E3 Sees More Gaming Technology Debut

    May 17, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Offerings from Rambus and Nyko among others will enhance the gaming experience for fanboys everywhere.

The PlayStation 3 got all the attention yesterday. But if you look elsewhere around the E3 exhibitor booths you’ll find some interesting stuff there.

Los Altos-based Rambus announced its XDR memory will be inside the PS3, along with its FlexIO processor bus interface. The PS3 has 512mb of memory onboard, and Rambus touts its bus interface as being capable of data rates from 3.2GHz to 8.0GHz.

“It gives us great pride to see a project of this magnitude come to fruition after the years of successful collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment to design and deliver this incredibly efficient and state-of-the-art computer entertainment system,” said Harold Hughes, chief executive officer at Rambus, in a press release.

Manufacturer Nyko Technologies unveiled a number of peripherals at E3, to complement new videogames. Add-ons for the Xbox include an Xbox Live wireless headset and an Air Flo wireless controller, the latter containing cooling fans to keep gamer hands dry.

The Los Angeles company also displayed Theater Experience for the PSP, a combination charger and stereo system for the new portable gaming unit from Sony.

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