Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Trial To Be Moved To D.C.?

    June 23, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Can a terror suspect largely already convicted in the court of public opinion get a fair trial anywhere in the United States?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his attorneys are certainly going to try.

The lawyers of the Boston Marathon Bombing suspect have requested to move his upcoming trial from Boston. They believe that Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital, would be an ideal location.

According to a motion filed in the U.S. District court on Wednesday, his legal representatives said that Boston residents were highly prejudiced against Tsarnaev based on survey results.

Potential jurors from various locations were asked a number of questions in order to determine their level of preexisting bias.

Not too surprisingly, Boston citizens were found to have the greatest level of conviction that Tsarnaev is guilty of the Boston bombings.

His attorneys pointed out that the week long search, especially the final day when residents were forced to hide indoors, created a strong, negative bias in addition to a great deal of “trauma”.

Such factors will likely make it nearly impossible to select a pool of jurors that will not be emotionally compromised.

Other populations that were surveyed included Springfield and New York City. Bizarrely enough, the nation’s capital is a location that Tsarnaev’s public defenders believe will grant him the fairest possible trial under the circumstances.

Tsarnaev and his brother are accused of planting a pair of bombs that exploded during the March 2013 Boston Marathon. Though his brother was killed following a shootout, Tsarnaev recovered from his wounds and will face 30 federal charges.

He has pled not guilty. The trial is expected to begin in November of this year.

A judge has already ruled that his public defenders cannot have additional time to file the motion to move the trial away from Boston. On Friday, Judge George O’Toole said that he’d already pushed back the filing deadline from February to June.

The judge felt the defense had adequate time to file the motion based on the information they’d already accumulated.

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  • The Interrogator

    Why isn’t there ONE PHOTO of him, not one? All we get is fake sketches!!

    That is ludicrous. What are you trying to hide from the public?? This trial should be PUBLIC & ON TV!! Of course, we know why it won’t be. The FBI has no evidence, and at best their “evidence” is flimsy. Appearing to walk by video cameras with back-packs on is flimsy evidence, yet our government & FBI & CIA were complicit in putting out that video over and over again & again on our Media. The FBI stated they had video evidence of them putting the backpacks down in the location of the bomb, but no video evidence has ever been shown, UNLIKE the police always do in gas station robberies.

    And, also all the while the FBI knew the older brother had worked with them, yet on the TV they asked for the “public’s help in identifying them”. The whole thing is a con-job at best. The best thing they can do is let it go to a speedy trial, and let him go on a technicality, and get him the heck out of the US and back to his homeland. I seriously doubt our CIA or FBI would have to worry about him—-ever. He needs to go home.

    Then, rightly or wrongly the CIA/FBI/government can just bury this news piece. But this younger brother was only guilty of one thing as I see it—he was the younger brother who thought his big brother was doing “good” for the US. He had to have thought that way. After all, the CIA was being painted to him by Tamerlan, imo, as a “good group”. How else could his older brother have gotten money to buy a fancy car, when his parents overseas were poor? It is also doubtful a fanatic would have desired to represent the USA in the Olympics in boxing as his older brother Tamerlan did, if he hated us.

    Use common sense—it’s contagious.

    • skin

      You are absolutely right, common sense, everyone should try it. From the evidence that will never see the light of day, because it doesn’t exist, on down to the Kazakh friends who were taken into custody on merely an expired student visa. The other friend, Phillipo, is on house arrest, Why? Because he is an American. The Feds have nothing on him to keep him in custody. I wonder why its so hard for some to see the lies & the cover-ups.

      • The Interrogator

        If I could answer that question, I’d be a multi-millionaire. I know that it doesn’t have anything to do with education levels. Our MEDIA has a lot to do with keeping people brainwashed, though.

        • skin

          Funny, just yesterday I was discussing that on Twitter, the media doesn’t even report the news anymore, but they do an awesome job at brainwashing and confusing, I’ll give them that.

  • Darci Lima

    Yes…Public on TV To show how the Justice work in I that case and give a message to who wants Destroy U.S.A… I him was a born citizen, the death penalty was the sentence, but him is not born citizen, here, the Americans Citizen has less Rights than a Immigrant terrorist….Remember the 0klahome bomb? the guy received the death penalty…I am may be 100% right to believe that monster will receive life in Prison…and Later, ill be free to left the Country because is sick….free, free. That is what Justice doing…

  • https://sites.google.com/site/911whatyoumighthavemissed/home Tom Fontaine

    No proof has ever been shown that the brothers did anything Just a few photo shopped pics Google this { The Facts of the Boston Bombing Cover page}

    • skin

      I agree Tom, no proof to our knowledge that these boys are responsible for the bombings or Collier’s death. Thanks for the link.