DuggTrends Shifts Karslist Into Gear

    October 12, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The people behind DuggTrends, which they describe as complementing Digg and providing insight into what and how people are voting, have launched a metasearch site for used cars.

Karslist sifts through an assortment of auto sales websites to find available vehicles in a geographical area. A visitor can select the make and model of a vehicle, and a radius from a zip code to define the search area.

The beta is limited in that a make and model must be selected to perform a search. An option to search all makes and models within a certain area and price range would be of tremendous value.

Karslist bears a lot of similarity to other Ajax-powered search sites. Kayak.com and the revamped Yahoo Travel website both come to mind, as Karslist makes use of slider controls and checkboxes to filter the results returned from the initial query.

DuggTrends touted some of the features of Karslist, which they believe is the first such site of its type:

•  A real-time search of the most popular used car listing websites, which keeps our results fresh with all the latest used cars available in the market and avoids listing any sold car
•  Karstrends tool that allows you to compare prices of different makes, models, and zip codes
•  “Tune your search” features to meet your specific needs
•  Various filters which help you get to the car you are looking for without much hassle and time.

Doing a mouseover of a thumbnail photo of a car brings up a larger view of the vehicle. Users can see the historical pricing by clicking on the “Analyze your results” link. The resulting graph shows how a vehicle’s price has changed year over year.


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