Dunkin’ Donuts Doesn’t Want To Be A Donut Company Anymore

    June 20, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Dunkin’ Donuts saw a meteoric rise in the ’80s with a series of commercials featuring Fred the Baker, whose slogan “Time to make the donuts” became as well-known as the Wendy’s lady and her “Where’s the beef?” query.

But the company says they aren’t just a doughnut shop; in fact, they want to focus on their coffee, which is a huge seller on retail shelves and offers a less pricey alternative to potential Starbucks customers.

“We are a beverage company,” Paul Carbone, the company’s CFO, said.

Indeed, coffee and beverage sales make up 58% of their sales nowadays, and that spells big business for those in charge. Now, they’re focusing on a media campaign that will drive sales out West, where there currently isn’t a Dunkin’ Donuts presence, and the promotions will mostly be beverage-driven. They’re also about to introduce gluten-free muffins and doughnuts, which will appeal to a mass audience and will likely go over well in health-conscious California. The state boasts over 2,000 Starbucks alone, while Dunkin’ Donuts has 7,400 shops scattered around the U.S. They will be the first major fast-food company to offer a wheat-free product.

“At Dunkin’ Donuts, we recognize the importance of providing our guests with many options, including alternative choices for people with food and dietary restrictions,” said Michelle King, director of global public relations.

  • Mother Moonie

    Take away my bavarian cream donut holes or donuts, and you will lose my business!!!

    • Dennis

      They are not taking away anything. They are simply offering another option.

    • Merri B

      The vanilla creme filled ones are to die for too.

  • Dennis

    I think its a great strategy business wise to attract even more customers with the California expansion which is long over due. Now all they have to do is start opening this locations.

  • Ralph

    Doesn’t matter what they call themselves – They will forever be known to me as “Drunken Donuts”!

    • Tom

      I’ve lived in New England for 40 years. Never heard that moniker before.

  • Parsley

    The “Where’s the Beef” campaign didn’t run nearly as long as “Time to make the Donuts”. I’m retired and every time I have to get up early I say “Time to make the donuts”.

  • bill

    so thats good, however, they dont talk about the fact that their entire menu is fabricated in a laboratory. hydro palm oil,high fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate to name a few of the lethal preservatives they graciously serve us and profit from. i could careless if they changed their name to “eat cowdung”, they should be boycotted for killing us slowly with their posion.

    • Julie

      You don’t have to eat their food.

      • Merri B

        AMEN to that, Julie. Such a simple problem for Bill to solve.

    • Mike H

      Palm oil and fructose are not lethal nor are they preservatives. Both are actually natural ingredients. Sodium benzoate is however a preservative yet it is found in everything from pickles and fruit juice to the medication we take. Although I would agree not the best thing to consume but fairly harmless without the presence of ascorbic acid. And by the way your comment about their entire menu being fabricated in a laboratory is just plain silly as is most of your comment. Try doing a little nutritional research before you make a comment again. Thanks…

  • Julie

    So stupid. Less than 1% of the United States’ population legitimately has celiac disease. It’s often misdiagnosed, and in actuality pretty rare. They should offer vegan donuts instead, they’d gain a whole lot of business, from health conscious people and vegans.

    • amy

      Well being part of the 1%, its not insignificant for companies to make it easier to have a “treat” for us when we are not in our own homes. And you are right it does get misdiagnosed a lot but not in the way you are thinking. People with celiac take years to get the correct diagnosis, suffering for years before someone finally does a simple blood test and biopsy. No one should be thinking that GF food is healthy, it merely is without gluten. So a donut without gluten is no more healthy than one with gluten, it just doesn’t gave gluten for those of us that cannot eat it.

  • LuAnn

    I love their coffee! But I do think of it in my area at least, not as a donut shop but a sandwich shop. Their sandwiches are to die for.

  • Steve

    Me thinkum donuts are good but me likum coffee bestest of allll

  • Steve

    Donuts rock

  • superdog

    Have to agree with some of the comments. DD, probably makes the best cup of coffee in the country. Starbucks, is way overrated, and overpriced. Never had bad cup in any DD store. Good luck with the new campaign.

  • Ric Hughes

    I’m conflicted…….I love their coffee but one their biggest shareholder is Bain Capital!!

  • dave

    When I was a broke college student back in the 90s I used to go there a lot. They would often have coupons for $1 off a dozen doughnuts. Which brought the price down to $1.99. I would get a dozen Boston Creme donuts and stick them in the fridge. Until one time, I got violently ill off some. I didn’t go back for many years.

    Now I go once every couple of years or so. Only when I get a coupon. Now it’s $5 for a 1/2 dozen with the coupon. Which I think is ridiculous.

    Last time I went there was around Valentine’s day and the Boston Creme donuts were heart shaped- which made them about half the size. And honestly, the were disgusting. Barely any filling. And they were NOT fresh.

    Later I found out that they no longer make donuts anymore. They are shipped in frozen. Considering they are selling this trash, it is pretty obvious they don’t care about the donuts.

    I don’t even like donuts much anymore. As you get older your tastes change. But if I want donuts there is a local bakery about 5-10 miles from my house that is MUCH better than DD and about half the price. I can’t imagine ever going Dunkin’ again.

  • fuqwad

    “I remember when Dunkin Donuts used to an excellent place for coffee and donuts. Now the coffee is awful – watered down piss and the donuts are dinky and terrible tasting.
    I think when D&D sold the original company, the new corporate owner was looking for profit and made some awful changes. I used to spend close to $1500/year at D&D, now I spend zip. I mean – I can drink my own piss for free and the convenience store has better donuts in those small packs.
    Just my two cents. I recommend changing the name to Dinky Donuts.

  • Gary P

    do these idiots realize Donuts is in their name? They don’t want to be a doughnut company anymore? If they didn’t ask for over 2million dollar to open a franchise they’d probably be more profitable. Seriously this country is getting more stupid by the day thanks to Washington D.C. It’s time to ask for a recall vote on Obama’s monarchy.

    • Mike H

      Personally I think its all Bush’s fault that DD does not realize that Donuts is in their name. After all Bush did bring down the entire countries IQ by 12.8%.

    • you’re not that smart

      Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) only serves grilled not fried chicken and is officially recognized as Kentucky grilled chicken (KFC). The name has nothing to do with the product..

      “Seriously this country is getting more stupid by the day thanks to Washington D.C. It’s time to ask for a recall vote on Obama’s monarchy.”

      It’s “getting stupider” not “more stupid”… don’t call my country stupid and make a political statement that you more than likely have no evidence or back up argument, especially when you don’t even posses proper English grammar.

  • Rachel

    I hope they don’t change their menu here in the east. I LOVE their donuts. I’m not a big coffee drinker but I have tried DD’s coffee and I liked it alot better than Starbucks. But if you want coffee that is strong enough to take the paint off a house than Starbucks is for you.

    There is a new DD opening up at a local Hess station next month and I can’t WAIT to try their frozen hot chocolate.

    I think the point of this article is that they are thinking of what will attract customers in Calif. What sells well in that state. I don’t know if the gluten free donuts will be on all their menus. I do agree that perhaps they should also carry some vegan products too.

  • http://www.flirtylingerie.com Lisa

    All this over some coffee and donuts. I do prefer Dunkin to Starbucks on price and flavor of the coffee. As to donuts I prefer Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood near LAX. Awesome donuts!

  • Marie-Claire

    Je préfère un bon Café-Santé bio;))