eBay And Google Get Medieval

    June 13, 2007

eBay has removed all of its paid search ads from Google’s AdWords network in the U.S. eBay is keeping its AdWords campaigns outside of the U.S. according to eBay spokesman Hani Durzy.

eBay maintains the reason for pulling their ads off of Google AdWords was to determine the best place to allocate their marketing and advertising budgets. The real reason for the move is because eBay is upset with Google for promoting its own event "Let Freedom Ring" in Boston, which is in direct conflict with eBay Live.

Google Checkout has been banned from eBay as a payment method as it would be a direct competitor against eBay’s PayPal. "We’re constantly barraged with requests from eBay sellers to give them a voice on eBay," said Tom Oliveri, head of marketing at Google Checkout.

eBay says that Google Checkout was unproven when it launched last year and that is the reason they have not included them in their payment methods.

As for Google playing spoiler to eBay Live, "This is a regular thing we do across the different channels we use for marketing, but, having said that, we are disappointed that Google has chosen this time to detract from our annual event that gives online sellers a chance to learn how to grow their business in eBay and in other channels," Durzy told ComputerWorld. "It’s not the kind of activity one partner normally does with another."