws. If not legally, certainly in intent and should be challenged by a class-action suit. So is the current requirement of having to offer PayPal for sellers with a lower than 100 feedbacks. For now eBay “management” obviously believes that they can rape their customers by holding a gun to their heads. The answer is obvious: Simply STOP using eBay, and please use every opportunity you have to tell your friends and business associates that “eBay SUCKS” and that they are contributing to a grossly mis-managed, greedy 800lb. gorilla that should be stopped.

    I’ve quit eBay forever, and do my best to try to inform anyone who will listen that they should never become involved with eBay or PayPal under any conditions. However, it’s truly sad to see something that was so brilliantly conceived go down the tubes so fast due to pure greed.

    If you really care about the ability to use the web as a freemarket sales media, PLEASE start signing your emails “eBay sucks, don’t be a sucker and use eBay”.

  • http://wehner.org Charles Douglas Wehner

    I tried to join. They “opened” an account. They sent me a “password”. It did not open the account.

    I wrote. No reply.

    I gave up. I had done no business with them.

    Since then, I have been SPAMMED by both eBay and “PAINpal” (I got that name from the comments above).

    Both companies are “phishing”. The source of these phishing attempts is beyond doubt the companies themselves. They are clearly unsavoury companies.

    I understand that Paypal is owned by eBay (since October 3, 2002).


    Bear in mind that the Wickedpedia has been infiltrated by crooks who spread lies (control of the Press). Therefore not all its information is reliable.

    Their spam explains that I have bought or sold an item. I have bought or sold NOTHING. The spam explains that my account has been compromised by a hacker. I do not have an account. Years ago, I tried, but never got in.

    The spam explains that I must hurry to get in touch, and give all manner of private information, or my account will be closed.

    My account with eBay never opened. I never had an account with Paypal. I never even contacted the company.

    So I have known for YEARS about the sleaze of these two companies.

    If you get a warning that your account has been “compromised”, do as I do. Register it as SPAM.

    • Guest

      dude, everybody gets phishing emails… i’m sure you local banks and financial institutions also appear to be phishing. i’m not defending eBay.. i don’t use them. but get your facts straight. bad argument

      • Glenn

        But it is precisely this type of thing that eBay CSR’s should be addressing. The average computer user is a Novice who has no Idea what the rest of us are talking about. The whole sit. above could have been avoided if a CSR agent had been easily available. Granted, it’s not Really eBay’s responsibility to provide good customer relations- or any customer relations at all- unless they Want to grow their company or keep what they have. Right?

  • Raia

    After 10 years on eBay I quit just over a year ago. I’ll be an SOB if I’m going to pay someone to abuse me, especially when I am that someone’s customer. Most of my seller friends have followed suit and left as well, opening shops on eCrater, Blujay, Etsy, Bonanzle and others, however I have several friends who still sell there and not a single day goes by that they don’t have something negative to say about eBay.

    Either their items are invisible and don’t show in search (paying for a service and not receiving it is called “theft”), they’re not making any money, and even going in the red such as the guest poster above or countless other reasons.

    A few of my friends that are left on eBay use drop shippers, selling major brand-name electronics and other household items. The competition for such items is brutal, each trying to undercut the other on price, thus no one makes any money except eBay, PayPal, the drop shipper and the USPS/UPS.

    I had to laugh when I heard the manufacturers of these items want a bill passed causing eBay to enact a policy of forcing sellers to offer those items at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price… which of course will put all of those eBay sellers out of business, because Walmart, Best Buy, Sears, etc always sell below the MSRP, so why would someone risk an eBay seller vs the super store right up the road? They wouldn’t.

    Does eBay care that all of those small/medium/moderately sized sellers who are barely scraping by will be put out of business? No

    But what DOES freak eBay out is the fact that it will also put their “Diamond” sellers out of the eBay business and this scares them to death, because it’s their new and improved choice for bread and butter.

    (I’m sorry, this makes me laugh out loud! lol)

    So much so, that they are not only paying lobbyists to fight against this bill for them in D.C., but they have actually resorted to begging those same sellers that they’ve abused and drop-kicked to the curb to “please not let this happen!”… they’ve actually even released a video, begging sellers to fight for them too. How ironic.

    I’m deeply sorry for the sellers who will be screwed over by this happening, but you’ll find another niche… there are plenty out there… trust me, you’ll be okay and if you’re making .50 per $150.00 item, like my friends in that line, you’ll be way better off.

