Eastwood On Gay Marriage: “Leave Everybody Alone!”

By: Amanda Crum - September 19, 2012

Clint Eastwood may have garnered some negative press–or at the very least, sarcastic press–when he spoke candidly to an empty chair at the RNC, but his views on gay marriage are beginning to redeem him in the eyes of the Dems. Eastwood visited “Ellen” recently and opened up about why he thinks we should just leave everyone alone.

“The condition of society right now, with the high unemployment rates and the tremendous debt we’re increasing and the government spending, we’d think there’d be [many more worthy issues] to think about [rather] that worrying about gay marriage,” he said, explaining that his views are Libertarian.

“You’re socially liberal, leave everybody alone, but you believe in fiscal responsibility and you believe in government staying out of your life,” he said.

This isn’t the first time Eastwood has spoken up about his belief that everyone should be allowed to be happy; he was quoted last year in GQ Magazine as saying he “doesn’t give a f*ck” about who marries whom, adding that everyone is making too big a deal about it.

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  • arthur

    do you feel lucky punk? well, do you? go ahead, punk. “make my gay”.



    • chuck

      good god, you’re mentally insane.

      • Janie Poole-Wilson

        Could not have said it better!

        • Bob Anderson

          Of course you couldn’t you religious fruit cake! LOL!!!!!

      • denis byrne

        hey estella davis;;;hanky panky at the morgue gave humanity the clap aka gonoreah… shepards fookin around with sheep gave us humans syphillus…A bunch of male homosexuals in San Farncisco gave us AIDS… You do indeed make some good points….The US has lost moral direction…I blame slick willy Clinton for that…ANYTHING GOES AS LONG AS YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT.. BUT THE ECONOMY IS OK SO LET THE SLEEZEBAG SLIDE…. And he is still aroumd spouting of lies…jeremiah Wright is entitled to speak his opinion….but you should remember that he speaks only for a few hundred voters…Obama is not evil, he is just vastly underqualified for the job…should have stayed in congress…

    • http://Yahoo chuckman

      Estella- what you have taken is orange sunshine. Just hang on for about 12 hours and you should be okay,although your jaw may be a little sore.

  • enufisenuf

    Why is this newsworthy? No one cares about his views on anything. He is part of the Hollywood establishment and if he wants work he will support the homosexual agenda or be blacklisted. That’s a fact jack!Why is it that if you say something negative about a Muslim prophet, it results in apologies from this government and Hollywood yet, say or display something negative about Jesus Christ and no one from government or Hollywood says anything? Guess the answer is found in current media slant.

    • Royce Brandstetter

      WELL preacher ,YOU ARE STILL ( DUMB)

  • Janie Poole-Wilson

    Poor Clint!You are gettingas tired as God is of all this trouble in the world today!Aren’t you?
    Let ’em all go to Hell.I don’t care anymore.
    Homos are an abomination & America needs to shape up it’s soul or go ahead & follow the pied piper to Hell with all the rest!

    • Bob Anderson

      Ah, poor Janie..waving her bible and condemning others all the while forgetting the words contained in that holy book. What a sad life you lead.

      • 375 H&H

        @ Bob.
        Guess u like Hershey Packing.

        • LuvtheUSA

          No doubt!

      • Katiekate

        High five Bob!

      • Royce Brandstetter

        You,are sooo right. THEY,do not believe in GODs word. They are STUPID enough,to believe They are the BOSS.. NO WAY JOSE.

    • steve jagielo

      TO JANIE……………ALL THE WHILE, KEEPING IN MIND,THAT Jesus said, “love your neighbor as yourself.” The Bible is (His Word) pretty clear on the subject, however, He will do the sorting out. Please stop all the bigotry and hatred!! Ther is enough of these two items running amok!!!

    • Steven

      f__k u Janie Poole-Wilson, im an ex Southern Baptist Minister who pretended to be straight. I’m still an ordained licensed minister who happens to be gay. I think u need to go to HELL…

  • Patrick

    Clint Eastwood’s librtarian views have held up release of his two science fiction movies, A FIST FULL OF APES and FOR A FEW BANANAS MORE.

