EA Estimates Put PS3 Ahead Of Xbox

    February 4, 2008

Onlookers have to wonder whether Microsoft will succeed in its attempted takeover of Yahoo.  There are also the market shares of Vista and Internet Explorer to consider.  Still, the latest news involves game consoles, and on that front, Electronic Arts predicts that the Playstation 3, and not Microsoft’s Xbox 360, will win in 2008.


EA‘s data suggests that Microsoft sold about two million more units in North America during 2007, but that Sony will draw even this year.  The tiebreaker should take place in Europe, where the Playstation 3 has sold better, and according to EA, will continue to do so.

It’s hard to feel too certain about these forecasts, since EA’s numbers allow for two million units’ worth of wiggle room.  But even as Peter Kafka (correctly) points out, "the PS3 remains a difficult platform for developers to work with," EA’s semi-endorsement makes it seem like this is one area in which Microsoft won’t be declaring victory.

Meanwhile, in what may be a response to the possible acquisition of Yahoo, or to the release of SP1 for Vista, Microsoft’s stock is up slightly.