DWTS Season 19 Cast Includes Tommy Chong

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The DWTS season 19 cast is pretty interesting this time around! The cast was announced on Thursday's Good Morning America.

The cast includes Alfonso Ribeiro, star of the 90s hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Joining Carlton on the show will be track star Lolo Jones and young fashion sensation, Bethany Mota.

Others joining the fray are Lea Thompson, Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett, 90s teen dreamboat Antonio Sabato, Jr., and Sadie Robertson among others.

However, the most interesting addition to this year's DWTS season 19 cast is Tommy Chong.

You know, of Cheech & Chong fame?

The one question I can't shake is, how will his weary, pot smoke-riddled lungs hold up to the physical challenges of training and performing on the show?

We shall see, I guess.

Tommy Chong is the oldest competitor on DWTS. At 76 years young, he just barely beats out fellow competitor Betsey Johnson.

Isn't that worrisome to him? Well, perhaps it will be good for him to get a little cardio in.

I also wonder if this will come up with Alfonso Ribeiro?

Dancing With The Stars season 19 wouldn't do the show justice if there weren't an incident of the Carlton dance.

Sadie Robertson will also be interesting to watch as this has apparently been a dream of hers. Her mother, Korie Robertson, seemed to have predicted this happening when she talked to US Weekly in May.

"I think that our kids are really natural in front of the camera and they have fun with it," she said about her kids continuing in the entertainment world. "Sadie I think wants to maybe be on a talk show and she wants to be on Dancing with the Stars!"

Can't wait to see how the DWTS season 19 cast does on the show! Good luck to all of those participating.

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