E3 2012 Starts Early With Nintendo Direct Later Today


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If you've been following Nintendo closely for the past year, you would have noticed their new Nintendo Direct video series. It's a chance for Nintendo to show off some of the new games coming out for its systems. The company has used the video series to drop some bombshells on us before, but today's Nintendo Direct will be the first one dedicated to the Wii U.

You heard that right, folks. Nintendo will be hosting a new Nintendo Direct today at 6 p.m. EST before E3 starts and even before their own press conference on Tuesday to reveal some new details about their upcoming home console. What will they be talking about during the video? We don't know yet as Nintendo has remained rather quiet on what we can come to expect.

The only thing we know about the Nintendo Direct announcement is that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will be discussing the "concept behind the Wii U." With a phrase like that, you can expect that the company will be talking about the games and hardware during its E3 press conference on Tuesday. Speaking of the concept, Iwata will probably be discussing the idea behind the creation of the Wii U.

We could be all wrong, however, and Nintendo could let loose some big information before its E3 press conference to set up hype before their show on Tuesday. Nintendo has a lot to prove with the Wii U this year and a pre-E3 announcement could get the hype train rolling. Excitement and skepticism are both at an all time high this year and people are looking for any signs of hope.

Nintendo always knows how to wow us, just like they did with the Wii. Unfortunately, that turned out to be more of a disappointment after a few years on the market and hundreds of shovelware titles later. Here's hoping the NIntendo Direct conference can set us up for the kind of excitement that can carry us through Tuesday into the holiday season when the Wii U comes out.

If you wish to watch today's Nintendo Direct conference, head over to Nintendo's E3 site at 6 p.m. EST (3 p.m. PST). You can also watch the Nintendo Direct conference and the E3 press conference proper on Tuesday at the company's Facebook page.