Earthlink To Try Out Yahoo Spam Plan

    November 15, 2004

EarthLink plans to become the first major ISP to test DomainKeys, a cryptographic e-mail authentication solution introduced by Yahoo designed to fight e-mail forgery and phishing.

“EarthLink is always looking to evaluate new safeguards to increase consumer protection against spammers who try to hide their identity behind e- mail forgery,” said Tripp Cox, chief technology officer for EarthLink. “In the coming weeks, we plan to test the DomainKeys authentication solution on our e-mail system and determine how we can best implement this spam-fighting software.”

“We believe EarthLink’s intention to test DomainKeys is a key milestone in furthering the industry’s fight to protect consumers from e-mail forgery and spam,” said Brad Garlinghouse, vice president of Communication Products, Yahoo! Inc. “Spam is an industry-wide issue and we believe collaboration with the Internet community is vital in solving the authentication issue.”

Testing DomainKeys and other e-mail authentication protocols is the latest example of EarthLink using technical solutions, legal enforcement and consumer education to fight spam and phishing. Most recently, EarthLink introduced ScamBlocker, a free tool that protects consumers against phishing and alerts them to potentially fraudulent Web sites.

Last year, EarthLink introduced spamBlocker, becoming the first major ISP to provide a permission- based spam-fighting tool that blocks virtually 100 percent of all junk e-mail.

Of course, as with most spam blocking tactics millions of legitimate emails from newsletters you have asked to receive, business proposals, lawyer messages and possibly even emails from your lonely mother are also blocked by these kinds of email blocking systems.

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