    Personally I hope like heck this bill gets passed, because it will finally be the end of eBay… it will finish them off… they wanted to clean up the “flea-market” look and go “Amazon”, killing off all of the sellers who made them what they once were? Well, there you have it. Greed will cause yet another huge company to vaporize.

    They’ll have no choice but to fold or try like heck to go back to what made them great, and after watching eBay do one stupid thing after another for the last 5 of 11 years and *never* once “change it back”, it’s doubtful they will choose the latter… at least not until it’s way too late.

    They’re not exactly known for being the brightest bulb in the room these days.

    I only wish the other selling venues would get more media exposure, such as interviews, stats, etc… then new viable alternatives would be readily available and people who are still dealing with eBay’s abuse and theft will have more choices.

  • http://www.beaufortmotorsports.com Beaufort Motorsports

    Been with Ebay since 1999 with flawless feedback. I am leaving Ebay on Jan 1rst. I cannot say on here as to why because the servers probably do not have the room on them for this amount of complaints. I wish all you Guru’s out there would give the names of other sites to sell on…

  • http://www.yourimpactmatters.com Mommy Impact

    I totally agree with everything said here. Ebay turned their back on my husband and I when we had a booming sales business and 100% positive feedback, after a faulty VERO claim. I loathe the eBay marketplace, and refuse to shop there and tell everyone I know of their horrid customer sevice and their repulsive treatment to sellers.

    I too would be pleased to see a replacement out there somewhere…but I wonder would they fold under pressure of lawsuit and greed as eBay has? Would another auction marketplace be subject to the same regulations that eBay has imposed? Would they be forced to treat their (legitimate) sellers like crap to appease the likes of Disney and Chanel? Why was it deemed eBay’s fault when someone sold a knock-off? It should have been the seller’s responsibility alone.

    I only sold originals, things that I personally owned and had a right to sell. I had 100 % positive with over 1000 feedback, and my account was suspended and eBay refused to help me rectify the situation. Their customer service reps were puppets spouting telemarketing-inspired drivel. It was a disgusting display of borg corruption and I will never use the filth that is eBay again.

  • Guest

    I, also, was an Ebay seller. I ran into problems when the garage next to the home was robbed and my merchandise was stolen. Despite the police report – I could not get the refunds or the matter settled with eBay before the negative comments started coming in.

    I wrote to eBay – but that is a lost lost cause. The endless circle of pat answers and an unwillingness to put the “negative feedback” on hold until I could get a hold of everyone did not exist.

    It is the fact that there is not a “live person” to have a discussion with that is eBays downfall.

    That public feedback only protects ebay – it does not protect the sellers at all. Bad buyers just change names and then deliberately buy merchandise to come back and provide negative feedback again in retribution. It is an endless cycle. It is a failed system.

    Ebays problem – lack of public relations. They have none.

    Personally – I do not sell there nor buy there anymore. More important – I go out of my way to pass along my story when ever the chance arises and I do not recommend the site to anyone.

    eBay is a brutal place to do business.

  • http://www.diamondonnet.com/ Diamonds

    We used them for a while but they were never good for us, they kept on increasing their service charge and the customers are a bunch of brats.

  • Glenn

    What eBay fails to realize: I actually made more money for eBay than I made for myself- that’s what it finally amounted to. It got to the point I was about to ask if they had an insurance or retirement plan. What started out a Good thing for all concerned has pretty much been destroyed throughout this past year- my advice? Own stock in eBay? Time to Get Out- ’cause the sky Is falling- because even though eBay can generate listings- and even lure traffic- what doesn’t come out in the wash Will come out in the Rinse- and I’ve got a feeling it’ll show in the money.

  • http://www.beaufortmotorsports.com Beaufort Motorsports

    Beaufort Motorsports has been building Automatic Trikes for everyone although we started it for the Hanicapped and advertised them on ebay exclusively for 2 years. This will stop as of the New Year. It cost me $362 to advertise it every time and 2 years ago they would give a relist credit if it did not sell and they do not give it anymore. We just got through with the 2007/2008 books and Ebay is the biggest loss of the year.

