Earth Day Prompts Eco-Queries On AOL

    April 18, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Recycling, global warming, and endangered species topped the list of environmentally related queries being queried on AOL Search.

With Al Gore’s favorite holiday, Earth Day, approaching on Saturday, April 22nd, environmentalists have been driving their SUVs to pick up their kids from school, along with their Earth Day related homework. Quite a few of them may be using AOL Search to dig up more information about issues facing Planet Earth.

As consumer gas prices again touch the $3 per gallon mark in the US, interest in solar power and hybrid autos ranked fourth and fifth among AOL Search users, behind the top three mentioned earlier. Wind power (15) found interest as well, as people wanted to find out just what options could be available to offset the continued rise of oil prices.

Various types of pollution appeared throughout the list of queries (ranked 6, 11, and 16) for the period from April 1-15; searchers were also curious about the impact of oil spills (18) on the environment.

Concerns about radon (8), pesticides (12), acid rain (13), asbestos (17), and lead poisoning (20) contributed to a few nightmares, as users sought out more information on those environmental scourges. People also wanted to learn more about composting (7), wetlands (9), coral reefs (10), drinking water (14), and watersheds (19).

More information about Earth Day may be found on its website. The Earth Day Network plans to launch a three-year “Climate Change Campaign” to educate people about making climate change a priority for consumers, businesses, and governments.


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