E-Trade Baby Ready For Some Football, Leading Into New Super Bowl Ad

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E-Trade announced it will feature a new Super Bowl commercial this year, marking the fifth anniversary of its well-known E-Trade Baby campaign.

CMO Nick Utton says, “The Baby has become an iconic brand ambassador that has enabled us to capture the imaginations of investors and effectively showcase the benefits of our investment solutions in a memorable and entertaining way.”

During and after the game, the campaign's online presence will include:

  • A new "viral" video featuring “Top Ten Baby Moments”
  • Real-time updates from the Talking Baby on Facebook and Twitter
  • Redesigned YouTube Brand Channel

I always like when a brand declares its video "viral" before it's even released.

The E-Trade baby also made an appearance on the pre-game show for the AFC Championship game, leading to E-Trade becoming a trending topic on Twitter. Deadspin has it posted.

Here's some Twitter reaction:

After watching grown men pretend to talk to the E*Trade baby and Steven Tyler shrieking the national anthem, I FINALLY get to watch football 2 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

The E-Trade baby provides better analysis than Phil Simms. 18 minutes ago via Sulia · powered by @socialditto

The E*Trade baby blew Jim Rome away, but after Steven Tyler's "performance" I wish it was Roseanne singing. #AFCCFG 3 minutes ago via Dabr · powered by @socialditto

Aww man I missed the E-Trade! That baby is so funny! 5 minutes ago via Plume for Android · powered by @socialditto

James Brown really does deserve better. RT @awfulannouncing: I don't usually watch NFL pregame shows. E-Trade baby validates that decision. 10 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

With the key additions of the E-Trade Baby and Jim Rome. CBS' sports coverage is definitely on the upswing. #ChampionshipSunday 12 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

They ought to abort the E*Trade baby. And Steven Tyler. 14 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Here are some related tweets from the baby himself:

Guess what, peeps? I'm headed to the Big Game again this year! It's good to know people in high places...even if you can't reach them. ETS 1 day ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Benny, Mikey and I are meeting up for the Big Game in Indy. Hope the city is stocked up on disposable diapers! II E*TRADE Securities 1 day ago via Mobile Web · powered by @socialditto

Will be on with Curt and the boys Sunday, plus, I’ll be showing a new ad too! II E*TRADE Securities 19 hours ago via Mobile Web · powered by @socialditto

Hooking up with JB and the guys today. Tune in for my prognostications. II E*TRADE Securities 1 hour ago via Mobile Web · powered by @socialditto

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