Early Bloggers Show Way To The Corporate Tipping Point

    January 24, 2005

Gapingvoid talks about the corporate tipping point, “…the point where blogging stops being the supposed realm of freaks, weirdos […] and starts being …

[…] an essential pillar of any corporate strategy and execution…”

Just the fact that people start talking about that point is promising. We are getting closer, I’m sure.

Hugh wants the tipping point to arrive to get validation for the work he and others has been doing, and because he thinks it’ll generate business for “people who can blog properly”. He thinks that this will happen when managers see that blogs work and are safe.

Let me add one more thing to the last part — It’ll happen when we stop seeing blogging as something completely new and different. It is just another tool. We can use it for many reasons, but it is always the reasons we should discuss. Especially with our bosses. I look forward to the day when we don’t talk about blogs at all, but of our option to have web communications with a more personal touch.

As a logical conclusion I disagree with why Hugh wants this to happen. IMHO, blogging should become mainstream because it will generate good results for companies, organizations and the public sector. The bloggers are from this perspective not relevant.

Early adopters are road signs. They help people find the way. But they have very little to do with what happens at the destination.

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