    Ebay and Painpal made $39,000 off of us last year and we made $13,000 from ebay sales. We lost over the last year over 25 auctions for what they call curcumvention of ebay fee’s and the adds were removed without any notice and given NO chance to correct it. I was directing them to a NON linked website page with over 75 different pictures to see the different models and only did transactions through Pee-Bay. We were charged for the Auction and finale value fee’s based on an average selling price of other units and was charged for the full Auction over 25 times and there was nothing we could do about it. We planned this move for dropping PEE-BAY 6 months ago and the new year is close and our headache will be over.

    Unfortunately, the people who use PEE-BAY only to find the Unique items such as ours will loose out.
    Dropping PEE-BAY is a wonderful X-MAS gift to ourselves and will give us a happy New Year.

    PEE-BAY, Thanks for this 1 gift for over 13 years of loyal service!!!

    Beaufort Motorsports,LLC

  • http://www.gregsguitars.net greg

    I agree I have a bonifide evaluation sale final price ,ebay grossly overcharged me buy 100,s of dollars ,I filed dispute over 4 months ago ,still no response from ebay, I will never sell or shop there again, sniping,and other rigged “auctions ” as well as paypal only options are just a few of the reasons ebay has died….Greg

  • http://www.cannabis.eu.com FaTe

    Sigh so many comments to make and all already made! nice coverage people lol

    2 cents here > Ebay need to go backwards and reverse some illogical decisions made from roughly 2 years ago and hope they can still make good with the public, If I wanted a Ebuyer and a Lottery site I would go them type of sites…

  • http://www.GratefulDeadSunglasses.com Moreyn Kamenir

    I was part of the mass exodus from eBay last year. I am a member of Delphi Forums http://forums.delphiforums.com/boycottebay. I am a member of the boycott eBay UNION. We are strong in numbers and ideas..

    Go there to find that we’ve chosen 3 sites for you all to find great traffic on. When this first started last year, the sites weren’t much, but I’ve re-checked onlineauction.com and they are FULL of great listings that seem to be selling.

    I’m planning on using OLA in combination with my website. If you go to Delphiforums.com/boycott ebay, you’ll find the other two sites. One is premier if you sell handmade items…I can’t remember it’s name.

    Trust me, there IS life AFTER eBay!

  • http://rebshart.ecrater.com/ Reb

    It used to be a requirement that everyone that work at eBay also have been a seller. The seller is eBay’s customer and they have lost touch with that simple fact. They have people developing policy who have no clue! As a result many sellers are moving on to other venues like eCrater, Bonanzle or Etsy… when you go to Alexa.com you can see that eBay’s traffic is progessively going down so unless they start making smart drastic changes yesterday that ship is sinking…. as for the contest… just another result of planning by people who are clueless about the trenches

    • http://www.realestatesignstore.com Michael

      Hay Google, I seem to remember that Google owns Yahoo’s old auction house. How about re-opening it as Google Auction, with Google checkout, and set it up as a real online, real people to people, real feed back, real low cost, auction.
      I believe eBay is at the point of no return. And an Google Auction would kill eBay off.
      I read 1,000’s of posts across the net , eBay has killed the small auction seller, and is working toward only large seller.
      There pricing is out of hand 12% to sell?
      Google PLEASE , PLEASE open a auction site up.

      • steve

        Good idea! Yes, Google, get on with developing an auction business what with Google Checkout’s low payment fees its got to be a winner. Ebay is just getting beyond the joke. They have doubled their FVF with not giving anything back. Its poor at best. I hope very much ebay’s days are numbered.

  • Guest

    Started on ebay about 4 years ago made powerseller first year on value of sales, then worked out exactly how much we were making. Cut back to only most profitable lines and lost powerseller status but made the same tiny profit out of a quarter of the turnover, then the changes to shop visibility begin followed by a whole string of other random policy changes resulting in reduced sales and increased fees.

    With 5000 feedback 99.9 positive I took a year off to sort out the debt ebay was creating, came back to sell off a few old items this autumn, 13 sales , 2 non payers and one negative feedback by someone without the common sense to get in touch with a seller with virtualy 100% feedback about their problem.

    Ebay the company are overpriced and horrible, their buyers are often bad and getting worse due to ebay giving in to them repeatedly, I do actually quite like pay pal its much dearer to deal with a bank for credit cards or fees for banking cheques and easier to avoid non payers. Selling on Amazon now and made more in 3 months than I made in 4 years on ebay, I will never go back.

