EA Officially Announces Battlefield 3 Premium

    June 4, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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To combat Activision’s paid service titled Call of Duty: Elite, EA is firing it’s own salvo titled Battlefield 3 Premium. In an exclusive story by Reuters, Battlefield 3 Premium has been confirmed by EA for a June 4th release date.

The service was initially teased earlier last week with tons of rumors regarding price and release date and what exactly it would contain. Then yesterday a trailer was leaked. So now that the service has officially been confirmed, what did the report say about it?

The report has a few goodies that are totally worth mentioning:

– EA has sold 15 million copies of Battlefield 3 across 3 platforms. This is major because a lot of people were fed up with the COD franchise and looked elsewhere. It looks as though EA/DICE did exactly what they wanted to do with the game.

– The service will indeed be $50 and will launch on June 4th.

– The huge news out of this piece is that Playstation 3 players will get all future DLC 2 weeks earlier than Xbox 360 or PC now instead of 1 week earlier. This is kind of big.

Here is the leaked trailer:

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    Since the playstation 3 the only franchise that I played was Call of Duty. Walking into Best Buy and seeing it when it came locked me in. When Modern Warfare 2 was done and paid for. Same story with Black Ops and I dont care about the behind the scene .. my company is not with their company. Mumbo Jumbo. They to me followed one another. So here came the big battle what to buy. MW3 or BF3 took a long time. Well BF3 had me at 35% edge with just the news of a new engine. Then that became my only soul purpose why not to support MW3. For a leader as my self I do not follow I examine and anazyle. But for a company that made Billions in the Zombie era of games. To just holding the call of duty name. For them not to spend money on a whole new engine. Rather create a website that we all new would have problems. Not only that I could have made it on go daddy dot com. Then I saw the flash light in my dark room illuminate the screen. My decision was well made. Thank You Battle Field.