‘Duck Dynasty’ Launching New Truck Tires

    August 9, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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The Duck Dynasty brand can be found almost everywhere these days. You can even buy your baby a onesie with the logo atop camouflage or a picture of Phil Robertson or Uncle Si on the front. Now Duck Dynasty fans can add one more thing they can proudly procure to add to their collection–truck tires. Yes, it’s true. On August 12th there will be an official unveiling of the tire design.

Collaborating with TBC Brands and Harris Tire, the Duck Dynasty tire line will be available in both all terrain and mud terrain styles. Both styles will feature the ‘Duck Commander’ name and logo, along with a duck feather motif molded into the sidewall.

A variety of wheel sizes will be available in the Duck Dynasty tire line. They will range from 15 to 20-inch tires. John Rastetter is Tire Rack’s Director of Tire Information Services. He says that since the tires are being manufactured by Cooper Tires–known for producing both the Mickey Thompson and the Dick Cepeck brands–they will no doubt be a ‘respectable product.’

Are you a Duck Dynasty fan? Do you wear your duck call proudly, along with your t-shirt and headband? Or do you simply sit down in your living room at night and watch the show–wishing all the while you had someone in your house like Miss Kay to cook up some fabulous treat for you to enjoy while you watch?

Well now you can buy Duck Dynasty tires, too. It seems pretty likely that the people who may buy these tires are probably the ones with gun racks in the back windows of their pickup trucks. But, hey–maybe that won’t be the case. Perhaps sharply dressed women driving luxe sport utility vehicles will soon have their rides adorned with Duck Dynasty tires and start a whole new trend.

Will you be among them, ladies?

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  • prinefan

    They should market a line of toilet paper.

    • Sherrill

      Yes, they should. And, when they do, the DD’s guys and gals will probably make more than a million dollars of the sales.

    • Jeff

      I think they have camo paper.

  • rebelmountainman

    They call themselves Christians yet it is so obvious to see they are all about money and wealth. They seem to forget Christ’s teachings about mammon, the evils of money and it’s corruptions. There was a recent article were some Christians are equating Phil to John the Baptist which is a total joke.

    • John Richter

      Yea, but they hate gays. I buy all their cheap junk at Walmart to show I share their hatred.

      • Yankee Fan

        I but your Mama is real proud of how you turned out! Moron!!!

    • Matt

      I agree 100 % . What does that family do with their millions of dollars. Do they help the unemployed people in this country? Do they donate to charities? Do they help the poor and sick in this country? As far as I know the answers are NO!. All I hear about is how wealthy they are and another way of increasing their wealth. They are Hypocrites.

      • Sherrill

        If you did some research, you idot, you would find out that the DD donates millions of dollars to their church and other religious organizations, wounded warriors, and several “conservation” organizations for animals, the lands, and the environment. But, to you and the queer as folk idiots, none of these donations count since, these donations do not fit your agenda. And, since they are a successful company, they employ many people, so there goes your theory about not helping the unemployed. Not to mention all the revenue they bring in to the other merchants in Monroe, LA, when thousands of tourists flock there every week to see their office and warehouse.

      • Sofie

        Do the Obama’s or Clinton’s contribute any of their ill gotten gains to help anyone? Clearly the Robertson’s have done things the honest way, they worked for it. Furthermore, they have helped many with their blessings, they just don’t go around announcing it.

    • Sherrill

      Yeah, the DD is all about money. Money, they use to employ their workers.

      • jujubee7

        They aren’t paid much. Unless your a harding university graduate.

  • John Richter

    They are the worlds top experts on tricking ducks into thinking they want to have sex with them,in order to kill them, why not the leading experts on tires?

    • HenryJ

      And I would be wary about driving anywhere with Duck Dynasty imprinted tires. You may never know if you pull in somewhere to have your vehicle serviced and someone you helped promote animus against is quietly by themself and your vehicle. Or how about that gay waiter at the truck stop you just pulled into. You may never know what might end up in your food or the type of service you will get.
      Despite the myopic eyes and ears of Duck Dynasty, the reputation they and their brand hold across America is not generally good except among a small niche market. Buying a t-shirt for your grand kid or a coffee mug for your kitchen is one thing. Emblazening your vehicle with a brand notorious for its promotion of animus and oppression and driving it around the country putting it front and center among those who are the objects of such animus and oppression is another. You are not inviting them into your home. You are taking the brand to them and basically being in their face with it. That is a whole different ball park with a whole different ball game.