  • Gabrielhues

    I’m with you, leave people alone. Whatever blows your skirt up !

  • kaser keene

    Eastwood is a closet gay-blade his undies are pink and silk
    also hummmmm keep that one to myself wink.

  • kaser keene

    PS he should stick to movies he is no good at ___________.

  • gil tipton

    you’re an f…ing actor! who do you think you are?

    • nick

      so was ronald reagan.

  • david

    so you want us to leave these people alone & let them go to hell, i dont think so.

    • Diane

      What do you care if other people are or are not going to hell? Worry about yourself and leave everyone else alone! Why do all you Christians feel the need to push your views on everyone. You are not without sin! Worry about the weeds in your OWN yard!

      • AppleEye

        Um, Diane, because we are COMMANDED to “go out into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” That’s why. If a Christian would “leave everyone alone” he or she is NOT DOING THEIR MAIN JOB AS A CHRISTIAN. In fact if you’ve never once preached the gospel to ANYONE you are a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT to Him. He gave up so much more than that for us on the cross.

        • Emma

          Ugh. It’s people like you that make me wary of anyone who ever mentions that they are religious. If your god was worth worshipping, he’d convince me himself. A bunch of idiots hounding me all the time just makes me think your god is a wimpy little twerp that can’t do anything itself. If people like you are the only ones he can get to do his bidding, he’s probably not that powerful.

          • Jordan

            Emma, I find it disappointing you chastised an entire group of people based on the views of a few self ordained “good” Christians grand standing on the internet while simaltanetously demanding open mindedness. I am Christian, Episcopalian to be exact. Our reverends bless gay marriages. My sister in law is gay as was my uncle. Both Christians, just like the gay couple at my church. I believe all people are entitled to the same rights. Just thought you should know there are some of us idiots (gays included) out there doing His bidding by being acceptive of all life.

    • Emma

      People like you voting on my rights ARE hell.

  • denis byrne

    Clint: most of your movies were very exciting and your skit at the repub conv. was a stroke of genius….BUT surely you must realise that homosexuality is not the natural way….What if everyone turned to homosexuality…then test tube babies, clones, no future for humanity…Homosexuals want to become mainstream…For them to use the word marriage, a time honored tradition developed over thousands and thousands of years, is an insult to Christian Value System ….let them call their unions something besides marriage….they are insulting big time the decent billions of people of the world India China, So America etc who consider marriage a sacred union between Man Woman and God….If you do not believe in God then eat drink be merry and then lights out…
    You say leave them alone….The big problem is that they do not leave us alone…they do not keep it in the closet where they belong…they want to become mainstream… They want to change what mainstream means in america and they want to make this country the laughing stock of the entire planet… Slice it and dice it any way you want,,,Nevertheless, homosexuality is not natural..Domestic partnership, civil union, what ever one wants to call their relationship…thats OK with me….the word MARRIAGE means union between husband wife and God, our Creator who gives and sustains life….what do two gays give….ONLY SELFISH PLEASURE….TO EACH OTHER… WHAT DO THEY GIVE TO SOCIETY IN GENERAL…LOTS OF CONTROVERSY!!!

    • Ronda

      I couldn’t agree more. A civil union is okay…get it done, get over it! A fair compromise. But as you said, don’t keep shoving it down our throats! I tried…tried to like “The New Normal” but I had to turn it off, not because there was a gay couple on it, but because portrayed people reacting negatively to them. That is a nice way of putting it! I personally don’t think Jesus wants us to waste our time on this issue. There is so much more to do! Read the Bible and make your own personal choice. It is yours to deal with…

      • Emma

        Separate but equal? We tried that before.

    • Mary

      Homosexuality is a genetic thing. You wouldn’t discriminate against someone with blue eyes! Remember the Catholic Church once excommunicated Galileo because of his scientific beliefs (which were correct) No one is trying to turn anyone “gay.” Being respectful of other’s rights is a Christian value!

