E-Commerce Sales Increased By Reviews

    May 25, 2007

While online reviews written by consumers is nothing new, they can be a useful tool to convert shoppers researching a product online according to a study by MarketingSherpa and Prospectiv.

Close to six in 10 respondents "strongly or "somewhat" favored sites that featured product reviews written by fellow shoppers, while only 14 percent said they did not trust reviews written by their peers.

Results were the same whether shoppers made their purchase online or off.

For example, highly rated products converted at a 49 percent greater rate after PETCO added customer reviews to its site. Shoppers who explored the ratings section spent 63 percent more than shoppers who used other navigation.

The average order size of PETCO shoppers who read reviews and shopped using review ratings links was 40 percent higher than that of the average shopper.