Dynamo Player – Instant Monetization Tool for Videos Unveiled at SXSW

Dynamo Player Gets Viewers to Pay Right from the Player

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Rob Millis and Will Cohlan, the pair beyond the web show Political Lunch, gave a presentation at SXSW called "Beyond Advertising: Can Online Video Finally Pay?" The discussion led to the unveiling of a tool for online video monetization called Dynamo Player.

The goal (short-term at least) of the tool is to simplify the process of uploading a video to the web, making it portable, and quickly getting viewers to pay for it.

WebProNews pulled Millis and Cohlan aside after the presentation to discuss Dynamo Player a little bit more:

Dynamo’s slogan is "Powering independence." This concept comes from the idea that the product lets content producers have more control than with other options. Users can set their price, upload the video, and publish it anywhere on the web, and start making money immediately. Each time a viewer pays to watch your video, the money is deposited directly into your account.

For payments, the Dynamo player uses PayPal. Viewers are asked to pay, when they press play, right from the player. Of course, you’ll have to provide content that people actually want to pay for, and Millis and Cohlan made a fair case as to why paid online video content will likely become more accepted by users (with sites like iTunes already paving the way).

Dynamo is not about competing with a site like YouTube, as far as offering a destination for users to go and watch online video (at least at this point), although they did say a future option could be to present featured videos on their site. Dynamo is geared more at the producers themselves, to put their videos wherever they choose.

Content producers who want to give it a spin can send an email to the guys at beta@dynamoplayer.com, and let them know.


Dynamo Player – Instant Monetization Tool for Videos Unveiled at SXSW
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  • http://www.superfloorcoat.com Concrete Floor Coatings

    Very Nice Idea and tools, sounds like you have total control of the video player!

  • http://www.AirlineFan.com Henry

    PayPal’s minimum payment fee is about 30 cents. So before the user of this application makes one single penny, he/she needs to pay PayPal 30 cents to process the payment transaction.

    I can’t see charging people more than 5 or 10 cents tops to view an online vidoe. I have some knowledge in this area as I own an aviation video site (all free content) www.AirlineFan.com which is popular within its niche.

    I wondered about a pay per video view as a viable option. I concluded it might might be better for someone to design a subscription system that people could integrate into their video sites that would charge a monthly subscription fee, and at the same time would stream the first 10 or 20 seconds of a video as a teaser, with a message to the viewer that he should purchase a subscription to view all the videos on the site in full duration.

    That said, the only way a pay-per-view could work is with a service that charged a lot less in fees than PayPal otherwise all the revenue will go to PayPal instead of the website owner.

    For this purpose a much more viable solution than PayPal would be www.CashSender.com online payment site which charges a flat 1.5% payment commission. This payment structure could make such an application viable … provided viewers could even be motivated to pay a few pennies per view. Just my opinion.

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