Duck Dynasty Quacks Back Tonight

    January 15, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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After a month of controversy over anti-gay and pro-Jim Crow statements, suspensions from A&E, reinstatement to A&E, and Twitter pages gone wild, Phil Robertson and the rest of the family returns to the fifth season of the Louisiana-based reality show.

Duck Dynasty will air once again on A&E at 10pm E.T. tonight. But will there be changes in the show? Likely not considering this season was already wrapped up before last month’s controversy even began. In fact, the network has been continually airing re-runs until the new season begins.

As far as Phil’s “suspension” goes – well, it didn’t. A&E lifted the suspension only a few weeks after they announced it, not affecting anything at all about the show. Supporters of Phil (the “I Stand With Phil” fans) feel as if they have won their moral fight and those who were highly offended by his statements believe he was punished.

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal came to the defense of the Robertsons in December saying, “Phil Robertson and his family are great citizens of the State of Louisiana. The politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with.”

“In fact”, he added. “I remember when TV networks believed in the First Amendment.”

However, despite Jindal and Sarah Palin’s support, there is no First Amendment right to having your own television show. Nonetheless, the old-school family – Miss Kay, Phil, Willie, Si, Jase, and Korie – is back tonight with their show holding the slot for the number one unscripted series on television.

The 11.8 million viewers of the reality show will most likely continue watching and naysayers will do as they always have done: refuse to watch it. Perhaps Duck Dynasty will pick up a few new curious viewers who have had the name drilled into their ears by media (print and social) and by simply walking into Wal-Mart, where the Duck Dynasty merchandise has generated over $200 million for the Robertsons.

In fact, even more revenue will be generated this season since Food for Health International announced today that they will retain license with the Duck Commander and Buck Commander franchises, owned by the Robertson family, for the company’s line of 29 freeze-dried and dehydrated meals for outdoor adventures.

“Food for Health is extremely proud to partner with the Duck Commander and Buck Commander lines to further promote families gathered around the table to share delicious meals, and families engaged in outdoor activities in the tradition of the Robertson family,” said Founder and CEO, Frank Davis. “Their widespread appeal to family values and traditions of hunting make for the perfect partnership with our company.”

Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander responded by saying, “Our family franchises are built on hard work, family values and our great American heritage. We hope the Duck Commander Meals will help families take command of their hunger with fast-fixin’ food that’s whisker-lickin’ good.”

So, the duck call will continue on, drawing in both waterfowl and viewers – and lots of green.

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  • Clifford Spencer

    Ever hear of Tommy Smothers?
    What first amendment?

    • Barry Duggan

      Mom always liked you best. Dagnabbit.

  • http://yahoo mike

    i was raised by depression era folks. they wanted us to have things better for us than they had. not standing in bread/soup lines. jobs. a home we didn’t worry about losing because we were able to make enough money to keep it. clothes not made of pieced together rags. they never wanted us to get above our raising, staying humble despite our successes. these values are not what is passed on today, nor has it been for many years. the result is the media being staffed by people you don’t recognize these values. so we the people get the tainted mindset managing the information they decide to make their living at. i think this entire duck dynasty thing is a ploy to help the media managers of this make money for their benefit while manipulating the population to that end..