      • Missy

        Where is your proof because even the scientific community does not know what causes it. Stop posting stuff without your facts.

    • Carrie

      Your homophobia is alarming. You really think everyone is going to become homosexual. I’m guessing you think all gay men find you attractive as well and are intimidated by that thought. Incidentally, if YOU want to be a Christian that is your choice. You may want to re-read your sacred book though, because you and your fellow Christians apparently do not understand a great deal of what is written in it. Or else you willingly neglect to follow “God’s” word when it doesn’t mesh with common sense. However, for those of us with functioning brain cells that can separate reality from fantasy, we do not wish for religious beliefs to be forced upon anyone who does not want them. I am not gay, but that isn’t the issue anyway. You want your belief system to affect other people’s freedoms. I wonder how you would feel if the roles were reversed.

  • Robin

    I understand leaving everyone alone regarding sex, but the gay and lesbian communities, as well as the Democratic Party, don’t want to do that. They want to indoctrinate our children to accept a lifestyle that parents may find that goes against their religious views and those views they may wish to pass on to their children. No one is bothering homosexuals. Everyone gets tormented for something in their lifetime, whether it’s being poor or looking different in some way. It happens to all of us and that’s never going to change. The militant homosexual activism HAS to change. As far as Eastwood is concerned, it’s time to go home grandpa.

    • LuvtheUSA

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you for expressing the views of 99.99% of Americans.

      • Emma

        More like 40% or so and rapidly declining. :)

    • John Franco

      Well Said! 100% correct!

    • Chris

      They’re not asking for preferential treatment, they’re asking for the same treatment as you and I–the ability to love and marry who they want and have the same rights as the rest of the country. So if you are denying that right, then yes, you are bothering them. Also, nobody wants to indoctrinate your kids; every religious nut uses that “moral” argument. Sorry, I don’t buy it. Also, you may want to check your stats on the comment above–99.9% may be a bit high…………..

    • iembalm

      “No one is bothering homosexuals?” What sort of insulated dream world do you live in? Gays and lesbians are discriminated against every day. Attitudes like yours manifest in your darling children tormenting people who seem different, often to death. You very obviously want homosexuality eliminated as even an abstract concept. News for you: you are on the wrong side of history. The tide has turned and gay marriage and the extension of other rights are inevitable. And LuvtheUSA: 99.99% of the people you know might share your idiocy, but I assure you that the percentage is far different in the real world.

      • lynn

        GOD made women for men. He did not make men for men. OR woman for women. That is wrong.

        • Emma

          And where is it written that we all have to obey YOUR god? This is a free country, isn’t it?

        • carl

          you people who support gay societies are sick and on your way to hell with the rest of satan’s gay demons.oh, i’m judging you right? wrong.read your bible if you even have one.you people are excluding God’s views,judgements and commandments.who cares what man thinks. what matters is what God says to you when we all have to stand before him.the way things are going it might be soon.

          • Ellie

            judge not lest ye be judged…knucklehead

    • ed wood

      You nailed it, Robin. The chant has always been “Stay out of our bedroom’ but clearly they want to dominate society with special rights and privileges.

      • Emma

        Yeah, special rights and privileges like getting to do the EXACT SAME THINGS as every other couple gets to do. It’s just like when those blacks demanded the special privilege of getting to drink from the same water fountains as white people. It’s just like when those activist judges in Loving vs Virginia made interracial marriage legal even though 70% of Americans at the time were against it.

    • Emma

      Your religion goes against my personal views. How come you shove it down my children’s throats with your CONSTANT displays? It’s okay for politicians to go on and on about their religion, but I can’t file a joint tax return with my wife because you people don’t want to grow the hell up?

