E-Commerce Sites Lead Paid Search

    June 5, 2007

E-commerce sites are heavy users of search engine marketing; with each of the top ten search engine marketers being retail or comparison-shopping sites according to comScore qSearch Market report.

In March, close to 20 billion sponsored links were offered to U.S. Internet users from the top search engines. eBay was the top search engine marketer with 802 million sponsored link exposures.

The top ten paid search advertisers, generating 16 percent of all sponsored links were retail or comparison-shopping sites. Smarter.com had 366 million sponsored link exposures (1.9 %), and Shopping.com had 357 million (1.8%).

"It’s clear that retail e-commerce sites are the most aggressive in using sponsored search to drive traffic to their sites," commented James Lamberti, senior vice president of comScore Search Solutions.  "

"The top ten sites generating sponsored links – all of which are retail or comparison shopping sites – account for about one out of every six sponsored links served to U.S. Internet users.  Given that retail e-commerce is now a $100 billion a year industry, it’s not surprising that top online retailers are willing to bid for premium placement at the major search engines."