Duck Dynasty Star Compared To John The Baptist

    July 28, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has been in the news for what seems like forever now for speaking out on sensitive issues such as homosexuality. The Duck Commander has great faith and is not afraid to talk about spiritual things regardless of the consequences.

Phil Robertson has stirred up more than his share of major controversy for Duck Dynasty, starting with his remarks on homosexuality last year when he proclaimed,

“It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

Then the world fell apart.

Even though Phil tried to clear up his stance for the media, the damage was already done. However, through the whole fiasco, the Duck Dynasty patriarch didn’t back down.

His son, Alan, who is a preacher and makes a few appearances on Duck Dynasty as the only non-bearded Robertson, has recently compared his father to biblical figure John the Baptist.

“How many people make their way out just to talk to my dad about the good news of Jesus Christ? And so he was a lot like John the Baptist. He is that guy. Now I’m often reminded when I tell people John the Baptist that he also lost his head, for speaking the truth, right? In a culture that really wasn’t prepared to hear truth, and yet, you know what, that doesn’t change my dad’s view at all.”

He said of the Duck Dynasty star, “Prophets tend to not care about their public image, they tend to talk about judgment as if it’s real, and they speak what God gives them to speak. And that’s what my dad does. So he is, in that sense, a 21st century prophet. What’s interesting is how it came to be is phenomenal. It really was just one prayer on a television show.”

This is true about Phil and the stance he took. He spoke about some very culturally sensitive topics despite the risk it held for Duck Dynasty and stood by his statements.

What do you think about Alan’s comparison of the Duck Dynasty star to John the Baptist?

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  • funwithanerd

    Does this rube still have a following?

    • PhilforPresident

      His values are closer to our founding fathers than any of you terds that call yourselves liberals. You are the reason America is going down the drains! Your motivations in life are that everyone excepts everyone for who they are which is part of the story. The other part is loving people and helping each other work on our own failures. You mock people that think morally and base their reasoning on foundational truths. Phil always acknowledges his failures when talking about his life. Common Sense man! Men breeding with other men would have died off…they would have never survived! That’s why it doesn’t need to be sugarcoated with Glee crap to understand this viewpoint.

      • funwithanerd

        You mis-spelled Turds, you probably can’t understand the irony of that. You cannot see that your view of morality may be wrong, and it is not the only view of morality. Read a book and expand your mind.

      • Theo

        And I bet you are not ashamed to be a part of these folks that absolutely refuse to discuss the biological sciences and the research having to do with the Zq28 gene. And you have to conclude that sexual orientation is a life-style choice made by a responsible adult because this is the only way you can relegate them to hell. And oh, how much you enjoy sending people to hell!

    • b. kirk

      I am one of those bleeding heart liberal democrats that Rush Limbugh calls a Communist..A quote from the late James Garner..I am proud to be a bleeding heart liberal too..At least we try to understand people that are different and not comdemn them to “hell”. like this azzhole does.

      • Lacey

        phil doesn’t condemn them to hell, God does. And if you don’t believe in God, fine but just like you have a right to your immorality, those who do have a right to be heard. I always find it interesting that those who don’t believe in God tend to live in a way that can’t allow them to believe bucause they’d have to change their lifestyles.
        What kills me about people with your P.O.V is that everyone is supposed to be tolerant and understanding of behavior and ideas that are outside normal human behavior. Look how much stuff there is in the media about gays and they make up just a couple of percentage points of the population. back to my point….”bleeding hearts” tend to be the LEAST tolerant of all. To disagree with one’s lifestyle and not want to be a part of it, is my right, as long as I don’t do anyting to harm that individual or take away their rights – which I never would. Phil’s comments in the past may have offended you, but he has the right to have that opinion – just like you have a right to belive that those things that he spoke of are acceptable behavior. what is acceptable for you does not have to be acceptable for everyone. The prevalent attitude today is, if you don’t agree, you’re wrong. period. if you voice that you don’t agree, we’ll try to destroy your life. that sounds like a really kind heart huh?

        • Lacey

          and by the way, as a Christian. I DO NOT like Phil or his family comparing him to John the Baptist. They’re taking it way too far, and I personally find the comparison offensive. John is the only person born with the Holy Spirit, and is the second most important person in the bible. it’s a ridiculous statement, and if they don’t know better, that’s very telling.

        • b. kirk

          Your ugly post proves what I say..you people prove every day that you have no tolerance and when someone calls you on it..you turn to the “book” and something no one can see..This is your tolerance to condemn people that think everyone in the world , including, homophobics like you need to be treated with kindness..this is something you will never understand. so keep spouting your hateful “god” speeches..falls on deaf ears but you have the right to say it just like I have the right to say that I forgive you for the ugly post you just wrote.