  • http://AmericanSelfDefenseProducts.com Sharon

    I’ve been throwing the idea around recently of leaving the eBay scene. There are so many changes and none for the good. I’m rarely selling anything now and when I do eBay and Paypal make out while I get a nickle for my time. It’s just not what it used to be when selling was great and so was buying! I started with them in 1999 and now with 2009 coming I think it’s time I get out.

    After reading all the comments on here I feel it’s finally time to move on. I really appreciate the info on what else is out there as far as other auction type sites.

    TTFN eBay!!

  • http://www.freewebs.com/ezwaybay Christine Jubic

    I was an ebay seller for five years. I had over 1,500 positive feedbacks and even made power seller status one time, until, one month I accidently shorted them 63 cents when I made payment with debit card, and rather than contacting me to straighten out the error, they put me on an automatic “late with payment” list and my account was SUSPENDED indefinately until I paid the 63 cents!! I left and never went back. There are other on-line auction sites and here is one thats FREE: LiveDeal.Com

    Also now I am on the war-path with ebay for allowing “cruelty produced items” on their auction sites and have a petition going round against that now; and NO, I AM NOT Peta!


  • http://moomettesgramsmusings.com Moomettesgram

    I have an eBay store and made Power Seller within 6 months of starting. I’ve seen a dramatic decrease in sales over the last year which I think is because of all of the publicity about eBay, as well as increase in fees. I’ve lost my Power Seller status. Since that time I’ve divested most of my inventory and concentrate on only a few specialized items. I’ve also opened my own website where I am going to concentrate all my efforts. I have a blog with a good PR rating and many of my blog subscribers and visitors find me that way.

  • http://donscycleware.com Anonymous

    I have been buying and selling on eBay since 2003. As a seller I have experienced many of the same problems others have described. Happily I haven’t experienced many problems with buyers. I sell quality product and ship immediately. My customers appreciate this.

    Approximately two years ago my traffic and sales took a major hit apparently due to eBay inspired problems. I opened my own on-line store at Yahoo. In the last few months I have also opened accounts at eBid and amazon.

    After a couple of years my eBay sales have finally grown back to where they were originally. Unfortunately due to multiple fee increases the profit is still short of what it was. Over the same period my Yahoo sales have continued to grow. My Yahoo store: HTTP://DONSCYCLEWARE.COM The Amazon and eBid sales are continuing to grow, apparently due to word of mouth advertising.

    As profits from eBay remain stagnant or decrease eBay profits will continue to become less important. If these trends continue around the end of 2010 profits from eBay sales will represent about 10% or less of our net profit. At that point I’ll probably stop selling on eBay.

    I continue to buy on eBay, my buying experiences have been great. I don’t know any other venue where I can find the items I buy at a lower price. I believe that eBay has done a good house cleaning and removed the vast majority of the bad sellers. Unfortunately they have also alienated many sellers who are also buyers. This hurts everyone.

    I’ll probably continue to buy on eBay for the foreseeable future.

    Good luck to all of you!


  • http://buyitauction.com tony swinton

    i like many of the people who have comented here was a powerseller on Ebay but with the rule charges and increase in charges there was no way that i could afford to sell on there
    I was thinking that we need a site where we can sell with no listing fees and none of the final fees
    When i looked at was out there the only option i saw was to start my own auction site www.buyitauction.com
    we charge members $5 per month or $45 per year with no listing or selling fees and because Dropshippers had a poor deal we are offering dropshippers free membership with no listing fees
    All as we ask from dropshippers is that they promote the site,if you looking for place to sell with no fees www.buyitauction.com is the place for you

  • Guest

    I’ve been making sales now on Ioffer.com. They are the second largest site online after Ebay in terms of items listed (real listings too, not the crap that buy.com lists). No special deals for some and getting screwed for others. Every seller is equal.

    Leave ebay and go to Ioffer. Listings are free, They show up on google searches, they stay up until bought, negotiation is encouraged and I’ve sold multiple items that way (usually they just want to know if they can get combined shipping and pay full price for the items themselves) 4% flat rate for Final value fees and nobody can leave feedback for you until they confirm they received the item.

    Sellers can leave honest feedback for buyers and warn others about nuts. They let you use whatever online or paper payment service you want. Money orders and checks are still allowed there. Leave ebay and sell at Ioffer or somewhere else.

