E3 2013 Might Not Return To Los Angeles


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E3 has been a staple of the Los Angeles Convention Center for 16 of the past 18 Electronic Entertainment Expos. The city has been good to the Entertainment Software Association, the organization that puts on E3, and in return E3 has remained in Los Angeles. That may no longer be the case starting next year.

Speaking to the L.A. Times, Michael Gallagher, president of the ESA, said that E3 may move locations next year if the city can not come to an agreement over plans to remodel the L.A. Convention Center. The remodeling is coming on the heels of a desire to make room for the new Farmers Field.

Gallagher said that the ESA is still in discussion with the city, but he makes it seem like it's not going well. If they can't come to an agreement, the ESA is already making plans to move E3 to other locations like San Francisco, New York or New Orleans. The event is not new to moving as it made a strange move to Santa Monica back in 2007. The move did not sit well with the press or the companies involved hence the move back to Los Angeles starting in 2008.

If E3 were to move, it would be the biggest change to the show since 2007. I know that many in the press have complaints with Los Angeles being the location, but it really is one of the best spots for the convention. The city can't really afford lose one of its biggest money makers either.

It seems that a decision will be made soon. A change of location might not be a bad thing for the show, however, as it might breathe some fresh air in a show that many feel has lost its way.

Personally, I wouldn't mind a move to the East Coast to bring the show closer to those of us who can't afford a trip to Los Angeles. Regardless, it's all in the hands of the ESA and the city of Los Angeles. Where would you like to see E3 take place at if it were to move?