Duggars: Adoption Being Considered

    March 26, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Michelle Duggar may be one of the toughest women in the U.S. Having given birth to 19 children in 21 years, her body has no doubt seen more than its fair share of miles. Now, it appears that it could be time for Duggar to retire, at least from the baby-making portion of her motherhood.

Duggar’s latest pregnancy, in 2011, ended in a miscarriage. The youngest Duggar child, Josie, was born prematurely in 2011. After a short 25-week pregnancy, Josie was born weighing just 22 ounces. At 45 years old, Michelle Duggar is past the age where doctors begin to warn that pregnancies come with serious health risks for both mother and child. It now appears that the Duggar family is considering adoption as an alternative to another pregnancy.

Duggar told People magazine this week that she and her husband, Jim Bob, may adopt children into their overpacked family, saying, “We are open to the idea of adoption.”

Michelle told People that she and her family are praying to their god about adoption, though she makes it clear her children are encouraging them to expand the family further.

The Duggar family are the stars of the TLC reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting. In addition to their 19 children, the Duggars currently have two grandchildren, with more undoubtedly on the way.

(Image courtesy Jim Bob Duggar/Wikimedia Commons)

  • Grace

    She does know what decade it is right? She must do SOMETHING with that hair…

    • Carilee

      She had it done one–the kids gave her a make-over on hair and clothes for her birthday. Jim Bob, or Billy Bob, or whatever hillbilly name he has, did not like it. He said it did not look like her. I guess you can take the woman out of the hills, but you cannot make her a real lady.

      • lise

        I doubt a woman with 19 kids has the time to care about her hair. good grief …its not your head so why do you give a shit how anyone wears their hair. get a life.

  • anne kirby

    holy shit she doesnt need any more kids reguardless of where they come from. 19 is enough.. just say no, michelle!

  • Maureen

    I would love to be a Duggar!!

    • Synvia

      You are as crazy as they are.

    • lise

      have you ever seen the show? That isn’t good parenting. The kids are not allowed to have their own opinions. The girls can’t even where pants for god sake and no one is allowed shorts no matter how hot it gets. Treaching their children to be ashamed of their bodies and telling the girls their husbands own their body and they have to do what their husbands want. The girls aren’t allowed to move out of the house until they get married. They are control freaks and they make sure their kids do not get a real education to keep them ignorant and obedient. They discuss me and should not be allowed to adopt. I am one of 11 children by my parents. Catholics. Me I’m an atheist and love my mother very much but I’ve told her I think having all us kids was disgusting. Me and half of my siblings never had kids probably because of having enough tolerating each other.

  • Michelle

    Adoption is nice, I was adopted, but it’s for couples that can’t naturally have child or want a few children to help them get out of orphanages and foster homes. But the Duggars should just concentrate on their 19 children. THey are in their mid40s and have 5 young kids. They will be in their 60s when their youngest graduate from 12th grade. Not fair at all to the kids. My parents were 35 when they adopted me and I was teased a lot for having old parents. Do not adopt, Duggars. Please, it’s really not fair for the children.

    • Suzanna

      The Duggers have a system where the kids are buddies—an older child takes care of a younger one. Their children do not have the time for a childhood of their own. They are constantly babysitting and taking care of the others.

    • Carleen

      My parents were 45 when they had me back in 70’s…no one teased me. The parents age and the amount of children in the family has nothing to do with good parenting, if you have good parents like you said then you would know that

  • christine

    I had a chance to meet the duggars and 17 of their children at my church in Lincoln,il they are great strong and very nice people even with 19 children they have there act together and do better as a family than most families do with only 3 or 4 people in it so my thought is if they decide to adopt god bless them they will be a great family for the child

  • Nick

    I thought the reason they had so many children is because they were opposed to birth control. Did they change their minds or did Michelle go through menopause? Either way, I’m glad Michelle and Jim Bob decided to call it quits on having children naturally. I was starting to worry Jim Bob was looking at single parenthood.
    I hope they consider adopting from this country. Everyone wants to do China this and Haiti that but there are children here who need homes just as much. This isn’t me being racist, just throwing out a thought.
    I know a lot of people are probably opposed to this because “They have enough kids already!” You know, I’m kind of tired of everyone criticizing the Duggars parenting. They have good kids who love them, help them out and are smart and succesful. I’m particularly impressed with the teenaged girls. You know a lot of girls that age wear booty shorts, take naked pictures, smoke dope and get straight Fs? But it’s fine, her parents only have 2 kids. The other is a grown man who beats and cheats on his wife and steals from his place of employment.

    Like I said, they have good children and to me they look extremely happy.

  • Ellie

    For heaven’s sake! These people are really weirdos. They, and the Bates, the family who sometimes is on their show as friends. At least, the Duggers are thinking of adoption. The Bates have just had (or will soon have) their 19th child. And, they do not have nearly the money the Duggers do. To top it off, the Bates can no longer have children the ”old fashioned way”. She needs the help of a fertility clinic. These people are all nuts.

  • http://DuggarsNews Deborah Switzer

    Yeah for Anna and Josh. Yeah for Jim Bob and Michelle for considering adoption. It is God who knits the babies in the wombs. Children are gifts from our Creator. I thank God for the Duggar family.