          • Lacey

            what did I say that was intolerant???? did I use unkind nasty words or did you??? Please tell me what was said in my post that was so offensive…specifically. who did I condemn? who did I say anything unkind about? When speaking of morality that means all things immoral…I said nothing unkind about any specific group. I’ll be waiting for a specific answer as to what was so intolerant about my comment. And If you ask me…YOU proved what I said about who is actually the LEAST tolerant..

          • b. kirk

            You just read your posts and tell me you are tolerant….If liberals do not agree with condeming gays you say..It’s not me it is God’s word..Christians are supposed to love everyone…what a crock.So.you think if I love everyone that I am immoral.?.your words not mine..Your morality is limited..mine is not. I do not cop out and say it is someone I cannot see words..I own what I say..you cannot say the same..not everyone believes in “god” LIVE with it. and don’t be scared to think for yourself.

          • Lacey

            ok, you should slow down and pay attention here – my comment about condemnation was specifically in response to you saying Phil condemns people. It was a clarification. and FYI, the bible states that God condemns all non believers, not any specific group. and that’s what Phil tried to convey, but it was lost on simple minds.
            also when did I say if you love everyone you’re immoral? my morality is far from limited, it’s simply defined – and I am not perfect, I just recognize immorality and avoid it. and don’t put words in my mouth because I am NOT talking about anyone’s “lifestyle”
            I am talking about individual deeds, such as stealing & lying – but you can’t see that because everything you see is tinged by your need to defend your position. and you made a huge assumption that I am not a liberal – where did I say anything about my political beliefs? wow – you have to stretch really far to make your point.
            I said you as in EVERYONE has a right to their immorality. I actually do have love for everyone, and never indicated otherwise. see the problem here is your limited thinking allows you to equate disagreement with condemnation/persecution. not one in the same. I did not say everyone has to believe in God, in fact I said the opposite. I very clearly think for myself – these are all my words, and my beliefs are my own to practice, and I have no expectation that you or anyone else agreee. YOU cannot say the same.
            I think it’s interesting how much you had to bend and twist my words to come up with a response. and it’s still filled with intellectual dishonesty and anger.

          • BOBS BURGERS

            @april don’t let capt kirk get to you it is a game the non believers play hoping to get to you. i agree calling him john the baptist is going to far. @capt kirk get a life april stated nothing you stated she said. reading is fundamental.

      • slowboat2

        But do you try to understand conservatives with a different opinion to your thinking?

  • Phil Fugate

    Is he going to beheaded soon?

    • b. kirk


  • Douglas

    Jesus says the there is no greater prophet than John the Baptist. I know and do agree that Phil Robertson is doing a great job in preaching the word of God. As long as his sermons are scriptural and not political. We as Christians must defend the Gospel. We have to declare the Word of God because we are living in a world that is very fast headed for a devils hell. Most of what is wrong with America is what hollywood produces.
    Keep preaching Phil.

  • randolf

    that aint right… people get real.. this bull sh.. is going to far

  • annette

    I think it is about time someone brings the lord back into our corrupt society. I appreciate everything Phil has to say. He has every right to his beliefs, and I do agree with most of them!

  • rebelmountainman

    LOL I thought the bible claimed you should watch out for false prophets, Phil IS most certainly is one of those

    • b. kirk

      One of the biggest but his “followers” are like Stepford People for sure..Him and his people are the biggest phonies to come along in a long time.

      • rebelmountainman

        I don’t have a problem with people having and practicing their religion. What I do have a problem with is them trying to make laws and forcing others to follow their beliefs, like Christians trying to force prayer in public schools.

        • Nancy

          Phil Robertson is NOT trying to make any kind of law for anyone to follow. He is simply stating his beliefs and, as for now, has the right to do so – just as you do. Unfortunately, we let one woman force prayers out of schools and look what has happened to the schools since – killings that never should have happened. When you take God out of the schools and your country, you no longer have the protection you need. When you turn your back on God, what is He to do?

          • rebelmountainman

            oh come on Nancy if most of you Christians had your way you would force your beliefs on everyone.

            “Unfortunately, we let one woman force prayers out of schools and look what has happened to the schools since – killings that never should have happened. When you take God out of the schools and your country, you no longer have the protection you need.”

            This is what I’m talking about, don’t be a Christian (N)azi, plus your analogy is BS, you seem to ignore the fact there are and have been plenty of shootings at Christian schools too,


          • Lacey

            most Christians who truly understand their faith don’t want to force anything on anyone. We know that God calls you and you either listen or you don’t…it’s your choice and it certainly can’t and shouldn’t be forced upon anyone.