    • Mark

      Militant homosexual activism ? You mean trying to find equality ? Do you have any idea how many federal and local tax breaks are denied to homosexuals because they cannot be married ? Do you understand that A gay man, or woman who dearly loves their partner could be denied the right to be the first point of contact in an emergency because a partnership might not be recognized by that state ? This isn’t “militant homosexual activism” Its fighting for equality, against hatred. Can you really say hatred is something that should be passed on to anyone’s children ? Why should it matter so much ? Who cares. Just let people be people, someone being gay isn’t hurting you, or your family.

  • Pico

    Here is a guy who used be called Clint Eastwood now trying to wiggle as through as Clint Politically Correct Eastwood.

  • Steve

    As if Eastwood needs redemption from anyone but God!

    • Missy

      I agree!

  • The Indian

    You people are funny. The Bible IS politics where the hell do you think all these views and ideas come from. All I can say is if you really want something to complain about go back to where you ORIGINALLY came from and tell them how you feel. ( Oh wait you don’t know where you come from). In any case I will always be laughing at you :).


    Dont use the bible please! because in reality if you did everything the bible said then you’d have multiple wives (like solomon) you’d be killing goats and not have pre marital sex. question how many people here lost their virginity to their spouse? Exactly. Jesus loved and welcomed all walks of life. You should do the same. If not then shut up and let the gays and lesbians live their lives in peace. No one is asking you to turn gay or submit to gay love. All they want is the same rights as married couples. Most of you who quote the bible on how marriage should be between a man and a woman you should read the rest. ITs so that you can populate the earth. So in that case using condoms are a sin because like gay couples, you wont populate. So give me a break

  • http://Yahoo Chris

    Mr. Eastwood is a fine actor and director. I have enjoyed watching his films over the years. His political views as stated in the video are another matter. Libertarianism is a form of right wing anarchy. Governments exist because of public necessity. That means governmental authority and the enactment of just laws for the good of human society. No government no public order. Which brings up a second point about marriage. Marriage and family are vital social institutions that are meant for men, woman and children. There is no such thing as same sex marriage. It is an aberrational and delusional notion that undermines the true purpose of marriage and family. If homosexualism and libertarianism become widely practiced it will lead to a breakdown in public morals and order. Mr Eastwood’s political views in this video reflect decadence and permissiveness. Wisdom does not always accompany age.

  • craig

    WOW! Did you ever right something lengthy? An essay, letter, story, or book….. and after creating your master piece you read it over and realize there are things in there you’d like to re-word, change or delete to better depict the message you’re trying to send…. after reading through all the fomented, I find it humorous for the mist part. I’d have to admit that I do not agree with homosexual anything….. for many reasons…Just my opinion. But I look at all this and find myself imagining deleting all the hate, rediculous banter, persion of the Bible ( misinterpretation) , etc. The content here is pointless and has no real value. Everyone’s venting for many different reasons but in this small representation of humanity, we’re all so divided. This has got to be unhealthy for humanity and if these free radicals continue to ravage through our existance untamed, uncontrolled, mankind is doomed by its own hands. Clint Eastwood would have been an excellent personality to get a message out but he failed. I this the cheese has slid clear off his cracker! Not to blame….. he’s getting old. I’m sure when he was finished and had a moment to reflect, he would have loved to change his entire message and his tactics of delivery. People…. we’re in trouble. We have to, once again, make a choice and vote for somebody who will represent our great country. Somebody to pull our country up by the straps and thrust us in the right direction. Lol. I say thrust because I think we need to hurry! We have two to choose from and have already had the opportunity to see how one can perform. The other….. not a good cylinder for presidency either. They both have an agenda but guiding this Great Country to continued greatness is not their soul concern. They’re not here for the American People and they’re not trying to achieve this opportunity to better America. Stay focussed on the important issues and the rest will fall in place.

  • craig

    I want a do over! I just re-read my master piece and realized I should have done a spell check. Stupid Nook!!!!

    • Howie

      So Eastwood is delusional because he believes a union between 2 men or 2 women will NOT result in the destruction of humanity? Right, what a nutcase!

