DVD Burning For TV

    November 21, 2006

SnapStream has added a new option to their Beyond TV video recording software. It will allow users to create DVDs for their favorite television shows. Users will be able to use a burning plug-in to record their programs.

A couple other companies offer similar features. TiVo has a TiVoToGo program that can burn DVDs. The cost for that feature is $50. Microsoft has included the feature in Windows Media Center and will be available in Windows Vista Home Premium.

The cost of the Beyond TV DVD plug-in is $29.99 to 39.99 depending on what version you own.
On the SnapStream blog about the DVD plug-in they write,

“embedded in Beyond TV 4.5 is an optional and exciting new feature – integrated DVD burning. The new DVD Burning Plug-in makes it easy to burn DVDs of your recorded TV shows and movies. Just pop a DVD into your burner, add videos to the DVD in Beyond TV and then click Burn DVD.'”

Beyond TV will also feature “SmartSkip” technology that will allow viewers to avoid commercials. Besides the DVD burning capabilities the skipping of commercials will be a welcomed feature for subscribers.

Here is a list of the technical details of the DVD Burning Plug-In:
it supports pretty much all DVD writing hardware out there
and it supports pretty much all types of DVD media and technologies (dual layer, single layer, mini DVDs, DVD-RAM, DVD+R and RW, DVD-R and RW)
it’s fully licensed by Dolby for Dolby Digital Audio (2-channel) so the sound quality is great
it supports both video DVDs and data DVDs
it supports not only MPEG-2 (program stream) videos, but Windows Media (WMV) and DivX videos as well
burning happens in the background, while your DVD is burned, you can use Beyond TV (or anything else on your PC)

Burning TV programs to DVD may not be new. As the technology improves people will be turning less and less to major retailers for their favorite TV shows and continue the trend of burning to DVDs.

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