    • Nancy

      He is NOT a false prophet because he has never claimed to be Jesus Christ. He is a common man who believes in Jesus Christ and the Bible, and believes in following the Word of God. Thank you Phil.

  • http://www.rathboneenergy.com/ Ron L Rathbone

    I do NOT think promoting to the masses that being stupid and promoting a lack of education are things done by John the Baptist. Being a follower of Jesus Christ of Nazareth all my 55 years, dieing in 1997 and staying dead for almost an hour before jump starting, I remember everything from the other side. We are told to study and show ourselves approved, NOT study the King James version / rearrangement of our Creators Words. Experience verses Inexperience. Ron L Rathbone on LinkedIn

  • funwithanerd

    Is this guy still promoting that grown men should marry 15 year old girls?

  • drnickv

    Why does this Phil bashing continue. This article takes most everything he said out of context and uses it to bash him. Have any of you even read anything that he actually said? Bet not!! That would be like many of the current liberals. If someone does not agree with your beliefs, you usually trash the person.
    Well, as an educated, God fearing, America loving conservative, I for one agree with Phil wholeheartedly. I do not have to judge you, God will do that. I hope you are ready when the time comes. Phil is in! I hope you will join him, his family and myself in the kingdom of heaven.

    • b. kirk

      No this is you homophobics and bigots MO..If we do not agree with you..you bash us..

      • Lacey

        to disagree with a lifestyle doesn’t mean one is “afraid” of it. I’m not homophobic, and in fact I don’t care what ANYONE does in their bedroom. I worry about myself. my only point in mentioning anything about “gays” (for lack of better terminology) in My post was to prove a point about people who think like you. If you don’t agree, you’re “against” and that is an extremely immature way of thinking and viewing the world. Be more tolerant of other’s beliefs, and less angry and intellectually dishonest. b. kirk.

        • b. kirk

          You just do not get it…I like everyone and have Christian friends that also do..So I guess you do not mind the gay lifestayle.?.good for you and I apologize but I have listened to these Duck Dynasty people talk and they are not tolernat like you.

          • Lacey

            The gay lifestyle is not my personal choice, but to each his own – I don’t worry about other’s lifestyles unless it impacts me, which it does not in this case. I have many gay friends (I know that sounds cliche, but I live in the SF bay area…so of course I do!). Any Christian filled with hate and trying to harm other’s because they choose not to believe and live the same lifestyle, is no Christian.
            As I once heard, Christians are supposed to be “tasty and bright”, not sour, hateful and off putting. I know the type you are talking about. But I kept “arguing” with you because I wanted to make the point that not all Christians are how Christians are often portrayed in the media. there are extremists on all sides. Now you have a good day. :)

  • MOE

    you know what happened to J THE B

  • Wes

    We do read a book, it’s an all time best seller. It’s called the Bible, you rube. I used to care about helping other people know about Jesus, and the reality of eternal life or eternal hell. But people have become so jaded and outspoken AGAINST God / His clearly defined principles, that I’ve gotten to where I don’t really care about their souls anymore, and THAT, I know, isn’t the Christian thing to feel/say/think, but it’s how I honestly feel. Phil Robertson could give a big sh*t about how you judge him, and that’s the most refreshing part about him, other than the fact that he has completely and unabashedly spoken to the media the same way he speaks to his congregation. He’s a man of God, folks. Like him or hate him (most people love him because he’s authentic) he speaks the God-spoken truth. Don’t believe words he says…fine with me…but don’t claim to be a Christian if you disagree with him, because his claims are nothing more and nothing less than true Christian / Biblical fact.

  • Theo

    One of the reasons all these right-wing churches and politicians and Fox News love him is because of what he said about African Americans when they were living under Jim Crow laws. These news accounts most often leave out those remarks. I wonder why? Have you seen any from his church disagree with him about his ignorance on basic civil rights?

  • slowboat2

    Well, I guess anyone can have an opinion and all probably do. Homosexuals don’t much like straight people and their friends in the media support that. I disagree with but I am not going to go crazy and try to run everybody out of business who disagrees with me. Phil should be able to speak his opinion and anybody should be able to agree or disagree. Why is it that if you disagree with the media, gays, illegals, etc. you are no good, but, if they disagree with you thats’ OK and is encouraged? With minorities (minorities as not being majority), why are they defended with rage and the majorities (views) are looked upon 100% of the time with disgust? Upside down thinking.