    • ameribob

      Craig — Forget the spell-check. You’ve made some good points, but the intended audience is likely not listening. Point now, is we’re down to two choices — One who has done nothing so far but spend our money,made promises he’s not kept, and alienated many of our allies; the other seems a bit too slippery and polished to appeal to the masses and is a total neophyte in the international arena.

  • http://webpronews damond

    clint eastwood and ellen degeneres did a totally awesome and fantastic job on gay marriages. most people freaks out on gay marriages.

    • WENDY

      It’s doesn’t matter what religion thinks. This is a governmental issue and has nothting to do with religion. It’s called separation of church and state. Something this country was founded upon.

  • http://webpronews damond

    by god’s law! there should be a man and woman in marriages not man to man woman to woman in gay marriages.

    • Ellie

      Can’t atheists be married by a Justice of the Peace at city hall? Sorry but marriage is not exclusive to god so why should “god’s law” regulate it. Judge not lest ye be judged my friend…

      • DforP2016

        Ok, well, can you call him in to verify? I have no current information on his/her thoughts and no one can actually get ahold of him/her…Until that time, when you can get confirmation directly or a thought process from something other than a two thousand year old book…Thx

    • evelynmckinney@yahoo.com

      I think everyone should find one of America’s problem to worry about. The Congress, the conservatives and the republic should find a problem and work on that. The gays are not people too. So leave them along. If they are happy, then I am happy for them. What bothers me is the adulterist and the infidelity people who really destroy marriage. If it is so important that only a man and woman get married, then why do we have divorces to counteract a marriage. All of these religious people should stop judging and look at one of the big 10, “Thou shall not commit adultery.

    • Jeff W

      “By God’s law”? Which God? Who gets to choose which law of which God should apply to everyone in this country? Where’s your separation of church and state?
      I respect your right to worship whichever God you want, but don’t make me live my life according to your beliefs

    • Bob’s mom

      Well thank god that god doesn’t write the laws here

  • Frank

    Good for Clint! Everybody deserves to be happy. If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married! To say marriage is only for producing children is silly. Are you saying two single people in their 50’s should never get married because they’re too old to reproduce? Silly.

    • Bob’s mom

      Go Frank. If you don’t like gay marriage then don’t get gay married. Classic!

    • Mel

      No Frank, we are saying sodomy is a sin. Is that more clear?

  • Robert

    You know it’s just amazing how all of these people are coming out now speaking against this administration, unemployment, government spending, and so forth…..I never seem to here anyone talk about what got us here..the previous two administration is what got us here. I think that white America is so afraid that given one more term this administration will straighten it out and I think that is what you fear most is that a BLACK MAN fixed the economy and got it back on track. I mean I never here anyone speaking about the two previous administrations the BUSH’S… you know I would respect you people more if you would just come out and say that we don’t won’t a black man in charge of this country

    • Mac

      hear not here

      • lizz

        who gives a shit about (The Black man getting us out of debt) he hasn’t done his damned job yet now has he? black or white, they all SUCK!!!!!Best President around was Ronald Reagan, and yes. Bill Clinton

      • ameribob

        Thank you, Mac. AJ, it seems, failed proofreading…

    • Me

      Robert you a moron. Alls your presedent has done is blame Bush. He has only made things worse by being a socialist idiot. We will be bankrupt in a year if he continues down this path. You only use raceism to justify his being in office when that has nothing to do with it. Take your head out of your A$$ and really look around.

      • ameribob

        Dear “Me” —

        “Alls” = All your…

        “Presedent” = President

        “receism” = racism

        —You probably voted for Obama…

        • Mel

          ameribob, who made you spellchecker? Get a life. AJ, great answer.

    • John

      You can’t be that dumb. Do you really think Obama, Romney, or anyone else the media elects as president is going to fix anything? Why are we bankrupt- repubs and democrats wanted it that way. Why are the borders open for anyone to walk across? repubs and democrats wanted it that way. Why are we groped in airports when any terrorist can just walk across the border? repubs and democrats wanted it that way. Way are 47 million americans on food stamps? repubs and democrats wanted it that way. STOP DRINKING THE COOL AID.