    • Guest

      I’ve been selling on Ebay for a number of years. The fees are too high and I don’t like their feedback system. I’m ready to cancel my store with Ebay. I think I will try I offer. I, also, tried Snickslist.com and like that. So reasonable. Thanks for the info.

  • Guest

    I would have been selling on ebay 10 years in March but I couldn’t stand their insane changes. I closed my store Jan. 30th. I stopped selling May 1st when the boycott was called. Sell somewhere else, we are growing new sites. Ola.com, etsy.com, Ioffer.com are officially supported by delphiforums.com/boycott ebay. Go there and join the anti-ebay community. You will find community there and encouragement as well as a place to vent your frustrations.

    WE built ebay and we will build new sites. We need more than one viable site so nobody can become the ebay dictator again. WE MADE EBAY WHAT IT WAS AND WE CAN DO IT AGAIN ELSEWHERE.
    Leave ebay and grow a site where you will be treated equally and not forced to take the ebay/paypal monopoly crap.

    • http://buyitauction.com tony swinton

      i agree with everything said here and agree that we built Ebay and thats why we started our site buyitauction.com we listen to what buyers and sellers want and allow unlimited links in adverts
      Ebay forgot the people who made it (US) the small sellers.

      Ebay was a good site but thats yesterdays news
      If people join us we are offering resellers free membership with no listing or final fees selling as it should be and when sellers contact us we listen to what is said and speak with them to add options to the site and if sellers want alternative payments on their listing to paypal we only need to be asked and can add the new options within minutes

  • Guest

    I remember when Ebay sales were between two people, buying and selling casually. You could get a FULL detailed description of the item. Now you get maybe a sentence, as the description. Nothing informative. Along with 100 lines of seller/transaction policy.

    Often these “novel sized” transaction policies will contain conflicting information. Such as “7 day return policy” along with “sold as is -no returns”. WTF? This is especiaally true for sellers of “salvage” items.

    I see fulltime sellers getting away with keyword misuse in their ads/titles. But casual sellers will get their ad pulled quickly if they do it.

    Some power sellers don’t even put the location of the item. They use phrases like “Fast Ship, USA” or “Full Warranty, USA”. Yea, that’s nice, but I can’t find that on a map -stupid.

    Powersellers also use several accounts to sell the same things. they should use only one account. It seems dishonest to me. I don’t want to forget to mention that they use alternate account names to cry, complain and moan in the forums also.

    Boo hoo, you have to wait for your money. Alot of REAL businesses use “net 30″ terms. So deal with it.

    When the number of powersellers increased on Ebay, It all went to crap. So please, Mr or Ms powerseller leave Ebay. Go somewhere else. Or go get a real job.

  • Guest

    eBay is asking for a Bail-Out, not from the goverment, BUT FROM ITS SELLERS and BUYERS who they are taking all their money and degrading them, and providing no support. I sold on ebay since they started, they were a great company and I was a powerseller too.

    I had sold merchandise and also digital goods. I have seen them change policy without notice, totally ignore there customers, take down great sellers for no reason, while allowing other bad sellers and buyers to operate. I have seen competitors open up accounts to leave negatives for their competitors when ebay changed feedback rules.


    I held stock in ebay for some time and when I saw the downturn, my stock trigger SOLD OFF all my ebay stock before it started SINKING. THAT WAS THE RED ALERT! Since then, the results are HIGHER FEES, NO PROFITS FOR SELLERS, JUNK FOR BUYERS and NO VOICE ON THE OTHER END, JUST GIVE US YOUR (Bail-out) MONEY.

    So, I refuse to BAIL OUT ebay by giving money to a company that DOES NOT WORK and DOES NOT HAVE A GOOD PLAN.

    ****DONT BAIL OUT EBAY *****

    • http://ahomebiz.org SpacecraftOdisey

      I know that, i loose in 4 years 4 account and some items blocked in this unsafe programs
      E.b.ay discriminate you with no respect.
      I stop investing my time in bad report e-Bay

      By bye bye e-bnay

  • Guest

    Ebay has let me down as a buyer, as a result of not receiving items and putting in disputes. Ebay only refunds a small percent of what i paid for the item and then ebays accounts keeps the rest for investigating the problem… i do not trust ebay for that reason and many other. As for paypal… i think they stink too, the aussie dollars would be trading at 64 cents and paypal has it as 62cents and then not to mention there other fees for conversion.