  • slicktn2

    Here we go bashing Phil again, first off he is guaranteed
    freedom of speech under the first amendment, he is trying to get americans to
    wake up and see what God’s plan is, instead the ignorant masses would rather
    glorify the gays and race mixing, in the last 50 years since prayer has been
    taken out of schools and public events this country has been in steady decline,
    why because prior the removal of prayer God blessed this country, but the PC
    crowd promotes sin now and have turned their back on God and this country
    wonders what happen to our days of glory, it is simple, it does not take a
    rocket scientist to figure it out, what we need is a whole lot more Phil’s in
    this country and a good dose of Jesus, it is so refreshing to see a program
    that my entire family can sit down, watch and enjoy, the best part of each and
    every show is the prayer, the ones bashing the show and Phil are fearful it
    will catch on and their gay and race mixing lifestyles will no longer be
    acceptable. And a footnote the folks out the calling Phil a pedophile look at
    your family trees I bet you won’t have to look far to see your own family
    member married at a young age Phil was 18, Miss Kaye was 16 it was a common
    practice up until maybe 25 years ago

    • yeah right on

      yeah lets not forget his “Phil”osphy..get em youg..train em..i guess thats what he did to his old lady..fact is he knocked her up when she was 15..married her not long after that..and dodged the damn draft in vietnam..anyone who compares this educated man who pretends to be a “redneck” needs his head examined..he has no right to speak or judge anyone..if so he better re read the scripture about a “rich man entering the gates of heaven” and taking the log out of yer own eye before you try and take the splinter out of yer brothers”!

  • fred

    that thing he said about tricking 16 year old girls into marriage and pregnancy is kind of Muslimesque. if these old frauds actually bothered to read entire books in context i think their bone heads would probably explode. My dad told me a long time ago that a preacher is a man with the bible in his left hand and his p#cker in his right hand. which interestingly enough is actually a statue in the middle east that represents bael. So many devils so little time. duckman should decide, duckman or preacher? cant be both ya’ old fraud,one or the other. No wonder the world thinks Christians are idiots and criminals, so many times we actually are. When will my confusion end? How long Oh Lord will my ears be subject to nonstop B.S.? Where is the voice of reason that has not been tainted by the flesh? Even the garments are spotted with the flesh but they are loved and not hated. There is no place clean. Blah ,blah, blah. I know i should not cast these pearls in the trough, but i can’t seem to resist the TEMPTATION. ahahahahahhahahhahahahhahaha. where are my pills? someone bring me my pills. Its so dark here i can’t hardly sea……(caution, reading this post more than once could lead to blindness and or madness and might cause hair to grow on your palms.) dark sayings? of course. who else did you think it would be? pleased to meat you,hope you guessed my name. whooo…..whoo? whooo…..who? (rolling stones fade out) hey at least i know why jews bang there heads on a wall,do you?

  • Michael Chapman

    Riiight…and the Ku Klux Klan are just like UNICEF.

  • Jayne

    To each his own. I respect Phil’s opinion, but his biblical view isn’t that of all religious people, or all Christians. I have no problem with the comparison to John the Baptist, although I don’t see any similarity.

    I disagree with the very general statements that seem to lump all liberals together. There are bigoted, intolerant liberals and bigoted, intolerant conservatives. Very few of the liberals I know are intolerant of views that aren’t their own.

    For those of you who insist God condemns people to hell, take a look in the mirror before you judge others, or decide which groups of people God condemns.

    If you want to tell me that the Bible is the literal word of God, try to remember that we don’t have the word of God written in a book.. We don’t have any copies of the original documents. We have interpretations of interpretations of interpretations that were sometimes copied by illiterate scribes, or scribes that made accidental or purposeful changes to the documents they had to copy from. IMO, the bible was never meant to be taken as literal truth. Human beings wrote it and human beings decided which letters and writings were to be called “the Bible”.


  • Jerome

    The libs and other anti god groups can’t handle the truth and it scares them! What a sad and lonely place they live in. The Robertson family are good Christians and I’m glad they stand up for what is right.

    • Charlie Crespo-Fly

      What truth ? That the Robertson have based their lives on a book of fiction ??

  • prinefan

    Proof that the myth of god and the scam of religion is a perfect fit for the worst people in the world.

  • Sara

    God doesn’t condemn anyone to hell but we all have free will and unfortunately many chose to remain in the company of all those condemned by their own choices made with that free will.

  • Charlie Crespo-Fly

    Phil Robertson, A prophet ??? This is why people are leaving and lost all respect for religion. It’s because of these self important intelligence challenged morons