E-Reader Owners Avid Fans Of Magazines


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Owners of e-readers are avid fans of magazines when compared to U.S. adults who do not own such devices, according to a new report from Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI).

The majority (91%) of e-reader owners read magazines, while 84 percent of total U.S. adults are magazine readers. In addition, e-reader owners read an average of 13 magazine issues a month, compared to 11 issues for average adults.

Current e-reader owners are more likely to have a favorable view about the value of magazines. Just over quarter (26%) are more likely than the average adult to say magazines relax them, 20 percent more likely than the average adult to report that magazines make them think and 11 percent more likely to feel magazines give them good ideas.


"There has been a lot of conversation about whether e-readers and tablets will provide an added boost to magazine readership," said Anne Marie Kelly, SVP, Marketing & Strategic Planning at MRI

"MRI's data certainly show e-reader owners are strong fans of magazines--a good indication for the potential of these devices to become strong magazine platforms once they are broadly adopted by the marketplace."