  • http://www.wagg.it/blog/ Helen

    I was selling on ebay, then left it and never got back as a seller. There was so many reasons for my decision! I didn’t sell on ebay for many years and have recently decided to sell one of my son’s ski costume. I have to tell you this: I will never come back on ebay as a buyer as well!

    After I successfully sold the item, I got into my paypal account to check if money was on my account. And I found out that the transaction had a very strange status: “ship now”. I clicked on the link “get more details” and here is what they had as a new policy: this money will be available on your account within 21 (!!!) days or after ebay buyer leaves a positive feedback(!!!!).

    Can you believe it? I shipped the item and 2 weeks later got my money, but I will never ever get back on ebay.

    • Guest

      yeah this is because they have changed the new seller policy..If you are an established seller with a certain level of feedback established you dont have to deal with this. Established sellers still get their funds immediately…It sucks for newcomers 4 sure!

  • http://collectorsonlinemall.com Maggie

    Ebay is going down hill fast. I’m glad that, like many other sellers, we thought ahead and have been selling our collectibles successfully in our own mall, Collectors Online Mall, focusing on great customer service and not having to deal with all the BS. We can offer our items at a lower fixed price as well since we’re saving 12% in eBay fees.

  • Guest

    After the original owner sold ebay, new corporate leaders decided to pillage sellers and buyers for everything they were worth. That is why ebay formed a monopoly with Paypal. ebay and Paypal take every penny they can from sellers and buyers. And they are outside the law according to government agencies (Reagan/Bush deregulation). We see a repeat of Enron: mangement is pillaging to the very end.

    Nobody can possibly make a living as a seller at ebay. And the type of buyers that ebay has collected is the scum of the earth. So, I hope that ebay management and ebay buyers are happy together as they destroy what was once a great company.

  • Guest

    I have never see so many whiners in my life. There is a simple answer to all this. do as I don’t… that is use ebay.If nobody uses it until things change they will change or ebay will loose MONEY & that is something that they don’t want to do! I have never had or want an ebay account many other sites to buy & sell on the web maybe not as big or extensive in cover but with a lot less problems.

    I find local to your town or city is best,this way you meet the person face to face. you have to be very good to scam somebody in your or their own home when buying or selling goods! returns policy is agreed at the time of sale or sold as seen, remember you know where to find them…..

  • http://www.nationalrookiecards.com National Rookie Cards

    We still sell on eBay but are putting most of our focus of selling baseball cards and our sports autographed memorabilia on http://www.SportsBuy.com. Not only do they have no Listing Fees, Free Storefront and lower final value fees, but they have a lot of traffic as they have partnered up with MLB, NHL and the NBA.

  • Guest

    I love that comment, “WE built Ebay”. It’s true. It’s very unfortunate that Ebay is driven by the need to increase profits. 600million isn’t enough – it has to be 800 million. Next year same thing. It’s a shame too.

    All they had to do was stick to what made the site popular. Craigslist soon took over that role but now they to are losing out with horrible spam. My god the spam. I swear hundreds of people spend all day posting items on CL for 120% the price that you can get them in Walmart, BB, CC, etc. So cluttered.

    Oh well. Unfortunately I don’t agree with others assumptions that smaller up and coming websites will grow. There’s just too much competition and none of them have the ability to even remotely compete with Ebay.

    Myself, I use websites like http://www.SLICKDEALS.NET to find products to purchase online – way below retail and ebay prices. I also use sites like http://www.DOUBLETAKEAUCTIONS.COM that offer free registration and no reserve prices on local items in the NorthEast USA.

    • http://bestinternetblogs.com Guest

      I wanted to add that I have looked for a auction site that I could use other that ebay, but after about 20min looking around the net, there is not 1 auction site that could even come close to ebay so we have no chose but to use and pay the fees that ebay wants.


      • http://www.selltoronto.com SellToronto

        you try Bonanzle.com ?? I’m an ebay powerseller.. and I really like the layout and ease of use of http://www.bonanzle.com but they don’t have the buyers just yet…

  • Maggie Newman

    I thank y’all for the Ebay comments! I was thinking of listing items again….The major businesses and utilities have all gone “corporate” whatever that means, but do not consider CUTOMER SERVICE to be a viable force. (We’ve had trouble with Verizon (landline phone) and National Grid (Greed) over customer service issues. Customer service is now considered an oxymoron! I’ll keep reading/researching.

