Duplicate Content – The Need for it

    March 27, 2007

First, what is duplicate content?

Duplicate content is republishing similar or the same information on multiple pages of a website or publishing the same content on multiple domains.

Content is a something that is very important and should be considered when developing a webpage/site. However, when you are working on optimizing your website for different types of search keywords, you may need to publish similar content in different areas of your site to address the stage of the purchase process for your visitors. I would never recommend to publish the same exact content over and over, however, it is important to use similar content on a website that is targeted on a specific topic.

My advice, write for your users. If you feel that you need to publish the same or similar content on more than one page, do it. The purpose of content is to provide it for your users.

Republishing an article or excerpts from another website could potentially cause a negative reaction from a search engine, however, the purpose for republishing an article is for your users (once again) and if you rank for topics merely by republishing an article, then you have a high TrustRank value in the search engines eyes.

Ultimately, write your content for your users and use it effectively on your website.

Why should search engines be concerned? With the addition of Web 2.0 and publishers have the ability to syndicate information across the web. Figuring out who is the expert and should receive the traffic for queries, I expect, will come down to the value of the website. So, TrustRank will have more relevance in the future.

Do not:
Take other’s content and publish it as your own.
Republish content to attract search engines.

What are your thoughts?

Do you use similar content in different areas of your website? Why?

Do you think that it is even important at all?

Do you think that widgets and additions of feeds on websites will be positive or negative on SERPs?