  • Jo Anne

    I know Clint Eastwood is a political conservative…if only others like him would follow his lead, maybe I could vote Republican!

    • LeslieT

      Jo Anne, Clint Eastwood IS NOT a “political conservative”, he’s a LIBERTARIAN !! There are important differences which you obviously don’t understand. He is a FISCAL conservative, but his views on individual rights and civil liberties are NOT Republican !!

  • Miranda

    Same-sex marriage is not about equal rights for homosexuals. They already have equal rights…they have the right to marry one person of the opposite sex who is not related to them, someone who is not married already, and someone who is marrying them of their own free will. The same right as heterosexuals.

    No, homosexuals want the laws changed to accomodate their choice of lifestyle. They have the legal right to choose to have sex with someone of their same sex, they have the legal right to live with that person, they have the legal right to be in a committed relationship with that person. Now, however, homosexuals want to extend that right to include marriage…contrary to the current long-standing law of marriage being between one man and one woman.

    Those who oppose changing that current law are accused of being a “homophobe” or “hate-mongerer,” or, gasp, “judgemental.” Pesonally, I oppose changing the current requirement for legal marriage. Do I hate or fear homosexuals? No. Do I wish to “push” my values on them? No. Do I judge or condemn their lifestyle? No.

    I do, however, believe that if we, as the American people, change the current laws regarding marriage that we will open a door that we may never get shut again. For if denying marriage to two men or two women is discrimination, wouldn’t it also be discrimination to deny marriage to two brothers or two sisters? Or how about a mother and teenage son? Or how about three people who love each other and desire marriage? How about a man and his horse, or a woman and her dog? Shall we discriminate against their choice of lifestyle, their choice of life partner, by denying them the right to marry?

    Yes, the current marriage requirement of one man and one woman does exclude many other lifestyle choices. But if we lift the requirement for one relatively minor section of the population, then we must be willing to lift it for all of them, no matter how abhorrent or distasteful that lifestyle may seem to the rest of society. Not likely to happen, you say? So was the possibility of same-sex marriage 20 years ago.

    • AJ


      Although your statement is fairly well written and it is clear you an intelligent, provocative writer, you also contradict yourself and rather than simply state your views, which you are one hundred percent entitled to, you go on to use poor analogies and also demean the homosexual population. To make a bold, concise argument that falls on one side is one thing, but to insult a homosexual audience and those who love them is another. Comparing a human being marrying an animal to two homosexual human beings is not only illogical, but terribly hurtful. Also, stating that lifting the requirement for “one relatively minor section of the population” is belittling and ignorant. I am not sure how you consider millions of human beings “relatively minor.” In your statement, you not only show you actually do abhor homosexuality, but you are making a point that since homosexuals are a minority, they are unimportant to society. You, like many others, like to make statements that you are not a homophobe or hate-monger, but it is easy to see in your words and contradictions that you are. Do you realize that homosexuals, by not being allowed to marry the person they love are not allowed to visit their loved one in a hospital beyond general visiting hours? Homosexuals are also not allowed by law to do many things jointly financially without asterisks or clauses or loopholes. I grew up Catholic and I do believe in a higher power, but the fact that so many place their beliefs on a book that was written thousands of years ago by deep thinkers and philosophers is very sad to me. Why would God not one everyone to have equal rights? Why would God create homosexuals only to have them live as second class citizens? Homosexuals are not criminals who have sinned and are to be punished. If those who believe in God believe his is good and he loves all who he created, then why would he love heterosexuals more than homosexuals? The reason laws were made for marriage to be between a man and a woman is because those laws were created in a time when social media did not exist and homosexuality was considered a sin for which you could be outcast or killed. In today’s society who is far more informed and liberal, change is necessary. How would two homosexuals getting married affect you personally in any way, shape or form? Why am I any less important to you? If you feel two homosexuals living together and loving each other should be enough, then why do heterosexuals get married? Isn’t living together and loving each other enough? I felt very angry reading your post, but I told myself not to reply with words of hate because that just makes me a hypocrite and that makes me just as wrong as you. I wish that someone very close to you who is gay said they wanted to marry so you can see and feel the heartbreak. Why is it that those who say they are Christian and read the bible and live a good life are often the most hurtful, ignorant, hateful people? I accept that you have an opinion and I would never tell you that you don’t have the right to voice it, but you should open up your heart and mind and discover why it is you carry so much hate in your soul that you feel the need to post what you did and hurt a lot people with your words. You may think you sounded open and liberal by saying you are all for homosexuals being together and loving and living together, but the message is quite clear that you feel homosexuals are beneath you, otherwise, why would you crusade your anti gay marriage sentiment. How would I, in Los Angeles, marrying my boyfriend, have any bearing whatsoever on your life? How? Would you lose money? Sleep? Pride? Health Insurance? Dignity? The answer is no. Please think about this and realize that a world filled with everyone having equal choices is the only world there should be. We only live once.