    • http://thebonz.com/memawscollectibles Guest

      Try Bonanzle, no listing fees, small fvf and a great group of people to work with! They are growing by leaps and bounds! Almost 200 new users each day, we were once averaging about a 1000 new people a week, now it is about every 3-4 days. Not everyone that is registering is a seller. Sales are jumping, and we have a great grassroots effort to spread the word about this great site. The site is run professionally about people who really care about their sellers and buyers!

  • Freedom from online pillaging

    This despicable duo has caused so much anguish and destruction of small business worldwide that governments (as is happening in Australia) have to investigate their tinkering with trading laws to pillage every last dollar from merchants.

    Their idea of a level playing field is an army of bulldozers squashing so many into the ground on their never ending and insatiable quest for cash by any means.
    They really need to be dismantled and dismembered from corporate existence before more folks are bled dry.

    Feebay and Painpal Management , you really have no conscience for the suffering you are causing so many . Your day will come and may the regulators of many lands go after you with all the artillery they have.

  • http://www.mobilemini.com storage containers

    I remember when ebay was a good site to visit. I actually got deals, but lately (for the last 6 months) I haven’t found the deals I was used to. The recent fiasco they had is just another indication as to why they are too big for their britches.

    • Larry

      I agree ebay is to big for their britches. Ebay use to be a fun or great site for sellers and buyers, but with all the changes they really have went the wrong direction. Expecially with the new feedback system and their changes in no money order payments..Sellers really have been taken advantage off. Ebay tries to control every thing they do. Buyers can leave negative feedback even when sellers do everything possible to satify buyers, and the seller cannot do anything, where is the fairness factor on ebay. www.comtexauctions.com

      • connie campbell

        I have one for you. On my shipping instructions I put I am not responsible for the item I sell after it leaves my hands if you don’t insure, well, this person doesnt insure and then is able to leave negative feedback and worse than that is able to get PayPal to refund them their money back. My question. Why put shipping instructions on if no one really has to abide by them?? If It were me, I would tell the buyer if you didnt insure then you took your chances by not insuring and have lost your money and will not be able to leave negative feedback. THAT IS THE ULTIMATE INSULT TO A SELLER. REMEMBER IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS SAY, JUST CRAB ENOUGH AND YOU’LL GET YOUR MONEY BACK TOO. TRY IT AND SEE. i’M PURELY PISSED!!!

      • filtronik

        I totally agree that ebay is going down the pan. Ebay ought to realise that without sellers – there would be no buyers therefore no Ebay. You have taken away our legal rights over not been able to leave feedback, scams are rife and sellers are treat like school children. We should have the facilities to state what sellers opinions are about the transactions that have had whith buyers. Ebay encourage sellers to communicate with trading partners about problems but how to we communicate if our buyer does not respond to our emails and we are not able to contact by phone because they are ex – directory. Members want a fair ball game not ebay to keep changing the goal posts to the buyers advantage. What is all this about ticking the gold star boxes, I had this in my school book many years ago – PLEASE TREAT US AS ADULTS NOT SILLY SCHOOL KIDS.

  • Rick

    For those of you who say that capitalism is dead or defective, wait and see what happens to Ebay. We do not need the government to come in and regulate Ebay. We just need to let good ole capitalism work.

    The opportunity is there and, judging by all the complaints here and abroad, the market is ripe for someone to come in and “wipe the table clean.” We have seen several examples of people making the attempt in the examples above. Maybe it will be one of these sites, maybe another one not yet created. Regardless, this missed opportunity by Ebay has the “creative juices” of many an enterprenuer flowing, and the result is that we are going to see someone come along and give the consumer what they want – all the good of Ebay without all the crap.

    One of the principals of capitalism is “if you don’t, someone else will.” We are going to get a better version of Ebay. No one puts a gun to my head and forces me to keep selling on Ebay. The existing Ebay management has shown that it is willing to ignore it’s customer base in the name of profitability.With that in mind, if Ebay were ever regulated, would you ever trust that same management group? Of course not. Join one of the new sites or start your own. Good things are to come – we just need to be patient.

  • Guest

    I was an ebay member way back when they had just a few pages of items. At that point they (Ebay) encouraged people to post to bulletin boards or anywhere else they could with a link to their Ebay item. In other words: spam everyone! This was probably the first occurance of “viral marketing” on the net. Most high traffic boards are now moderated and users are getting more savy about what is spam and jump past it.