  • Truth Be Told

    You all are missing the reality here. Love multiplies. Every member added to that family, whether born in or adopted in is loved and cherished wholeheartedly, not just by their mom and dad, but by every one of those Duggar kids, too. They are looked after and helped out and delighted in and taught to look after, help out, and delight in others. I’m ecstatic that they are considering adoption. And to the person who commented on domestic adoption instead of overseas adoption, I agree, there’s a lot of kids out there in this country that need to be loved the way the Duggars love their children, and I’m not disputing domestic adoption by any means, but its often a matter of life or death. Orphans in our country do not starve to death, thank God. Its not ideal, but their basic needs are met. Meanwhile there are tens of thousands of children who die of hunger and hunger related diseases. Over 147 million orphans exist in the world, we need more love multiplied.

  • tim

    My honest feeling here is that there is something off. It seems like some pathology.

    Some thngs are fine when done in moderation, but taken to extremes become a problem Take hand washing for example, it’s fine and healthy, but people who do it constantly create ulcerations and often have OCD. Kids are great, but if you wnat to have 20 or more of them….

    • lise

      who cares

  • http://yahoo norma stidham

    Sweet little girls come from China.We’ve been so happy with our baby girl.I’ve got two boys born to me.But when they put my daughter in my arms,I fell to the floor with tears of joy.

  • Susan

    I think they have a very unhealthy addictions. They have a full family. My son is adopted, we couldn’t have children naturally. There are so many couples who would never know the joys of parenthood with so much love to share, It is pretty selfish of these people that God has Blessed in abundance to continue to want more and more.

    Since they are “famous” they would get a baby in a short amount of time like the celeberties. Just my opinion.

  • Emily Hofbauer

    The Duggars need to have another hobby or interest in life besides continuously being pregnant…too much to know and see in one lifetime besides the bed and ceiling. Yes, the other children have lost their childhood constantly babysitting the younger children and that isn’t fair to these children during their lifetime.

    • KAtrina


  • http://yahoo Mary

    The Duggers have no debts, the kids are happy and well adjusted, and no government handouts are given to them. If God blessed them with these kids, it’s what He and they wanted. If they adopt, that’s giving a child a chance for a loving home. I don’t think they are wierd at all, as they are both in agreement on this, and those kids are fantastic. Actually kept their innocence instead of doing grown up things before they are ready. I wish I could have done it.

  • Tanya

    Not only should the Duggars not be allowed to adoption, they shouldn’t be allowed to keep their own children. Something is terribly wrong with this family. Reasonable people don’t have 19 kids. Kids aren’t collectibles. How much one on one attention do these children get? They have the older children raising the younger children. It’s like they enjoy the attention of collecting kids. Please do not allow these people to adopt.

    • KAtrina

      I agree!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry

    These people are insane. I feel sorry for any child who comes into the care of these lunatics.

  • http://yahoo martha mccary

    I think the duggars are lunatics just like that guy said, all there doing is wanting attention by staying pregnant for 19 years, and giving birth to 19 kids is crazy for a woman her age or any age to have that many kids. Her having all those kids gave her a realty show and being on the news, all they want is attention and her addiction is being pregnant. Duggers are stupid and me for one don’t give them attention. Thanku mrs mccary

    • http://yahoo martha

      I think the duggars are lunatics just like that guy said, all I see is a woman wanting attention by staying pregnant for 19 years. they have a realty show and they have been on the today show.kids are great and there is a time to stop like around 3 or 4, michelle duggar is addicted to being pregnant and is addicted for attention. the duggers are stupid and not all there so for me I wouldn’t give them attention.

      • Cristine

        Aren’t you just the prime example of inconsistency. Your post is a contradicting opinion in and of itself. You said “… all I see is a woman wanting attention by staying pregnant… The duggers (its, Duggars, btw) are stupid and not all there so for me I WOULDN’T GIVE THEM ATTENTION.” That is what you said, verbatim and yet here you are creating a long post about these “lunatics” and their attention seeking ways.

  • Cristine

    I like how people are blowing this out of proportion. They didn’t say they’re adopting. They didn’t say they’re considering it. They said they’re open to the idea. There is a big difference. It was probably one of those things where she said that she’s not having anymore children bc of her age and the risks so the interviewer probably asked if they would consider adoption. Get a grip.

    And to the people criticizing their parenting style: There are much smaller and far worse families in our society today. Who are you to judge their parenting style when they have well adjusted, incredibly smart, and beautiful children? Who are you to say that the older kids didn’t have much of a childhood because they’re always babysitting. There are only a few children in the family considered to be “kids” that need to have a childhood. The rest are teenagers who are learning how grow into responsible adults and they managed to have a childhood before there younger siblings were even born.

    Please know the facts before posting ignorant comments.

    • Cristine

      *their younger siblings…

  • Liz

    I don’t watch the show and I think that for sure the Duggars live a life that is so very different from our mainstream life, thus we cannot not fully understand it. They have their faith, in my eyes a bit too extreme, but to each his own there. What matters is that in the end they appear to be good people, don’t depend on others for assistance of any kind, and appear to have raised their kids (are raising their kids)with good values and to be hard working/good people. To me that is what matters most. Those here that are so critical of them and judgmental of them should really live and let others live. The Duggars do no harm to anyone. Funny though, I am sure those that are so harshly critical of them have nothing to say about other shows like The Kardashians or Honey Boo Boo and believe those lifestyles are just fine.