      • Jordan


        I notice you picked the last progression and most extreme argument of Miranda’s as an example of her degrading view on homosexuals. I thought her post was though provoking and logical. Clearly thought was put into it. Do you agree 3 people should be able to get married? Do you agree that relatives should be able to marry? Why do they have less of a claim then gay individuals? Relatively minor may not have been the perfect description of what her thought was, but gays are in the minority as a percentage of the population. I believe this was in response to the typical argument that minorities like gays deserve the same rights as the majority. So should we not extend the laws further to protect even smaller groups of minorities like polygamists? Where is the line, and who defines the line was the point of her argument. I am unsure how that is an ignorant view. It appears to me that is a rather open one. “Why is it that those who say they are Christian and read the bible and live a good life are often the most hurtful, ignorant, hateful people?” I don’t believe Miranda mentioned anything about being Christian. Try not using 20 sentences arguing about God’s intentions and Christian’s virtuosity in response to a post that never mentions either. I believe that is much more hurtful, ignorant, and hateful then anything Miranda said. And apparently it will cost tons of tax money like a $255 death benefit or filing jointly (which often leads to greater tax liability). Therefore ultimately increasing my taxes to make up for lost revenue. Just saying your argument is inconsistent, as I would be glad to pay a little extra so my gay family, friends, and church members can receive equal treatment by the federal government.

      • Bob’s mom

        Well said! Rights should be for all people

        • Bob’s mom

          Excuse me I’m new st this. Well said AJ!

    • no

      Hey how about you worry about yourself and shut the fuck up.
      Everything you posted is hypocritical.

    • LeslieT

      Miranda, your logic is in the shape of a pretzel. Stop trying so hard to diss gays. Chill honey… you’ll live longer. Or, another option for you is, go ahead and have the lesbian experience you obviously want. It will do you good… get it out of your system.

    • Miranda

      Well, thank you, AJ, and other responders, for proving my point that I am not allowed to disagree with your opinion regarding same-sex marriage without being labeled a hate-monger or homophobe. Nowhere in my post did I slam the homosexual lifestyle…if fact, AJ, I happen to not only have friends who are homosexual, but also happen to love them dearly. Thankfully, unlike you, they can listen to my viewpoint, disagree with me, and yet respect how I feel…and, gasp, even understand my opinion, even though their viewpoint is different. Obviously you are unable to look past your own little judgemental hate-mongering self to do the same.

      I’m sorry that you, as a homosexual, have experienced hate and prejudice towards you in your life, but unfortunately that seems to have colored your attitude towards anyone who might have a differing opinion than yourself. You accuse me of believing homosexuals are “beneath” me because of my opinion, should I also believe you consider me “beneath” you because your opinion varies from mine? I make a valid point regarding changing the current marriage laws…if you open that door, you must be willing to fling it wide to include every variation of marriage out there as to avoid “discriminating” against any member of our society. Maybe you are willing to do that, I, personally, don’t think that’s a good idea. Again, my opinion. You are free to disagree with that opinion but don’t make false assumptions about my intent or my reasons…or make the very wrong judgement that I have “hate in my soul.”