    Ebay marketing basically got its sellers to do their job for them and probably received tens of millions of dollars of marketing value for nothing. This is something that todays competition cannot repeat without being branded as a spammer (or promoter of Spam) and suffering the consequences.

    I absolutely hate what Ebay has become. Maybe someone with a few hundred million to spare (are you reading this Google) will start a quality site with little or no fees for the first two years and advertise the daylights out of it. Bye Bye Ebay.
    Oh well… I can dream anyway.

    • Guest

      Google should have bought up Gbay.com and smoked the folks in SanJose. The heir apparent to ebay, similar cachy name ebid, is lousing things up even worse. Cybersquatter Rick Schwartz of Florida holds the ebid.com domain name.

      As soon as ebay began with the bad changes, ebid.com should have been at this mans door offering him a small percentage of US FVF in exchange for the use of the name. No one is going to remember us.ebid.net it totally defeats the catchy name of ebay competitor ‘ebid’. Has Ebay paid Mr Schwartz to’park ‘ ebid.com?

      This story repeats over and over again as others drop the ball. Where is Chris Fain? Ray Romeo is pure evil, but perhaps evil could combat evil best- maybe auctions need him after all? Overstock’s Pat Byrne is another one. (Alas the market proved him right– but tough. He’s not a broker, he’s CEO of a major auction operation. He did not mind the store and dropped a huge ball the past January.)

      The combination of the competitors’ utter ineptitude, and Bill Harding’s youth smarts and HUMILITY, is why Bonanzle.com is burning up the charts even without the added aura of auctions. They have inspired USER LOYALTY.

      I think it is noteworthy that loosely run grassroots organizations, like Craigslist, Etsy and Bonanzle, pose the fastest growing threat to the archaic internet behemoths Amazon and Ebay. I just assumed it was going to be Google.

      Oh well, guess Craig Newmark and Bill Harding will have to get 5% of our 60 billion a year, instead!!!

  • Guest

    I agree with the above comment about Ebay bailing themselves out with all of the increased fees and ridiculous new policies. If you are looking for an expensive hobby and have money to burn, then by all means become a seller on Ebay. If you are an honest, hardworker who is trying to make a profit for a living, then avoid them like the plague.

    Once upon a time, Ebay was in ingenuous idea for many different classes of people, but someone got greedy. Just like all of these banks need a bailout, I beleive Ebay does too. Ebay used to be built on builing a longterm relationship with buyers and sellers. Now, Ebay is all about making the quick buck on new sellers, sucking them dry and then dropping them for a new crop of victims.


  • Guest

    I sold a car on Ebay 15 months ago and the money was deposited into my Paypal accountby the customer, the customer picked up the car, along with the transfer of title and bill of sale receipt and Paypal froze my account 30 minutes later and then three weeks later, gave the money back to the customer………after of course charging my checking account for the fees!

    I turned this over to the state Attorney General and the County DA, filed a police report, etc.

    I have never received any funds.


    • Guest

      you were foolish to use paypal to sell a car. It is never a safe way to do business….deposit through paypal MAYBE, but pay the whole thing through paypal…stupid!….Even ebay warns of such scams…You must have been a newbie to allow someone to buy a car and pay for it with paypal….

    • Guest

      Sorry to hear you got burnt.. in essence.. i believe it’s called “theft”… call the car in as STOLEN…. they’ll have to provide some kind of paperwork to show it was bought -traded etc.. All roads lead to Dept of Motor vehicle.. NO MATTER WHAT STATE ONE OR EITHER ARE IN. Taxes are paid on the registration.
      -File a theft report in buyers state.. and your own
      -File a report for Attorney General’s office in your state and the buyers.
      As a hard lesson learned myself.. not on ebay.. but from the newspaper.. i sold my car.. and didn’t keep a bill of sale for myself. The buyer never registered it… put dead plates on it.. and even though the registration sticker was taken off.. I got tons of tickets from the VIN number… and a lien.

      GOOD LUCK .

  • Guest

    I’ve also been with FeeBay since 2002, and I am not liking their “improvements” and exorbatent fees. The rich just keep getting richer. WTH. Even though I still maintain 100% positive feedback, I’m jumping ship before the inevitable. Thanks to those recommending iOffer.com. The ratings transfer was painless. I am over FeeBay and every other company like them. Good luck everyone!

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