      • Jane Jones

        Shut up Henry.

        • Yankee Fan

          What a “ripping” response. Don’t hold back Jane, show us how completely ignorant you are!!!

      • Lee Curtis

        Yeah, and transgenders should be wary about walking around dressed like women, especially with the rate that they get beaten up. Do you give them the same concerned warning?
        And typically, the type of people that go around reading what type of tires are on my truck aren’t the same ones confused about where babies come from.

    • Yankee Fan

      Good job on that comment! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Phone Dude

    Anything to piss of the fags and dikes

    • HenryJ

      You are correct and this gay is highly offended you continue to use derogatory words about us. And if you are going to use the word dyke — please at least learn how to spell it correctly.

      • Lee Curtis

        No Henry, calling someone who doesn’t succumb to homosexuality those names is offensive to them, because you are calling them something below themselves.
        No practicing homosexual is offended by those names, you are only bluffing.

  • Sherrill

    No, they leave that up to you and your “BUTTIES.”

    • John Richter

      Naw, they get them northern city folk back in the woods and make them squeal like a pig.

  • John Smith

    Of course. Now you know how you were conceived.

  • John Smith

    @ BallSack. Of course. Now you know how you were conceived.

  • JustPassingTime

    Oh me….the hater’s just keep hating. God is good!

    • prinefan

      Fraudulent scams like religion deserve to be hated as they hide the worst people in the world and do nothing but damage humanity

  • prinefan

    DD is a perfect example of how the primitive, superstitious myth of god that created the scam of religion is a perfect fit for the worst people in the world.

  • Joe doe

    If you ever feel bad about yourself because some people don`t like you, just look at these hard working people and you`ll see the same @#ss holds showing there @#ss`s with them.

  • Lee Curtis

    Why are gays so bothered because DD is anti gay? Most people, including non Christians, are anti gay, because gay is simply WRONG. Most people just don’t have the time to vocalize it.

    • Yankee Fan

      “Most people”, get real! Lee if you dig, oh maybe within one generation of your family tree, you will find someone who is gay! And yes, this comes from a white female Christian, over 50 who lives in the south. So go spew your hate someplace else…maybe a Sara Palin rally!!!

      • Lee Curtis

        Alas, women and children are often weak links. That’s why most advertising and propoganda is aimed at them. When I say most “people”, I mean most adult males.
        I don’t care if I have gay ancestors, all that matters is that they knew better than to go for down that road, and they conceived children with the opposite sex. That’s why we both have family trees to talk about today.
        These idiots today who are committed to homosexuality as an ALTERNATIVE to heterosexuality are delusional narcissists who think their generation is the only one that matters. They aren’t thinking about the past or the future. They think life begins when they are born, and ends when they die.

  • Neal99

    This is absolutely the nuttiest idea to come down the pike in a long time. Are they not content with the tens of millions of dollars they already have? To come out with a duck dynasty tire is off the charts. I liked to watch the show but these guys are nothing but greedy abd that does it for me,

  • B00000

    Duck calls and tires. The only thing the two have in common is, they are both made to sell.

  • Jeff

    Cooper is probably the worst tire maker out there – terrible quality. In my experience the tires simply explode or fall apart. Again and again. One reason is that the company changes its rubber formula (chasing low oil prices) without telling its suppliers of fabric or steel belts. So the parts sometimes aren’t compatible and disintegrate.

    • Badmoon

      No i work at the Cooper plant that makes these…and believe me we make sure what we make is quality….check our ratings on Consumer Reports “Cooper is among the world’s top-10 tire makers” and “Cooper has been a standout among light-truck tires”…these tires come from the same place as Mickey Thompsons…and they are made in the USA….not China

  • Dave Grammer

    I watch D and D love the show but all the marketing crap, tires, guns, Medal detectors, cups, bobble heads, everything they have their name on makes me feel like their selling out God for money and am now pulling away from their shows

  • carl

    you know that the name duck dynasty belongs to a&e they are the ones shoving this merchandise down our throats,you know the top 1 %,,,the name duck commander belongs to the family and has for a long time and i am sure if you dig beep enough you will find that they not only tithe their ten % but probably well above that,mean while the top 1% is laughing at our posts all the way to the bank,,,it should never be me against you but us against them,the top 1%,,, we are the ones scraping the plates of left overs of the 1%