Drunk Driver Does Not Give a Damn, Dances for Cops

Josh WolfordLife

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Don't drink and drive. Just don't do it. But if you've already made the bad decision and have been caught by the police, I guess you might as well go down with funky dance moves, boasting about cougars, and some simulated motorboating.

Dale Bentley of Gahanna, Ohio will go down in internet infamy as that dancing DUI guy. Sorry, Dale. you may have plenty of other life achievements - but to the internet you're always going to be this guy.

Police pulled Bentley over for speeding, and proceeded to give him a variety of sobriety tests. Exasperated by the whole process, Bentley eventually gives up and just admits to it. He then begins to put on a show for police - and lucky for us it was all caught on the officer's dash cam.

Oh, Dale. Dale, Dale, Dale, Dale.

He's been charged with operating a vehicle while impaired, speeding, and failure to comply. He's due in court on September 5th.

Josh Wolford
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