      I’m sorry if you are offended by my remark about a person marrying an animal, and that you feel it someone demeans you. It is an extreme view, I know, but the point is, there ARE people out there who love their animals, have a sexual relationship with their pets, and feel their pet loves them back. And yes, they would like to marry their pets. I know you don’t feel that’s the same thing as two consenting adults, regardless of their sex, desiring to get married, but for them, it IS the same thing. I’m sure they would be just as offended as you seem to be that their choice of partners is questioned, and would probably call you a hate-monger and judgemental for being insulted that you felt I was comparing your to them. If that group of folks, at some point in the future, campaign to marry their beloved pets, are you willing to discriminate against their choice of loved one? Again, it’s not about people’s choices of partners, or even what our opinion is of their choice, it’s about where we, as a society, draw the line. You, of course, would love to see that line moved to include same-sex unions, but shall you draw the line again to exclude others that may have a less acceptable choice of partners?

      And since you brought the God equation into the discussion…your argument that he (or she) created homosexuals, and therefore we must allow them to marry, then must extend to the fact that he also must have created people who love their pets, or people who love their siblings, or people who love multiple people, and they should all have the equal right to marry those they love. And speaking of equal rights…shouldn’t people who choose not to marry, for whatever reason, also have rights to make health/life decisions for their life partner? It shouldn’t be a marriage issue, it is a legal issue and should be treated as such.

      I am saddened that as a member of society I can not take a differing opinion from you without being insulted. I respect and value your opinion, even though I disagree with it. If the current marriage laws do change, I will also respect your right to marry whomever you please. I hope you are prepared to also accept another’s right to marry whomever or whatever they please, no matter their choice, because to not do so makes you the very “hypocrite” you accuse me of being.

  • ameribob

    Leave’em alone and maybe they’ll go away — It’s time we stopped catering to the 5% and started listening to “us.” Meanwhile, just don’t bend over in the YMCA shower to pick up a bar of soap.
    This “thing” of continually catering to all minorities has gone a bit too far and taken up way too much time.

  • LeslieT

    Clint is right on !! I always knew he was a really cool guy. I’m not at all surprised to find out that he’s a Libertarian. That must be confusing to both dye-hard Republicans and Democrats. Libertarian views don’t fit neatly into either party. Democrats want to uphold civil liberties, but want to rob you blind. Republicans want to be fiscally responsible, but want to sneak into your bedroom and your mind. Libertarians are the only ones who really respect individual rights, and also believe in fiscal responsibility for the government.

  • Mort

    I’ve said for a long time that the Government should get out of the marriage business.
    The Government should have Civil Union contracts and it should fall under contract law. The only prohibitions should be 1. Consenting 2. Adult 3. Human 4. Not a danger for offspring defects due to inbreeding.

    Other than that it should fall under contract law and leave the morality out of it.

    If you want to get married, get a Civil Union Contract then find a church that will marry you to our future spouse(s). Marriage is a religion thing and should not fall under the pervue of the State in the USA.

    I don’t care if you want to marry whomever you want to marry… as long as the above 4 criteria are met… Someone above mentioned two brothers marrying… that would actually meet those 4 criteria, so let them go for it. I don’t care.. I have no need to tell you what is morally right or wrong as long as you are not harming anyone.

    Everyone wants to tell everyone else how to live.. Everyone believes in Freedom as long as everyone else stays within the boundaries you set for yourself. Political Correctness and Freedom are mutually exclusive ideas.

    Keep you nose to yourself.. keep your morality to yourself.. and let each other enjoy your lives.. as long as it isn’t causing harm to someone, it isn’t your, or the government’s, business.